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  1. Nice deer. Congrats on the bow kill! You did the right thing by shooting him again. Forget about the knife business. Keep shooting until they're dead. I tried to stab a liver shot buck once. Once lol.
  2. "Feel strong like an oiled machine . . "
  3. "I'm together with your plan"
  4. TTT. Trades welcome on this piece. If you're a varmit hunter I would trade for some decent coyote pelts (raw) that I could get tanned. Perhaps a red fox as well. Also trade for Ruger 1022 parts, Mossberg 500 parts or what have you. Like to get this in the hands of someone who can use it so make me an offer. Thanks.
  5. FWIW, some of the things I try to do to . . . Bury that sucker. Then I get inside and cut out my shooting windows from there. If I have time, energy and materials I repeat this a second time lightly for max concealment. Those loops on the top of the blind are there for a reason. I put something in every one. Flippin zip ties are a blind builder's best friend. I kinda like doing it. It's fun I think. Who doesn't like building a fort to hide in lol?
  6. In a side ditch on an island in the middle of a 5 acre hay field. I was out voted on where to place this blind by a 12yo and his 9yo yes man brother. Any deer that pops up will be inside 100yds and we almost have a 180 degree field of death so we shall see . . .
  7. Harris bipod Model S25. Excellent condition. Very light use. Swivel head. 12 - 25". $85 tyd or pickup near Utica. Thanks.
  8. I was going to comment before Trial posted but I agree with him. I don't know your relationship with your neighbor but it may be time to stop by their place and get reacquainted. You could let them know you're back hunting the 7.5a and your son is now hunting with you. I've always tried to clarify line hunting with the property owner first then go from there. I've had mixed success in situations like your's but I don't think you can go wrong with some proactive hunting diplomacy before you hunt there. Keep your son in the loop. Might be some valuable life lessons in there for him. Keep us updated, stay positive and good luck!
  9. Nice! I had to check out the new blinds mentioned here and read up on that one. That'll be just what you need! Whatever you do, please!, practice getting the barrel of your gun or arrow point outside the window before you hunt from it. Ask me how I know lol.
  10. Most good hardware stores will have a "sizing board" (?) located very close somewhere in the nuts and bolts aisle. This guage board type thing has both male and female thread examples to compare to the one you bring in with you. Your's should be standard size. I'd personally buy two new bolts (replace the other one as well) cause they're cheap. Loctite and just snug them up. Easy fix. Good luck.
  11. I've used Ameristep Brickhouse blinds the past 10 yrs or so. Turkey and deer. Not sure the difference between the Doghouse and Brickhouse specifically but the Brickhouse has served me very well. Roomy for two and solid but heavy. Velcro mesh on the openings is noisy but the window height can be adjusted easily. They changed the carrying bag last year to a cheap one strap but it's still semi portable. Unsolicited advice but if you're new to blinds a couple truths . . . If you're leaving it setup . . Stake and tie that sucker down, hard. All points if possible. They will blow away. Purchase better stakes (heavy plastic tent stakes) the included one's aren't heavy enough. Blinds stick out like lipstick on a pig regardless of camo pattern and setting. Brush them in heavily for deer. Before snow hits make sure to cut a stick or pole to prop up the top center of the blind inside. They'll collapse under snow if not. Find the best chair you can. The cheap fold up chairs suck. Practice shooting from it before you put it out. Bring snacks. Have fun.
  12. At least you had a shower head. I got a spoon one time.
  13. Bow hunting I take a shower before everytime out. Scent free soap etc. Try to be as scent free as possible. Can't hurt is my reasoning. Gun hunting no. I don't think it matters much.
  14. Bass Pro in Utica, yesterday. No 22lr, 12g slugs. Very limited supply of center fire ammo, oddball stuff when I glanced quick. Some waterfowl shot shells. I did pick up 20g Herter rifled slugs, $1 a pc, 10 per box. Limit 2. They had a case. Good thread.
  15. I started gun hunting in the 80's. It does seem nowadays there's less shooting the first day or two of the gun season. As a new hunter (17yo) with no mentor back in the day, I was lucky enough to latch on with a friend's family - great people - who took me in and introduced me to party hunting and deer drives, etc. Great times and camaraderie. Learned a lot and plenty of dear were killed. I wouldn't give up those experiences for anything. (Warning, sarcasm ahead lol, not directed at anyone personally.) Times change, but do they really? You can still count on the first shots on opening day starting 30 minutes before light, in the pitch black. Used to be you piled out of the pickup got your drive assignment and walked to your assigned spot. Now we'll just all pile in the side by side, ride it through the woods and drop you off. Make sure your phone is on so when the drive starts so you'll get updates on the group text. You can fit 6 comfortably in a UTV if you really try. Eight people maybe if you're getting kids involved. The modern version of road hunting. Let's all make sure our guns are loaded, riding in that vehicle through the woods, cause you never know when the opportunity to jump out and spray and pray might present itself. I haven't noticed a decrease in the number of dead and rotting deer I've run across that'd been shot in the face, guts or ass by folks slinging lead at those herds running farm to farm so I'm not sure that's changed much. No trespassing signs used to mean something but today we'll just edit those out before we post our "Big Buck Down!" video online. We'll get more likes if the kill shot on the vid is over 200 yards, cause you know, anybody can kill a running deer at 50. I guess that is a change, then vs. now. Deer "hunting" makes people STUPID. Especially firearms hunting the first week of the season. That has not changed.
  16. I have a 6S to trade for a 7M. Thanks.
  17. Enigma


    This. But he won't get it. Cameras are your friend. Put the bait cams on your property in direct view. If they function all the better. Hide your better cams. I'd also try to contact him before the season and take his temp. If he's still sketchy let him know again its private property and your expectations. I know first hand how annoying this is but I'd personally give diplomacy one more shot. When that fails lol, gather your pics and prosecute to the fullest extent.
  18. Just a little . . .
  19. Excess to my needs. 12g slugs. Top box is quantity 4, bottom 3 boxes are full. Located in Utica. Swap for whatever you might have . . . PM with any questions. Thanks.
  20. Woodford SF on Rt 20 between Bridgewater and Sangerfield. There's decent agriculture nearby. Charles Baker SF in Brookfield. 9,000 acres! There's some rough country in the interior that hold nice deer. Horse trails make easy access though. Good luck!
  21. Gord was the man.
  22. Update. Steal once, shame on you. Steal twice, shame on me. Done with the hemp for 2020. Lessons learned.
  23. Just smile. Every darn day.