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  1. Thanks all. Gonna go with Kurt Fox. Doing a search saw several people recommend him. We Also happen to share a first name. He isn't the biggest of deer but I'm beyond happy for a 3N deer. Will post proper story when time allows. Tried to post a pic here but it saying choose Facebook or Google. Gonna have to figure all that out latter. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. Got my best in 8years of bow. Last evening. Will put pic and story later but busy and racing cloxk. I have had on of my firsts done with by true life as that's who my butcher used and I knew nothing and it convient. Think they did an ok job. The processor I have this deer at recommends Andy Kinash and as of now that who will be picking it up but this morning my hunting buddy pushing me in another direction. Any one have any experience with him? Im in putnam county ny. The only other I have heard of is Jonas brothers and they want like 800 for shoulder which is put of my league. I don't mind paying up for quality work tho. I'm willing to travel up to and hour . Also any tips on handling when I get the cape from processor Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  3. congrats. Made it life myself . to this day i still regret not going all the way. Its an awesome accomplishment.
  4. its unfortunate that people suck and there isn't more leeway in the regs for legal shooting as light and conditions can vary significantly. Some of my locations i can easily identify target and believe i could take an ethical shot after or before legal hours and others i would wouldnt feel comfortable even with in regulated hours. There so many variables that can influence that time. I find my greatest difficulty in lower light is with using a peep. i just cant see it. through the years of practice with muscle memory, proper anchor and form im pretty confident I would be taking a good shot but for me it wouldn't be ethical. I need almost total confidence when i decide to take life before i pull the trigger.
  5. 18 . missed how long to wait on liver. i went with longer
  6. can any of you who hunt from blinds let me know what u think regarding the window openings. im torn between the the 2.0 and standard. leaning towards the 2.0 because of a review on amazon from a guy on the standard model who loves everything but the windows. unfortunately i cant find any info on the 2.0
  7. thanks. same price on amazon prime. but still debating on which window set up.
  8. thanks for link looks like yours is the "tough" version. it runs about 10lbs heavier. if i wasnt planning on moving around all the time would be leaning in that direction. now im torn on the 2.0 window design or the standard design on the other big mikes. i cant believe the company doesn't have videos showing the features of all of its products.
  9. Thanks. it was the big mike "XT" that was out on barronetts site. i didnt start checking retail store yet. But think i like the window design of the "2.0" best. but wanted a little insight to if the extra elbow room of the 2.0 is needed.
  10. stupid question but liking the Big mike 2.0, or the xt but that is out of stock. The 2.0 has a footprint of 59x59 yet elbow room of 75x75. it looks like a rectangle too me and isnt wider in the middle (elbow area). Is elbow room in reference to standing diagonal? if i do some math , which never works out too well, i come up with a diagonal of 83 inches based on the foot print. just trying to figure if i would be able t be completely covered and inside the blind while drawing or does the bow need to stick out the window. Im not sure how wide i would be if holding a bow at full draw with an arrow but would assume it would be close to my height.
  11. Im considering purchasing a blind for property i have permission to hunt. I primarily bow hunt so would like room for drawing preferably while standing. I dont even know if that feasible from a blind as i have basically no experience with them. I also need it to be fairly light weight and portable in that its easy to set up and take down as i wouldn't be able to leave it at the property. At most i would be able to set up before and evening hunt, hunt, return for a.m. , hunt, but then need to take down. But more typical would be evening or morning hunts setting up prior and taking down after. Would that even work or would deer just be to wary of a magical blob appearing out of no where. i see most people leave them up for the season and brush in heavily to keep as natural as possible.
  12. i agree . No i dont want to live in that world BUT it is the world we live in.So generally try to only interact with like minded individuals and when unsure assume people will suck. I personally feel all any life should be treated with respect. I have have an acquaintance who loves zip tie additional antlers onto his little bucks creating a mega buck and drive around a bit with it strapped to his vehicle for all to see. I find it funny as hell but not something i would do.
  13. sorry for off topic but didn't know where to post. Is there a setting i can use so when i open threads it returns me to where i last viewed. For example if reading live from the stand i always end up having to read back or forward a several pages to find where i left off. i see that there is a little blue line indicating that spot but is there a way to be immediately directed to that spot and not have to search for it.
  14. Im not sure which pics you are referring to that you now feel that you shouldn't have posted. But I remember ones of elephants. i was one who initially had a emotional reaction, not an attack but more questioning of why. That topic really opened my eyes and educated me and left me with an altered perspective. I think the sharing of these pics and the discussion generated are beneficial. In reality i dont feel anyone will be swayed that are true antis nor those that are pro hunting. Even most here that have an objectionable view of this guys actions express it isn't based on the act but in the manner. I tend to be in agreement with that as well. how many viral stories have we also seen painting hunting in a negative light. Given that the majority of people aren't antis nor pro hunting but lie in the middle, a little more common sense should have been used. i find his "posing" a bit odd. Even as a non religious person i always show my prey respect and thank my god(s), mother nature , and the animal for its life.