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  1. They may be confusing landowner with Nuisance permits.
  2. There's that word NEED again. And we are talking about a purely protective item. What if the Gov said you can no longer put a safe room in your house because you "could" hide from authorities? Or if they said you could no longer own a safe because you could hide things inside that they want access to? Where does it stop? I would also like to add that if the Gov (State or Fed) wants to continue raising the age of everything to 21 they had better plan on changing the rules for the military and selective service. The hypocrisy of saying "You can't buy a gun, or cigarettes, or a beer, but you are old enough to be drafted and sent to some foreign country to fight and die to defend the "rights" that you are not allowed to enjoy" should bother everyone who has a real conscience.
  3. I installed a new flagpole this weekend too. Best thing I did all week, and I did it with the kids.
  4. My mother in-law tried to put it in Italian greens once (with Kale) and it was gross. I wouldn't trust any deer that eats it.
  5. I know I will regret getting involved in this discussion but.... I already had arguments with some family members this weekend so I might as well keep the trend going. I believe that statistics can prove banning guns does not = lower murder rates. I always go back to the argument, if passing laws work, why don't they just pass a law that makes murder illegal?? Answer: because criminals don't care about laws!!! Most murders in our major cities are committed with handguns, and those same cities have the strictest gun laws in the country. I also strongly object to the idea that a purely defensive item, such as body armor should ever be made illegal. It amazes me how quickly individuals will surrender their rights to emotional. fact less, arguments. Or to the argument of "why would anyone NEED that". Our rights are not based on the premise of individuals having to show Need. Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. Benjamin Franklin
  6. 45-70 Gov.?? What are they trapping, grizzly bears??
  7. I have an 8-acre field behind the house, full of goldenrod and other misc. "weeds". I typically brush hog it once a year in the fall. There are deer feeding in the field every night, I also think people underestimate the amount of other uses wildlife get from the fields. Doe will consistently leave their fawns in the tall grass of the field while they go out and feed. I've almost stepped on them while walking in the field. There are also tons of birds that use the field in the spring for nesting and hatching. The bees love the goldenrod, there are rodents that the hawks (and the neighbor's cat) hunt and feed on. I'm not saying that I wouldn't love a huge field of beans or clover, but wildlife need fields for other uses. it's just another part of the bigger picture. Deer have survived for thousands of years without food plots. I prefer to add some fruit or nut trees scattered throughout the woods or edges. They will be there for decades and are used by a ton of other animals.
  8. I have a pear tree the deer love far more than the apples, but they come out too early in the year. I have planted a few chestnuts and plan to plant some more this year, these will obviously benefit my children more than me but the sooner the better. I have been looking at getting some Arkansas Black apple trees. They produce later in the fall and the apples are bitter until the first frost which will be more beneficial during hunting season.
  9. I did Keto years ago and it worked, but after a while I felt like crap. I put on the covid 19+ like a lot of others. I started with Intermittent fasting (no calories after 8pm until noon the next day) which is just a fancy way of saying I don't eat breakfast. During the 8 hrs. that i can eat, I am more selective, high protein, lower carbs, avoid white bread, pasta & sugar. I also started using the My fitness Pal app to track my calories. (it's free) I was surprised to find out how many calories I was actually eating. So far I have lost 35lbs. shooting for 25 more. It has definitely become much easier and is becoming more of a lifestyle change. And i have not done any drastic increase in exercise. I walk on the treadmill a bit but most of my exercise comes from chores (splitting wood burns calories). Good luck to all of you trying to better yourself.
  10. I would agree with @Moho81Thats how I prepared the base for my shed. I kept my shed raised so it is not sitting in water during rain or spring melt off. As for moving it, the skid boards work but I have also moved a few buildings by jacking up one end and putting pipes or 4" PVC under them to act as rollers. You just need to get it started on the first pipe and then "leap frog" them forward as it moves. This is a trick I learned from my father who I believe help build the pyramids.
  11. The best part is all of the material was 3rd's from a local lumber yard. I milled all of the trim from the T&G that was too rough to use on the ceiling. I was in a bit of a rush but with the help of prednisone I finished most of it in 5 days.
  12. It is a Morso B2 Classic. I found it on craigslist. Great little stove.
  13. @First-lightI belonged to a hunting club that had something like that. 10 sets of bunkbeds, woodstove and an outhouse. It was a great time! One thing to consider is building your own bunk beds. I've built them with a full on the bottom and a twin on top. they were built with the top perpendicular to the bottom. we built a coat/gun rack into the support under the top bunk. this allowed everyone to hang up their hunting gear and store their boots at their bunk. Organized storage becomes a premium when you het 8-10 hunters in a small space. I put a 12'X24' "Amish" built shed on my property before Covid started. I finished the interior and put in a woodstove. This has become my at home office for the last few years and we have considered getting another (larger) one for guests to stay in.
  14. Typically, that type of sling hook is used with AR style rear sling attachment loops.
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