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  1. From the video it appears that's the 3rd bird he's taken with that gun. I suppose you could still call him a beginner when compared to your illustrious turkey hunting career we're all so familiar with here. But it doesn't seem like he's struggling. I'm not surprised you subscribed to his channel and posted the vid here. I'm sure it provides you with the pseudo-personal justification you crave so much and confirms your need to be an "expert" here, once again, lest anyone forget your claim for a day lol. Unlike you, my ego's just not big enough to call myself a turkey hunting expert p
  2. SlickTrick. Any variation. I shoot the 4 blade mags at 60#. Sheer devastation . Maybe for you though, 2 blade COC? Dosen't matter really, a very very sharp one in the soft spot kills them all. Shoot straight.
  3. I shot Muzzys for a long time. No complaints. Slick Trick Mags now. No complaints either.
  4. I dropped my better half off at the airport Tuesday morning for the start of her 17d trip to Ecuador. She made it to the equator yesterday. Yep, that's my favorite 52yo gramma doing a cartwheel between the hemispheres. And she couldn't stop talking about her awesome dinner for $8. She's flying to the Galapagos Islands today for a 6d stay then back to Quito for a week. Some people have all the fun . . . .
  5. Imho, there's nothing better after a hard fought day than getting sloppy at the table with family. I can see them now, laughing at you with the big ol' gravy stain on your shirt lol. I'm sure you took it in stride. Strong body, STRONG mind. Keep him fueled up for the fight! All the best to you and T.
  6. Those look sexy and evil at the same time. Very nice. I'm glad they shoot well for you. A couple questions if you don't mind . . 1) Might you know who has the 6mm 80gr TTSX bullets in stock? I'm looking for a box of the .308 130gr as well. Midway has the .308's in stock but not the 6mm. Was hoping to get them both from the same place. 2) How far back from the rifling are you seating the TTSX? Barnes recommends starting -0.50" and then working farther away. Thanks
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. Always interesting to hear everyone's opinions.
  8. You're an outcast. But I agree with you. Ty for the observation. My gut feeling and history on that farm tells me 4.5. I killed quite a few bucks on that farm of all different shapes and sizes but none had the "old buck" features that he did. The 2019 NYS deer harvest report has a couple points in it that support at least 3.5 as well. The deciding factor for me was just the mass of his antlers. I always believed a buck wouldn't waste resources on a heavy or large rack until his skeletal structure was fully developed. He had 17"+ and 18"+ of mass, respectively, per side. Pretty sure
  9. Southern zone. 6S. Corn, soybeans and alfalfa all over. The deer are hunted hard bow through MZ. Heavy pressure.
  10. Agreed. This deer was killed on 11.17, 2nd day of rifle. Chasing a doe. He could have been goin hard for a month already. Killed one on the same farm years ago on 11.2 while bowhunting that went the same weight of 176#. Pics of that deer, he just looks younger.
  11. I stand correct on the weight. I checked notes and a pic and I'll revise to 176#. The scale was legit. Or older but been drinking alfalfa smoothies all his life haha.
  12. Interesting comments. Thank you. Keep them coming if you wish! I was gathering up some stuff the other day and ran across this deer's jaw and the euro I did on the skull. I always wondered about his age because he was a big deer from that particular farm. I had planned on sending in the front teeth to get an age but alas, some schmuck (me) lost his front teeth during the euro boil. I was distracted while cleaning up the skull lol. Anyway, back in the day when NYS had the check stations I would skip school on opening day and hang out there watching the deer come in. I was fascinated b
  13. Agree on your observation. I'm a novice at reading the tooth wear but thought easy 2.5yo maybe 3.5. I thought 4.5 at first based on body size, the rack and previous bucks I've killed on that farm. But his teeth say younger to me. Idk lol.
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