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  1. Back straps, cheese n bacon? How could that be bad? Nicely done.
  2. I've made that before. It's the bomb. Nice job.
  3. My chuckle for the day. The x-ray of my youngest son's thumb from the ER today, mid 3rd quarter of his final scholastic football game. Dislocated and a small bone chip. The senior captain's football career is over lol. He winced and cussed when they shot him up 7 times with the numbing agent but he survived. Took it like a man lol. After the massive copay, casting of his hand and paperwork was done, I told him "Hey, look on the bright side. Maybe something got tweaked in your shooting hand and you might make a shot or two this bball season with your new form" Teenagers have no sense of humor.
  4. Weather looks good down there tonight SB. No rain n cold so no worries there. +1 on letting him lay up for the night. Tough call on the shot. He's surely bleeding internally from a clipped blood vessel or going septic. He'll probably be stiff as a board tomorrow morning when you find him. Keep us in the loop!
  5. Can I quote this? I mean I quouted you here but I need to show this to someone now lol.
  6. Great topic. #1. Chill. Relax. Wait for awhile. Keep a calm focus. Repeat. 2. Survey the situation and think smart. You're 95% of the way there. Don't muck up the last part by being in a hurry. 3. Bring a weapon! To finish the job if need be. If their head is up when you find them shoot them again. No, don't stab them with a knife. 4. Max 2 people on a track. Another set of eyes is always best. One finds blood, the other marks the last spot and scans. 5. See #1.
  7. Enigma


    Another explanation could be he knew you were on to him. He heard you'd be coming by the lease today. He just couldn't take the pressure knowing you were putting up another stand. He knew there was nowhere to hide. So instead of having to worry another day he offed himself. Waited for the perfect time to run across the road and it was over for him. Deer suicide is what I'm calling it. Prolly a hot doe on the other side of the road egging him on. Sad. In all seriousness that's a bummer. Go find and kill his big brother.
  8. I need to replace my boots. Tried on the Lacrosse 18 Grange today. No half sizes unfortunately. 11 was sloppy, 10 was tight. I m thinkin the 10's. Thoughts?
  9. C'mon man! Follow the dots . . . The push for $15/hr minimum has been on the lib wishlist for years. The game plan was to pay longterm federal UC benefits to delay the workforce reentering. Smart yet diabolic move. This was all planned and C19 helped them. The service economy had no choice but respond with higher wages. Bingo! $15. See the videos online awhile back, where President Biden whispers. He say's "that was for the employees, they have the leverage now" (paraphrasing). Backdoor shenanigans at it's best. The RINO's got pasted again.
  10. C'mon man! Just do it! Have you ever bow hunted upstate CNY? IMHO $400 n change for 4 days of hunting private land is inexpensive. You'll spend half that in gas getting up here. No, you're prolly not gonna kill a big buck but you never, ever know right? Unless you're in the stand. It's beautiful up here right now. Things are starting to pop. Corn's getting cut etc. Weather looks like it's going to cool off n rain for Sun and Mon. Might be the weather change we need to get things going. FWIW I don't know the owner personally but they've been around for awhile. That says a little something about guide outfits in CNY. Go do it, see some new country, maybe meet some new friends, maybe take some fresh red meat back downstate. Win/win if you can burn a couple days of vacation.
  11. Pretty much set on gear, just have to make some adjustments to my current stuff and pick up some odds and ends. Really looking forward to going light with minimal baggage. Your recommendations were very valuable. TY. Charles E. Baker state forest in Madison county. 9400 acres. I've hunted there some on and off for 30 years but never tried tracking there. Nice thing (I think) about that place is the truck and horse trails are well marked and there's a lot of maps and info available to look at and develop a plan. It's rough country though, relatively speaking, for CNY. Question. The wind. How much do you consider wind direction when tracking? Obviously you want it in your face when possible but what do you do when the track direction and wind direction aren't in sync? Keep pushing forward? Loop around to try and get the wind back in your favor and pick up the track again etc. etc? Thanks.
  12. This needs an update by the OP and another chapter posted in the tutorial. This is my game plan this year!
  13. It doesn't get much better than that right there! Congrats.
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