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  1. Just had a chat with my gf. I'm her "super important person." We both agreed it was a good thing I didn't teach her too much more about firearms.
  2. Posted here because the discussion gets political. Elon Musk on the JRE recently. Elon tells it like it is.
  3. I'd keep my 3k in my pocket and lay low. Go about my hunting business like I always have. Keep my ears open and wait for things to play out. Lots of different ways this could unfold. No sense getting all cranked up about things outta your control. What's plan B? You got other places to hunt? Maybe time to find some. Always good to have options.
  4. At least two years, for our situation anyway. I know of a couple other applicants who've had similar issues. Last year and this year as well.
  5. Its that time of the year. If you are intending to go or have a college student attending school in '24-'25, it's time to file your FASFA financial aid forms (and TAP if applicable). Here's the PSA. When you input the parent's finances onto the FAFSA form DO NOT USE the IRS import tool that is suggested on the web site! Enter your earnings and tax info manually. There is a major bug in the system that incorrectly calculates and grossly overestimates the expected family contribution when you use the IRS import tool. Incorrect data will be sent to your college. Your EFC will be very high and you most likely will not qualify for a Pell grant. Here's the rub, you cannot correct the info on the FAFSA form once it's been entered with the tool! You cannot correct or appeal to the Feds that the FAFSA calculated aid amount is wrong! You can't redo the FAFSA! Your only option at that time is to submit an appeal to your college and attempt to get the matter straightened out with them. And that's a big rabbit hole with no end. I've unfortunately been involved with this fiasco a couple times and it's a big waste of time and frustration to get corrected. Hope this info helps someone avoid the hassle.
  6. Be proactive. Get the word out now that you and your other lessee's have zero tolerance for BS. Check your lease rights again for what actions you can take and what your legal authority is. The sooner everyone understands the new situation and that you're not too be screwed with the better. Sounds like you have several options to get the word out. Use them now. Lay the foundation today. When the time comes to purchase it'll be easier. Unsolicited advice, sorry. But I've been to that dance too many times. Hunting private land as a guest, lessee on several properties, owned several properties. Hunting makes people stupid. Don't let it ruin your good times afield.
  7. Pickled vegatables yesterday with my "crew". Mom n dad are getting older, slowing down quite a bit, but they love to help us do the work to put food away. 14 quarts, 3 pints pickled vegetables (cauliflower, celery and carrots). 2 quarts, 1 pint pickled brussel sprouts. 4 pints pickled leeks. 1 pint bell peppers, 1 pint hot peppers. 4 pints pickled red onions.
  8. My practice is the same as your's and many others. Biggest to smallest is getting a ride home. Anterless or otherwise. The places I hunt I have a fistful of tags. All seasons. I try not to shoot the small blockheads but I like shooting and eating deer so if I end up with one, no big deal. I don't get myself outta bed and go hunting for nothing.
  9. Italian made and sold here. Warning courtesy of Google translator. I'll do my best.
  10. Thought I'd try n get the scoop here first. What should I know about fishing Oneida lake in October? I have a friend who lives n dies to fish. I'd like to get him out on a boat for walleye. Help me out w some suggestions pls. @chrisw
  11. Thrashed on this 440ltd for my youngest son all summer. Still a work in progress . . .
  12. Love that LTD. I got bit bad by the Kawasaki bug years ago.
  13. Set a couple of pots and ran a trot line. The wind kicked our butts again Saturday. Lots of small crabs but enough keepers for dinner.
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