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  1. but the permit system is state based how do you make it federal without giving more power to the govt to control them?
  2. I would dare say that maybe 2 percent of crimes are committed with a legal gun. And statistics show that people carrying who are not properly trained, have their own guns used againt them about 60 percent of the time. If I were so irrational I intended to commit a crime, I would steal a gun.
  3. Culver creek, I am a psych nurse, so believe me I know the difference. I am also an EMT-P. I have responded to several calls where i needed law enforcement to subdue a very combative diabetic who had a low blood sugar. I used this as an example to say where is the line drawn. If we can say a person with mental illness cant have a permit according to the person I was arguing with, anyone who takes a med that alters their mental status should be disqualified. Well diabetes itself alters mental status as well as meds for epilepsy do. Im fact most meds for epilepsy are used for mental illness. I personally am against the govt deciding who can exercise their guaranteed rights and who cant. It is one step toward having all guns registered and eventually taken away. When I mentioned this before to the persom I was arguing with, I was told I was foolish and it will never happen. All we need is one more lib on the court, and they are gone trust me. They libs on the court voted for the chicago ban. One mor eit would have been declared constitutional. As my signature says, guns only have two enemies rust and liberal politicians. I fear the people who think that gun control will never happen, as they will be the ones who stand by and say hmm how did that happen when it does happen.
  4. culver creek, I didnt. I simply asked the man who said they should not have a carry permit to clarify. He said that all people who have to take a med which alters the mind should not have a permit. So, I asked if a diabetic goes low they can become combative which alters their state of mind. I also asked if a person with seizures is on meds should they have a permit. WNYBuckhunter is the one who said no not me. Read clioser, I am the one defending the guy with the mental illness and others.
  5. so then wny you wont answer upright? you said carry a gun period I am simply giving you a chance to clarify both points as I see it diabetics and seizure disorder people are lumped in with people with mental illness and none should carry a gun period. Not hard to see through it and see who you voted for in 2010. IMHO he is a troll for the anti side.
  6. I am simply asking a question there will be no answer to. some people like to say one thng in a pm then smething different in a public forum. Doc you are pretty good too
  7. oh a gun period now? it has moved up form just a permit to carry
  8. so in your round about way a diabetic person or a seizure disorder person should no thave a permit? yes or no
  9. please quote and stop avoiding I dont see it? you know diabetics and seizure disorder people I am sure there are a few here who would like to see it including me
  10. so you are sying he can say one thing in a pm and pretend to be different on the forum?
  11. what about diabetics and people with a seizure disorder? answer that one
  12. in my opinion it tlls him to go get one. You say in a pm that no one who is on meds for an unstable mental condition should have a permit. How about those who are on meds for seizures that alter mental status? should their permits be denied too? or how about diabetics aho can have problems and have an altered mental status usually aggressive. Should they be denied too? I asked before but you sde steppe dit. come on in public forum give your pinion on who and who should not have a permit, even though it is guaranteed in the constitution. Oops I forgot you said you dont believe in that in a pm too.
  13. I know he can go buy a shotgun or rifle, Ive told him that he would have no problem getting one and even that if he really wanted to have home protection, a nice pump shotgun is the way to go to me that pretty much says go get one. That is a direct quote form page two of your posts on here. I guess though I am not entitled to what my opinion is if it differs from yours
  14. exactly it is black plastic. I have it in my ground blinds when I am in them.
  15. ok so an unstable peson would not lose it and kill people with a shotgun wheter it canbe concealed or not. Are you aware that a person with a mental illenss who has been hospitlized is disqualified from ownng a firearm? So you gave him advice to break the law. good plan. I understand now. thank you for clearing it up for me. In your own words you told him to get a shotgun then you describe his as mentally unstable at times in a message to me, and tell me how foolish I was to have an opinion about your statement about him not getting a permit. I would say it is pretty foolish to tell a person who you in your less than professional opinion is unstable at times to get a shotgun. I bet his family would sleep well with that in the house.
  16. I have a single stick made by mtm. It is like a cane but sticks in the ground and has an adjustable place to rest the gun. Works very well
  17. so the guy with mental issues will be ok with a shotgun but not a handgun just because it can be concealed? kind of hypocritical i would say to n twan thim to hav eone but is ok with the other. just my opinion and I am entitled to have one even though I know you will not respond. well actually you will ciz you need to have the last word. You told me I had no business commenting about somene I know nothing about and I was being foolish to comment. Well I think it is foolish to be glad a guy didnt get a prmit due to his mental illness but tell him to get a shotgun.
  18. ed what they said was and was able to prove it the cam auto set when turned on, so they were busted
  19. well maybe not assuming so much might be of great assistance.
  20. handgun verses shotgun you tell me the difference then? you told him to go get a shotgun
  21. well since I work as a mental health nurse, I kinda do know about people who are on meds and see psychaitrists. it does nt mean every one of them is nuts and should not have a gun or a permit. If he has no tbeen hospitalized for his illness or ever been in legal trouble he has as much right to a permit as you do. Mental illness is a disease. People live very normal lives an dkeep it under control. That is like saying anyone with diabetes who can go low and be disoriented or anyone with sezure disorders shoud not be allowed to have a permit. I love the holier than thou attitude.
  22. lol we had a local moron here do some videoing. He posted a date/time stamp on the video. He posted it on a local website and a lot of bragging. Long story short the fool was videoing after legal hours hunts. He got a visit from the DEC and a handfull of tickets, and they stuck. Just be aware is all.
  23. I weighed the cost of bullets to the cost of a boresighter. I bought the bore sighter for 50 bucks. When I go to the range, I take it. I have helped out a lot of people there who had no clue. I love the ones who get the gun boresighted and think they are ready to hunt amazingy scary.
  24. uhoh my name i slisted on there too and my phone number when I register a class
  25. If we were not "forced" to have a permit, the government could then concentrate on all their inside criminal activity. So you dont agree with permits either? Look, I have a situation going with someone I know trying to get their permit as we speak. He got denied, and rightfully so. Dont get me wrong, I like the guy and he means well, but I dont feel comfortable with him having a concealed carry permit. He is on medication and sees a shrink. He is one of those guys that is obsessive about things and depending on if his meds are right, has a tendency of flying off the handle about things that just plain dont warrant it. I am glad he didnt get his permit, and hope like hell that the decision sticks when he goes in to appeal it. That right there is exactly why we have the permits, and in this case, the system worked. yeah he can go to walmart fill put a form and get a shotgun and kill just as many or break into your house and steal your handguns to kill people. Then you will be in as much trouble as he. I am glad mine is listed on there. I just wish they would have added and he is not afraid to use them so beware. I am not ashamed I have a concealed carry permit or who knows it. Who are you to say who gets a permit and who shouldnt?
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