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    all of it from fin to feather, hoof to hair. We have beagles and duck boats, treestands and predator calls. Salmon boats and little John with oars. We go everywhere and chase everything.

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  1. Your spread looks like geese to me. Idk if it matters but I face most of my decoys into the wind and leave my centuries on the ends looking away from the majority of my birds and blind. Did you see anything? Gather any Intel for the 24th when its ducks and geese?
  2. Don't buy the hype... Rememeber guys are doing it dirty with the recurves and longbows. Practice, keep improving, get the scores up.
  3. I have found that I tell everyone anything I can tell them to make them better hunters including where to hunt and i have had a very prosperous hunting career. Its not always about what you know as much as what you are willing to do. I approach hunting as hiking with the possibility of a bonus meal or two. Just have fun and change it up if its not working. Its easy to get discouraged but give it a few seasons.
  4. Food sources early oak nuts beach nuts, browse and alfalfa, doe bedding in 3 weeks, food sources after November 20. Doe bedding December 5 through 15, food sources after dec 15.
  5. Jerkman and bruno got you set up!!!
  6. I think that number refers to the thickness and stiffness. Its the magic arrow weight, you should be just fine.but your going to want to reset your pins possibly
  7. Ill take you anytime during season. Dont take bill's blue pill. Bills hunting a really tough spot. I must hunt the best.zones because it would appear that I never seem to have trouble like he does.
  8. Are you looking at spine weight or gr. Per inch?
  9. You.can access these lands by helicopter
  10. I agree! I've seen deer be driven by dogs. Usually the healthy ones get away
  11. I swear by Sherwin Williams. Any deck treatment they suggest in the color or shade you want. They have the best options with the best quality. I use them weekly
  12. 3 out of 250 so not really. Lol. With my girls not one else wanted to come out and play.