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  1. geesh Ed I thught I was behaving well lol. I was on the other site briefly in the past month. It sure remains dead, then I saw your post. Have you seen the breech plug upgrade for the huntsman, sidekicks? There is a company in machigan that mae a 209 breech plug that you do not have to use the orange carriers. he has utilized a system where there is no blowback. If you would like to learn more pm me. I was gonna post about it on the other site, but I figured no one would see it.
  2. I do not have any on the truck. As stated earlier I prefer to tell people my stand on things. I saw one the other day on atruck window said of course PETA in big letters, then in tiny letters people eating tasty animals. I thought I would have reversed the size of the letters. The only thing people see in the PETA and I am sure misinterpret.
  3. Ahh yes, the bowhunters are whiners because they won't roll over and give up a long established season quitely. Maybe you should go to France and try your takeover there. Actually archers did roll over and give in for the compound bows. Now the compound bow hunters think they rule the archery season. Personally, I think that since these Special seasons were started as primitive seasons, it should be moved back to patched round ball flintlocks and long bows and recurves.
  4. hey wooly now ed do you really think i twill settle down. there will always be another subject
  5. still waiting for you to post where I said the southern tier needed a muzzleloading season and I wanted to cram it down your throats. if you cant then you are spinning because that was what you stated I said Im waiting
  6. this is mo other ride 1982 yamaha seca 750. 4 cylinder inline shft drive 34 thou on it. In the background you can see part of my old 83 truck
  7. In May I bought a 2002 s10 pick p 4wd extended cab. vortec v6 and automtic transmission, I love that feature. I had a 1983 s10 I had purchased used in 1986. It was dependable as all get out, but it eventuallly rootted out bad and would not pass inspection. It had 213 thou on it when i had to retire her. I hope I get as much life out of the new one
  8. my conty clerk pattu ritchie was the one who started the uproar and got the state to drop the mandatory use. My daughter has them n her new vehicle. I personally do not like them. However on my old 82 bike, I am thinking I will get the new one just because it will look more original as that was the design back then. I see a conspircy here. Ayone who opts to keep their plates they have now will probably have their plates stolen shortly after renweing their registration, so you will then have to get them, or you will be harrassed more by law enforcement if you keep the old ones. It is nit mandtory, but in the end you will get them. BTW, the conspiracy thing was a joke.
  9. My curent job requires me to be oncall 24/7. I get paid for it , so I do it. anyway my oncall consists of a company cell phone. I carry it with me, and any place I hunt, I get coverage. I put it on vibrate and hope it doesnt activate. I use it to play game apps to help pass the time. When I hunt with my buddies, we all have two way radios and ear buds. They are silent and ar eonly used fo rnecessary communication. Thiis year we are moving to signal flares.
  10. yup and like most law changes or the dec, it will tae two years to implement, so you and I snicker when I say this purists will have time to still play
  11. as I have stated, I could care less. I have all I could ask for. Would I ever own a crossbow umm nope. I wont even own a compound bow. You also took one line out of a whole post. What are you rolling over and giving up by allowing a crossbow to be used. If the traditional guys hadnt rolled over, you would not have an archery season now yourself. think about it.
  12. I live in a small town Heuvelton NY, 7 miles form the canadian border in the 1000 island region. I hunt areas 6a and 6c. I am part owner of a farm, converted to hunting areain 6a. We plant sugar beets and various grasses. There arer 6 of us and have 400 acres to hunt. I also have a camp in the south colton area in the foothills of the adirondacks. I fish the mighty st lawrence river black lake and travel to some good trout waters in the saranac lake, Lake placid area.
  13. My agenda is that it is wrong to keep any archery equipment out of the season based on anyone's desire that only their choice is "the one". And is is more then a little hypocritical of anyone using a modern tricked out compound to be against crossBOWS because they are "too easy". If you want to suggest I have any other agenda, man up and post it rather then make vague accusations and dance around it. Well said Steve
  14. Doc I love the twists. I have no say in what a legal muzzleloader is in this state any more than you have a choice in what will soon be legal archery equipment. I never said I wantes to cram muzzleloading down anyones throat. Where I live I lready have it two weeks a season. I love how you can spin things. Where in my post did I say The southern tier needs a special muzzleloading season? All I said was the archery groups whine every time there is a chance of change? A guy sneaking in wih a crossbowlooking for an undisturbed deer is no different then a guy with a longbow, compound or recurve doing the same. Oh well I cant wait to see how you spin this one. It is like it is magical and priveleged to use a bow to hunt, an dno on can disturb the wizards.
