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  1. Doewhacker

    Live From The Maine Coast

    Golden Road gets pounded, if you go look further out or find areas that can’t be driven around. Everyone from every where drives logging roads looking for tracks. I saw more hunters there than I have here in NY lol
  2. Doewhacker

    Live From The Maine Coast

    I’ve been yearning for a trip, no vacation till the first two weeks of November. Apparently no one hunts at my job, 32 out of @40 guys and the entire fall was open for picks! We might go but have to wait to see how school is going for both kids next fall because we would have to pull them out.
  3. Doewhacker

    Turkey Receipies

    165 finished temp for poultry. I’m assuming you pulled it and let it rest and retemped it at 165? Brine will help add flavor, for wild birds I’d go at least 24 hours. Store bought birds are injected with crap needing less time in brine.
  4. Doewhacker

    It begins again

    You bring absolutely nothing to this forum and never have. Not even once. You know it’s bad when our resident bible thumper blocks you stupid ass.
  5. Doewhacker

    It begins again

    The only troll here is you dum dum
  6. Doewhacker

    It begins again

    I gave storm the title of dumbest forum member long ago and he still holds the belt, albeit he holds it back wards and upside down.
  7. Doewhacker

    Live From The Woods 2019 Turkey Edition

    I might get up tomorrow and go for my first time out this year. Both kids want to go, I’m going to try and spot one tonight but don’t expect to see any tonight being it’s the first weekend and I know they have been hunted or bothered. That leaves the place that’s an hour away.
  8. Doewhacker

    It begins again

    So no he hasn’t killed a deer with a bow. I don’t believe the really good shot part at all, you are full of shit. Who is Wolf?
  9. Doewhacker

    Joe rogan on bow hunting

    I’m probably in the minority here but I don’t care what that dope head has to say about anything actually. Just because he is a celebrity and hunts doesn’t mean crap to me.
  10. That’s what shooting paper is for dummy
  11. Doewhacker

    Another Sighting

    It’s a house cat, are we pretending it’s a mountain lion? I guess if you have brain damage it’s a lion.
  12. Doewhacker

    Will the 2019 Season Timing Be Right?

    Could be, I will say turkey populations seemed to be at their peak for most of the early 90’s. We started in 92 and would have birds gobble in every direction in all of our places. Now it’s not like that at all as you know. Back then it was not uncommon to call in flocks of Toms/Jakes. I would call for every one starting at age 13 and we’d take turns on who was up to bat and inevitably the wrong guy would have the bird come to him. We killed a ton of birds, then I snubbed my nose to calling for some of the dead beats .lol
  13. Doewhacker

    Will the 2019 Season Timing Be Right?

    Strange that I’m my 1000 miles I travel for work a week in different directions and different areas each day I haven’t seen large flocks in 2-3 weeks.
  14. Doewhacker

    Will the 2019 Season Timing Be Right?

    I feel like your knowledge of Turkey biology and hunting might be limited. Peak nesting is late May into June, hens nest now but success rates are low due to weather typically. That is why it is better later in season.