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  1. There's no need to be sorry or apologize for anything. I wasn't trying to be combative but I can see how my post had that tone. It was poor form on my part to single out you and your experiences. I'm reminded of something Culver posted once. Something to the effect that "people have different perspectives" or as I think of it "life is a matter of perspective." We obviously have different perspectives on UBC and we'll just agree to disagree. I just really think having the federal or state government overseeing the affairs at the Geff coon club get togethers just isn't going to go over well.
  2. Once again, how did you "know" these individuals were "not allowed" to own firearms? Oh wait, because it was "widely know (sic)". This is an excellent example of group think. So you "saw" the sale? From where? 10ft? 25 ft? Standing beside? Were you part of the conversation? And did you ask to see this "convicted child abuser's" official paper's prohibiting his possession? Were you in court the day he was sentenced? Most of all, if, in your opinion, this transaction and potential threat to public safety was sooo ominous, why didn't you say or do anything to stop it or prevent its completion?!?! Did you call the police? Notify the event organizers? Pull the seller aside and tell him what you "knew"? No. Were there no other "good guys" at this event that you could have immediately told and then helped you track down those illegally possessed guns and get them to safety? I guess not.
  3. Assuming these transactions you witnessed occurred in Illinois, and at the time Illinois did not have UBC, you witnessed a completely legal act between consenting adults under then current law correct? But somehow you "know" (knew) that one of the individuals "should" not possess a firearm. How did you "know"? Did this person have his rap sheet sewn on his shirt? Was he carrying a sign? Are you his probation officer? Was his picture in the paper? Please tell us and present hard evidence as to how you "knew" that this person was prohibited from owning a firearm. I guess you're entitled to your opinion as to if the person "should" be allowed to own firearms but soooooo many people "know" stuff that ends up being complete crap when pressed to provide proof.
  4. I'm usually carrying a fist full of tags so I shoot them every chance I get. Not many get a pass even early.
  5. That's just not right . . .
  6. Venison pastrami. Brined, smoked n steamed. Much too salty unfortunately.
  7. I ran across a young man last week that's very enthusiastic about becoming an outdoorsman. He's 11 yo. He wants to shoot archery of course! I told him I'd see what I could find for him. I havent shot traditional in 25yrs but dug up a 40# Indian Archery recurve and a bunch of other gear. I shot it some and THEN sat down to inspect it (dumb). The bow's beat up cosmetically but appears in good shape overall? One small delamination starting on the riser. This doesn't concern me. But the string pockets on the limb tips are iffy. I have a newer string in good condition. Top limb is decent. Bottom limb tip was covered with tape. Took off the tape and not very good at all. Does anyone have advice to repair the limb tip? I have to make sure this is safe to hand off to a youngster. Thanks.
  8. Let's get this thread going again! I'm guiltly of cultural appropriation I guess lol. Jarred up today . . . Pickled Polish kielbasa and onions. Big Party and Wedding from the shop on the corner. Hot n spicy eggs from an Indian recipe. Pickled red onions from Mexico. And the flippin best! Korean Kim Chee, "Americanized". I had enough left of my "reserve" to fill two pints for a friend from a crock I've had since '18. Just the funkiest, nastiest, garlic-ginger-red pepper goodness a person could ever ask for. I dont care what color, persuasion or political thought you believe in. If we can't sit down and break bread together with something soaked in vinegar we have no hope!
  9. Almost a bonafide boil tonight. Potatoes, corn and shrimp.
  10. A quick update and a mea culpa. For most of my adult life I've been a reactionary ass. From my teen years until I had children not much mattered to me besides my opinion and I made sure everyone knew it. A couple of years ago I reassessed my outlook and since then have made a conscious effort to be less reactionary, more calculating and to evaluate other points of view before I speak and act. "Tis better to remain silent and be perceived a fool than speak and confirm the suspicion" is an adage I try to follow now. Last week I failed miserably at this. I reacted to something that I saw, ran my mouth and acted like an imbecile. I'd like to apologize to all for that. Especially to the owner of the display that I took issue with. A short time after I posted I realized that even though I disagreed with the message, this is AMERICA, and one of the things that makes out country great is the RIGHT to say what you want and do what you want on your own property. Peacefully of course. There was no violent, threatening or negative connotations in the lawn display but a simple show of support for a group seeking equality. The owners of the house with the display were exercising their right to free expression and I crapped on that. It was very, very poor form on my part to condemn their message and how they exercised their rights. Quite frankly I was lucky I wasnt met with a hail of bullets or a lawsuit the way people discuss issues in today's world. So, fwiw, I have made two attempts to stop by the house with the display and apologize for being a dickhead. No one was home either time. I may try one more time but honestly at this point I may let sleeping dogs lie and try not to make the situation worse.
  11. I appreciate that info. I was not aware of that connection.
  12. Let's not screw this story up with anything like a fact or cognitive thought my friend lol. I used photoshop a little back in the day but I ain't no artist and don't know if my new bud is either. As someone once said "I have a plan". And yes. Yes I do. After reflection I've decided it's my moral obligation to make this right. I will update you peeps when I can . . .
  13. My heartfelt condolences to you and your family on your brother's passing. May he now be at peace and you always find a smile in his memory. Sincerely, E.
