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  1. 8 hours ago, crappyice said:

    So once they are treated like livestock (not dealing with vermin and bear on their own) and doesn't that change them from being wild? So not like hunting wild game? Don't gets mad at me...I'm trying to follow along!

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    You think because an animal that does not have to deal with two animals makes them less wild? That’s pretty funny right there. And the facts are that many places that have hunting ranches deal with vermin year round…Hence the deer are still dealing with them…. It’s just that owners of said ranches get to deal with them at anytime on their terms. It’s that private property thing again 

  2. 12 hours ago, Belo said:

    so in the real world, are you saying that you shouldn't be able to shoot coyotes and bear out of season without a tag because it's not endangering your livestock? Or do you just like to have your cake and eat it to?

    In the real world Any farmer that owns livestock on their private property have the right to protect that livestock from any threat from any vermin be it wild bear or tame house dog. Not sure how you would think that those things would not be considered endangering someone’s livestock but I guess someone that does not have 100’s of 1000’s at stake may not.  Maybe that’s why rules and laws were made.   Not that it would stop me from protecting them regardless. 

  3. 12 hours ago, Belo said:

    that was my point. He said people don't hunt farms. I was proving that by definition this "preserve" is a farm. We're not in disagreement. I've never been against high fence hunting at all. It's not for me and our resident member could handle the subject a heck of a lot better than he does, but for me it's not hunting, it's grocery shopping on a farm. 

    Well I guess if man feeds any kind of animal any kind of feed it could be called farming. In the real world on a “Farm” the pens are usually 1 acre in size with very little cover and farms have a class A license that allows them to sell deer alive. A preserve is made up of one big pen with piles of cover and they have a class B license that allows them to move dead deer off the property but nothing alive.   So in the real world there is a big difference.  Definition of something can be stretched to meet someone’s agenda if they so had one. 

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  4. 13 hours ago, ridgerunner88 said:

    I keep trying to come up with comparisons to describe this feud...

    my latest thought.... Four Seasons is like the chef from a Michelin rated restaurant who is shitting on the burgers cooked at the mom and pop diner because they aren't made with organic wagyu beef... of course his burger is better but he can't get it through his thick scull that people actually eat/enjoy the burger from the mom & pop diner

    sure "the industry" may use put that waygu burger on the cover of their magazines, cookbooks and websites to drive advertising so he argues it drives the industry... but dude your bucks are the top .0001%... how can an industry that has a historical culture of being middle class be driven by high dollar products that the average deer hunter cant afford?

    F150s and Toyota Corollas not Lambos and Rolls Royces are the best selling vehicles in America and drive the industry.... I'll take my $40k F150 20" Spread 8 Point every time over that Lambo with a $900 oil change 215" Monster buck 

    See even you use a bigger buck to try and drive your point…. A 20 inch 8pt buck..  so tell how many of those have you takin?  Notice how you didn’t say crotch horn or basket 6?   It’s always the bigger bucks used as the driver. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Chef said:

    What business? Looks like you’re getting read to make dog toys

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    Have you ever priced out a 4-6 inch piece of antler packaged for dog treats?  Huge Profit!!  But regardless of that the Health of the yearlings and unsold 2yr olds along with any humans working with them come first. The weapons always come off as soon as they are sharpened. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, mowin said:

    The hunting operation?  

    I know the breeding operation is his, but I don't recall him saying he owns the hunting operation.  Could be wrong, it happens.. 

    Exactly because it never was. And his 10 years should say 25 years because that’s as long as we have had the farm and nobody hunts on a farm. 

  7. Just now, land 1 said:

    who's "They" it was always implied from the way u spoke u were the boss.... then again i gues wrong for me to assume... 3grand for 120.? I thought it was an offer for him come there and meet your challange not just be a normal paying customer for a cull buck, 

    After him making numerous comments about being afraid of shooting the wrong buck that kinda played itself out. Obviously he is not real sure of himself, his skills or his hunting prowess and with how many 100’s of thousands of dollars walking around on these ranches. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, crappyice said:

    Wait...YOU don't run this show? This isn't YOUR pen? Anyone else seeing the game/players shifting?

