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  1. ". . . but you don't have to worry, 'cause takin' care of business is his name"
  2. For @Belo. Squirrel belly meat coated in Louisiana Fish Fry seasoning. Fried nice n crisp. Homemade bleu cheese dressing for dipping. Ahhhhh yup lol.
  3. Bear burger bein made.
  4. So here's an update. My buddy with whom I stayed with on this trip actually killed this bear. He broke it down yesterday. I asked him today if he weighed it. His response . . . "Just the front arm. 75lbs. He had to be 500+. I could "bearly" lift the torso after I took the meat off. The cooler with the hide and head almost threw my back out. They had to be 100lbs each. 300 in meat. Plus the guts? Ass to tip of snout was 6'6"." So there you have it lol. I hope y'all understand I'm not claiming it was a 500 lb'der. I'll let him do that. Said friend is a type "A" personality. Go big or go home type of guy. All I can say was it was a big bear.
  5. They've been chopping corn in CNY for at least a week. Rte 12S from Utica to Waterville and south. Lots of other places.
  6. I hunted 3M last Sat 9.17 and Sun 9.18. I didn't see a bear. The sweet corn they were in two weeks ago dried up and died. Very, very dry there. Walked some cow corn but never put eyes on one. Fun nonetheless. And then last night I get the pics. Killed last night. In the cow corn where I walked. Close range gun kill. I don't have all the details and I doubt it was weighed, but what say you? Put a weight on it.
  7. I dumassingly left my .22 home. I borrowed that gun from my buddy's son. I was shooting 36g HP, forgot the brand. Took a bit but I got it dialed in. Love the ping, snap and plunk when they hit the ground.
  8. Planning on going again next year. Hung out with the salt of the earth and met some new people. Per usual when I visit. Ate like a king and killed some squirrels for gumbo. Life was good.
  9. So I traveled to 3M for this hunt last weekend. Being that it was an antlerless hunt of course I saw 1 doe, 5 bucks and had one unknown blow out at about 20yds on the other side of a hedge row. Figures lol. The deer down there are very tolerant of people. Odd hunting. Was sitting on the front porch Sunday morning and this guy literally walks up the driveway, makes a left onto the lawn, jumps the garden fence and stands there. I swear he gave me the finger when we chased him away.
  10. Thoughts? Does he run it like he stole it and win? Or fall flat like Rossi to Ducati? Reddick can wheel it. I think he thinks he can too. But better. Was the #1 shoe at Toyota. Jumped in the ring to be #1 at Chevy. Rowdy vs. Kyle Larson. How many more championships does he win?
  11. Enigma


    Obligatory beer pic. Guinness.
  12. Enigma


    She was brought up Catholic. But says she's 49% Irish. Double agent lol.
  13. Enigma


    Loser lol. We'll stop by your place later.
  14. Enigma


    +1 brother. I know my place lol. She's salt of the earth.
  15. Enigma


    Take it slow Rob. I go cause she say's I'm gonna go. Never a dull moment w/ her lol. Get some shuteye, better days ahead tomorrow. Be well.
  16. Enigma


    Short notice CNY get together tonight. Syracuse Irish Fest. Guiness on me tonight. Be there or be square. https://www.syracuseirishfestival.com/entertainment/ @Robhuntandfish @Otto @turkeyfeathers The gf is pickin me up in an hr. She likes to be down front. She's a short redhead with moves. I'm the tall white dork with a beer. Come see the Haggis. Kinda a tradition at this point.
  17. Not far from Goshen. Private property.
  18. This is the one we're hoping to see . . . Weight?
  19. This to me is a young bear . . . I'd shoot him. Weight?
  20. Ok just messin' w you. I wouldn't shoot him lol . . .
  21. Going bear hunting for the first time this year. 3M early bear season at my friends place. For those that have hunted them, what do you think these bears go weight wise in the next couple pics?
  22. '82 Honda FT500 Ascot. Single cylinder thumper.
  23. Agreed. But this bike looks to be all original and I should be able to match the vin # on the reg to the one on the frame. If they're the same I feel confident I can get a title for it. Just annoying to me that people put stuff up for sale but don't have ANY documentation for the item on hand to complete a deal in a decent time frame. Its like they're just putting an item up for sale as a joke lol. Right now I'm waiting for the kid to come up with the reg that his dad supposedly has and waiting on his dad to come home (???). Thanks to everyone for they're input. Much obliged. I'll keep you all in the loop!
  24. My thoughts exactly. I told him this but he doesn't seem to care or have the motivation to do it himself. Understood. I guess the question I have now is if he transfers ownership of the bike to me via the transferable reg, can I just skip the step of him applying for a title and apply for one myself?
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