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  1. @Biz-R-OWorld Did you sell your Tesla before the drop today?
  2. Nothing big and fancy had a plot here 2 years ago on a old log deck. Cut it with weed wacker / brush cutter cleaned up some of the bigger wind rows. Seeded some plot spike clover and bio-logic brassica mix than sprayed. Will come back and fertilize and put in some rye and wheat or oat in three week. Should be a good smorgasbord with that and the weeds laying under the stuff that didn’t get picked up and I missed spraying.
  3. Back in ny visiting family, not the Rudy Red I was looking for after seeing the likes for Genese Rudy Red.But still good
  4. Enjoying a couple watching the cows and watering the garden
  5. @Biz-R-OWorld I believe zucchini sends out the male flowers first than the female vegetable bearing flower.
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome. @518BowSlayer haven’t got a giant yet but get good pictures at night we only have 20 acre. Got a big body one last year looked like he got damaged in velvet.
  7. Really liking our darkest hour
  8. Been lurking for years and finally decided to sign up. My name is Andrew I grew up in Chautauqua co. Me the wife and three kids moved to stark co. Ohio 2 years ago. We still have a lot of family in the Chautauqua area and I still hunt 9j as I got lifetime license before we moved. I got started hunting 6 years ago and still have a lot to learn but have had pretty good luck. I have found a lot of advice on this forum and hope to be able to add some.
  9. Yes it is, I have been getting into the sours this year