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  1. When we run em with the dogs its usually 12ga with anything from modified to super full and #4 buck depending on how it patterned. I am using a undertaker choke with Hornady BB this year, or an old 20ga Ithaca deer slayer with smooth barrel and some Federal home defense #4. We usually have a few guys with rifles from .17 hornet to .243. So I guess what I am saying is pretty much whatever you have will work. Watch the rifle caliber if you wanna save the hides. But #4 does the trick behind the dogs when you are up close and personal.
  2. My brother went out Sunday looking for whatever we could jump whether it be squirrel, partridge, or rabbit, all while trying to do a little shed hunting. We jumped more partridge than I had all the rest of the year with shots taken at most of them with nothing to end up in the pot. While we were leaving and 100 yards from the truck we stopped on one of the corners of the field to chat and a cottontail jumped out. I fired he didn't know what I was shooting at then saw it and fired and then we both fired out second barrels. That time he rolled head over heals. Not sure who actually got him but I ended up cleaning and cooking him. All in all it was a great last day spent in the woods with my brother.
  3. I second Pygmy!! have been up there twice and now that everyone in the group is done getting married or having kids hoping to get back up there. Bob, Andrea and the family take awesome care of their guests. Just one thing to remember up there if you get off the logging roads get low and be quick cause its thick up there!! But would HIGHLY recommend Pine Grove Lodge!!
  4. Opening morning 8pt. Was chasing does behind some blowdowns before he followed one out about 120yrds heading toward the swamp. This was a buck I had never had on camera until i checked them that day he was on both from the week prior.
  5. had to put the Tyvek on that way cause we put the sheets of plywood on upside down too.... Hard to find good help....
  6. So this summer the land owner bought us all the materials to add on to the shack we have been using as a camp on his property. We added a 10x12' addition that is still in the works but good enough for this season. But the best thing I did was make this little 4x4 baby. All pallets and scrap lumber I plus the old door from the camp. It cost me 60 bucks but that was for the $32 sheet of roofing material. Let me tell you this sure beats leaning against a tree on them frosty mornings.
  7. I know how you feel.... I had to leave that morning by 8:30 to be at my Stepsons last football game. While I was walking out across the hay field along side the drag line I made walking in up ahead the fog was clearing and 40 yards away i was looking at a shooter buck that had his nose to the ground on the drag line until he noticed me and bounded away across the field. Probably about the same time your bucks passed your stand he would have made it to my stand... Keep at it!!! start thinking all day sits now!
  8. So it pops up in my Facebook feed all the time the picture with the big buck that says I stopped by your stand but you were at work. Well these are a couple of pictures from last week that did just that. and during legal shooting hours!
  9. SuperMag where abouts in 6S? I'm a 6S hunter.. haven't seen any my way near Richfield Springs but saw one last year in Mohawk crossing the road. Someone claimed they saw one heading towards our property but never saw any sign of it. Hunted a lot of 6R growing up in the area. Good luck Guys
  10. Toilet Paper... So i don't have to lose my lucky socks!
  11. Doc .... Great Fox gun doesn't tear he hides up from what I have seen from others.
  12. I picked up a Savage 219 single shot a couple years ago with the 22 Hornet barrel. I got it punching quarter size holes at 100 yards. I've taken it out calling for fox but unsuccessful with it so far. Trial... what kind of rounds you have where you located and what you looking to get for them?
  13. Last September I took the wife to Lake Placid for a 3 day weekend for our anniversary. Stayed at Placid Bay Inn and they have packages such as dozen roses int the room, a fine dining special, and a romantic picnic basket. Of course I had to do all 3 for her. They did everything just as i wanted too. The roses were there when we got there, along with wine and the dining for that night, then the next day we went and hiked Roostercomb Mountain, came back to the picnic basket and took it out on the dock to eat the cheese and crackers and drink the wine. After that of course she wanted to go into town shopping. The hotel people were great and if you stay you can also take out the canoes they have. Everything I came to about $700 after tax and that was for the lakeside room with fireplace too. Highly recommend it!!! Plenty of places too eat within walking distance too of the Inn. We hit up Micky D's for breakfast and coffee in the morning right across the street.
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