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  1. The kid was 18. His parents failed him. Period. For whatever reason. Then every other parental figure that he came across until yesterday failed him too. Not one adult that he ever interacted with gave a shit to really get to know him to perhaps prevent this from happening. Sad.
  2. Well crap lol. Someones gonna get a sweet ebay review outta this. Thanks again for the input.
  3. Whatdaya think? Legit or no? Thanks.
  4. Appreciate everyone's input. Mitutoyo off ebay for $60. Thanks again.
  5. Also excellent when prepared like that and broiled on low for a couple minutes. Very tasty!
  6. KWS. 19yo. Austin City. 1996. "Spell on my mind . . . "
  7. For the damn rednecks. . .
  8. For the Rat. Facelift messed me up.
  9. Nice! I hope they serve you well. Just bought my first Vortex product last week. 8x42 HD Viper binos. Retired some Leupold 10x50 and was looking for something smaller. Went looking for the Leupold BX4 HD but I liked the Vortex better. Good luck with those.
  10. With all due respect, stick to what you know. Trolling the deer hunting threads here. Leave the turkey hunting stuff to those that are serious about it and give a shit. That being said, if you want to kill a bird 5.1, PM me. I have several turkey guns that shoot lights out and the places to kill birds. Be more then happy to sit with you. Just quit being a douche.
  11. Those patterns suck. Try again with something else or stay home May 1st.
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