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  1. I am looking to purchase a trophyline tree saddle. Since the company went out of business i have been unable to locate one. if anybody has one they are willing to sell please send me a pm. Thanks!
  2. Thanks all! I was thinking of planting this week or should hold off a few more weeks?
  3. Has anyone tried biologics last bite? if so, any photos? i just purchased a bag and intend to plant it soon.
  4. I just recently read an article on my Field and stream reader app on how removing your bow grip can improve your accuracy. They are saying the less you have to hold, the less of a chance you have to torque or alter the bow when releasing. I understand the logic behind the theory, and it seems to make some sense. Has anyone ever tried this? Does Removing a Bow's Grip Improve Accuracy?
  5. found these...
  6. Burm, how did you do the clearing? Did you have someone come in or did you do it yourself?
  7. Split, i think it is around 2-3 acres tops. Not too crazy and can probably do it by hand. I just figured i may get a more even spread and not to mention save a little time with a spreader. Would you till some in and then spread more on top? nybow, thats def a possibility. thanks!
  8. Thanks guys, I did contact agway/co-op they said I would be too far for them. I contacted the guy who is cleaning up the logging trails and digging a pond for us. He said he would go pick it up for me and dump it. Now all I have to do is locate a spreader I can pull behind my atv. Any suggestions? I came across a 175lb capacity drop spreader in the northern tool book for about $250.
  9. Does anyone know where i can get bulk lime from near Unadilla? McDowell & Walker of Afton will deliver, however, there is an 8 ton minimum. I do not have the means to spread this much lime. Another option would be to see if anyone out there wants to split an 8 ton order? Thanks, Joe
  10. Got ya... if you find out more post it? thanks
  11. A friend who hunts Sullivan County Ny told me the feeding ban was lifted and deemed unconstitutional. (Feeding NOT Baiting) I found this..
  12. I have the bushnell arc 1000. Impressive, however if you don’t hunt in 30' treestands or property with canyons & cliffs you really don’t need the angle compensation feature. Most of my stands are about 20'-22' up with gradual inclines and declines below , the greatest difference between true distance and line of sight distance was 2 yards. A great unit none the less.
  13. i had the same problem a few years back so i enhanced the trail cam pic's i had of the 2 guys and printed up posted signs with their faces on them. Posted them all along my property. a week later the ones along the road were all misisng. i haven't had too much trouble since then.
  14. Thanks all, Yea i was thinking 1 1/2 for the one on the left and 2 1/2 or 3 1/2 for the guy on the right. For the most part i will hunt about 20-50yrd off the plots. it depends on the wind.