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    all of it from fin to feather, hoof to hair. We have beagles and duck boats, treestands and predator calls. Salmon boats and little John with oars. We go everywhere and chase everything.

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  1. I got one of these things. First cap rifle. Thompson Center Scout. Rifling is perfect gun is pretty good shape. Shot it a few times in the fall. Really compact and feels super comfortable.
  2. It's true. I dont have an excuse for why I respond the way that I do. I only hope find a spot in the middle and show both sides how close they feel to eachother. My complaints are generally pointed at the broken system I think?
  3. Thanks Bill. Scouting is key. Tracks in the snow when I start shed hunting help me alot. Visually seeing the turkeys is awesome also. Remembering old spots is key, as well as using new map systems on my devices. My phone is loaded up with huntstand and you can do so much with it that any May morning can be a kill day on a unscouted piece if you play your cards right. One thing I don't agree with is not sharing information. I literally tell everyone anything they ask me, I also probably tell them stuff they don't ask, I see this as woods karma and after moving I started hunting some new public near my new house and ran into many helpful knowledgeable hunters who pointed me in the right direction. Actually by you posting this you also don't agree totally. If it's true and your time in the woods is what we are doing this for it will always be worth the walk. P.s. Roosting turkeys, reaping turkeys, dry gulching turkeys, and chasing turkeys can all work in the right conditions.
  4. This is what I'm talking about. The Golden rule, I'm sure you guys heard of it.
  5. Winter project that I have been wanting to do for years. If anyone is wondering the mountain Mike's skull is an easy way to display sheds and old deadheads. I found this buck dead on some local public and it stunk so bad that I cut off his antlers at the bases. Now I try to save the whole skull plate so I could score it if I ever wanted to. This deer was a dandy for public it's a shame that it didn't die by the arrow. "Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms" this one also had his a-hole(can I say that?) eaten by dogs when I found him.
  6. Your right. We can continue talking about food and fishing also.
  7. I wish this was a more hunting focused forum... its disappointing to check for new content and find that most threads ends up a political back and forth. I would pay some small amount to avoid all this nonsense and make it about the outdoors. I have walked away from this forum in the past because of the distasteful content. I appreciate the good content. Now I'm just trying to use it for sharing and learning. It is difficult sometimes avoiding the train wreck but I try my best not to get sucked in. I Even thank Bill for his input because it's better than the Biden/Trump diatribe that never ends and usually doesn't make any sense. Many guys here are so great and arguing over a system that doesn't even care about them.
  8. Also the regular news networks are reporting 8,500 troops. This would be regular staging for any major conflict in the world.
  9. This sounds like more distraction while politicians empty your wallet. Help the neighbor, take care of my family, and focus on my community is my plan. It's a shame cause I'm on here to share my passion for the outdoors but I just constantly get all this negative back and forth between people who in general are friends.
  10. Your only seeing one side. Reganomics also opened a border and started what would become nafta, enabling what small amount of American businesses we had left to leave without any sanctions. All of the politicians just make money on your back. It's not just 1 side or the other, both sides are robbing us of our future. America is being siphoned off by this political system, not just one party.
  11. Seems inexpensive. Have heard good things about them, but lots of system issues for my friend in peak rut. I run traditional cams as well as cell cams but I know we figured out over the last couple years that sometimes the less expensive cameras come with problems and we ended up going with vosker.
  12. I wonder what is going on in the publics life to have such civil unrest on both sides of the line. These protest whether it be in the street or in the capital would not happen if the general population felt safe and content. Both parties have bums running them, one isn't any better than the other. Again you guys are arguing over who sucks worse when in reality we haven't had a good option in a long time.
  13. Canada Goose Dumpling with fresh made wrappers. Problem is you can eat them as fast as they are cooked. So good!
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