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  1. Still trying to wrap my head around this concept. Equitable shade. https://www.wktv.com/news/local/2-3-million-for-utica-to-help-increase-equitable-access-to-trees/article_b7f60f56-5308-11ee-8d78-e3b944cb97f2.html
  2. Who'd a thunk it? A stolen car, an exploding house, and because this is an outdoor site lets just include a pet deer. https://www.wktv.com/news/crime/oh-deer-staggering-discovery-at-neighboring-home-after-oneida-house-explosion/article_bc5c376e-5312-11ee-bba2-2724b8f41f69.html
  3. Cultural acceptance requires cultural relevance. Encourage young people and anyone who wants to tag along. Of course. But young people are only part of our future. Language and vocabulary are cornerstones of culture. Equating our past hunting experiences to today's language is crucial. As more people equate organic protein, free range and humanely harvested food with hunting, our culture will survive. Changed a little, but that's what cultures do.
  4. And, need I be remiss, this is a hunting sight after all, this guy is the most straight up killer I know! Deer, turkeys, ducks, geese or fishing, the guy is a natural. His house is full of big bucks and bears. When he's not sawing or being a great father and family man he's outside chasing something for dinner. Lucky to have him as a friend.
  5. I don't understand the market for slabs like that but he sells them for stupid money. I need 5,000 bf of 4/4 and 5/4 walnut and oak for a project but he doesn't want to saw it for me because the sales margins are so much less for thinner materials lol.
  6. You cut big wood. Shout out to one of my best friends for living the dream. Cutting big slabs. Walnut, oak and ash.
  7. I'm not affiliated with these folks but they have a 25% sale going on currently. Was there this morning and picked up a few things. $279/1000 on 9mm. Seemed to have a pretty good mix of ammo. Some primers but no powder. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php/?id=100068738195862&name=xhp_nt__fb__action__open_user
  8. For all you Friday night honky-tonk shit kickers. "Bring all the mules out, kick 'em one time"
  9. "Took some time but I realized . . . "
  10. Now you got me thinking. I did drag a pair of Infinty SM speakers with me on the move. Bout time they got used again. I need to find two new 8" woofers for them though. The originals rotted out over time. Easy replacement I'm told.
  11. Just purchased a house with a nice garage. I want it to bounce. Not up to speed on the new wireless stuff. I'm from the Harmon Kardon, Infinity speaker, Polk audio era. I want to have a dedicated system in the garage. Preferably run by phone. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  12. "I'm rollin' with you and I'm overdue, to be back on track"
  13. Gonna hijack this straight up. Sorry @airedale. One of the first things I posted on this site back in the day. Story goes my brother was supposed to meet me 5.1 for opening day. Last minute he says he'll be a day late. I filmed what he missed. Loser lol. One in a million day for seeing birds. We killed a couple later in the week.
  14. I check my spots two days before I intend to hunt them. They can move a long ways in April. And May too . .
  15. Enigma

    Bear meat

    Bear soup. Crazy good.
  16. Misc. A big shout out to my brother Eric. Thanks again for the invite. I was the only one to shoot a deer Thursday night. Turns out it was a button stag. Getting the hide tanned. The meat is tasty. Saturday a couple other guys shot hinds. Chris from PA shot a big hind with his Disrupter 20 bow. And I'm pretty sure his name was Tyler, also from PA, shot a nice hind as well. I hung out and napped on the screened in porch. Best trip in a long time.
  17. They have a 4 pt minimum on stags and 125" minimum on whitetails. It was the end of the season so they let us shoot hinds if we wanted. Pics of a typical stand site.
  18. The deer hunts were with Branded Outdoors. Jake is the owner. Pretty sure he runs mz hunts as well as rifle and bowhunts. They have a website and fb page. Good people. First time I'd hunted with them. I'd go again.
  19. Shot a "hind" at 4:45pm. Smoke em if you got em. Walked back to the lodge and called the guide Kevin. Kevin, my new friend Brody and I went and found it later. I was happy how it all went down.
  20. Day 1. Thursday 1.26.23. Dropped off at 2pm at a trail to follow down to a ground blind. Maybe 200 yds. 4" of water in the blind, one folding banquet chair and one beach chair. Feeder at 18yds that runs at 4pm. Settled in. Took a snooze.
  21. Some stuff you see at a Maryland deer camp.
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