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  1. I’ve been making them, off and on for awhile. Learned a lot doing it and tweaked it throughout the years. the big thing I’ve learned, is to get them established very early and put them in or around areas that deer like to scrape. Usually don’t need scent, because they start to hit it in the summer. I even cut the low hanging branches from quite a distance around, so that they’re more likely to use the one I create. Great way to get pictures of the deer in your area
  2. One hunter and one day, can’t judge anything, but when you have groups of people over a large area, discovering mass body counts, it’s something. I can find ten dead deer no problem near my home, drive 15 miles away and find another half dozen. Hit a totally different area the next morning and find four...It’s as far north as catskill ny now. Over 500 reported to DEC. times that by as many as ten and you might be in the ball park. This is new to most of us, but not some. To the guys like trial153, and others that have experience with it, it’s not a question if the herd is going to be reduced, but how much. i know I’ve hunted in Ohio, and had tons of deer before it happened, then the next year it was extremely slow hunting, The herd out there, also has some level of resistance built into , since it rolls through every once in awhile. Here it seems like smallpox to the Indians.. in any case, there are, and will be survivors . I just saw a pretty decent, Healthy looking 8 point, off 84, right in a bad EHD area.
  3. There’s still deer in there, just don’t know how bad it’s hit, but definitely significant portion is gone. The seven we found , plus I found 2 others. My friend lives on the north side and they found 10 in one wood lot. it’s not good, because as Cynthia said, the deer herd Is kept pretty low as it is, in there. Can’t imagine what it’ll be like after the season. I think the kill rate is 90% +, if deer gets infected. But not 90% of herd gets wiped out.. I think that probably depends a lot on the herd structure and how the land lays out, in different areas. Also, how long of a time EHD was in the area. some of the areas now, just getting hit, might be somewhat spared, if this rain helped at all and it gets cold soon. My 2020 hunting plan, is to avoid EHD affected areas, until a good frost, then try to find a good buck if possible, after it runs it’s course.. no does. The way I look at it, is no sense scouting deer, that might not be around in 2 weeks.
  4. Think it kills all equally. The kill rate, must be 90% or greater. It’s just that With EHD we get to see how many big deer are actually out there, avoiding us. the woods are full of does and fawns in the areas that got hit.
  5. I didn’t find that lot , so far I only found two bucks, that were a good size. Have them out in the car port. Sucks, because I had history with them from last year.
  6. Yeah, I believe the midge is just the carrier/transporter from deer to deer. So a midge, must bite an infected deer first, then bring it to an uninfected individual. the virus dies within an hour of the deers death. Not legal, but probably best to put any sick deer Down on sight, because as long as it’s alive, it’s providing virus infused blood to the vector. Cwd, is a different monster, Where the transportation and handling of dead, can spread the disease.
  7. Patterson, cold spring, Washingtonville and goshen/Chester. Bigs, that managed to outsmart us hunters, but can’t figure out the virus. what a shame
  8. Rock Tavern. Looks perfectly healthy
  9. Buddy In Patterson, is finding EHD kills. That’s furthest east , I’ve heard
  10. I been finding decent acorns (mostly reds) down low, near available water and have noticed some pins. I think there’s enough out there, especially with less than half the dang deer., in the places I hunt. ... smh
  11. No hard feelings, can’t blame anyone for being a little skeptical these days.
  12. Can’t confirm, but heard from a pretty reliable source today, that the DEC is evaluating Stewart forest , for whether or not to allow deer hunting this year. That would be a great help to the herd there!
  13. “Technically” I think, supposed To get a possession tag from DEC. Not really sure if they’ll bother going out of their way, to get someone for a couple dead heads, but never know. My taxidermist almost had a finger amputated, by cutting a rack off a rotting deer. Bacteria went in, through an open cut. so if it stinks, best to wear gloves.