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  1. Any type of monetary offer to anyone at this point would be my last resort. You said you own your property. Do you live there or own just for recreation? I would start with the tenant at the rental house. When was the last time you spoke to him/them personally? What's the person's status? Are they a friend, family or employee of the farmer owners? Find out what/if any interest in the property he might have. Does he have any legal "rights" to use it? I wouldn't mention hunting to anyone at this point unless they bring it up. He's likely paying them $$$ monthly as a tenant. That income to the owner will be substantially above your lease offer. If they have an opinion on the use of the property it will be considered well before yours. Get a read on him first before you make any attempt to contact the owners. I'm sure you'll also gain valuable intel by speaking with him. You could easily get names and info on the son running the farming operation etc. It's time to do a little off season "politicing" lol. Keep us updated on how you proceed.
  2. Tuning, tinkering and occasionally riding this cursed thing. 1980 KZ750E1, hopped up cams, 4 into 1 Kerker and custom jetting. Ugly but she runs and sings like a scalded dog. My gf finds her peace in yoga. Yes dear I tell her, my peaceful place is at 9000k in 3rd gear lol. Big old smile on my face after i thrash the old cuss (the bike!) for a bit and coast home. Put's a crap day in perspective lol.
  3. 2010 Honda Pilot EX 115,000 miles Located near Utica, NY. Check engine light is on therefore "Fair" condition. Needs 100K service. I've owned this car for 2+ years. Excess to my needs at the moment. $6,700.00 firm. As is, no trades, thanks. Lien release provided upon sale. PM for more details or to discuss. Thank you!
  4. 6S. Oneida County. Town of Marshall. 150 gr .308 Win handload. Sunday 11.17. 7:35AM. 20 yd shot, 40 yd recovery. 180# dressed. Doe #1. Sunday 11.24. 4:15PM. 40 yd shot, 5 yd recovery. 110# dressed. Doe #2. Sunday 11.24. 4:15PM. 50 yd shot, 5 yd recovery. 130# dressed. Very fortunate, grateful and lucky! We shall not want for jerky lol. Congrats to all the others with great deer.
  5. All good. The buck's been hanging a couple days. The does were hung up tonight. The Lanske and I will be all business starting tomorrow.
  6. I ll be following closely. I ve got work to do lol.
  7. Bud you have no idea! So much more to this fiasco that I haven't bored you folks with. The short side story is that just outside the "block" I hunt, several of the neighboring landowners are, you got it, Mennonite! And guess where this bum finds the easiest access to trespass? Yep. Across their land! I've chatted with them a couple times, not specifically about this issue just general neighborly stuff. Very nice people. Very reserved and private as I would expect. They also hunt deer. Just don't have any desire to get anyone else involved in this crap, especially them.
  8. I've been told straight up by LE that the issue doesn't involve shots fired, children or domestic violence so its not a high priority for them. I understand to a point. Just don't agree with the selective enforcement. I follow the law, expect others to as well and when someone breaks the law, have always thought it should and would be addressed and settled by LE. Not so much in the case . . .
  9. Last year, this person was arrested for trespassing by one of the landowners. I was present when he was escorted away in the patrol car. He never answered the summons and failed to appear. Was told by LE then that the case was still active and they were looking for him. End of the season I again find him back on private property and immediately called LE. He ran off before they arrived. Provided cam pics of the person to LE clearly showing his face and activities. Subsequent calls and follow ups on our part to LE never moved the issue forward. Not entirely sure if a warrant was issued. LE never caught up w/ him as far as I know. I don't believe this person has a permanent local address. He just seems to appear and disappear throughout the year. And right on time this year he's back! New pics on cam starting in Sept. and new stands/setups show up on landowner #2's property. Stands and equipment are confiscated by myself and landowner #2. LE is contacted and reports filed again. All equipment is turned over to LE. All concerned landowners are updated and informed that this person is back in the area. Oct 1 rolls around and all hell breaks loose. I'm contacted by landowner #3, an elderly woman in her 70's, telling me a "hunter" stopped at her house, threatened her w physical harm if he didn't get his property back and proceeded to harass her about her "causing him problems". Scared to death she/we file and receive an order of protection against this person forbidding him from contacting her etc. Landowner #4, a farmer, is accosted in his barn no less, by the same punk later in the week. No LE involved in this encounter as landowner #4 relates to this person how rural folk take care of business. Something to the effect of a large wood chipper, a manure spreader and they never found a trace of the last trespasser etc. etc. Not sure if he got the message but he ran away as per his MO. Saturday 10.12, early evening I'm sitting home and hear a car horn in my driveway. UNFRICKINBELIEVABLY its our person of interest, higher than high, completely cocked up, screaming at me to "watch my back" when I'm in the woods, he "knows where I live" and other BS. You guessed it. LE arrives 15 min later and he's gone by then. Another police report, another statement by me etc. etc. LE is "actively searching for him" I was told during my most recent call a few days ago. In a holding pattern at the moment. Most of the landowners are uneasy and certainly do not want this hassle about "hunters fighting" as I was told. No, I tried to explain, its not "hunters fighting" its a frickin criminal w no respect for the law harassing people. Bout ready to just throw in the towel and call it a day. I've exhausted my time and patience and any financial resources I could spare to clear this up and simply hunt in peace. Prolly be hunting the area this fall but making plans to move on or purchase my own property starting next year. I'll keep you posted. Southern zone opener 11.16 and I expect we'll have some drama then. Thanks for letting me vent!
