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  1. compared to a recurve or long bow, a compound is easy to shoot. Try a recurve with no sites and shoot it until you are profecient, and then tell me how tough a compound is
  2. A sstated boresighting only gets you hopefully on the paper. I have a magnetic leupold sticks to the barrel. I can get on paper and save ammo when sighting in
  3. I was at a locl gun sh op last eening. He finally got i some IMR 4831. I am a happy guy. Anyway this guy comes in with his grandson and a rossi 243 he got for the boy. He wanted a red dot mounted on the gun. The guy starts yacking as guys do in general. Anyway he says I took that red dot off my 270 last season. I was walking into a field and saw a deer. I could not tell if it had horns so I didnt shoot. He goes on to say I guess I need magnification. well being the guy I am I said yeah that is why I carry binoculars. I looked at the 10 year old and said remember that a scope isused ot magnify a safe target not for target identification. Well this guy gets pissed an dstarts in thta everyone uses scopes to see if a deer has horns. Well then I was winning as he was losing it. I said umm it is antlers another thing yourgrandson should know. The guy saya are you se sort of instuctor. I said yes I teach th ehunter safety course and have fo rover 25 years. I am having one the end of august please attend and bring your grandson as I think you could both learn from it. The guy left. I guess my pet peeve is people teaching our young hunters who will be our replacements the wrong things to do. I see it a lot at my classes. A kid will say my dad taught me this way or said to do this. I am far from perfect, but when I teach at a clas or on a one on one, I teach the right way to do things.
  4. bubba

