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  1. I aslo looked for a while for archery licenses sold, including in the management report. I can find harvest data but not archery licenses sold which would be the only way to truly know if archery participation is maintaining, growing or declining.
  2. Do you know of anywhere to find the archery license sales data for the past 14 years. Curious to see if archery participation is tracking with overall hunting participation, increasing, or decreasing.
  3. I got doe tags online last fall with no problems as a non resident lifetime license holder.
  4. Looks like black paint for damaging the building more.
  5. First time trying glad I had my cousin grab 6 12 packs on his way down.
  6. The future, wind mills last 20-25 years than get cut up in stuck in landfills what a joke. https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2020/02/05/wind-turbine-blades-cant-be-recycled-so-theyre-piling-up-in-landfills/
  7. As a fireman do you recommend running extension cords all over the place over using the lockout? I know the attached garage is not the best but with the 1 1/2 bay door open and the two windows I do not get any carbon monoxide buildup, verified with my PAM I brought home from work also the whole house is hard wired monitored.
  8. Generator lockout for the main was installed in 2007 when house was built and inspected and again in 2018 when I bought the house. Now back feeding through the dryer plug was not but does the exact same thing. Just have to make sure you shut the main off to not harm the lineman which is what the lockout does which I still use but I back feed the dryer 220 receptacle not the generator 220 receptacle.
  9. I am but I do appreciate your input .
  10. Why carbon monoxide? I feel safe with the whole house being covered in hard wired smoke/carbon monoxide detectors Not trying to cause any problems but I don’t see what the big deal is again not saying this is the right best way but running extension cords all over seems more of a hazard to me.
  11. No attached garage exhaust pointed out the garage door, my detached garage has a separate main breaker and panel off the meter. Not saying any of this is the best way to do it but I believe it is safer than running extension cords all over the house. But back feeding 220 into dryer outlet is the same as back feeding 220 into 220 outlet on back side of house, besides outlet on back side is wired in for idiot proof lockout.
  12. That’s why I said after shutting of main , it’s the same thing with out the idiot proof lockout back feeding 220 into sub box, but I can keep the generator and myself dry in the garage with the door open.
  13. If you get a chance to try yuengling Black and Tan it is pretty good and my cold weather go to.
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