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  1. Chicken and sausage gumbo from coffee roux. 3h simmer.
  2. That turned into a good ol' donnybrook at the end! The cat didn't seem impressed though. Great vid.
  3. @Water Rat. Back with a vengence.
  4. Hanging w a friend tonight. He just got back from an Alabama hog hunt. This little guy hitched a ride back to NY. Nice of him lol.
  5. If your hunting mobile, find a spot, setup and then call. You should have predetermined calling spots already picked out from scouting. IMHO most folks walking around on private land calling every 100 yds and trying to get an answer are just pushing birds around. I'm quite passive hunting private land. On public more aggressive but still stealthy. Find your own style and adapt to the day. Thats the fun part.
  6. Mine fits tight as well. I don't recall the brand but it has 5 heat settings. They are nice on real bitter days but I don't care for the battery pack. Mine's located in the left front lower pocket and maybe its just me but that location is annoying. Those battery packs are quite big and long and being that the vest is tight the pack just seems out of place.
  7. That recipe pretty much sums it up. I'm gonna give it a run. Ty.
  8. I've been asked by my lovely gf to can up some chicken soup pints. Of course dear lol. This would be a light broth with chicken meat, vegetables and herbaceous extras. I can't seem to find a specific process. I'ved canned all sorts of meat and broth before but not together in a soup. I want the end result to just not be mush. My plan is to add small amounts of cooked chicken, raw carrots, raw celery and perhaps a raw green leaf in a hot jar. Hot pack with the broth and then pressure can for 75min at 10#. No noodles or starches added. Questions. Celery ok or no? I have con
  9. Just received a PM from Buckmaster and unfortunately I won't be attending. No fault of his of course. Should have cleared it with him before offering rides. Sorry.
  10. I'd be leaving from Utica, heading 90E and then north to get up there. Plenty of room in my car for others to ride along. The earlier in the morning the better for me.
  11. I'm interested. What time are you thinking on 4.11?
  12. Thank you @Otto. The pleasure was mine. Reaching out and offering a positive bump to genuine people is easy when you know they'd do the same. Your generosity in return proves my point. Quite a few folks on here do it all the time I'm sure. Pay it forward and "do unto others", especially in today's times. Put your positive thoughts into action. Not much more complicated than that imho. So . . . can we just stop right now with the impinging of my online character? I work hard at maintaining the "no nonsense grumpy father" persona and some of you are just killing my groove lol. We can s
  13. Happy birthday Tony. Living like a king. Rhubarb pie and family. Doesn't get much better! Enjoy your day.
  14. Appreciate the kind sentiments. Tom is one of a kind. We all need someone as an example to aspire to and Tom's my guy. Devoted husband to my mother, a super grandfather to my sons and a rock for me as a father. Pretty handy too lol. Thanks again.
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