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  1. Nose Jammer

    i tried it in the past i had very poor results. definitely spooked the deer. i would not recommend nor use ever again. i now only use elver calm. i works very well.
  2. What happened to these members?

    i still see him on Westchester fishing
  3. o.k. now. time to get off the cross
  4. "scent control" in it self doesn't necessarily make someone a slob. As you can see i said "combinations" of these behaviors and this is just generalizations and my opinion. but sorry i feel you are a slob if your chain smoking in the woods and leaving behind piles of cigarette butts.
  5. i dont deny that i do it because it is easier. Am also not against full inclusion based on easy of use as my sole objection. in that sense i have been swayed and see seval aspects of shooting a cross bow as more challenging. All of my objections are associated with the simple fact that the xbow is "pre drawn" at the time of the shot. I have only been hunting 7 seasons now so compared to some i am still new. As a result as i have become more proficient i have looked to adding to the challenge of the archery season. last year i spent several months trying to learn and become proficient with a recurve. Unfortunately i am right handed and left eye dominant. This had a huge impact on my ability to progress in both instinctual and/or gap shooting. I have not given up but it would be unethical for me to attempt to take an animal at this point in time. So it is not just ease that leads me to using a compound. at the end of the season i plan to switch all my equipment to left handed. At that time i will also purchase a left handed recurve or long to try again. Also if you read through these pages you will see most who are against inclusion would support a separate season for "traditional" archery .
  6. Slob(my definition)- someone who does not take time to be proficient with weapon of choice, questionable ethics (baiting, safe shooting hours, shot choice, knowledge of target and beyond, shots at running animals) , drinking, littering, no scent control, inconsiderate set ups (clearly seeing im there yet set up 50yrds away), thieves, etc. i have dealt with some combinations these behaviors on numerous occasions and on a much higher percentage during gun season. I don't believe the weapon of choice has much to do with it simply has to do with increased numbers of people and having higher chance of the person being a "slob"
  7. i dont know why i keep getting sucked into these discussions. no one changes their minds. There is currently a xbow season during the most productive time of season. you all just want more more. i see those who are opposed more then willing to make accommodations but just don't want to open the flood gates of slobs. (grampy not sure of your definition of slobs but what you are describing is not)
  8. "Why do you care what type of archery equipment someone else chooses to use is? " isnt an answer
  9. So Much For "Stealh Cams"

    there is also the scent aspect. do you wipe your cams down in scent eliminating spray? do you wear gloves when putting up, on each and every time you change cards?
  10. im sure the numbers would be very low. even gun numbers are very low. I know my feelings arent a valid argument but this whole thread has been peoples feelings. And given the choice i dont want cross bows in the woods with me partially because i feel they are less safe. Yet no one answers my question in response to Biz " I still dont get why people advocate for full inclusion. No one is stopping you from using a "real" bow. And for that very small percentage of people that "cant" because of age and or physical disability there is almost unanimous support for them being included. " An
  11. My main issue is safety. I just dont have faith in my fellow hunters. Them having the ability to use there new "super weapon" , to simply fire a deadly projectile and 100yrd distances, with limited field of view, by pulling a trigger is a danger i rather not have to chance. People are still "accidentally shot by other bow hunters" but that time to draw and clear view of vitals delays impulsive and reckless shooting that results from pulling a trigger. I used to think that the unfair advantage of the weapon was a mjor concern and at this point have been swayed to some extent. However i do believe that will change and is changing. I believe it opens the door to other weapons such as the "air bow". All of you advocating seem to insist cross bows are archery equipment. although i concur they share similar characteristics the simple fact they dont require you to draw the weapon and hold back (even with let off) exclude it from being an "archery" item. Clearly an "air bow" isnt archery yet really what is the difference between it and a crossbow? the only difference is it is being propelled by air as opposed to a string. I do feel on your own property you should have to the right to use which ever tool you feel like. And those that advocate full inclusion are most likely to already be hunting private land. I will also agree that there is a "selfish" nature to my feelings but i am frequently required to hunt public land. Im sorry but you cant argue that the reality is people suck and the more that end up in the woods the higher the chance is they will be a slob.
  12. i still dont get why people advocate for full inclusion. No one is stopping you from using a "real" bow. And for that very small percentage of people that "cant" because of age and or physical disability there is almost unanimous support for them being included.
  13. Do You Vote? Are You Registered?

    Im not seeing how this would be a bad thing. Schools are one of the biggest scams going. where is education a "right". Why should i have my income stolen to pay for some entitled lazy POS attend school. Have you seen what a FAILURE our schools are. Threatening "blue collar workers to now having fund there own child's education is also a lie as you would now have your school tax dollars to do just that. Only now you would have a choice and say in your childs education instead of being forced into liberal indoctrination centers. You are clearly supporting socialism and against privatization. Its seems pretty obvious who pays your salary.