  14. If only I had time lol. I have a job, a side biz and couple teenagers to look after. I'd have to schedule a time to "protest" with you. I do have a spare minute this afternoon though after I pound some brewskies, beat my dog and shoot my M4. I ll be on the hunt for a cheap white chair later and may drop it off at my new friend's place. I'll let you know how that goes lol.
  15. Rattler you've got to be kidding! A white chair is absolutely required to be all inclusive is it not? I saw this and was immediately "triggered". My heartbeat sped up, my mouth got dry and I briefly considered calling the police. I felt ostracized and subordinate. The racial injustice exhibited by this display was almost too much for my caucasian brain to process. Somehow I managed however, to summon the courage from within to fight this social inequality! When the owner of the property stepped out from behind his fence and we made eye contact I almost lost my mettle. His tie dye shirt, birkenstocks and dreadlocks were very very intimidating. His pale white legs and skinny arms almost made me turn and runaway. I held it together though! "Good morning" I said sheepishly. "Good morning" he replied. "Nice display" I said, "It's very powerful" Beaming with a broad smile he says "Its supposed to be. We need unity and inclusiveness to fight for justice. These are very bad times." Pondering my response for moment I asked his permission to make a comment. "Yes" "Where's the white chair?" I queried. For a second he looked like a dog in quizzical wonderment. You know when a dog looks at you and tilts its head back and forth trying to process a command? His smile immediately faded. I think I even heard him huff in disdain. "You need to get a white chair and put it right next to that dark one in the middle" I said. "We all need to learn to get along right?" He looked at me, rolled his eyes and walked back down his driveway. Thank god he didnt become violent! I took a long drag off my Camel light, calmed myself down and got the hell out of the area. I don't go looking for trouble, somehow it just finds me.
  16. Seriously?!?! I thought it might take a bit for someone to make note of it but Engraver nailed it within 30 minutes of me posting! I should have known better lol. Yes indeed, we are missing a white chair.
  17. I had an hour to kill this afternoon before attending a commencement. Cruising around a neighboring village I found myself on a very stately side street. I was admiring the nice architecture, the very neat and nicely done landscaping. Some very what I would call "classy" homes. I was impressed. Then I saw something that caught my eye. I travelled on but knew I had to turn around, go back and get a pic. I can assure you this is an original pic, taken by myself today! I took the pic from the street and from inside my car. I did crop and zoom it to better illustrate the subject matter but it's not been altered and it's not from the net. I thought something was missing from the display. Look closely and tell us what you think might be missing. Please keep your responses clean lol. Bonus points awarded for hunting humor and mentions of semi-auto weapons. Know ahead of time however that I already have you beat. I had a quick chat with the person that set it up and it was epic . . .
  18. Congratulations. A great accomplishment and the first of many for your son I'm sure. My oldest will be doing the same in a week.
  19. Utica Craigslist. Not mine but if anyone's interested I can look at it for you. Pressure Canner - farm & garden - by owner - sale https://utica.craigslist.org/grd/d/utica-pressure-canner/7132151231.html
  20. Exactly. But not for the reasons I think you're proposing. Those "descendants" have been systematically lectured to for years and years, through misinformation, reckless public policy and now professional political organizations, that grievance, even resulting in violence, is justified for retribution of past wrongs. The "oppressed" are constantly reminded and continually agitated to believe that their place in human society isn't equal to others. That opportunities and "rights" are still being denied them based on color or gender or some other percieved bias, even after years and years of attempted reconciliation and countless social and financial policies to make amends and move forward. Unfortunately certain societal groups will always be subject to and accept the rhetoric and hyperbole of "leaders" and activists to keep the cause for "justice", even though phantom, alive well and ongoing. There has always been substantial money and power to be gained in manipulating the naive, none more than now.
  21. No. High cbg and cbd hemp. Completely legit. Our group doesn't screw with the NYS system. The ridiculous thing is there could be a flat of 420 mixed in and you simply could not tell the difference. From seed to harvest they look, grow and smell the same. At least that's what I'm told It's simply a matter of the chemical composition at time of testing. Classification as hemp or 420 is based on a completely arbitrary by weight percentage the fed's dreamt up. Too much THC = weed. Less than 0.3% is hemp. Other than the chemical makeup the plants are very very similar.
  22. When I had a family at home I canned quite a few quarts. Now that it's just me and the gf pints are plenty. Good thing with a quart is that your second helping of protein can keep in the fridge for awhile after the jar is opened. Chicken and venison are staples we always have. We've also canned ground venison, lean ground beef and ground pork. Wild turkey legs were not the greatest haha. Most of the time it's just salt and a flavor cube added. Gives you options at cook time. I tend to go mild on the spices in the jars and add later if need be. That being said check the web. Many many recipes out there from mild to wild. We ran venison pints once with perhaps 5 different recipes, one or two jars of each kind. All were good but we ended up liking just the straight up salt and I think it was a taco version best. If its fresh protein you can can it. If you keep clean and always follow a proven recipe you're good to go. Also, like you said, a great reason to knock over an Oct. doe!
  23. Excellent job! That's good stuff right there. Very versatile long term eats! Just a suggestion, you might want to put up a run of pints instead of all quarts. There's a bunch of bird in a one quart jar!