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  1. Growing CBD, fiber and seed hemp types is permitted in NY, under NY administration, until the end of the year. The commercial market is international now and should really pop in the US when the FDA gets their act together. This was not a commercial operation, more of a "boutique" type research-for-the-future type grow. Low poundage of varying products rather than acres of biomass. It was of moderate commercial value (to me anyway.) I hope the bums thought it was marijuana lol. I hope they get sick as dogs smoking their brains out. To the unfamiliar, CBD type hemp and marijuana look and smell very similar. Apparently some folks thought we'd indeed planted an acre of pot right next to the damn road so everyone who drives by can see it and smell it. Obvious to some is oblivious to others. I'm putting a sign up tomorrow next to the new roadside stand that'll say "free weed". I got money says the stand'll be empty by noon. I can find humor in the ignorant humanity we deal with everyday I guess. But the stealing property from anyone, neighbor or not, frosts my ass.
  2. They? As in the thieves? I dont expect them to read it here. It's "general chit chat" though. Just ranting some today about the general stupidity and short sightedness of some of our fellow NYers. And how business gets taken care of in rural CNY when you screw with honest hardworking people. Cuomo's bail reform isn't going to apply in this case of larceny lol.
  3. My apologies ahead of time for the rant on Sunday but I needed to get rid of some bad vibes . . . To he sorry saps who stopped at the farm last night to help yourself and steal hemp. Your thinking was really short term. Just a heads up hillbilly, its not weed, its hemp. It wont get you high. It'll take you and your buddy a couple days to figure that out I'm sure. A couple other things you failed to consider . . . The farmer's land you trespassed on. He's very unhappy today. You're local so you know who he is. Takes balls to steal from your neighbor especially someone as well respected as him. I'm sure he'll have a conversation with you soon. Best of luck with that. All you had to do was stop and ask and we would've GIVEN you all you could carry home. Cause that's how we are. But instead you chose to steal it and screw the 3 people (not including me) that WORKED 60 hours EACH last week prepping that product for sale. It's really going to suck when they show up tomorrow and I tell them you stole it and now we have nothing to sell and pay them for last week. They're local too so I'll let you know how that goes. Most of the plants you hacked up from the field and stole were moldy so just throw those in your compost pile when you're done would ya? Someone should get some use out of them. Again, if you'd of asked, stopped by in the daylight perhaps, I would've let you walk down the rows and pick the very best one to take home. FREE OF CHARGE. Cause again that's how we roll here. Just an FYI but I won't be sending the cam pics taken last night at the farm to LE. The pics were nice and clear for cheap cams lol. Very detailed. We'll let the "locals" have fun with them though. And lastly, you stole my best damn pair of clippers when you were hacking last night. You can keep the totes you loaded but I'd really like those clippers back. They were nice. I have more hemp to cut the next 24hrs before it rains. Drop them off tonight if you're out for a drive again.
  4. I'm sorry for being late to the party WR but that's great news.
  5. Not for deer. Surprisingly deer don't touch it even when it's very small. It sure does attract the dipsh!ts who think it's weed though.
  6. Like when your 16yo and his cronies want to have a "few" friends over for a fire out back. Sure, just keep it low key I told them. I questioned the BMOC later that night (after sending his friend w the keg home) and he told me it was "invitation only". Son, tell your 70 friends to go home and meet me inside . . . .
  7. We re going to start whacking, stacking and drying tomorrow in CNY. And yes, I did feel a little inadequate after I saw this pic lol. This is just a hobby for me but check out https://agriculture.ny.gov/industrial-hemp for the latest NYS screw job on farmers and others who put up time, money and resources to try something new. 750+ new enterprises down the crapper because NYS couldnt administer a simple program. So they blame it on the feds. And these clowns want to legalize 420? Completely laughable. Where is that line forming again to leave . . .
  8. I don't agree but to each there own. Maybe we can both just agree that unpredictable things happen when lead and copper meet bone at a very high speed. Shoot what you want, however big small fast or slow. I just know what works for me.
  9. I think it because I've seen it. It's purely anecdotal on my part, just an observation over time that's all. A lot of deer that I've seen shot and butchered it just always seemed like the deer that were the most messed up were shot by someone shooting 180gr from an '06. Nothing scientific about it. Just a personal opinion that 180gr on a 100# NYS doe is a bit much. Especially when they're shot more than once. I agree with you that speed kills lol, but a 150gr 30 cal at 2,600 fps actually has less KE than 180gr 30 cal at 2,450 fps (2,250 vs. 2,400 ft-lbs). Please correct me if I'm wrong. If higher KE equals a bigger 'mess" than the 180gr would be more devastating.
  10. For your intended purpose and between those two rounds the .308 would be my choice. I currently run 150 gr hand loads out of my .308 and it's ideal for me for whitetails. Personally I've never like the resulting mess after a deer takes a 180 gr 30 caliber (30-'06) that a lot of people shoot. @TreeGuy nailed it. Shop around and find the rifle that fits you first, then pick a caliber. Pick them up, shoulder them, put a sling on one and walk around the shop. If you don't like the way the gun "feels" when you handle it you probably won't shoot it well and the choice of caliber becomes almost a moot point. Whatever caliber you do end up with just be sure to shoot quality and properly constructed bullets.
  11. Excess to my needs. FREE to good home. Pickup in Utica or reasonable travel. Old school folding camping cots. Q=2. Coleman I believe. Very nice condition for their age. No rips or tears in fabric. Could use a good cleaning but very sound and comfortable lol. These cots do not fold up any more than you see in the photo. They're big and bulky. But they do beat sleeping on the ground.
  12. "When she walks down the street, she rocks like a motor boat . . . "
  13. 8.6.88 SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY Gunners opened for somebody (Aerosmith) lol. I was 19. I remember my gf at the time, a whiskey bottle, nasty bouncers and someone in front of us cutting a restraining rope when they hit the stage. Absolute bedlam from the first crunch of "It's so easy". One of my top 5 moments in life so far . .
  14. Another gone too early. Underrated imho. JH could bend a string like no one before. Somewhat commercial mid career but early on he tore-it-up. Take this w your coffee tom morning and thank me later. End of the song the bass player looks over his shoulder and pretty much stops playing. He knew the deal lol.