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  1. Doewhacker

    Tractor Supply Bait for Deer

    I saw a dude last week that had a heaping helping of different products. So much so that his car was squatting from all the weight when he loaded up! The number of guys that bait/cheat is insane at this point.
  2. Doewhacker

    Info For Fall Turkeys Hunters In Orange County .

    You are a legend in your own mind Billy. PS stop reading my posts. PPS. Go help out the youths!!!!
  3. Doewhacker

    Info For Fall Turkeys Hunters In Orange County .

    Must be this is what Billy is taking about. Maybe you can go help out Bill!!!
  4. Doewhacker

    Info For Fall Turkeys Hunters In Orange County .

    Actually the youth weekend for pheasant is this one coming up. No clue what Bill Schmidt is talking about. Maybe something else is that weekend.
  5. Doewhacker

    Tuning question,again...

    Usually don’t recommend this but, don’t chase the tuning and just adjust the sights. As long as you limit your shooting distance having it tuned to a T is not worth the head ache for you because you are new at it and replacing the bow next year. This from a guy that is obsessed with having his bow tuned as good as he can get it on his own.
  6. Doewhacker

    43 this weekend

    That’s nuts, it’s 68 here.
  7. Doewhacker

    How much do use think he weighs??

    In the bottom pic you can see the kernels (227) and then in the top pic it’s gone (245). It even looks like the bear got a kernel stuck to their fur in the second pic.
  8. Doewhacker

    Show us your rig!

    Hoyt Nitrum Brand new Truglo single pin jobbie I bought Monday. Like the single pin so far. Rip cord Ace rest
  9. Doewhacker

    Hockey season started!

    Same here, I have a dog named Lucic. The deal was we could get another dog and I could name it if the B’s won the cup. He was whelped the day they won the cup and the rest is history. Funny was going to a town near Montreal to visit a dog trainer with a dog named Lucic that next spring. For or those not watching because of trap defense ect., times have changed. Speed and offense from D men is the name of the game now. The refs still ruin games though.
  10. Doewhacker

    How big do use think??

    Nice corn sprinkled on the ground there. Am I the only one that saw it?
  11. Doewhacker

    Coyote Ponderings..........

    I lost part of a doe once, it took them 45-60 mins to clean the one side completely off, ribs and all and didn’t leave a speck of evidence. The up side was I didn’t have to gut it.
  12. Doewhacker

    Bowtech Carbon Icon. Who has one?

    Late to the party but I wanted to add, I shoot Piledriver 350’s, 29” draw, 65 ish pounds and had to bump up to 125 grains to get a good tune. I rechecked mine the other day, still bullet holes.
  13. Doewhacker

    New York State does it again!!!

    Good call, the last roof guy you had damn near lost a finger and bled out when he stopped for a sub on the way to get stitches.
  14. Doewhacker

    New York State does it again!!!

    It’s easy, somewhat crappy website but easy. You only need the info from the certificate as far as I remember. Oh and it must be done on a pc, I pad ain’t gonna cut it .
  15. Doewhacker

    New York State does it again!!!

    I started buying online last year, much easier and better then going in person. The only problem I had was I forgot my sons password and never had time to call during business hours so we ended up going to Walmart.