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  1. Fred Bear is the one I would like to meet. A stick a string and a lot of knowledge and skill.
  2. Why? So you can edit posts that you dont like? Thats not what a moderator does. I moderate on another hunting forum, and all we do is make sure people follow the rules and get rid of the spam. Im not there to censor anyone. I have been a moderator on a different site that makes this one look quite small for many years. I very well know the tasks involved in being a moderator. I have never censored anyone. In fact when the owner of the site starting censoring on a forum I moderated, I quit moderating that forum at that time. As a moderator I would ask that things stay to topic and cut down on the nonsense, So go puff your chest elsewhere cuz I am not impressed not scared.
  3. personally I think that all of the shows didplay hunting in a fantasy type situation. They are the reason that everyone needs the newest fanciest equipment and has to plant a farm to feed deer and needs the newest camo and 4 wheeler etc etc. And if hunters, especially new ones, go out and dont kill a rack deer in a half hour they think they are doing something wrong. They have it all on tv and little do most know, or pay attention to, it is given to them to say a dozen times in a half hour I use this or that. They also hunt canned places and make it look so real. They are whores to the advertisers. You dont think that Barta doesnt edit? They have days of footage to see shot. Yeah he shows misses but his holier than thou I make my own arrows etc. I would think would turn you off doc. I bet if he hunted with a crossbow, you would never watch again. I prefer Uncle Ted not only because of his show, but his values as an American. Go watch a concert of his just once you leave thinking there is a great guy. The closest one to reality in my opinion is Jim Shockey.But in the past few years, he has even fell into the advertisers grip. I mean realistically look at the replies on this thread. The best one is a blonde bimbo with big boobs. She isnt a hunter she is a seller, and apparently it works cuz she has a bunch on here drooling.
  4. this stuff makes m ewish I was a moderator.
  5. And you really dont think Tred Barta isnt full of himself?
  6. I prefer my cell phone so I can text all day long lol
  7. well if yo uprefer eye candy to real hunters, the Tiffany is it. Otherwise it ie Uncle Ted hands down. he actually hunts, not just sit where told and shoot what told
  8. well let me see. I am perfect in no way at all.
  9. if you have 50 acres deeded to you , you pretty much get preference
  10. Licenses for 2010-2011 season go on sale in two weeks on 8/16. You have until 10/1 to apply for a dmp. Only 1700 being given out n my area 6a. I have 4 preference points. so hopefully I get one.
  11. I truly believe that the first five years of hunting, the only thing allowed should be single shot regardless rifle handgun or shotgun. You should also have to pass a field shooting test regarding accuracy and target identification, which should have to be recertified every 5 years. People with lots of cartridges in a firearm tend to shoot much more than making the first shot safe and clean killing. After the first at a moving target which has been spooked, is not safe. yeah a rifle bullet has the potential to travel much further. Look at balistics of any rifle cartridge and see how quickly it drops causing it to hit the ground.
  12. if you stop learning, or at east refreshing what you have learned, it is time to quit
  13. deer hunting does tend to make people insane. That to me is the scariest part of hunting
  14. bubba

    How come?

    I agree, but I have hunted late muzzleloader and killed a deer on 12/13 and it was 59 degrees out. You can have warm or cold at aytime.
  15. I would say the b est answer would be which ever your gun shoots the best. when yoy say there is a place thta sells both on the way to camp do you plan to buy some the day before season and sight your gun in? Get soem now see how it shoots and of the accuracy isnt there, switch to another. It taes a lot of time to wor up a good load not 10 minutes at the range with the powder and bullets a buddy uses.
  16. bubba

    How come?

    early muzzle starts here in mid october about three weeks after early bow starts. it canbe warm yes but so can bow swason be. No more need to process the meat any quicker ust because it was shot with a muzzleloader
  17. nope tresspassers will be shot survivors will be shot again. just a joke. What really irritates me is when hunters join talk forums and pretend to be all that.
  18. again Doc you are so far off base about me it isnt even funny. I am so relaxed, I could care less. I ordered my cross bow and wil be hunting right next to you this season. In fact I will pobably walk under your stand in my camo and pee just to wind you up. Oh btw good luck ths fall with your primitive bow
  19. "And of course when the B.S. gets a bit too deep, I am always available to jump in." Sounds a bit narcissistic dont you think. Like the mighty mouse theme. Here I come to save the day.
  20. actually I have not been discussing this in a while, I was simply pointing out the obvious as stated. and as far as beig rude when tongue tied umm nope I am well trained on how to get it over on guys like you everyday all day. So you sit back and practice your armcahir psychology and let everyne see how cool you want to be.
  21. it is self explanatory to anyone who reads your posts. I am simply pointing out the obvious
  22. Doc must be a democrat. never answer a question just talk around it and attack. I love it
  23. umm you forgot to mention the sights on a compound. To me that seems to be an advantage. Or do you shoot instinct with your compound?
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