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  1. Cool video, I wonder if the cat eats the head if it gets poisoned
  2. Is that deer on LI? I was in Calverton this morning and missed this guy at 7:30. Saw his brother at 5.
  3. The Engineer


    Yes that's the ones I have but mine are the white ones. They match the snow but who cares. They were $5 cheaper. I wear a pair of synthetic socks for wicking the sweat and then a pair of wool socks. I wear a 10 1/2 regularly and the boots are the same. With the 2 pairs my feet still have a little room which is what you want. Boots too tight have the opposite effect and will make your feet colder faster. I have sat 5 hours in -11 degrees and my feet were fine. The rest of me wasn't and I was starving. But it was either freeze or go shopping with my wife. I stayed until she left
  4. The Engineer


    For my long sits on the cold days in a stand I use Mickey boots. Sure they are big but 2 pair of socks and my feet last longer then my stomach. Man I get hungry on those days burning calories. Watch all those Alaska shows. They all use them. I got mine for $35 at a local surplus store about 9 years ago. Not sure where to get them or how much but mine are still in great shape. If you can get for $50 that's 3 pair for the price of 1
  5. I had 4 house around me for sale. 3 of them sold within 3 weeks full price. The last one is total RIP down. The biggest question being asked was if they can get internet for work. Which we have. And my area is way in the mountains. I am glad we brought our paradise when we did
  6. Hello Cha cha, I was out on opening day a few miles from you. On opening day I was in a stand at 5:30 didn't see @#$% went out for lunch and back sitting by 1. I saw 4 doe at 35 yards at 4:55. It was a long day. Keep in mind it was over 75 Thursday. So they don't move also it's a full moon right now which doesn't help. They can feed all night and rest all day. And they do. On Saturday I went out at 1:30 and at 5:30 2 doe and a 4 point came out at about 40 yards. Point is this keep going out and read the woods. Look for trails, rubs scapes and oak trees over there. They are dropping like rain. Next start looking for thickest stuff you can find. That's bedding areas. You be amazed how these critters can run through this without caught or tangled. Stay between food and bedding this time of the season. In 2 weeks the moon will be gone so you will see more day movements too. Plus it should be cooler so that helps. Also watch for those ticks. They are brutal I know I'm cover in tick larvae lumps. And I spray me and everything. A shot will happen, every time you go out in the woods you will learn and see new things. Its calling hunting and not shooting for a reason. GL
  7. I went out opening day all day. Saw 4 does and a 4 point. I also got attacked by lone star tick larvae. I have about welts on me. Going to the doctor tomorrow. It was to hot on Long Island the last couple of days. First year archery hunting. You can keep opening day I'll wait until it gets cooler
  8. So I guess team 1 for me on LI. It's my first year bow hunting and shotgun season doesn't start until 1/3/21. Never know maybe beginners luck. Up in the cabin in 4P I got a 10 pt 2 years ago and a 9 pt last year. But LI does have a higher population of deer and some whoppers. As for the trophy no thanks, I don't need another thing to make look bad
  9. I blew through the Yellow Jacket bag target in about a month. Brought to Dicks and they replaced with a Field Logic block for $29. The bags don't last and don't leave them out or in direct sunlight. Even inside by a window. The UVs just kill them quick
  10. What's the rules if you bow hunt on LI and rifle in 4P. I figured I would ask since I pay ridiculous taxes in both spots?
  11. I started on public land in the Catskills and now have property there. On your first hunt luck will be the only thing you can't buy and pack but increasing your odds of just seeing one let alone getting one. You already clarified you are going gun season. Still hunting is not the best option on opening day with people in the woods. So how do you increase your odds. First is getting the lay of the land. Get to know your area and start walking it now and look for signs. Another way to increase the odds is go in early and go deep. Most humans are lazy by nature and most likely won't go further then a 1/2 mile in rough stuff. If you go in early and deep it's a good chance something will get pushed towards you or if your quite they will go to a quite area on public land. I don't know where you live but start your daily walks now to get your legs to moving. Get some kind of back pack nothing crazy your not in the Yukon that you can put some real essential things with you, water, food, compass, whistle, pull over rain poncho, rope and deer gutting equipment. If you do get lucky. Again increase your odds get to know where you're going to be. Learn the land and look for signs like trails, poop yes poop , food sources and bedding areas. Welcome to group, alot of educational opportunities here
  12. I wasn't as clear sorry. Forget about the doe tags because on LI its 95% guarantee. In 4P not so much. With my bow tag I can get with either compound bow or crossbow not both. Also with the muzzle loader tag I can use that for crossbow for the last 2 weeks of archery season.
  13. So. Now that I have my bow license and my gun and my black powder tag. How many deer does that let me take? I was going to use my compound bow on Long Island then many crossbow upstate the last 2 weeks before rifle season. Then gun upstate and black powder on LI. So my first question is can I get a deer with both compound and crossbow and still get one with black powder or will I lose that right? Sorry the only question not explained on the online course
  14. Got mine the other day. I have been putting it off for years. Sitting on the couch a couple of nights was great. I told 2 guys at work and they taking it. One of them is doing the hunter safety course too.
  15. The best bait to bring them to the surface or on the pond bank is BEACON trust me it's the best bar none. As a kid I would catch turtles from a local lake and sell them to pond owners in the neighborhood. One day I caught 22 in 4 hours. Tie a strip of beacon and swish it around and slowly bring it to the bank and have net under the water he'll swim right after the beacon. Scoop it up or shoot it.