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  1. We’ve seen a few moose by taking a left on the Golden Road and going up along the river early. We saw two young bulls to the right on the GR once too. My favorite was the one we jumped while bird hunting. Those suckers take off like a rocket.
  2. Yea, moose river where it turns into Moosehead Lake. We stayed on Brassua once, our first trip up. Then we stayed at a cabin on the end on Maynard road next to what shows up as an air field though it’s really just a open field.
  3. Kinda rare for that area. Can’t hunt them there but you can further north. There’s enough around that I had to lecture my wife and son to make 100% certain that they had the right type grouse.
  4. Nice Spruce Grouse!! I have yet to encounter one up there, they are more prevalent up near Baxter. Flooded roads can be a pain in the arse when it gets too deep to cross. It caused me to back track 60 miles once lol.
  5. No, the last cabin before that group. Just around the corner. We had a moose go through the yard one night there.
  6. I had to look, the pond area I have pictures of was near Misery Pond. We fished Misery stream up through for Brook trout and caught a bunch. The pic in my avatar came from that day some where way out. We
  7. Last time up (2 years now) we stayed here. I recognized that small island, there was a Loon nested there that dive bombed my wife’s kayak when she got to close. We still laugh about that one.
  8. You in Rockwood now? Looks familiar as does the last pics of the damned up water. Awesome trip, I’m happy for you.
  9. The Hellcat would pull that lil 6 all day every day. Don’t be fooled by some of the times you’ll see from a 6, they come from pro riders on a prepped track. On top of that the cat would still be going after you top out at @140.
  10. Circling is a symptom of Brain Worm. More of a problem than Cwd.
  11. Pot can’t be farmed like that in NY, it is 100% hemp. I bet the hemp farm near mowing is one of the places I have been.
  12. Hemp, pot farms are indoors and very secure in NY. I have delivered to each type, hemp farms are everywhere.
  13. I’ll be sure to let the guy that does all of the training on the east coast know he, and all of corporate that are in charge of buying a fleet of tractors for Fed Ex are wrong because you copy and pasted what a marketer said on a hunting site. I’m sure they’ll agree.