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  1. Mercury 9.8HP Outboard

    That’s a steal at that price. Wish you were closer
  2. Dry ice....

    What about a can of compressed air for cleaning a keyboard, that might do the trick.
  3. And then there’s Lloyd. On 18 July 2008, Singaporean police arrested Lloyd and charged him with possession of 0.8 grams of methamphetamine (the drug 'ice'), one smoking pipe and six syringes.[2] The Singaporean police said that his urine tested positive for amphetamines and he was being investigated for trafficking a controlled drug.[3] Lloyd was released on bail of SGD 60 000, posted by his lover Mohamed Mazlee bin Abdul Malik.[4]
  4. Papist are you in the cult? We already know you are a follower. “According to Steven Hassan, a mental health counselor with experience on cults, "Partly what's going on with the people on the Internet who are indoctrinated, they spend lots of hours on the computer. Videos can have them up all night for several nights in a row. Molyneux knows how to talk like he knows what he's talking about, despite very little academic research. He cites this and cites that, and presents it as the whole truth. It dismantles people's sense of self and replaces it with his sense of confidence about how to fix the world.” “Molyneux argued that violence in the world is the result of how women treat their children, and that "If we could just get people to be nice to their babies for five years straight, that would be it for war, drug abuse, addiction, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, ... Almost all would be completely eliminated, because they all arise from dysfunctional early childhood experiences, which are all run by women." coo coo coo coo.
  5. Freaks of Four Seasons.

    Usually it’s from select breeding and what’s called line breeding which is inbreeding. It is a practice common in animal husbandry.
  6. Bears go on vacation?

    Where does a bear go on vacation? Whereever the heck he wants!
  7. CWD. Are we just lucky?

    And for the record I half agree with FSW and the nuge. I think it’s over blown. Is it a good thing, no. Is it the end of the world, hell no.
  8. CWD. Are we just lucky?

    Nugent owns a couple game farms that offer fenced hunts so it should be no surprise what his opinion is. FSW must be torn apart about Nuge because he supports a dove season. Hahahaha
  9. Mower recommendations

    Good luck finding a good compact tractor for under 4K, they hold their value and are hard to find. I got a Cub Cadet XT 3 last year which is their biggest mower, it’s built like a tank and has no problems pulling heavy loads and a small disc. It’s over 4K though.
  10. Childhood

    I grew up with the Kaderosseras creek as my back yard and spent much of my youth on it or it. Good times, so many memories are flashing back now. I remember having a sweet Crome played six shooter that one of my cousins dropped in a clogged toilet. Ruined the thought of owning a pistol the rest of my life. Basterds.
  11. walk behind tiller

    The older ones I know were built to last, my dad had one that saw lots of use for 35 years. His was an econo horse I think. The motor finally went and he was unable to repair it or replace it because of the odd set up so he bought a Cub Cadet. The Cub seems wimpier but still gets the job done.
  12. walk behind tiller

    You might want a larger one, that would take a while to do an acre. Look used too. I recently found a lil one like that for $75 at a garage sale and scooped it up for work around the house.
  13. It's Time For The Colonoscopy Pep/Prep Talk

    There’s a member or two that should have this done because they are so full of shit. I like the name name of some of the drinks, “Go lightly” and “Blast”. Hahahaha
  14. Scored 400 from a ranch in Ohio!

    Check out 29268 Rt 11, Evans Mills, NY hell of a house that he considered one of the finer things in life. Lets not forget that Fsw cheats by feeding the deer and using minerals. That devalues any deer he kills in my book.
  15. Scored 400 from a ranch in Ohio!

    I’d rather have a kennel and breed dogs, my buddy that was just in town recently had several litters going that totaled up to 41 dogs. 41X$1600 a pup=$65,600. Not bad for 8 weeks of work and you get the added bonus of not having buck stuff on your hands like FSW. That’s not counting the rest of the year and fees for training the new owners dogs. The best part is they sell the females and keep them in the program as co-owned so they don’t have to pay to feed and care for them. Then there are stud fees, don’t have to leave home and the dogs do their business. Imagine that, there are other ways to make money that don’t require fences and worrying about CWD.