  15. I guess my only answer wold be this MONEY simple as that. The state saw a way to make a dollar. I thought you could even figure this out. However when the season ws started, it was for primitive weapons patched round balls only no scopes, and has morphed since then since there was more money in selling privlege stapms of more people got involved. If you have ever used a primitive muzzleloader, which I doubt, there is as much to it as archery, in fact sometime more to mke sure it iwll fire when needed. The same as archery was recurves and long bows only. The archery groups fought to keep compound bows out of the special season, the same as muzzleloader groups fought to keep scoped magnum muzzleloaders out of the special season. The bottom line is it will happen whether we like it or not. And as I have stated just because the state allows i, does not mean I have to do it. I hunt with a primitive muzzleloader during special seasons. Do I own an inline no actually I own two. They get used during the rifle season we have here where I could use high powered cartridges, but rarely do. Now how about answering mine what is the real differences between a compound bow with all the let off, sights and pushing carbon arrows over 300 fps and a crossbow If you can actually answer and not find a way to attack my post maybe I will respond if you can come up with an answer cuz I dont think there is much difference, other than it infringes on your need to own the woods. Oh and please do not feel that I decided not to respond because you have me painted into a corner or I think you have won some big debate. The bottom line is that this has went everywhere but where the thread was intended. You turned it into an archery/muzzleloader debate which has worked well to take the focus off the toic, and that wasnt what it was about. So happy hunting
  16. I know you guys were joking. I am aclown at heart always have been. But inevitably change is comng
  17. yup us peoples in the north have all those fancy thing now dontcha know. I aologize for thinking there is something to be said for the true traditional ways. I remember when archery season was for primitive bows aka long bows and recurves. I guess things do evolve even into cross bows hmmmmm. nighty night gents get out your book of wit and humor to find an apporpriate response.
  18. there is no such law in New York according to my eco buddy
  19. again I have no biases I could care less if the southern tier ever get a muzzleloader season or if cross bows can be used. Take out one line that says relax your sphincter a bit which simply means dont be so uptight and use that. Sad sad sad well actually pathetic. Your posts say nothing of value other than you want the woods all to yourself. If you are such an expert archer why arent you teaching? the people of the state could benefit from your vast knowledge and prejudices. Since you will have nothing of value to respond with and never address the subject matter of my posts and simply spew how archers are special, I iwll not respond. However I will extend an invitation to you to come up north and hunt with e and see hoe peole can hunt together and get along before you knock it. you can bring your fancy sighted up 300 fps compound with tons of let off, and I will show you how a true archer does it. Drop me a line and I will let you know how to get here and I will put you up at my house. So i guess that ends it with put up or shut up.
  20. again Doc I do not have a dog in this hunt. You sure take a lot out of context. My original post was about the same whining from archery guys when they wanted to implement a muzzeloader season in the southern tier. I understand that they wanted to not let both muzzleloaders and archery in the woods at thesame time. That I disagree with. However I do not see any problem with archery and muzzeloaders in the woods at the same time as it is in the north and works well. As far as my having no clue about archery or an archer in name only, I will start by saying that I am certified in New York state to teach the archery course. I volunteer my time so guys like you can get a certificate and then think you own the woods. I hunt archery with a bear grizzly recurve 50 pound pull with no sights as I shoot it instinct very very well. I have harvested may deer with it, and wil continue to. I would liek ot know the difference between a compound bow with all the gadgets and a cross bow? As fr as muzzleloaders during the SPECIAL season, I hunt with my traditions flintlock with patched round balls and open sites. I doubt you have any clue about what it takes to harvest a deer with it. But I can do so woth archers in the woods at the same time. However that does not give me the right to tell others what to hunt with, or when to do it. loosen your sphincter a little, live and let live.
  21. I forgot bowling. I guess cuz it is summer and the alley is the furthest thing from my mind. It gets better with time
  22. I am more thinking you missed mine. I live in the northern zone where I have the best of both worlds. I can start bow hunting on 9/27 and have 4 days to use up unused tags. Then in mid october, I have a week to hunt with a muzzleloader then reguar season then in december another week to hunt with the muzzleloader. My only point was you cant have it all forever. It works fine in the north where I guess selfishness isnt as abundant. We all find places to hunt and get along without puffing out our chests and wanting to be the dominant tribe. No one said that archery season has to be taken over, just shared. mMzzleloaders and archery hunt the same time here, and they could in the fall. All the time I hunt the sothern zone, it is muzzleloading as I will only take it down there. I am simply saying the time to draw lines in the sand i spast. Either we are together or we arent. We are all hunters regardless of what method we use. Again happy hunting
  23. bottom line is in the near future corssbows will be legal in NY to hunt with by anyone. As I stated before if it is a money maker to buy a privelege to ue one,the state go for it. Mark my words
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