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    I reload 357,44,45, all 30 caliber rifles I have. Even when bullets were everywhere and cheap. I'm glad I saved the brass. I even reload 5.6 and 9MM. The best thing about reloading is I make match grade bullets for everything down to grain. I even weigh the surplus bullet heads to really get perfect bullets. Besides what else do you do after hunting season and before fishing season. I have a Lee turret press and just blast out rounds.
  2. My wife got me a Barnett 2 years ago for Christmas. It was about $300. Last year I got a 9 point with it. The buck didn't jump that string. The toe ring is small but they all are. Also put the scope way up front as it seems the stocks aren't as long as rifle stock. I have it sighted in to 50 yards but I would never. The 9 pt was at exactly 29 yards. He never knew what hit him and walked 30 feet and dropped. Also the crossbow got me into bow hunting. And now I'm obsessed. Bow hunting regardless of which way you go is so cool. Your in the rut
  3. Go with a Coon hound. I have 2 Red Tick Coons. Great with other dogs and most time cats. Loves kids and adults. A real people pleaser. Very food motivated so easy to train. First time my younger one saw the lake he ran and jumped in. They will track anything and stay on point from raccoons, rabbits and ducks. But they prefer to play fetch in the back yard or lay you on the couch and take a nap. Mine are both rescues and we spoil them
  4. At my buddy's house in Pa we built a bridge by using 3 steel I beams. The 2 outside beams had a web of 12" the center beam had a 6" web. The 2 outside beams because of the height acted as guard rails. The center beam matched the 6x6 ties we used. Slid them down the I beams in the web at 1/2" spacing. We drove our trucks and a backhoe on it with no issues. It was a 8 ton bridge easy. The creek to cross was 12` so we got 15` footers. The creek was 3` deep but the top of the water was 3 feet down. The upside was we found the steel on Craigslist. All easy material to get. Sorry no pictures my buddy sold the place a few years ago. I can draw a schematic if you need one. Had 100% complete in under 2 days
  5. I'm sorry didn't mean to hijack. The B26 is a great machine and the backhoe was pretty much standard. Most rental places rent this machine. The trailer is worth about 3000 so your machine is about 16,500 as the quick connect forks are about 550 from Titan attachments. Kubota is great but you pay major money for it. Backhoe attachment on a tractor is not always a wise choice as the tractors are NOT backhoes. I know I have one on my Massey. It's not what they do but you can use them for chores. Your not making money with them. But for water lines or small stumps it works. Keep looking around good used tractors don't sell often so be ready. Crappy used tractors are always for sale
  6. https://www.brunospowersports.com/contact/ Yes through a dealer. Even my local dealer who is a great guy told me he couldn't come close to the number. He also sells some off brands besides New Holland, JD Branson, LS and Kioti. Kioti was the one I wanted as they have the best and easiest way to attach implements. But no local dealers until now. Take a look if you see one you like I'll the owner for you. Since I bought mine I got 6 tractors sold for him. 2 big ones upstate and 4 smaller ones on LI. Good luck I know you'll be happy I was and I'm a PIA according to my lovely wife
  7. I bought a brand new 60 hp Massey with a front loader for 24,000. It came from Arkansas. No sales tax free delivery. And financed through Massey for 0% for 5 years. Forks from Titan for 550.
  8. Welcome to the forum. I hunt here on LI too. First and foremost is know the area your hunting. Start looking for deer sign now. Are you hunting private land or public land? Sure anyone can get lucky walking into a new area and get a deer. But area knowledge is key to continued success. I'm lucky as I hunt private land on LI. Usually we hunt sit in the morning and see what pops up then set up drive after lunch. It is January so bucks are already back to their pre-rut pattern. Which means mostly night moving with an hour in the morning and evening. Now on public land if you can scout it now and find your spot quickly and sit tight. With so many people going into the woods here they will be jumping the deer all day.
