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  1. Updates? Pics of the flock? How are they all doing?
  2. Took a walk today. Looking for a spot for Wednesday. Not a lot of turkey sign but had a bucket and a small spade with me. Gathered up about 2/3 of a 5 gallon bucket. Gave half of them away to a friend. Sauted in olive oil on toasted bruschetta with eggs for breakfast tomorrow. A breakfast fit for a king imho.
  3. When you're not really into it but someone mentioned snacks.
  4. Was out yesterday with a 12yo young lady, the daughter of a friend. Her father was with us. Plenty of gobbling on the roost. They flew down into the field as expected, gobbling and strutting on the ground. It was a great show. Unfortunately they stayed just out of range from the blind. A couple of hens were leading two longbeards and no amount of my mediocre calling could convince them to commit lol. We hung out in the blind for the next couple hours but no takers. Got on the road early this morning to meet them at a different farm. Got a call about half way into my ride from her father saying she wanted to sleep in today. No big deal. Turned around and came home. A good day yesterday but the turkeys were just being, well, turkeys. Looking forward to next week.
  5. Enigma


  6. I guess if I'd been run over by a snowmobile (verified) and clubbed in the head a couple times (speculation) I'd be a little bit out of it too. I've got no problem hunting wolves or any other game legally. But what's the sense in dragging out the killing process and demeaning your quarry for shits, giggles and stroking your ego on social media? Some people lead shallow lives.
  7. And for what it's worth, a recent example of the white trash that my original post was referring to. https://cowboystatedaily.com/2024/04/06/smiling-man-poses-with-wyoming-wolf-muzzle-taped-shortly-before-it-was-killed/ Ok. End of rant lol. I'll get off my soapbox. Got it off my chest for awhile anyway. Thanks for all the comments. Be safe, be smart and by all means, if you see some azzhat screwing up the show while hunting/fishing, kindly remind them their actions are a reflection on all of us. Our future depends on it.
  8. One thing I've realized over the years is that when you ask permission to hunt private land more times than not it's a "committee" decision to gain/maintain access. Husband and wife both need to be onboard. Other times it's another issue that's unexpected that you don't anticipate. Hunted a place for years that was owned by a widow. We had unfettered access to her property. We were always respectful. She was like family. Her husband used to hunt. She loved seeing us come around in the fall to hunt deer. I mean she'd have coffee and sandwiches for us when we got back to the truck! Always glad to see us etc. We always visited off season to check on her, help her out etc. (I'm sure she was lonely). We showed up two years ago and knock on the door to let her know we were there. She tells us "No, sorry, no more." Turns out her 20yo niece had dropped out of college and moved in with her. The niece was and anti. Game over. It is what it is I guess.
  9. The property has recently (last three years or so) been posted up tight. No cameras that they've mentioned though. Not sure but I doubt it. Successful or not I usually call people or stop by after the season and say "Thanks again!" Most of the time the response is "Oh, we didn't even know you were here." I also thought their remark was strange. Hence my post. But I know this. People and attitudes can change over time. Sometimes they have a legitimate reason, sometimes it's an outside influence, sometimes just a whim. And no, he wasn't joking unfortunately.
  10. @steve863 I understand where you're coming from. That being said I did a poor job explaining the situation and left out details relevant to my post. Sometimes I really suck at that lol. In fact I wasn't denied permission to hunt there. I can still come and go and hunt on that property as I please. I still have a very good relationship with the landowners as our friendship goes beyond hunting. They don't hunt and were quite indifferent to folks hunting there in the past. But unfortunately, in the last few years they've had multiple issues with hunters trespassing, causing property damage and even harrassment. They run beef cattle and have horses and have become concerned with their own safety and the safety of their livestock. If you know farmers in any depth they take the security of their stock very seriously. And, if you know horse people, it doesn't take much to set them off if they feel their horses are being threatened or could be in danger. I understand those concerns, alot of "hunters" don't or choose to ignore them. The point I was trying to make is I had to play psychologist for a couple hours trying to explain that not all of us outdoor people are like that. That there are people in our cohort that still do appreciate and respect the opportunity to do what we do while on other people's property. I was really ticked having to play apologist for the actions of the slobs they've had prior interactions with. Getting really tired of making excuses and taking the blame for the crappy behavior of people who profess to be "sportsmen". And to be honest, my viewpoint is skewed and jaded somewhat by the fact that in this day and age very few people seem to take personal responsibility for their actions and many have a massive and unwarranted case of self entitlement. For reference, I've owned hunting land in the past. I've also leased and paid for hunting rights in the past. Both presented challenges with respect to a quality experience afield. I should also add I still have access to several private properties to hunt on. I understand the responsibilities to keep that going. I also understand the current and continually changing state of aquiring access to hunt. I unapologetically state that the situation sucks. I know it's the reality of today but have a hard time reconciling it. I guess I'm turning into a curmudgeon lol. My apologies for the long winded explanation. Just very frustrated having to constantly explain and defend my intentions when the actions of others make it more and more difficult. I know it's how the game is played now. Just not interested in making excuses any longer for the guilt by association.
