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  1. Congrats, you did everything right and nothing wrong. My first deer was a gut shot then a heart shot. It was a mess and I was alone in a valley upstate. But we stuck with it. That's the difference. I live in Suffolk too. I'll see you out there in January. Right now its been upstate at the cabin every weekend getting ready for November 2nd crossbow and the 16th for opening day
  2. I have one myself. Bought it before the silly safe act. Turned to be all match grade parts. I didn't even know what that meant. A guy on LI (O'rion 7) is an expert on them and sells parts and bullets but reload my own. As for the 2" groups at 100 yards, a Garand well do better then that at 300 yards. Great gun good luck and go use it
  3. Well I spoke with my friend who works for the DEC in my area in the office in the next town from me. The snake is a viscous killer called a garder snake. A true man eater. Known for killing whole towns. I know for me lesson learned. First thing I'm going to do is get more educated on the venomous snakes. I'm going to get a snake bite kit just to have. Also since we put the pond in, it improved the habitat for a lot of new critters that will bring in snakes even the scarey ones. Thanks for all the input everyone
  4. I wanted too because I have 2 dogs and my wife up here with me this weekend but I just kept moving. I always hoped since I was high in the mountains they snakes would stay lower. Since cleared some woods and put in a pond I've been seeing more snakes but all garder snakes going for the frogs
  5. Or looking on line maybe a Massasauga rattlesnake looking at the pictures
  6. It was an aggressive little bastard. I didn't want to kill it as all the critters in the woods have a purpose even those dam black flies and nats
  7. I saw this by my pond yesterday. What kind of snake is this? It was under 2 feet long and no rattle but it coiled up a seemed to be aggressive. I kept on walking
  8. Got 20 to 24 inches. It started sleet for 30 minutes and back to snow. As soon as I finished plowing the road and driveway at 2 yesterday it went from 22 to 12 degrees in less then 2 hours and still falling with a constant wind. We're up at 2500' by Windham and Hunter. No snowmobiling today. Time to start packing up and winterize the house again. Real feel about -22 out there. Time to get back to Long Island where it's a balmy 7 out
  9. My wife and I are bolting at lunch time from Long Island to go up to the cabin in the Catskills. By us outside of Windham they are saying 20"ish. We are 2700' up so if it snows we are getting it. The quads and snowmobiles are ready to go and I cooked my ass off last weekend waiting for this. I already told my boss I'll be sick on Tuesday. I can feel it coming. I have food, booze football play offs. I'm covered. Then next weekend hunting on the island. I can feel the flu coming next Friday too. Bring on the snow
  10. I'm going out to a relatives farm in Riverhead next week. 30 acres with 10 of it woods and no one hunts it.
  11. Sorry I was clear. Out of my 3 plots one is already clover. Planted late last year. It's closest to the house and on a slope over looking my pond. Easy maintenance and I can't get my tractor there to turn it over. My other 2 plots one was bassicas with turnips and radishes. Did OK but from August to October it grew about 12". Which isn't bad. The plot was what Agway called a "mix" which was probably everything that fell on the floor. That did pretty good for an August planting. This year I have time, tractor and some Implements. I want something that will grow to good height and the deer will munch during the late season too. I need some ideas on what to grow and why. Next I'll ask again and grow something else Thanks
  12. If you had 3 food plots on your property and was already clover, what would be your top 2 choices? Say if plot size was over 150 x 150 each. Good amount of sun each day perfect PH and in the middle of the woods. What would you choose and why
  13. I don't know if R4 in 4 wheel drive is equal to R1 in 2 wheel drive. I have R4s on my tractor with no chains and had no problem in 14" of wet sloppy slushy snow this weekend up in the Catskills. My neighbor has R1 with chains and I went anywhere he went cleaning snow. The only time I slid was in 12" of mud on on a grade sideways. Now I got the tires loaded and haven't had a problem since.
  14. Buck hunter check out Bruno's power sports in Arkansas. Free delivery and no sales tax. I bought a Massey 2706 (60 hp) for 24,000 no one could come close. He also has Kioti which I almost bought. I like how they have a lever on the back to raise the 3 point hitch while standing at the back of the tractor where you can see it close up. Good luck
  15. middleguy 10 point 18" spread last day of season 2015 Dellaware County by Green County. Total fluke just walking through the open woods at 10:00. Circled around him and he walked right up to me. The locals say he's the biggest one in 20 years in my area. Not bad for a cityit. Moral of the story late season bucks do happen and don't give up until the end. I have a 9 in my area but I am taking off this weekend to let the woods cool down and next week taking off Thursday and Friday off. If it's meant to be it will be.