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    And again how many years have you been told that we do not hunt on our Farm as it’s a farm. Did you not see the two pictures above in a post of a buck at night in a pic and then a couple bucks standing at a feeder?   I have vested interests in 3 different hunting operations with other owners.  And that matters how? Regardless of who owns it or where it’s located it’s all doing the same job. 

  9. 26 minutes ago, Chef said:

    How much security do you want, I would give the money for someone else to hold in escrow. I have not see a picture of this buck so I do not know it’s disgusting characteristics. Show us all a picture. And let’s make it happen

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    You will pay them the cash when you get there. They will be the one picking out which buck it is and you will pay accordingly. If it’s 120 class buck it will be 3 grand. You shoot the wrong buck and you own it. And your going to agree to be questioned and videoed at their discretion? 

  10. 5 minutes ago, BizCT said:

    This is epic. Ball is in FSW's court. Will he pick Chef or Wolc? OR BOTH?

    Chef agrees to the terms I will get him a date. It’s not just my operation and not real keen in a guy having doubts of being able to shoot the correct deer in a facility with 200-300 inch bucks running around but he puts up the cash for the size of the deer we pick out and he agrees to all the video rules and it’s a done deal. If this is going to happen this will be used for high fence operations all across the country. 

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  11. 17 minutes ago, Chef said:

    I am 100% willing and will only shoot at the target buck. If I win I get the rack to mount so I can remember my triumph.

    I won’t win as this exercise is designed for failure. But it’s worth the experience

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    So after saying your afraid of shooting the wrong buck on a number of occasions you would have no problem cutting a security check to cover any accidental mishaps. Refundable of course. That way my other partners involved have their bases covered. And you agree to sign off and be videoed and pictured to use anywhere anytime at our discretion. 

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  12. 11 minutes ago, johnplav said:

    Is anyone in disagreement that killing one specific buck in over a square mile in 3 days is difficult?  

    One specific deer born and raised in that over a square mile that has over 200 acres of ponds, swamps and wetlands. Just as this buck is as nocturnal as they get even inside. All but impossible to kill in 3 days without the rut or manipulation by man.       Now to go into the breeding pens and sit by one of the 20 feed stations for the higher end breeding stock. Even Wolc could kill a real buck. 



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  13. 16 minutes ago, The_Real_TCIII said:

    What plate? Taking a few days off from our fair chase season we wait all year for to doink around in your pen looking for a buck you provide a picture of? Ok...

    Yup. All those ‘it’s so easy’ guys like to run the trap yet never have the nad’s to step up to the plate. I don’t care how good of a Hunter people think they are. You can’t kill what you can’t see. We have to go to extremes at times to remove some of the misfits in the preserve. And that’s the small one. There is a 1500 acre preserve that we have to bring friend and family in during the off seasons to hunt and remove excess. A lot of people like to yap about things they are totally clueless to.   And yes. Your analogy is just another excuse for those people to use. 

  14. 2 hours ago, mowin said:

    Both have drawn the line in the sand. 

    I do think FS's offer is legit and sincere, and willing to have chef try for the target buck.

    I'm not as confident chef will step over the line and man up. 

    I hope he does. I also hope he has a fantastic time wether or not he takes the target buck.  I think a lot of us would be interested in his experience. 

    Question for you FS.. will chef be on his own, or will you or someone be there to semi gide him? 

    After hearing him say a few times that he was afraid that he might shoot the wrong deer I have to admit we are a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Of course if it’s that simple and all with it being in a pen maybe he should put some skin in the game to prove how simple it really is.     Funny how there are a lot of other mouthpieces on here talking about him yet they didn’t have the nads to step up to the plate. That says everything. 