    savage 10ml

    I cast a 44 .429 round nose bullet for my muzzleloaders. I use harvestor crush rib sabots with great success. I cast a little softer than you, but have had great success.
  5. the issues with cva awere like the issues with savage and t/c operator error. Randy Wakeman is a wannabe. He gives good reviews to those who pay him fo rhis reviews. Look at his track record. H eworked for T/C they were great. He left went to avage they were great and t/c was junk. CVA would not pay him for his reviews, so they were always junk. He must be trying to get back in the good graces of T/C now
  6. I knew I would not be disappointed about the blow up in your face cva's lol
  7. I am not banned but I am no tthe moderator any longer by my choice
  8. nice to see a site where you can say mu plug and mention the name nick. The two best upgrades ever for the H&R
  9. CVA has not been cva for a very long time. hey have been BPI black powder industries. They still make a good quality gun at a good price. I have owned an optima elite with the muzzleloader and 270 barrel. I would still own it if my nephew wasnt hell bent on having it. For ease of loading I would go with the cva over the T/C. However I would suggest getting the model with the bergara barrel. They are a very good barrel. I bought one for my encore and love it. In fact I sold my t/c muzzleloader barrel and have just the bergara barrel for a muzzleloader barrel. If you could find one since they no longer make them, a used H&R huntsman or sidekick are awesome shooting and handling guns. There are a couple aftermarket upgrades such as a better ramrod and a breech plug that does not require the orange primer carriers. They are very accurate and sold for about 170 dollars new. But if you wat new, I would say the best starter gun that will stay permanent will be the optima. Just keep in mind that just because they make convenient ways to use them ie pellets etc, they may not shoot well in your gun. As a long time muzzleloader, I would suggest a can of loose powder ie pyrodex or even black powder and work up a good load. With loose powder, you can work up a load by 5 grain increments. Pellets are very limited and much more expensive per shot. In premeasured hunting loads, I can reload with loose powder as fast as anyone with pellets, and I would put money on it. Also the first bullet that jumps off the shelf may not be the best for it either. It takes time to get the optimal accuracy. No offense, but when I see posts that say I sighted in my gun just before dark and hunted with it the next day scare me. Especially by a person who had no clue how to even use the gun and was out doing so alone. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen. Get some good instruction and take your time and make it work well for you. My first muzzleloader some 33 years ago, I spent a summer getting it to shoot. When I was done 100 yards with open sites was inch groups. Not pie plate groups. Would anyone of you take a bow out shoot it a few times one evening and be ready to hunt with it? Dont get caught up in all the marketing ploys of 250 yard kills. Keep your range to 100 yards, in fact I perfer 75. Just my opinion, but it is based on 33 years of experience, training and success. Good luck, and if you have any questions or concerns shoot me a message and that means anyone
  10. when you are shooting a round ball, you are depending on it opening up and basically flattening out to do damage. At slower speeds they just pass through and not do the damage it would at higher velocities. A good patched ball doing its job should be pretty flat if recovered. I have a couple that look like a quarter that I have recovered against an opposite shoulder. Black powder is an explosive, which does not allow for the velocities and energy that smokeless powder will. At 200 yards and above, just remember it does not take much to punch a hole in paper. With my previousy stated load, I may get 1100 to 1200 fps at the muzzle. It drops quickly from there do to the resistance to a round ball.
  11. Hi ranger clay Ogdensburg are here
  12. in the day when I could see the sites better, I have competed in 200 yard maches with my t/c hawken sidelock, 80 grains of ffg goex blackpowder, 490 diameter 178 grain round balls, .015 patches and a tang mounted peep site. My best was a 3 inch group at 200 yards off a bench, and i lost the match. Most people today do not take the time to actually work up the optimal load for a muzzleloader. In the days of past with the snipers, as stated above, that was their go to firearm, so they made it very accurate. Besides it isnt the accuracy that is the problem as much as energy and velocity. Sure I can shoot my muzzleloader accurately at 200 yards, but will it have the energy to cleanly kill at that distance umm not in my opinion. That is why most limit distance to reasonable limits. Today for the majority, at most, a muzzleloader is a tool to use during a primitive season. I have watched muzzleloading evolve over the years and it has done so with some very clever marketing with phrases deadly accurate out to 250 yards. Accurate yes deadly no. There are documented 1000 yard shots that would out do any centerfire that was ever made. But as with a centerfire, you dont pull it out of the safe and start shooting at those distances. As with any firearm it takes a lot of patience and practice. The majority if the sniper shits in those days were not instant kill shots. I am willing the most who were shot at that distance succumb to infection and death, but it took them out of the game. Bit it was an effective tool for the time.
  13. I do wear it when I am on the move and on state land. However the question still stands and you brought it up. If it mkes us all safer, why not durng all big game hunting seasons. I can shoot someone with my muzzleloader as I can my 25-06. I can shoot someone just possibly with a bow. There has to be a reason why only centerfire season. I can agre there is probably a better chance with long range firearms, but if there is a chance during primitive seasons, it shoudl ebn law then too.
  14. I have th same knife as eddie and love it
  15. as an instructor, I have to say with the stats we see in our meetings almost half of people being shot are wearing blaze. People are shot by carells hunters who do not follow the simple rules of gun safety. 1 treat every firearm as if i twere loaded 2 always point the muzzle in a safe direction 3 know your target and well beyond 4 keep your finger outside the trigger guard until ready to fire.
  16. I have harvested more deer between 10 an noon than any other time. They seem to move to feed then. Sometimes I go in around 8 or 9 am and stay until 2 when the other hunters start to move back in
  17. when huntng sate land, I wear orange. On private property no. Doc are you ready for this one? I asked the same question of a dec biologist as to if deer do not see orange, why it the law proposed only during gun season. The response was deer have to be much closer for a bow or muzzleloader, I again replied but if they do not see it, why should it matter. We went around and around. I am not in favor of the mandatory orange laws. My reason is it trains hunters if it isnt orange it is an animal, which is fine except not every person in the woods is a hunter. Some people hike and others just enjoy nature. Statistically states with mandatory orange have higher incidents of hunters being shot than we do in NY state. While teaching my hunter ed and bow ed classes, the eco will tell the class that there has never been a hunting incident in NY where they parties involved were not committing a crime ie illegal deer poaching etc. The hunters who hunt legally and ethically is less likely to shoot you than the chances of you getting hit by lightning. Hunting is by far the safest and most injury free sport there is. You are more likely to get hurt in a tree stand accident than a shooting incident. More peole are killed in tree stand accidents than shooting accidents yearly.
  18. compound bows do not belong in a primitive season. Look it up it is a primitive season
  19. I used bushnell for years. A few problems, but they always fixed them. The problem with that is I hate having the scope sent away for repairs then sighting in again. I switched to nikon monarch and buckmaster. Not a problem with either after three years. They are on everything I own that has optics.
  20. so you are saying in a round about way you didnt care when it happened in the north. It was in the eraly 80s and I imagine yoy were still with mommy and daddy then. But who knows maybe you still are. I never said the southern archery season or the northern HAD to be shared. Please quote that one too. I sai dit is shared here in the north and it works. I know your philosophy very well. If you cant dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS. You are good at it. Please quote all I said and show where I said it archery season HAD to be shared. You have done a great job of deflecting this topic from the one of crossbows being used. I asked a few posts ago why it would be different for a person with a crossbow to be in the woods waiting for a deer than a person with a compound bow. I wil state again the seasons were set up as primitive seasons, so lets make archery and muzzleloading seasons primitive. long bows recurves and flintlocks. I am done now with your foolishness as you do not want to debate points, you want to attack Happy hunting. I hope you can find a tree to climb into when the crossbows take over. After all it is all about control.
  21. man you can spin a tale. Let me ask you something. When the state wanted to start a muzzleloading season in the north which went along with archery season did you care? Did you fight against it? And again the one line you quoted from me was in response to you saying that it would take time away from archery. I responded it is a shared time not taking anythng away. You must be a democrat. Out of all the things I said, you can pick one line and spin it. Do I honestly care if they ever implemented an early muzzleloading season in the south, nope. Did you care when they imlemented one in the North. I will be interested to see what how you respond. If you were a true archer with convictions, I would expect you were in there fighting for the archers in the northern zone. Lets see how committed you were then. My only point from the beginning again was every time there is a possibility of a change the archers groups cry foul, like they are priveleged. They need a group to speak their minds like the archery union. You didnt answer my question as to where did I say there should be a season implemented in the south. Just keep attacking my character and rip apart my posts to make yourself look so good and pure and right. I honestly love it. It only shows how little you actually comprehend.
  22. bubba

