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  1. Doewhacker

    Anyone Here Know If Robin's OK?

    Two minutes of searching and mystery solved,
  2. Well at least I don’t have to cheat and break the law like you do. FSW baits deer and breaks game laws for those that don’t know. PS not every one is an attention whore like you are, the whole reason you started the xbow thread was for attention. Sad old man. Hey maybe you can brag about all those giants you kill and over estimate scores like always. We all enjoy that!!!
  3. Close down that park it’s a waste of tax money!! PS you will never catch me in the park it’s far to easy and boring sitting in a tree stand all season. That’s for beginners, I prefer the ground but I understand that you can’t do it that way.
  4. How about the folks who think it’s so easy to go kill a pheasant go out and do it today. After all it’s so easy they should be done in five minutes lol. Some folks have tunnel vision and only care about deer hunting. Some care about hunting as a whole. Pretty clear where the line is drawn on here and always has been. Oh and some are posers that barely even go outside but claim to be great outdoorsman.
  5. Do many other states have a population over 19 million with a huge percentage being bleeding heart liberals who have never been outside? Ill send you the dollar of your license fee so you can’t bitch any more. How’s that sound. I love how all of you guys fall back on saving money all of a sudden. Where are you on all of the other spending the DEC does? Lmao. Clueless.
  6. At least the bird can fly away instead of bumping into a fence and isn’t bottle fed like the business you are a part of. Waa waaa waaa waaaa I don’t like people that small game hunt. It’s all about me waa waaa waaaa Another idea for a savings, close Letchworth park. Oops there goes your magic hunting land where deer have no choice but to funnel by you.
  7. Rob has just as much time spent on those areas as you. Don’t let him fool you.
  8. We’re you drunk when you posted this? QDMA- Quality Deer Management Association. And you do realize pheasants are released state wide right? Have you ever been to some of the state lands where birds are released? No I know because if you had you would see that they are managed and it does indeed benefit deer along with other small game etc. So you want people to look at hunting as a whole but don’t do that when it comes to small game hunting, ie Pheasants. Ok then
  9. I worked in a jail, I know first hand how much wasted money there is. It’s disgusting actually. The point is with all of the money wasted every where in this state it is so dumb to bitch about something that is good for hunting for what works out to pennies from the cost of your license. And if you start charging to use the outdoors that means every one has a say, if you think hunters win in that situation you are sadly mistaken. Every single animal rights group would buy a permit and have a say over you on hunting issues.
  10. Literally the same pictures and lies the antis use against the NY pheasant program. That is NOT the Reynolds facility. Well I guess if you don’t want your tiny portion of your license fee to go towards Pheasants it’s only fair to give a portion of your paycheck back to me because I don’t want to fund lazy CO’s who sleep half their shift. Or access to state land. Let’s cut that too, what a waste it is to help get people outdoors. These threads always bring out the stupid in people and this one didn’t disappoint. Do me a favor all of you math wizards, divide out the total money brought in from license sales and the cost of the pheasant program and get back to me. Then figure out the amount of money brought in from folks that bird hunt.
  11. When your friend took you bird hunting, was it on a preserve?
  12. With the exception of grouse the rest of the animals on that list are abundant. And even then grouse can be found in good numbers in the right areas. Woodcock took a hit the spring before last with that late storm we had but they were up so the loss was offset by that. I love when people claim small game is all gone, obviously they don’t hunt it or know how despite the claims otherwise.
  13. I support the program but do not hunt them. I understand the idea of allocating money elsewhere and it may be a better choice, I don’t know. I’d rather see money spent on habitat in general which benefits all hunters.
  14. If anyone is interested there are plenty of numbers and research done on cost of operations and amount brought in by Pheasant hunters. Warning these are real numbers not made up bullshit from Gman. Im not even going to bother posting it here because quite frankly it’s a waste of time.