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  1. in st law county if i purchase this morning, I can take paperwork to the courthouse and leave with the amendment the same day at a cist f three dollars. we have plastic permits here now almost like a drivers license. We have one card for amendments. it hold 20 pistols on one card. Every time I add one the print a new card and add it to the list. The same if I sell one and delete it. He Ed thanks for the heads up for the site
  2. hi guys I have a traditions buckhunter 50 caliber flintlock. I also own a t/c hawken 50 caliber sidelock. a t/c encore 50 cal blues with a nikon 3x9x40 and a NEF sidekick with a custom breech plug to use 209's without the orange carriers. it has a t/c hawken 1.5x5x32 scope. My fav by far is the fintlock. the flint and sidelock both have peepsites o them as the old eyes do not work well with the open sites anymore. Oops I ammost forgot, I have a t/c new englander 10 gauge sidelock. M buddy reamed it and threaded it for the remington choke system. I small game with it to include grouse pheasants and turkeys.
  3. I have a site on facebook, and I will link your fb page to it Done. my fb page is ny area 6a hunters for nny hunters and anyone else
  4. Hello all bubba here. I am in st law county right on the canadian border in the heart of area 6a. I also have a group on facebook called ny area 6a hunters. feel free to check it out. I am 51 years young. My favorite hunting apparatus is a muzzleloader. I own flintlock side lock and modern. I have taught the hunter saftey class for over 25 years. I guess that is it
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