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  1. There are people doing the same upstate (and nation wide I’m sure). Private donors and restaurants stepping up to leave one less thing for health care workers to think about. Every weekend at my wife’s hospital there has been so much food for them.
  2. He gave a speech warning that the US was not prepared and something like this was coming and the government both state and federal ignored. Bush also knew and started trying to prep the country with a basic plan of what to stockpile and a guide book basically as to what to do. Obama raided the supplies through his tenure and never restocked. Trump didn’t either. Some of the supplies that have been sent were expired masks that were dry rotted and have been expired since 2010. I’m betting they were from the original Bush build up in 2005. Bush read a book on the 1918 flu and knew it would be coming, he even nailed the time frame of 100 years. Crazy because I always thought he was a dunce.
  3. My apologies, I read since the beginning of the virus as since the beginning of the ban. I was in a rush to leave and go be essential.
  4. yup
  5. You can’t revise what has happened.
  6. Go ahead and go spin his warning. Same as GW did in 2005, the government’s of Obama and Trump did nothing.
  7. Wasn’t a ban, more like mild restrictions. @500k people have traveled to the US since the “ban”
  8. Nah, members here were calling for martial law at the first sign of it. Trumps fervent supporters would have lined up to be detained, instead he told them it was no big deal and they believed as evident in the first few pages of this thread.
  9. It was no secret, Fauci warned. No one listened.
  10. Trump was also made aware mid January what was going on in Chinese hospitals and chose to ignore the warnings instead dismissing it as a hoax and the common cold.
  11. Testing is very important too. I would not be able to get a test unless I was inpatient at a hospital up here. Hopefully that begins to change soon.
  13. GW knew back in 2005 how this would shake out.
  14. Is there a way you can give the info to your local hospital?