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  1. . A Whitetail is a Whitetail regardless of which side of the fence they are on. Besides the better blood, better care and no stress they are the same animal. Blood flow is what grows antlers and until the amount of daylight signals the glands of a whitetail to stop flowing blood they will continue to grow. Hence you see a bucks rack grey up a bit except for the points and tips, they continue to be darker because they continue to get blood flow and continue growing.
  2. Not in my world. Last 2 of July and first 2 of August continue showing black tips and black tips are making inches. Frames are done except points and mass is pretty much made but those points will continue into August for many.
  3. Was the question looking for advice on harvesting milk teeth?
  4. Truthfully the only difference in years is the difference in doe and buck fawns. And those of course spell out your bottom line for the year. If you can average 20-30 buck fawns a year and continue that pace and the market continues to go at 3 to 7 grand each the good/bad factor is the bottom line. Now there are bad years as far as luck if you lose animals to sickness or say yotes harassing some and they jump into fences or such and break legs or necks. The good is always there in the lifestyle and freedom of life everyday to decide what your day will consist of. To be abl
  5. Everything nowadays? After 23 years I would have to say you are a tad off on your estimation.
  6. Guess we can give Waterfowler something to look at.
  7. You are Spot On. And all the benefits of farming any other livestock comes along with it. Win Win!
  8. Won’t ever happen to a real sportsman as far as quitting hunting. It no doubt has changed my hunting as far as size of deer I will kill.
  9. There is always a few in every crowd. Some never see the good side of things I guess.
  10. He won’t make it on my list but might make one of the friends day.
  11. Time in Pic’s tell the story.
  12. Well if someone was to get into my home to the point I would have to worry in the shower they would face 2-3 others locked and loaded to get thru first.
  13. Can’t blame you there. Not much into that myself but fun idea for sure.
  14. Should be interesting for sure.
  15. Come North. We have them all over. First pic is one I got from Letchworth the other day. Getting more down there also
  16. Always people stopping in. Especially when I put the bucks up front near the road. Shocked there has been no wrecks yet with all the rubbernecking.
  17. They have. That’s just the handling facility so they get ran right back thru. Only happened a couple times in all these years. And that’s only 6ft.
  18. Like most other animals there is a pecking order and they live by it. It’s usually the young yearlings that do all the fighting. Put a 2-3yr old in the pen of yearlings and he keeps them in line. Also anyone that does not leave any givin year get their headgear removed so when they do get after each other during the year there is no death from sticking each other. They just push each other with whatever bases I leave on their heads. But they will battle till one gives the head banging shoving match.
  19. You don’t know how right you really are. To be able to live with these animals is really a blessing. Crazy how every one is always different
  20. Heavy startup but unlimited potential. 6 figures is the norm for most full timers. A guy could never find a better animal to build his life around.
  21. Lol. Ya it’s been a pretty sweet ride the last 20 plus years without a real job. Just selling their “Stuff”
  22. Unless a property has a Real vermin issue and then you will see the vermin 10 times more then you will a fawn or young turkeys or about any kind of small game. Proven! Vermin will ruin a piece of property quick. But also pretty easy to solve the issue.
  23. The small yearlings are much easier for some. They don’t have a Worth card. Any 3inch spike fits their Worth.
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