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  1. I work Saturdays until 11AM. I'm off 3 days a week when everyone else is working. Not that it's anybody else's business. I won't hold my breath waiting for your apology.
  2. Tens of millions of dollars are given to tax-exempt organizations that are registering Democrat voters. Nate Jackson Charitable giving is one of the hallmarks of Judeo-Christian culture in the West. We certainly don't, as a whole, live up to biblical standards for tithes and offerings, but we do give. Americans often lead the way as the most generous people in the world. That said, the generosity is relative. That Americans give a little more than 2% of income to charity may be more generous than the rest of the miserly world, but it isn't exactly grounds for a lot of boasting. We can and should do better. That's also where today's good news ends. You see, the real story here is that Democrats are donating millions to fake "charities" that spend millions for the purpose of helping Democrats win elections. According to the Washington Examiner, "fake charities such as the Voter Participation Center, State Voices, and the Voter Registration Project" are raking in "tens of millions of dollars every year from billionaires and their charitable foundations to use in ways that the IRS strictly forbids." How so? "By abusing their knowledge of racial demographic voting trends and enormous microtargeted voter databases, these groups can ensure they only register people likely to vote for Democrats and function as tax-exempt Democratic PACs." That's how Democrat dollars turn into votes for Democrats, though it's not a new invention. In 2015, leaked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta revealed a "nonpartisan" voter registration scheme called the Everybody Votes Campaign. What it actually did was make sure Every Democrat Votes, and it continued into 2020, as did numerous similar organizations. In October 2020, Joe Biden boasted, "We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics." That was some Freudian slip. A 501(c)(3) nonprofit enjoys favored tax status allowing lots of different activities. Partisan electioneering is not one of them. Yet we're betting that those 87,000 new IRS employees your tax dollars are paying for won't spend five minutes tracking down the leftist fraudsters. They're too busy ferreting out the last vestiges of the Tea Party and whatever Ultra-MAGA Republican groups can be targeted. More broadly, political money will find a way. After the 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform law supposedly took "money out of politics," super PACs exploded because of the limitations on money that could be given directly to candidates. Federal elections in particular are increasingly high-stakes affairs, and both sides are going to pour money into the fight — especially wealthy leftists like Mark Zuckerberg. That doesn't make it charitable giving. Also more broadly, Democrats have ratcheted up their efforts to control the election process start to finish. They're obviously spending boo koo bucks to register voters. Our Douglas Andrews recently highlighted the fact that Democrat operatives control voters rolls in 31 states. He also recounted the Left's plan to seize control of local election offices. Democrat plans to rig elections at the federal level for years to come include the monstrous HR 1 and the nearly-as-bad HR 4. Don't forget bulk-mail ballots. Democrats certainly haven't. To conclude with the opening point, our country would be infinitely better off if less money was spent on all those political shenanigans and more was voluntarily given to help people in need, to bolster families, and to enhance community spirit.
  3. Check out the hurricane mic cover.
  4. In 2021 alone, Biden authorized almost 1,000 large charter "ghost flights" to many U.S. locations, including planes loaded with children — most under cover of darkness. If 48 illegal immigrants flying onto the charmed and idyllic Martha's Vineyard Island constitutes a "humanitarian crisis," consider the impact of Biden flying 148 THOUSAND immigrants into undisclosed locations around the nation in the middle of the night. Notably, he sent 70 flights to Florida. Predictably, Gov. DeSantis has been accused of illegally luring illegal immigrants onto the MVI flights with promises of housing and jobs, accusations he has completely debunked. And he is now being sued by immigration activists. Never underestimate the Demos' ability to collude with the Leftmedia to change the subject.
  5. You can't put them out quickly, and they may re-ignite. NFPA now recommends letting the car burn out. The FD should do nothing except protect exposures, because that car will re-ignite until all of the battery is consumed, and that happens fastest when allowed to completely burn out. The funny part of the meme above is the "EWWW-Gas" plate on the Tesla. What exactly is that guy going to do with that gas? Douse Hummers and diesel Trucks? BTW water will put out an EV fire if you use enough of it to cool the battery down so it stops the reaction going on. Dump a Tesla in a lake and it will go out pretty quick. Junk yards have dug pits and filled them with water, then dumped the EV in to put it out for good.
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