  11. Getting damn sick of them. Rant to follow. Stopped by an old place today, the old family farm. Checking on hunting turkeys there this year. Hunted there for years since I was a kid. Always had good relations with the new folks. I worked with the guy who owns it. Hunted there many times since they've been there. Always asked if it was ok. "I don't know, I'll have to talk to the wife" he says. "I think it'll be ok, just don't shoot the horses." What the flying f@#k? I know the difference between a fricking horse and a turkey. I would be be hunting a mile from the barn and on the other side of the road. Always low key. And they're concerned about the damn horses. I understand their concerns but c'mon man! Pisses me off time and time again that I have to make amends for the fricking slobs that call themselves hunters and f@#k it up for the rest of us by trespassing, spray and pray and being dicksheads. Pissing off landowners and making us all look cromagnion. Damn tired of all the losers dragging my opportunities down. I hunt 95% stateland now just so I don't have to deal with this crap. Every year I more and more despise being associated with these lowlifes that give honest people a bad name. Don't shit where you eat. Not complicated.
  12. Took a short ride this morning looking for birds. Not the best day to go but I had the time. Spotted a few hens on some old stomping grounds but man o' man do things change fast in the world of agriculture. Hit up one of my prime areas from a few years ago and it was completely different. Every square inch is now maximized for ag production. The small dairy farmer that used to spread manure with his JD4020 and beater box spreader leased his land to a larger farm. Those folks don't screw around when doing field work. We're losing alot of prime turkey habitat to modern ag practices but it is what it is. Just gotta find the survivors.
  13. Best of luck to you and your daughter! I've been fortunate over the years to be able to take a few new hunters out and help them get their first turkey. Young and old. In all honesty I could care less if I ever shot another one. To see the look on some newby's face when they crush one is the best!
  14. Who's going? What's your plan? I've got prospects that are coming down to hunt. I need to start looking for birds.
  15. Miserable stuff. I see a picture and I start to scratch. '92 Baton Rouge, LA. I was shooting 3d in the back yard. Couple arrows went under the neighbors fence. Jumped the fence and came back. Ended up having to get a benadryl shot and 5 days of prednisone. '97 I set up an early season hang-on in PA on public. There was a sumac vine on the othe other side I didn't notice. Sweating like crazy when I got it up, I took my t-shirt off and spread it around. My eye's swelled shut and it's no fun having it on your manhood. 48hrs in the hospital. Went back two weeks later and someone had stolen my setup. Poor b@st@rd. I fear nothing in the woods but that stuff. It's evil.
  16. An interesting article about his time as head of the DEC. Checks all the boxes for a NYS government employee. DEI and climate change are his priorities. Wondering who the next commisioner will be. More of the same I suspect. https://www.timesunion.com/state/article/departing-n-y-environmental-commissioner-18695521.php
  17. And to @Steve D' s point. Everything you own of value should be documented digitally. Preferably with redundant digital and hard storage of those files offsite and kept personal.
  18. At a minimum that info should be in the digital domain. Probably take you less than 30 minutes to take phone photos of each of those cards. Put it in a folder and upload it somewhere. Done. Safe and secure. Agree with @Doc. Digital is your friend. Scratch your notes down while shooting and then input them into your file. Add pics as well. Great for shotgun patterning too.
  19. So that was that. August '23. He got to ride it around the block a couple times beforehand. I put it into dry storage for the winter. I m going to pull the head next week and sent it out for work. Need to rebuild the front forks. There's not much left in them. Need to find a front emblem cover. April 30th deadline. Got to get to work.
  20. Rides #4, 5 and 6 consisted of running out of gas, the speedometer blowing up and the motor throwing the adjuster stem and nut off the number two exhaust valve.
  21. Test rides #2 and 3 were uneventful. Got the sticker.
  22. Side note. My son was tolerant. Pissed but tolerant and waning thin. He titled the bike in his own name. Secured the insurance. We got him a helmet and boots. But I was struggling to get it done.
  23. Set the valve clearance per the FSM. Tightened every bolt on the bike. Road test.
  24. Picked up a pair of side covers. The plan is to prep and then rattle can the tank and side covers the same color. "Luminous Midnight Red" was the stock color. I'm hoping the badges come off with no hassle. Get the color close. The gas tank cover had to be disassembled, cleaned and rebuilt. The petcock had been replaced but it works.
  25. Turn signals are a work in progress. The hardware that came with the bike was not original. They function as turn signals but I need to replace the fronts with dual filament units for riding lights.
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