  15. 1 hour ago, wolc123 said:

    It’s not, it was all just a joke.  This is what happens in the brief lull between actual deer hunting in NY.  Four Seasons would probably eat a plate full of high-fence button buck balls before he let chef on his ranch.  I bet their livers would be even more tender if he nutted them. 

    Why don’t we let you take his place. You cut the check ahead of time just in case one of those 3 month olds with buttons already showing walks out. 

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  16. 35 minutes ago, Chef said:

    Correct but does a bear getting in a 600 plus acre pen justify killing it or does it need to be actively damaging the livestock ?

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    If a bear is in with your livestock it’s already actively damaging your livestock. 

  17. 9 minutes ago, moog5050 said:

    To sum this up, FSW is pointing out that killing one specific buck in 3 days in a 680 acre high fenced preserve would be hard, especially given the nature of the preserve with lots of cover and inaccessible islands.  That seems rational.  Heck that could be a tough task even if you had a full season to get that one buck.   Since its a cull buck (I think FSW mentioned that), it would probably already be dead if it was easily patterned too so it  seems this one buck may not be an easy target.   He didn't say seeing any big buck roaming that preserve and killing it would be hard - big difference.

    He also acknowledges that high fence facilities can make it very easy on clients - I am sure that is true.  They want big bucks killed or no one would return.   

    I am sure everyone would agree that just killing any ole big buck in a high fence facility catering to big bucks would be easier than most open range private or public lands.   If not, why pay for the right to hunt such lands.

    And some say that killing any buck in fenced land is of no interest to them.  I am sure that is true too.  Its all personal preference.

    So in the end, what is the argument?  Maybe I missed something.  lol  Lots of pages here.

    And I am guessing the hunt is not going to actually take place.

    Oh and to answer the original question, I could care less whether minerals were made legal or not.

    Lol. Exactly what I have been saying for years. Any animal can be manipulated to do as you want when you have the control. 1000 acres of no fence and I can get a lot of the deer to go where I want with manipulation. Hunting some of these bucks that were born behind fence one ai one is all but impossible. There are bucks like the one above that you will never see in the daylight until the rut rolls around and even then being let to do their own thing it would take a good Hunter to kill him. When a guy goes on a guided hunt in Iowa he pays big money for a chance at a buck. When a guy goes on a high fence hunt he pays to Get a buck. Very rarely does a Hunter pre pick a buck and then come in and harvest that buck. 60% of the time they upgrade to a larger deer after they lays eyes on him.           As far as the deal with Chef and his talk of shooting the wrong deer… which I have no clue how that would happen, identify target???? I’m not so sure we even want to risk it. If he was to throw a deposit down or such just in case he screws up…. Then you know he would identify his target then game on as long as he agrees to all the other stipulations. He would end up being the whipping boy on Utube used all across the country when it came to the….It would be so easy crowd.                                           As far as minerals or bait?  It does not really matter because it’s happening all across the state and most could give two craps about the dumb laws because the apple tree or food plot does the same exact thing. 

  18. 35 minutes ago, blackbeltbill said:

     My post above related to your easy Turkeys...

     One thing is for sure- you love to Argue. Even more then banned 007. I don't know where you find the time with your expensive high fence operation...

     I have a Strong feeling- face to Face- you would not be talking alot of crap to Many here...


    I have a strong feeling you are wrong on your last statement. You quote my post with your idiotic statements that it’s easier to kill a Turkey behind fence?  What a stupid statement Remembering that 10 grader you were talking about yesterday?  I guess you can figure the rest out. 

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  19. 28 minutes ago, blackbeltbill said:

    He has alot of Super Easy to Call in Gobblers for May. Your Season of " 2" will be filled on May 2nd if you shoot even halfway straight. It is the High Fence experience .


    So in your brain you calculate that the birds in the preserve were hand fed, Put in the preserve and now can’t get out?                   Please tell me that’s your line of thinking!

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