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  1. Please take the time to read before you comment I did mentioned buffet said this and he has stated it for decades (he said this to bring it to attention) I guess I could have explained that for you. Also I stated that “I am not saying this is right” I also stated in the 47 years Biden’s been in office why has he not addressed these tax loopholes? care to fill me in. This does not seem convoluted to me as I had given a example of the “news source” that this not new “news” is coming from also not paying any taxes on it $111 million earnings I can find you multiple more examples if you need. But this one seemed to be the most relevant as they wrote this story and are doing the exact same thing. Just as I stated before all big and small businesses use these loopholes it seems to me you are the one who can not follow this non complex information. Reproductive rights are not my main reason for voting for trump. I would agree if trump release his tax that would be great but what business is opening up their taxes. As far as legality again the IRS audit goes back a decade with no charges so at this point I will take it as they haven’t found anything yet. But I will continue to take into consideration my taxes, my job and my lifestyle to make my decision on who to vote for. I should not strike you as anything as again you know nothing about me but if you are ever in 9j during hunting season as I am usually there for 2 or 3 weeks hit me up and than you can get to know me but I would refrain from making any assumptions until then.
  2. Here’s a good one the New York Times payed $0 dollars in taxes also in 2017 on $111 million in earnings. https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/fedex-tax-break-fedex-ceo-fred-smith-challenges-new-york-times-leaders-to-debate-over-tax-claims/
  3. Not sure how what I stated was idiotic, but I am glad I know how you feel about my opinion. If you simply google how a book deal is structured you would be incorrect in your statements as most book deals are not a predetermined amount. Do you think the company negotiated 10 million to lose money on selling 300000 copies at this point I would not allow neither you nor the publisher To do my taxes. Now if you can find million dollar “middle class” Joe Biden’s contract I will take a look, at the link but it looks like you are giving incorrect opinion information here please follow up with factual information if you would like to sway my “idiotic opinion”.
  4. Key words “has been” for a decade but no charges. In bigger news how has Biden made 15 million in the last two years with no businesses. 10 million for copyrights to his book that sold 300000 copies that’s 33 dollars per book for a book you can buy for less than 10 dollars. Now I know about as much about book deals as it seems some here know about taxes but this doesn’t add up. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/09/joe-biden-releases-tax-returns-during-2020-democratic-primary.html
  5. Does everyone remember 2017 when Rachel Maddow showed trumps 2005 tax return on air where she showed he was a rich guy and he paid 38 millions in tax. Do not let your hate blind you look out of both your eyes not just the left or right.
  6. Buffet says his secretary pays more tax than him. You said you voted for him in 2016 and you are just realizing this now come on man. The big guys and gals pay no income tax they pay property tax and cause employment that allows the employee to be taxed this has been going on for at least 60 odd years and worked fine until all the jobs went overseas. But with Biden we will need to tax the uber rich right out of the country as that where their business will be anyway just like New York has under Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio are loosing the rich to other states. Again why didnt Biden and Obama not close the loopholes when in office? Not saying this is right but every business and even farmer is doing this spend more than you make which shows 0 income. They state they have been auditing him for a decade any no charges yet, he is a tax using the loopholes just like the company’s most of use work for do. Also the article found nothing with Russia now that would have been earth shattering but this is just old news no Russia nothing and no charges from a decades old investigation this is a nothing burger. you should be more concerned with the years he paid nothing as the article gives 2 years he was in office taking no salary that he payed $750 but I get your point but not the best thing to argue as it makes him look good and that was not your point. You seem all over with your distain of trump I believe I read, you stating that 10 months ago trump failed us with coronavirus and that why you won’t vote for him, I could have that confused with someone else though. Than you saying it’s because his power grab and now because he uses tax loopholes like all businessman. What power grab or new tax loophole has he used or done in this 10 months?
  7. Did you just learn he was a businessman this is no secret? Check into buffet, bezo etc. not saying it’s right or wrong but the wealthiest businesses have been pay next to nothing in tax’s for over 50 years. Buffet has been mentioning it for decades why didnt Joe Biden fix this in the last 47 years or at least in 2009-16 under Obama? and no tax ties to Russia I think your link is showing no collusion
  8. These riots are going to cost billions, more than any other in U.S history and will cause inner city food deserts which is a terrible thing for the people of these communities. Who is getting their news from tvs it all alt media online. Kamala was soliciting money to bail these people out until it was effecting them in the poles. Than they came out against it but I have yet to hear Biden call out Antifa by name for the damage.