  9. I was pretty lucky. I got the Milwaukee heated sweat jacket and also the heated outer jacket. They have a 12 volt rechargeable battery. The sweat jacket with a hood is great for an under garment. It heats your chest. The outer jacket or regular jacket heats the front the back and the pockets for your hands. They both work great the down side is the battery size and location. It's on the back and if you use a backpack going hunting the waist belt is in the same place
  10. I wanted clarify what said in regard to "The great DIVIDER " First the Fast and Furious. He and his people tried to pull that off to divide the country on guns ownership and 2nd amendment. Unfortunately a LEO had to get killed before we know what was going on. Then called for executive order to keep in quite. Then let's forget the little get the IRS to go after any and conservative groups. Again other divide and conquer technique. My favorite was "I have a pen and phone" and I'm going to do what I want when I want under executive privilege and bypass duly elected Congress. How about putting my judges on the bench that will legislate from the bench. Which by the way is not there role. Their job is to make sure that laws passed are constitutional and due process was followed. Another tactic was if you disagreed with him you were a racist. Which like I said call me that and smack your face. I have hired so many non-whites that my office looks like the UN. I hire on merit and results. But back to original reason I posted. President Trump did do a lot of great things that were either under reported or not at all. If President Obama did half of what Trump did I would be calling foul too. Right will always be right and wrong will always be wrong
  11. My questions / statements are simple. If you like him as President you do not need to reply. For the ones that don't nor didn't like him I say this. Please stand back without prejudging and look at what he went through. After the election it was called a hoax from Russia that was created by Hillary and her people (pure genius as it was talked about for 3 1/2 years with no conclusion) calling him a racist for tagging China for what they are and it's not our friends. Almost all of the media, all of the tech giants going against him at every turn and NEVER talking about the positives (economy, job creation manufacturing, getting 3 Arab countries to normalize relations with Israel, sitting down with rocketman twice. Even though little to nothing happened you have to start somewhere) To me these actions are mind blowing regardless of who or what party is in charge. I'm a Regan Republican but as a kid when Carter was shaking hands with Israel and Egypt that was HUGE. I expected Democrats to go after him or at the very least not work with him much. Even though we the people suffer for lack of action. What shocked me was how to few Republicans got behind him in the beginning until accomplishments were happening for the positive. I didn't like Obama not because he was a Democrat or black (which I would smack your face for saying it) I didn't like him because I felt he didn't do much for economic growth and I feel he was a great divider of this country (just like the man does with us by putting bow hunters against crossbow hunters and gun hunters. Especially when we at the end of the day we're hunters. But hey divide and conquer) I'm a skeptic a really big skeptic when I saw all of the sides either beating on him or not backing him I remember what my mother always said (she was a big Democrat in the political machine on Long Island until she moved) she would say follow the money. Trump was doomed by the powers that be when said "Drain the swamp" he hit their pockets and that never goes over well. Trump was never politically correct so that didn't help but he is pro American and pro workers. He wasn't hired to be liked he was hired to make our country safe and productive which I believe he did. So I go back to my first statement to the Trump haters (that's ok its your opinion and you are allowed to have one) take a few feet back and reexamine it with open eyes. He was never treated fair and he did accomplish a lot for a guy who wasn't a politician. I would rather a millionaire become a politician then a politician become a millionaire
  12. Man I wish I know. My wife have an older 12 year old red tick Coonhound very similar breed. We were looking for an other DOD to spoil. We ended getting another Coonie. We were looking for GSP but couldn't find a rescue. I'll be calling you in a few years. They are great dogs too my neighbor has one. And yes they are runners but loving dogs. Great with kids people other dogs. Even cats that were there before them in the house. Not very playful with squirrels, rabbits and pheasants good luck and find them a home
  13. A week and a half ago I saw a 10 following a doe and a 7 to 8 walking around looking in the middle of the day alone. Thursday I saw 2 doe walking around and a 4 to 6 came in the opposite way and chased both in the AM. I heard him grunt which I never heard before in my life. In the PM I saw a large buck follow a doe and heard him grunt too. 2nd time in my life. Nothing in mid day as Thursday was about 66 plus degrees. Did see new rubs and a new monster scrape getting tended to nightly. Never saw that too. This was all on eastern Long Island. This weekend upstate in the Catskills for scouting. Back out next week on the Island. I've been gun hunting for years and I've done pretty good but this my first year bow hunting and Ive been in the woods a lot. What a cool experience. Between the pre-rut phases seeing the deer all the way up now for it to blow open at any time. I should have taken this up years ago. It's a shame youth is wasted on the young
  14. We probably have more monster bucks per hunting square mile then most if not all of NY. So far in 3 outings I saw 2-10 pts, 2- 8s and a 7. Of course just out of my skill range of 40 plus yards. I'm not there yet.
  15. Welcome I live on LI too. You sound like the guy I work with. He's from the city too and just took up hunting/ archery. I've been in the woods for years. This year is my first year bow hunting. Last year started crossbow. I took 3 deer in total and botched them myself. You can read all you want but to get good is experience so go experience. I was out today all day unless work is reading this then I had the sniffles. Any way today I saw 2 small bucks chasing does. I actually heard them grunt. I have never seen or that in my life only on TV. I thought it was myth. Point is get out there and watch and listen. What area of LI are you located? There is some good hunting on LI but a lot of rules and limited areas. Shot me a PM and maybe I can help you along with what I have learned so far. There is nothing like sitting in a stand all day and just soaking it in.
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