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  1. "I've got this time on my hands . . . "
  2. So much of one's life is perspective and your's is simply awesome! From my family to yours our condolences.
  3. 4q pickled eggs 1p canned venison 5q canned venison 1q, 3p canned chicken thighs 1q, 5p canned chicken breast
  4. If I'm starting to sound like a doctor or a dope dealer I'm sorry. I'm really neither lol. Best explanation for the headaches side effect I can offer is that CBD is nasty stuff to ingest. Its usually dissolved in small amounts of ethanol. Just enough to get it in solution. The purity and concentration of the CBD and more importantly the purity and final concentration of the ethanol, in a tincture, can make a difference in the occurrence and severity of side effects like headaches. An analogy would be when someone gets a hangover from consuming low grade booze. Your body's saying "Wth is this nasty stuff (CBD) in the system?" Combine that with the filler solvents common in tinctures (poison) and flavor additives to make it palatable and your body revolts. Kudos to you for giving it a shot though.
  5. Absolutely. Kinda like scent lok clothing, hecs suits and my personal favorite, ozonics. The power of positive thinking.
  6. I agree. But we live in NY and well, enough said. Right now NY is losing the revenue of people purchasing cannabis cross border similar to when people travel to PA to buy cartons of cigs or to NJ for cheaper gas. That's some incentive for NY to act I guess. But even when the models for state administration of industrial hemp growing, processing and sales existed in places like Oregon, NYS had to put their crap stamp on a decent model and blew their chance for success. Legalization in NY isn't far away though I'm sure and it will no doubt be intetesting lol. FWIW I honestly hope NYS does not legalize THC products anytime soon. From what I understand the free market model in effect now, although illegal lol, functions quite well. Getting the state involved in regulation of THC sales would benefit no one other than the state imho.
  7. The "good stuff" lol. You can bet your mortgage that NYS (Cuomo) has a team of hundreds working on legalization right now. The #1 issue preventing legalization in NY is what else - MONEY. The current administration simply hasn't been able to develop a workable model whereas the state maximizes revenue and maintains control over the sale and possession at the same time. THC taxation would be a huge financial windfall for the state, they know this conclusively and they want that tax money bad. But in typical government fashion they're in no rush to legalize because there's 1) not a specific political advantage to legalization in NYS at the moment and 2) they realize that if they do legalize it will open up other issues they have no idea how to handle. The trial run so-to-speak of growing industrial hemp in NY was an administrative disaster for the state and financial disaster for NYS farmers. The notion that the state can manage a THC market 100x that size is laughable. At some point in the near future the state will legalize THC products and it will end up just being another debacle. But hey, at least we'll be lit when we're getting screwed.
  8. Kimchi again. Imitation really, just cabbage, onions, carrots and Korean spices. My son eats it by the gallon. Going legit next time though with radish, dashima and raw shrimp. Gotta man up sometime lol.
  9. It's all in the extraction. "Isolate", "distallate", "full spectrum" etc. Then you can find different concentrations ie "milligrams per . . ." The retail CBD market is a sh!tshow. There is zero control over labelling and what is sold to the unaware. Extraction with nasty solvents and cutting the product with any oil or carrier are shortcuts. Just please, buyer beware. My firsthand advice from someone in that biz is #1 buy local and #2 be informed. It's not a panacea and doesn't work for everyone but does have benefits when you hit on the type for you.
  10. 2021 "Every things gonna be alright"
  11. Torchlight . . . from the boat! Ease up to the shoreline with a latern in the bow. Shine and shoot. The DEC frowns on this practice nowadays. Just saying.
  12. A book I picked up at OF Hardware during a camping trip. I have it somewhere. Cannot for the life of me remeber the title precisely. "History of large animals in NYS" or somehing. Now I gotta go find it . . .
  13. I think there was a period of time when the preferred method of hunting deer in the Adirondacks was chase them with people and dogs into a lake. People would row up on the swimming deer and pop it in the head with a rifle, throw a rope over it and tow it back to shore. It was more "sporting" than waitng in one spot to ambush one. Pretty sure it was pre NYS regs or licenses. The good old days lol.
  14. Saturday 12/19/20. 815AM. 7P stateland. NEF Huntsman, 250gr TC shockwave. 40 yard shot, 40 yard recovery. My contribution to the @Swamp_bucks stateland smokepole snowshoe spike slaughter. I was just the lucky chump pulling the trigger. Best day and most fun I've had in the deer woods in 15 years all because of SB. His generosity and drive to help a fellow hunter knows no limit. They don't come much better than him.