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  1. Vizsla’s, Weimaraner's, Spinoni and many others require a good breeder and patience.
  2. Testing to get that proven line proves the dog was trained and had a good day. What you don’t know is how many tries it took to get that good day, or if the testing was done at a club that the breeders run and decide who the judge will be. I put less stock than some folks in testing and I bet some have no clue what most titles on dogs mean lol. Hunt testing and dog shows for conformation mean about the same to me, very little. I’ve seen who wins in both scenarios and it’s often more about the owner than the dog. Ask to see a dog work and then determine if you want it’s pup. As for the op, don’t get a dog unless you can commit to daily/lifetime.... exercise more than letting it out to run around a small yard training, obedience is the base of it all followed by teaching to hunt for you Also don’t be surprised if a breeder tells you they won’t sell you a dog based on yard size or experience.
  3. There are a few reasons why I wouldn’t consider them the best, the lack of a coat is just one. They are the most well known and perhaps most popular though.
  4. Technically the wording is “must maintain physical control” and also being close enough to communicate with out radio as previously mentioned. That was a change when they came out with the addition of youth gun seasons.
  5. There is also Bowhunters Plus out there while you are out and about spending money. Lol
  6. Franks is my go to shop, closest To me and a good supply of reloading materials. Bought a gun from them and they helped me out with the rebate date. Just got some supplies for Christmas from them from my wife.
  7. We covered 5 miles in the snow today according to my brothers app. We had fresh snow on top of the 8-10 that was already there so I’d guess it was close to or over a foot deep. My Dad, Brother and I were all still hunting along the side of our mountain when I cut a set of tracks/jumped one. I followed them down off until it slowed down then I stopped to have lunch and let it settle down a bit. As I progressed on the track I noticed it was heading to an area I have caught them bedded before so I circled up wind and also higher up on the mountain. I slowed way down and was looking for a deer as I got into the bedding area on a mini ridge that descended into a thicker area. Just then as I scanned I caught a deer moving and quickly got over against a tree to rest against in case I got a shot. Sure enough as I watched more doe came into view and they quickly headed up hill to me. I got on the lead doe and dropped her when she stopped broad side @70 yards. Then the trailing doe and fawn ran closer and stopped and I reset for another shot and let it rip. That’s when the rest of the herd ran, 10 total took off and seconds later I heard my Dad touch one off which got me more excited. He’s 73 and my brother and I cherish each hunt he comes on. Where we hunt and how we hunt is not easy so for a guy of his age and shape to do it is impressive to say the least. Turns out his went down in a hurry, @75 yards with his iron sight 50 year old Remington semi auto. My second shot led us on a short track to the doe that was within of my first. Then we had to drag the things out which took 3 hours and a lot of work and man are we beat. I leap frogged my two while my brother took care of pops doe and eventually came back to help me. Weights were 110, 132 and 135 tying my biggest doe. It’s a hunt to remember for sure. That’s a truck load of meat. ; )
  8. Me and pops hammered out a triple on doe today. Spent the last three hours dragging heavy doe through a foot of snow off the mountain. Great day!!!
  9. I use the BMZ too, it can be used in any gun. I was impressed to say the least. and Chef I have only used loose powder, my gun shoots best with a compressed load and I can’t imagine it’d be worse than pellets for any gun. There is a “Select” powder by Pyrodex I may try someday. Supposed be their cleanest powder.
  10. In some guns it’s more than just the breech plug that is the issue. In the Lyman Mustang I own it is the plug and a head space issue on the primer. Bottom line is it’s a better idea to get a new gun than to mess around with something that can fail and harm you.
  11. Looks like they were sparred the worst of it for once. I was going by the forecast. this link shows 10/12
  12. You can count on 20 plus there. I dug out my snowshoes for the weekend already. We went extra far still hunting last weekend because we knew it would be the last time for that kind of distance.
  13. We are around 20 earlier so we will be at or above 24 by morning. edit to add in West Charlton
  14. If you like to tinker, I've had great luck with Alliant Black-MZ. I can’t use BH209 either so I tried the BMZ and it is good stuff, very clean. You will have to order it most likely as it is not popular or marketed at all. It’s also cheap at Sportsman’s warehouse, but you will pay a $25 Haz mat fee. I use that or Goex BP only.