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  1. stabe710

    Reclaimed Wood Pedestals

    Guys, I have another batch of pedestals for sale if anyone is interested. Same prices apply. Thank you,
  2. stabe710

    Taxi help asap

    Thanks Jerkman... NY grows some good ones!
  3. stabe710

    Taxi help asap

    Some of Joe's work
  4. stabe710

    Taxi help asap

    Call Joe at Mountain Rest Taxidermy. He does all my mounts and his work is excellant. 8452692291
  5. stabe710

    Youtube Channel

    Just need a few more guys... Thanks again!!!
  6. stabe710

    Youtube Channel

    Almost there guys keep them coming. Thank You
  7. stabe710

    Youtube Channel

    Thanks guys much appreciated!!!
  8. stabe710

    Youtube Channel

    Guys, Youtube recently changed their policy on advertising and monetizing videos and I am trying to up my subscriber count. In order to do so you need to have a minimal of 1000 subscribers and I am about 100 short at this time. If you guys would be willing to subscribe to my channel it would be much appreciated. I will subscribe back as well. Thanks Guys!!!
  9. stabe710

    Put some turkey loads on paper this morning.

    Turkeyfeathers, Where did you purchase the Heavyweight TSS??? I have been having a hard time finding it.
  10. still available... $1000 takes it
  11. I am selling a used Canon XA10 Professional Video Camera with some extras. The camera is a few years old but still is in perfect working condition. There are a few very minor cosmetic marks on the exterior. I have had a UV filter on this camera since day 1 so there are no scratches or blemishes on the lens. I have the original box, all the chargers,cables, remote, and battery. Also included is a Watson BP-1510 large battery and wall charger. 2 lens caps also included.The extras include a Rode NTG-2 XLR boom mic, wind screen,and cord, Slik Slim Pod II Monopod, Varizoom Stealth Zoom Controller, Slik Fluid Head, and Vista Tripod. Fluid Head and Trip pod set up to take a Slik DQ-20 quick release adapter (wedge included). All you need to do is add a Slik DQ-20 quick release adapter plate to your tree arm so everything will be interchangeable. Will throw in an old black camera bag if needed. This is a great set up for anyone looking to get into filming hunts. It is small and very portable. It is extremely easy to operate and is great in low light. Please check out the links below for hunts I filmed with this camera to get an idea of the video quality. am asking $1100.00 shipped for this package. Have over $2400 invested in the set up. I accept paypal as my preferred payment option. If you cannot gift the amount please add 3% to cover the paypal fees. Please email me at with any questions or offers.Thanks for looking.Jonathan
  12. stabe710

    Reclaimed Wood Pedestals

    Guys I still have a few pedestals left. The Octagon Pedestals are now $375 and the Wide Octagon Pedestals are $400. If your interested please shoot me an email for a fast response.
  13. stabe710

    Reclaimed Wood Pedestals

    Thanks for all the kind word guys. The Octagon Pedestals are $425 and the Wide Octagon Pedestals are $450. If your interested please shoot me an email for a fast response. Thank You
  14. stabe710


    Buckmaster, I just bought this vest a few weeks back. I haven't hunted with it yet but after field testing it in the yard it is great! Very Comfortable and lighter than I expected. You can always remove the chair legs/frame from the vest if you find it to cumbersome. Goodluck
  15. stabe710

    Reclaimed Wood Pedestals

    Few more pics