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  1. Neighboring property has about 50 acres of standing corn, which has normally already been cut. I have a feeling "my" deer are hanging out next door.
  2. All settled into the stand. Let's hope they're moving. Good luck everyone.
  3. Storms blowing through, temperature is dropping, barometric pressure is rising. Tomorrow morning should be good.
  4. In the stand at 6:15. Regretting eating those greens & beans last night. The deer are going to wind me in the next county.
  5. First time out this season for the boy. Hope we see more tonight than I've seen the last few nights. (which is zero)
  6. Well the 3rd patch of rain just stopped, let's hope that gets them up and moving.
  7. 6 hrs. in the stand yesterday and didn't see a thing. After dinner I had 8 in the back yard. I'm seriously considering relocating my stand to the back deck.
  8. Your timing was better than mine. I got in my stand just as the rain started. Note: no umbrella.
  9. Looks good Geno. I purchased my property about a year & 1/2 ago (50 acres). The property was tore up by loggers previously, huge slash piles choking off travel, disrupted the drainage so there is standing water everywhere. It seemed grim at first but in just a year or so we have made significant improvements. It's amazing what you can accomplish with some hand tools, a chainsaw and a lot of sweat. some of the work will require heavy equipment (which I don't own) but I have about 8-10 acres of field that I am looking at leasing to a local farmer for corn and soybeans (alternating years). It's a win/win/win. They will basically be putting in a food plot, I won't have to maintain the field and I can use the money (which I also don't have a lot of) from the lease to rent the equipment I need to perform some of the work. This is all part of the enjoyment of having good hunting grounds. Plenty to do in the off season builds the excitement for the fall. It has also helped keep me occupied during this unique time.
  10. Tried making beef short ribs for the first time in about 20 years. 6 hours in the slow cooker (I think 8-9 hrs next time). Mashers with homemade gravy and green beans. It fell off the bones and the family loved it
  11. Live from the woods!!!! Changing it up this morning and going #from the ground.