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    all of it from fin to feather, hoof to hair. We have beagles and duck boats, treestands and predator calls. Salmon boats and little John with oars. We go everywhere and chase everything.

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  1. Kmartinson


    I think we need a bigger boat
  2. Ill give you the heads up first weekend after Thanksgiving and couple times through the late focus season we drive the land. Its fun way to fill the freezer.
  3. I wish they would again. Made those deer get up and move. Red flannel army. No one ever cared about orange. I used to see 50 cars on way to school
  4. Alot of times ground scent is disturbance, not actual human smell. Thermals and wind rule the game. Your breath is a large portion of your scent, I can only tell you guys how to do that... ill pass on the not breathing gig.
  5. Scout scout til your boots wear out. Different spots are hot all season. I live in an area with 10s of thousands of acres of public within 50 miles of home. Deer on all of them. It is legal with permits to camp there. I find lots of opportunities on public all season, I scout those properties year round. I almost always kill at least one deer on public every year. This is not the Midwest 150 inch bucks dont walk around all day, however I would say I have a 110 inch buck or better encounter every season. I will take anyone and show them all of the places I hunt. Show them how the land works and how i approach it. My fortune is directly related to the amount of time I put in. Forums inform us, boots on the ground refine us. Come hunt with me!
  6. I would travel a little bit. In my end of the world region 7 has lots of public that is basically unhunted til Xbow and rifle.
  7. I'm calling bs on that one. I see ten vehicles all archery season in my upstate public lands.
  8. Nope. Orange works great!!! Opening weekend is bittersweet for me. Finally can still hunt up the area. Can make a move on targets in beds and end of natural deer movement in many areas
  9. One green pin set at 25yds, Kentucky windage for all the rest. I shoot targets out to 50 or 60yds. Deer max range 40yds.
  10. Take it to the streets, you gotta move. Find fresh sign, cover lots of land. Perfect time to wreck everyone else's ideas go abuse stateland. I cover miles, especially days when the weather or wind is questionable.