  10. I consider it a privilege to be able to hunt, anytime and without restriction, 200+ contiguous acres of private land in 6s. All seasons any species. Been doing so since 2004. There are 6, yes 6, different property owners that own various parcels that make up this area. I have very good relationships w all of them, am proactive in maintaining contact and try very hard to minimize any issues that may disturb or upset them w regard to hunting. I have written, signed papers from ALL of them that grant me authority to manage access to the properties for hunting purposes. Not technically leases, but written agreements. I've dealt w the occasional bum hunting here and there where they aren't allowed and it usually ends w me telling them dont come back. But times change, owners come and go and new people are are always trying to gain access to deer hunt. Please understand that I do not own the properties and am not in anyway opposed to others hunting there - with the blessing of one of the owners. At this time i have a court order, in conjunction w several of the owners, ordering an individual to cease and desist tresspassing and an order of protection against the same person on behalf of another owner. Law enforcement is aware of these orders but is not interested in actually enforcing them. I'm at a loss at this point. I've spent two years attempting to legally end this debacle in addition to cash money outlays, all to no avail. Frustrated, very frustrated.
  11. Please help me understand this mindset because it's foreign to me and utterly baffling. For the simple purpose of killing a deer, not a buck, certainly not a "trophy", any deer, young, old, buck, doe and everything in between. What type of individual? - Repeatedly trespasses and hunts on private land after being told directly not to do so . . . - Demonstrates complete disregard for game laws including poaching, bag limits and wanton waste . . . - Has absolutely no respect for the rule of law and law enforcement but will without hesitation demand others do so at their convenience . . . - Verbally threatens and harasses legal property owners about deer hunting . . . Yes. I understand. They are criminal slobs. In no way "hunters". i also realize a person could be entirely void of any ethic and moral obligation towards wildlife and by a long stretch, other people. But I fail to comprehend how a grown adult cannot grasp simple concepts like respect, direct discussion and reasoning. All for the opportunity to kill a deer. My current deer hunting related issue at the moment and looking for input. Many thanks!
  12. Outstanding. The definition of getting it done!
  13. A couple of points. I make the assumption that the goal is not penetration per se, but the quick and humane death of your quarry. My number one goal as an ethical bow hunter, maybe not yours. Let's begin here . . . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empirical_evidence Perhaps we should not discount, what, 5 or 10 thousand years of experience that a sharp object kills more quickly than a dull one. Cavewoman #1 throws a dull rock at a deer and it bounces off. Cavewoman #2 just happens by chance to throw a sharp rock and the deer starts to bleed and eventually dies. A lil thing called critical thinking kicks in, humans are pretty good at this, maybe a little evolution, and over time it just becomes common knowledge that the sharp object throwers are eating well and surviving and the folks throwing dull objects starve. Hmm . . Fast forward a bit. 2019. The same scenario would still apply would it not? But let's not base our conclusion on past experience. Let's be modern and "google it". May I suggest your inability to locate "a single actual scientific test" confirming your assumption after searching "alot" demonstrates a modern, superficial and limited examination of the subject. Step away from the keyboard, put your thinking cap on for a second and actually fire a neuron or two in your gray matter. Forming a rational, logical and informed opinion on settled subjects such as this require you to actually use that brain that's been evolving for thousands of years. If the subject is still perplexing and you indeed require some sort of experimental "test" to settle the matter, I would highly suggest you familiarize yourself with the following: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_method I'd hate to see anyone spend valuable time testing a hypothesis, producing and summarizing data that cannot be scrutinized to common scientific standards. Feel free to pm your preliminary experimental design and I'd be glad to offer positive input. But seriously. A little perspective may be in order. You ll spend how many hours on stand or in the field this year waiting for your shot opportunity? Dont you owe it to your quarry, and quite frankly yourself, to ensure the greatest chance of success? So take 30m st most, sharpen them to the best of your ability. What, 3 bh to take afield? Simple.
