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  1. Off to Canada, Eh ?

    What about your other buddy Fungus face? Is he in on this too or is this just a Pygmy and Gator deal. Oh ok I admit I just wanted to name drop Fungus Face because it’s a great nickname.
  2. Footage from a scary hole....

    I got scared just watching that! Better get some sponges and poison ready before they destroy all nature.
  3. Is it hunting?

    You do know I did that on purpose right? Way to add to a thread. And he came at me first fella. Oh and my first post auto corrected to patio instead of patoo but I left it because it was funny. Just in case you want to keep this going.
  4. Is it hunting?

    A lot of what you type out doesn’t make sense. Here and other posts. Maybe learn to proff read and write before attempting to attack me for reading and context. Sorry for messing up your post on judging others and bragging about how awesome you are because you like the way you hunt better than the way the next guy hunts.
  5. Is it hunting?

    Great post. Maybe reply to the topic.
  6. Is it hunting?

    How bout staying on topic. My post was not trolling, it was questioning how he could possibly pass judgement given his other comments. You choose to try and attack me and it didn’t work out for you. Now back on topic of passing judgement.
  7. Is it hunting?

    Short term memory I guess, moving on Posted Tuesday at 10:16 PM Sorry... I truly believe that most of the " illegal is illegal crew has done something in there lives weather it's game related or a traffic violation that's illegal. If there so vocal to bash someone for violating ANY game law weather it's a squirrel or deer, then they should turn themselves in for doing 56mph in a 55 mph zone. There's no difference. You broke the law... Shame on you. Don't say it's different... The law is the law.. PERIOD. Weather it's a traffic violation or game law, it's the same thing. Soooo, how many of these " game law" followers are law breakers in different fields
  8. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    My youth forgot his boots by the front door today. He felt bad as did I but it happens and I bet he won’t forget again. We did do some scouting on the way home and located a flock in a spot near home so it wasn’t a loss.
  9. Is it hunting?

    What is a gorget? You started a thread based on passing judgement but you don’t pass judgement? Yea ok. Makes sense like the word gorget.
  10. Is it hunting?

    Why? Because it’s relevant and so ironic that a guy that has no problem using such a lowly careless method feels he has a right to judge anything hunting related. Weren’t you the guy who posted about that thread in other threads?
  11. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    He’s in PA. Hunts both states.
  12. Is it hunting?

    What about putting sponges in sausage casings with bacon grease rubbed on it to kill coyotes what is that teaching the next generation of hunters? I dont give a rats patio how far away someone kills something or any of the other scenarios you put up. Who the heck are you to pass judgement? Go kick rocks.
  13. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    We called it. He’s cold, I’m beat and we found a perfect spot for the blind tomorrow. Too bad I wasn’t well enough to scout this week. Oh well, tomorrow is the day!
  14. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Had a hen come to our first set. Moved and located the birds from the am. They moved off and we reset in the sun so the kid can warm up.
  15. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Had a large flock gobbeling on the roost now they are broken up. We have one interested but we’ll see. Trying to stay patient. Man it’s cold.