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  1. Not the slugs, but I probably have 100 rounds of Activ shot shells loaded w 7 1/2. From waaaaay back when. Interesting . .
  2. Deer heart is fantastic when salvageable. Pickled is very easy to make and always a great snack. Fresh floured and quick fried is good as well. Liver, sometimes I keep it from a young skipper. The liver on an adult deer is just too big for me to keep. My dad likes it and we eat it once a year or so. Butter and onions of course. Always keep the kidneys. Beef and kidney pie is some good stuff. I've tried calf oysters a couple times and I'll pass on those from a buck. Same with the brains. I knew folks at one time that loved sauteed deer brains. Tried em but again, I'll pass.
  3. I second Bill's experience. A friend of mine has free range birds. Lots of birds. A few different types of chickens and others. No ticks or bugs to speak of anywhere near the house, garden or barns. I realized one day at his place he gets free pest control, fresh eggs and chicken marsala out of the deal. Win for everybody I guess lol.
  4. Funny thing. I never got my crap together last year and got a tripod or new ladder stand like I intended. Family circumstances kept me out of town on Sat. opening day last year. First time in 16 years I wasn't there. The first morning I hunted, Sunday, found me on the ground on a stool leaning up against the next tree on the row, in the wide open. Was there 20m and shot the biggest buck I'd ever seen on that farm at 20 yards! I dunno. Can't explain it. Sometimes it just happens. Maybe next year I won t even bother to take a gun. Maybe I ll just walk out there opening day and they'll just be a couple boxes of frozen venison waiting for me lol. Always fortunate. Some years are easier than others.
  5. Stopped over to my spot yesterday on a walk for turkeys. I hadn't seen the downed tree without some snow cover. So I looked closer and sure enough, I believe it was an ash. I m really poor at tree ID but the grain of the wood said ash to me. Not sure what killed it EAB? So it takes me awhile, a year in this case lol, to put 2 n 2 together to figure out what happened but I'll call it case closed for now.
  6. Looks very nice. I'd prolly just ask for a couple bucks for the oak and a 12 pack lol. Nice gesture on your part and the good vibes will come back to you soon. I owned a custom millwork business for 15 years that went belly up. I was always building stuff for friends and family at no charge. Satisfying work to create custom pieces but a very very difficult trade to succeed in profit wise and financially. Keep up the good work. Keep it as a hobby and enjoy your time in the shop. AND KEEP THE D@#M GUARDS ON THE TOOLS!!! They can be a hassle but keeping all ten digits on your hands, kind of important. Be safe.
  7. Pittsburgh venison loin. Recipe from Quality Venison Cookbook by Steve & Gale Loder. Circa 1998. My back strap go to for many years now. Butter/olive oil, soy sauce, spicey brown mustard, fresh garlic, black pepper. Double the sauce recipe because it doesn't make enough for putting on sides. You ll want more trust me. I caught my veggie loving girlfriend licking this off her plate once lol. She said she would drink it. 325 for 35min will put you right at 145 degrees meat temp. Overcook it and not so good. This will be quite rare but the ends will be pink, the middle of the roast bloody. Cut with a fork tender. Something for everyone. Perfect for popping in the microwave tomorrow if you have leftovers.
  8. I'd feel like he was breaking the law. Since when does being hungry give you the ok to be a poacher? No, I wouldn't do the same and I don't care what kind of deer it was. Depending on the type of relationship we had and how I learned the info would play a part. I'd hope is was just a friend who was too embarrassed to admit they needed help and made a poor decision. If he needs food, more than likely he needs other important things as well. Neighbors should take care of neighbors and if he'd let me, I'd help anyway I could. If you have the support network, hell even if you don't, help is not hard to find. It's very easy to come up with justifications for one's crap behavior. People make careers out of it lol. But having principles and sticking to them during hard times seems a better option to me at least.
  9. At my local Price Chopper. I can't put my finger on exactly why I think it humorous. The service is free, but . . .
  10. One of the best jobs I ever had 1989, a sophmore in college. The "Mandarin Wok" in Pullman, Wa. A very high end Asian restaurant. I'd show up 15m early and Ron the chef would ask me if I was hungry. Of course! 90s later he d hand me a huge smoking hot bowl of awesome food. The work was fast and easy. The first weekend I also realized the waitstaff would give me a cash tip for working hard and hustling for them during prime time. I remember the constant banter in the kitchen in a language I didnt understand. They'd chat for awile, laugh and then someone would always point at me and smile. Haha I'd nod back and back to work we went. They threw a rockin Christmas part and I learned about quality sake that night! Good money, great food, good people and much learned. My 17 yo son does it now to support his car.
  11. My sincere apologies for the delay. All spoken for items shipped UPS today. ETA to all is tomorrow, Friday, 3.6.20. HMU with a pm if you dont receive your items. Best wishes to all.
  12. RCBS primer, trimmer and primer case - spoken for. TY.