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  1. Sanity check on tag rules

    Just for clarity i have read both of what you have posted. In my interpretation you can use your regular season tag during late season but in order to do so you would have to also have purchased the bow/muzzle season privilege. is that correct?
  2. Sanity check on tag rules

    im not doubting you guys and have been trying to find that online. if anyone is better versed in the online regs and where this information is found could you post a link
  3. Sanity check on tag rules

    is this new? i have never heard this before.
  4. Sanity check on tag rules

  5. 31 pt beast taken in Columbia County

    wow? not to diminish a ridiculously awesome buck but what do you all think of that weight? 265 dressed is HUGE. but im not an expert and not very familiar with weights other then reading that any buck in the 200 is a huge buck for ny.
  6. Late born fawn

    i have seen it on several 1.5s too
  7. Wisconsin Gun Buck Photos

    are you sure we are hunting the same species as they are? damn never mind the racks some the bodies on them is ridiculous.
  8. AR's suck

    no, they dont . they show hunting is already pretty safe. It is alright to admit that Ar's could make things safer and still be against AR's.
  9. AR's suck

    im not disputing that hunting isnt currently safe. The point i am making is AR's could make it safer by forcing people to take a second to think, instead of impulsively reacting to "antler".
  10. AR's suck

    where . please quote where i said it was a proven stat. Even you cant not deny forcing someone to slow down and clearly identify their target wouldn't improve safety. it is self evident.
  11. AR's suck

    thats everyones go to as if that proves an argument. Are the even studies on the subject? Can you really refute this? it is common sense.
  12. AR's suck

    i just cant understand the objection. first off the safety aspect of the practice alone is enough of a reason to implement it. It forces people to slow down and know what they are shooting. But 2ndly after two years the entire age structure of the population has increased. so all those 1.5 spike you see are now more then likely shooters. people are afraid since they dont see mature deer now that the would continue to be the case. this just isn't true. now instead of seeing lots of 1.5 youll see l of 2.5 and 3.5 in the place.
  13. No the difference is caring about what people think of you. I could care less about what you think of me. That's the pathetic part. Obviously people will always have opinions and judge what others do.
  14. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    youre posting images like this and complaining about a gut pile. The irony kills me
  15. i have explained my position on here numerous times and don't want to go down this road AGAIN. But simply on private land do as you please. disabled or "old" do as you please. The seasons are good how they are, the myth of being excluded is just that a MYTH