  14. Leland Steak Machine Model 148 Vintage unknown, just plain old. Enamel (?) over cast aluminum body, stainless food surfaces, very sharp knives. Simply put this machine is a beast. Cube and tenderize any meat product. Runs effortlessly and operates like new. Additional pics n video on request. Located in New Hartford NY. Trades considered for hunting equip, stands, long guns what have you etc. PM to discuss cash offers. Thanks so much!
  15. Grampy. Sharpen those Muzzys, put them where they belong on your shot and be done w it! Slick tricks as well. The key to your setup, as I m sure you know, is simple. Sharp broad head in the right place = happy bow hunter.
  16. Smokescreek guy. Outstanding! That my friends is how its done!
  17. Just a quick update post hunt . . . Chased them for a couple more days in Va before I had to get home. We had birds gobbling most every morning but couldn't seal the deal again. Just typical turkey hunting mayhem lol, a goose cutting off two toms and running them out of the field when they were oh so close, a wicked thunderstorm and high winds for 24h, my amateurish calling etc. But fun was had by all. Just an FYI but the bird I shot had a legit 10 3/4" beard. Never seen one that long in NY. Average spurs. Looking forward to Wed. Time to get it done in NY. Best of luck to everyone this week.
  18. Central Va. A few miles outside Farmville Va. Neat place. I ll be here the rest of the week. I have another tag and another friend showing up tonight. Gotta stay focused! A lot of new ground yet to cover.
  19. Made it to our new spot in Va. Great start to the day. Hear Turkey, call Turkey, kill Turkey lol. Heavy bugger with a nice beard. Very fortunate. More to come!
  20. Not sure of the tree species. Whatever kind of tree it was it served me well. There are other trees on this hedge row that might do for a stand, but man this location was right in the sweet spot, kinda like my second home lol. Will be looking for a tripod as some suggested, for 2019 and taking a closer look at my other setups this summer.
  21. Down for the count! The neighboring landowner sent me a text in late Dec telling me the news. I wasn't able to get out to my stand site until yesterday. Sure enough, there it was. Now reduced to a mangled mess! This was my #1 gun stand I've had in the same tree going on 15 years. I never noticed any problems with the tree, always seemed sound. Thought at first it might be foul play but quickly realized probably not. So . . . I guess just a reminder, check your setup carefully each time you hunt.
  22. Thanks for the info Odysseus. I'll be hunting 190 private acres. Just wondering what to expect bird wise for this spring. I've never hunted south of Pa for turkeys.
  23. Anyone care to share thoughts on hunting Virginia? Specifically Prince Edward County, Central VA. Just came across access to property there and looking for any info I can get on turkey and deer hunting in the area. Many thanks.
  24. Shot this jake Sunday morning in 6S on some private land. Sat 3 hours on a flat with lots of turkey sign but no turkeys! Slowly making my way back to the car, I rounded a corner in the corn and there they sat, a flock of about 5 at less than 20 yards! It was less than a 50 yard walk to my car. You just never know! Mossberg 935 w/ Primos choke, Winchester Longbeards #6.
  25. Enigma

    Bullet perfomance

    Thanks for the replies. It was a Sierra Pro Hunter bullet. Not really what I'd call a "premium" bullet I guess like a NP or Barnes etc.. Don't recall how long I've had the box but it's been awhile and I'm at the end of them. Still have 20 rounds or so left. Have shot several deer with them at various velocities, mild to hot. This bullet has killed deer for me multiple times from 25 yards to 225. I've hit them though both shoulders (devastating) and through the lungs (pass throughs) and the results have always been the same - dead deer. I'd say 1 in 3 deer I've shot with this round hasn't had an exit however. Just wanted to hear other's perspective on the core separation that's all. I guess my observation is that copper and lead flying at that speed can do funny things when it hits flesh and bone and a perfect mushroom well, sometimes we get them and sometimes we don't! Thanks again and good hunting . . .