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  1. Enigma

    Live From The Water 2019 Edition

    Smokescreek guy. Outstanding! That my friends is how its done!
  2. Enigma

    Hunting Virginia

    Just a quick update post hunt . . . Chased them for a couple more days in Va before I had to get home. We had birds gobbling most every morning but couldn't seal the deal again. Just typical turkey hunting mayhem lol, a goose cutting off two toms and running them out of the field when they were oh so close, a wicked thunderstorm and high winds for 24h, my amateurish calling etc. But fun was had by all. Just an FYI but the bird I shot had a legit 10 3/4" beard. Never seen one that long in NY. Average spurs. Looking forward to Wed. Time to get it done in NY. Best of luck to everyone this week.
  3. Enigma

    Hunting Virginia

    Central Va. A few miles outside Farmville Va. Neat place. I ll be here the rest of the week. I have another tag and another friend showing up tonight. Gotta stay focused! A lot of new ground yet to cover.
  4. Enigma

    Hunting Virginia

    Made it to our new spot in Va. Great start to the day. Hear Turkey, call Turkey, kill Turkey lol. Heavy bugger with a nice beard. Very fortunate. More to come!
  5. Enigma

    Check your tree?

    Not sure of the tree species. Whatever kind of tree it was it served me well. There are other trees on this hedge row that might do for a stand, but man this location was right in the sweet spot, kinda like my second home lol. Will be looking for a tripod as some suggested, for 2019 and taking a closer look at my other setups this summer.
  6. Enigma

    Check your tree?

    Down for the count! The neighboring landowner sent me a text in late Dec telling me the news. I wasn't able to get out to my stand site until yesterday. Sure enough, there it was. Now reduced to a mangled mess! This was my #1 gun stand I've had in the same tree going on 15 years. I never noticed any problems with the tree, always seemed sound. Thought at first it might be foul play but quickly realized probably not. So . . . I guess just a reminder, check your setup carefully each time you hunt.
  7. Enigma

    Hunting Virginia

    Thanks for the info Odysseus. I'll be hunting 190 private acres. Just wondering what to expect bird wise for this spring. I've never hunted south of Pa for turkeys.
  8. Enigma

    Hunting Virginia

    Anyone care to share thoughts on hunting Virginia? Specifically Prince Edward County, Central VA. Just came across access to property there and looking for any info I can get on turkey and deer hunting in the area. Many thanks.
  9. Enigma

    2018 Fall Turkey Success Thread

    Shot this jake Sunday morning in 6S on some private land. Sat 3 hours on a flat with lots of turkey sign but no turkeys! Slowly making my way back to the car, I rounded a corner in the corn and there they sat, a flock of about 5 at less than 20 yards! It was less than a 50 yard walk to my car. You just never know! Mossberg 935 w/ Primos choke, Winchester Longbeards #6.
  10. Enigma

    Bullet perfomance

    Thanks for the replies. It was a Sierra Pro Hunter bullet. Not really what I'd call a "premium" bullet I guess like a NP or Barnes etc.. Don't recall how long I've had the box but it's been awhile and I'm at the end of them. Still have 20 rounds or so left. Have shot several deer with them at various velocities, mild to hot. This bullet has killed deer for me multiple times from 25 yards to 225. I've hit them though both shoulders (devastating) and through the lungs (pass throughs) and the results have always been the same - dead deer. I'd say 1 in 3 deer I've shot with this round hasn't had an exit however. Just wanted to hear other's perspective on the core separation that's all. I guess my observation is that copper and lead flying at that speed can do funny things when it hits flesh and bone and a perfect mushroom well, sometimes we get them and sometimes we don't! Thanks again and good hunting . . .
  11. Enigma

    Bullet perfomance

    Shot a doe at 100 yards with this .308 handoad. 2700 fps 150 grain spitzer. Quartering away shot, in behind the back ribs and exit hole about the third rib back, between the ribs. Never hit bone as far as I can tell. Small exit wound assuming it was the bullet core. Found the copper underneath the skin on the far side. Nice expansion but poor bonding???? So I ask, anyone ever see a bullet like this after the fact? I'm calling it a failure even though I recovered the deer. . . .
  12. Enigma

    Fun Weekend Canning

    Nice looking peppers rob. And 66 Q of tomatoes grow holy cow!!!! Don't mean to hijack but wanted to show off today's work. 15 Q of pickled veggies, cauliflower, peppers, carrots, celery and of course garlic. Good eats for the long winter. . . .
  13. Enigma

    Live from the turkey woods 2016

    Shot a jake on Tuesday and this longbeard today at 6:15. Had my friend Zach (11) with me on his second turkey hunt. Heard some talk at 5:40 and a few gobbles. This guy showed up silent at the other end of the field and came into a single hen decoy. 25 yard shot w/ Mossberg 935 w/ #6 Longbeards ended his morning. Good luck to everyone still at it.
  14. Ameristep Brickhouse blind NIB Utica Area $80 cash only Just in time for turkey season
  15. Enigma

    Land permission

    x2 on the woodchuck hunting. You might have missed out on turkey this year but I've realized that after you get permission to hunt turkeys for a year or two landowners usually don't have a problem with you hunting deer. Some of my best hunting grounds were obtained by asking to hunt grouse of all things, after deer season ended. Most people don't have a problem with you hunting birds on their property. Bird hunting often leads to bigger things. The best way I've found to to get permission is knock on the neighbors door, that's to say, once I get permission on one farm try asking for permission on the neighboring properties. You'll have a common bond with your new prospect (if the neighbors like each other!) and you'll be prequalified and vouched for by the first landowner. The averages are low but once you get a seed planted in an area and gain permission, its easy to establish a common bond with the next prospect and expanding your hunting area isn't all that hard. ALWAYS have a map with you so they can draw boundries where you can and can't go. Find a mentor that'll share some of his spots with you. Ask EVERYONE that you think has huntable acreage if you can have permission. Probably most important is when you have a potential prospect is to find a common bond to talk about. Be it you both drive Ford pickups, both like John Deere tractors, you both are really pressed for time so you won't be around much . . . you get the idea. I've found that being well spoken is really a bonus for establishing a rapport and gaining permission. If you get turned down, ask the person if they know anyone that might be agreeable to you hunting their property. Remember, yes you are asking for something, a small favor really, but MOST of all you are selling yourself as a responsible sportsman and person of good character. Its not that hard if you are! Good luck.