    How come?

    Hello Ford, Sorry I do not recognize the name. They sure are fun to mess with no doubt.
  23. bubba

    How come?

    I was into muzzleloadng long before it was the in thing to do. I got my first muzzleloader when I was 17. My father bought me a t/c hawken 50 cal sidelock. His reasoning was I was going to learn to harvest with one shot. At that time it was 16 to hunt big game. Long story short, that was 34 years ago. I have harvested more deer with that rifle than anything I own or have ever owned. I like the idea of the connection to our ancestors and forefathers. Plus it has made me a better hunter and marksman. Knowing I only had that one shot, i needed ot get it where it needed to go, and iffy shots were out of the question. I have learned to take much better care of my firearms due to the meticulous detail needed to take care of a muzzleloader. I hunted exclusively with that muzzleloader for three years. From there I got a sidelock muzzleloading shotgun 12 gauge t/c new englander. I hunt small game with it to include turkeys. I now own a flintlock and two inlines. I use the flintlock for the early and late primitive muzzleloader seasons. In regular seaon, I use my encore inline. I like the work it takes to work up a load for a muzzleloader and the work it takes to make a flintlock work consistently. Unlike a bow it sucks when you pull up when you get a deer in range and it goes fizz and does not fire. It is tough to say why I like it,other than the reasons I stated. All I can say is try it, and you will most likely be hooked. It is like why do some guys like fords and some chevys. some cars some trucks. Some like a 20 gauge, some 12 etc etc. I do not use the old hawken any longer. It sits in the cabinet next to the savage model 99 in 300 I inherited from my dad when he passed. Bth remins me of the times I had withmy dad in the woods. I still see the grin on his face when I took a deer with that muzzleloader. From that minute I was hooked. I mold my own round balls and I mold a 44 ccal pistol bullet I shot in my inlines. i guess that is my speel.
  24. there is my original post show me where it says I think the southern zone needs a muzzleoader season
  25. No I am saying show me a post where I said there needs ot be an early muzzleloading season in the southern zone simple as that. I WANT TO SEE WHERE I POSTED IT not what you inperpreted to put your spin on. I said it is the same as when the state tried to open an early muzzleloading season and the bow groups whined. AGAIN SHOW NE WHERE I SAID I WANTED A SEASON THERE. I have said a dizen times I dont care if there ever was one there. See your spin is good
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