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  1. Very nice! I'll be hunting Maryland next week, Thursday-Saturday. Ducks in the morning and sika deer in the afternoons. A buddy from PA set up the hunt last minute so I don't have a lot of details but I'm pumped to get down there! What size shot were you using? Choke? Average shot distance? Shot two of my shotguns this morning and wasn't really happy with any ammo/choke/gun combination I had. Ty.
  2. C'mon @fasteddie. Rat's humor was eclectic. Irreverent. Rat's humor was poignant. Nuff said. He's missed.
  3. Where's @Water Rat when we need him?
  4. Thats a dead deer. Kudos to you for backing out and letting him lay down and die. Smart move. He shouldn't be far. The last thing I would ever do is push a deer after a suspect bow shot. Been there. Done that. The people telling you otherwise have never trailed one too quick, watched it pop up and run to the next county. Never to be seen again. Gun shot deer are a different story.
  5. A 243 was the first rifle I bought. 35 yrs ago. Bought it mostly to hunt woodchucks. Killed some deer with it with some 100gr handloads. Most didn't go far. Its my backup now to a 308. I'll give up a couple pounds of shoulder meat for a short tracking job. Crush a front shoulder and get two holes. End of story regardless of caliber. Someone told me that once . . . Know your rifle and ammo. Know their limitations. And know your's.
  6. Franks. But Texas Pete's is my go to for a commercial sauce. That being said the homemade sauce from Walt's Diner in Old Forge is the real deal. I usually buy 2 quarts when I pass through.
  7. Just take him for a walk in the woods, maybe a short sit with some snacks and a chat and call it good. Quality time is the best. I took my oldest for a one time deer hunting hedge row sit when he was 5. Showed him the grunt call and told him to try and be still and have at it. Sounded like a deer party for 30min lol. Lo and behold a he calls up a small buck that I dutifully shot. He wasn't impressed but it's still my best hunting memory 15 yrs later.
  8. Best hunting hat ever!
  9. Ya gotta know your anatomy. You can slice and cube a sirloin tip into a steak but you still end up with dental floss mixed in with your now mushed steak. Sirloin tips get made into pastrami here. The loins go to roasts. Sliced top and bottom rounds make nice steaks if you like small boneless venison steaks. Filet off the silverskin first and heed the muscle grain when slicing. No real need to cube them. I usually end up slicing those into jerky myself or making them into pastrami. Eye of round gets crossgrain sliced for stir fry etc. Shanks get canned. My personal motto is "they're all the best at one thing". If I want a great steak I'm going for a beef cut. If I want great sausage or kielbasa I'm going for pork. Chickens are made for grilling. Venison to me is great pastrami and great jerky, a couple great roasts, a couple small steaks, some ground and a couple canned pints. And for the record I like canned vegetables. Frozen peas suck.
  10. Close but no. He might have overloaded a new circuit or two to spotlight that new buck mount on the wall. 1000W easy. But I don't think it was quite that bad. Sorry Bucks lol.
  11. I do $112 a month on a budget plan with National Grid on 1,000 sqft. All electric, heat as well. Something's funky Bucks . . .
  12. This topic is going national today. An ingenious capitalist with a point to make makes a wilfully ignorant state agency look silly. Love it.
  13. What's drawing all the juice in the house Bucks? Do you have a gas hookup from them as well?
  14. Perhaps passe'. But 1B f'in views. " . . . hear my Uzi goin' rat ta ta tat taha . . . "
  15. So more to the story. Buddy #1 sends me this crappy pic today. Says he doesn't think he killed the biggest bear there. Sent the pic to buddy #2 and he said "Holy shit." The people I hunt with are touched in the head.
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