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  1. Arrow rifle https://www.traditionsfirearms.com/category/Crackshot-xbr-arrow-launching-rifle
  2. Obama was a politician that played some of these games so it not mutually exclusive. But I do agree with much of your statement. Mental health is a major issue and when it’s finally addressed I don’t believe either the far left or far right will like 100% of it. But for the many the end of the clown world in either direction will be appreciated. Speaking of far right it looked like he had a black sun on his body armor. I have seen some of these posted from nato coming out of Ukrainian. Maybe we should rethink the 40 billion. https://www.newsweek.com/nato-says-it-didnt-notice-ukraine-soldiers-apparent-nazi-symbol-tweet-1686523?amp=1
  3. Ribs, slaw, homemade fries, baked beans and my favorite dessert, real lemon meringue pie.
  4. Harvest and lake fog where always my go to. Last year’s harvest tasted off to me though, did you taste a difference from years prior? I do like a seasonable warlock.
  5. Dessert beer sweet but not over the top. I enjoy it, if you like cream ale and strawberry ice cream bar I would recommend you try it.
  6. Babies can not survive on their own for multiple years in their life. I think states should be the only one to offer assistance as it also is not in the bill of rights. The federal governments job is to protect your rights that are covered in the bill of rights from the states. Not this wasteful shame, that’s fleecing the citizens it has become today. But as others have said it’s probably best to have this conversation in the political section or not at all.
  7. I was told men can get pregnant now. Also soon after men could get pregnant we ran out of formula.
  8. If roe vs wade is over turned it with allow each state to decide it’s own decision on abortion. As it is not covered in the bill of rights. Its not her body as if it was it would have the same dna as her, I never understood this argument. For example people charged with double homicide for kill a pregnant woman and child. Murder to not be saddled with a burden is not acceptable anywhere else in society. What makes abortion a special circumstances to you?
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