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  1. I golf, competition shoot, motorcycle ride, fish, reload and work on my house
  2. again an attack nothing relevent in your response. But a smy father told me years ago, your mind is already made up no sense in trying to confuse you with the facts. Happy hunting.
  3. and by the way I have hunted the north and south for many years and I see very little difference. Now go play nice and try a new concept it is called sharing. Take your compound bow with all the gadgets and pretend to be a bow hunter
  4. well I think it was a good idea, but you are entitled to your biased opinion.
  5. well before telling me we I have no shame read my post. It says in the northern zone where I live, I have an early and late muzzleloading season. What I said was the bow hunters think they own the woods in the south. The interesting thing is when people have nothng that will be useful in a debate, they attack. I get two weeks to hunt with my muzzleloader one before season during the sacred bow season and one after regular season. PS I also hunt with a bow ant it is a recurve with no sites. I shoot instinct very well. I think that qualifies me as a person with moe of a stake in a primitive season than someone who needs a compound with sites. Primitive is primitive.
  6. and an inline muzzleloder isnt traditional and a sidelock isnt a flint lock. Bottom line is if it will generate money for the state, it will happen.
  7. seems to me NYB is against anything that infringes upon their methods. They fought an early muzzleloading season in the southern tier because they own the woods at that time. Funny part here in the nrthern zone bow hunters and muzzleloaders can hunt at the same time and it works fine. Off topic I understand but it just seems there has to be some compromise here and none is being shown from one side on any changes.
  8. legal? probably not but it is ethical lol
  9. lol this will reqire a lot of fluid intake.
  10. I hav eseen eddies video in the past. I just use a little vaseline before insertion. It is less hassle then cutting all around with a knife.
  11. A buddy of mine and I butcher our own. electric wench to get the deer up in the air. We do mostly steak and stew. We do grind some and have seasonings. We mostly make hot sausage flavor. Great in chili meatballs and grilled burgers. It isnt rocket science. Everything is vacuum sealed and labeled. Another little trick we do after the hide is off is to take a butane torch and go over the carcass. Any remaining hair will singe up and be gone keeping it off of the meat. The trick is to trim it well an dget rid of the tallow.
  12. unless you have a way ot totally seal a bottle, scent will emit form the bottle. I would prefer my scent be on the ground then a deer wondering why way up in tree smells like urine and looking up to see.
  13. yes to gut the deer. I do it and mostly the money thing is a joke. I have a hunting buddy who literally loves it. In fact he gets upset if you do it before he can. I have been in operating rooms and seen major surgeries, gutting a der is a walk in the park.
  14. I am excited, but I only have a bear grizzly 50 pound recurve. Niosights I shoot instinct. Here in the norhtern zone we get 4 days in september to start an duse the tags I already have. Otherwise I do not do much with the bow. I take thw week of early muzzleload.ing off and hunt a lot that week since smokepoles are my thing. I get an early week fo rmuzzle and a late (the week before and after regular seaon.) That is my favorite time
  15. I had three preference points last year. In my area 6a they have cut down the permits. Anyway with 3 points I got denied, so I now have 4 points. Second week of regualr season, I had a permit mailed ot me in a second chance thing wth the permits left over. I still have in in my packet along with my regular tag, muzzle/archery tags and all the others. I never saw a deer after the opening weekend of regular season.
  16. Mine was the first deer I harvested with my father's rifle after he passed away. It was a decent crotch horn which I took on a drive on state land. We hunt a spot behind a now retired eco. After I shot the deer, I unloaded the gun, set it against a tree cried for a few minutes then looked to the sky and said that was for you dad. Well as soon as that was over, the eco who was also huntng appeared. loked the deer over, waited while I filled out my tag, took the report part (yes this was back in the old days when you mailed in a report.) He allowed me to drag it up through his land to the road to save a long drag. I have that rack mounted on my wall and to this day t is my biggest trophy. I dont use the old rifle much anymore due to my fear of damaging it, and I am looking forward to passing it on to a grandson or granddaughter someday.
  17. I carry a 20 dollar bill and the dirst guy who is willing gets the money
  18. I own a few guns sorry no pics 1 my most prized posession is my savage moel 99 in 300 savage. It was my dad' s rifle and now that he ha spassed on, it is mine. Pre mil. he bought it in 1938. Bushnell banner 3x9x40. I do not use it much anymore. 2 Winchester pre 64 model 94 in 30-30. It wa smy mom's and now mine same as my dad's. 3 T/c ecnore 25-06 with a Nikon Buckmaster 3x9x40. I am still working up loads for it, but it is my go to gun as of now due to the flat shooting speed, and versatility. I can load for anything from chucks to moose if I choose. 4. Remington model 742 in 30-06. This wa smy uncles and I have inherited it also. However in a coule years when his grandson is old enough to use it and appreciate it, it will be his. Keep that under your hat, he doesnt know yet. 5. Remington (actuallly inport from Turkey) side by side 12 gauge. 6 T/C encore 209x50 muzzleloader with a nikon buckmaster 3xx40. I actually use this more that any other. 7 T/C encore pistol in 308. Nikon scope in it also. 8 NEF sidekick 50 cal muzzleloader with a T/C 1.5x5x32 scope 9 T/C hawken 50 cal sidelock 10. Traditions buckhunter 50 cal flintlock 11 T/C new englander 12 gauge reamed and threaded for the remington choke system. It is my go to small gae shotgun for everything frm grouse to turkey 12 Ruger Blackhawk 357 4 inch barrel.
  19. I am a big fan od nosler partitins and sierra gamekings when I load
  20. I cn no tremember the last factory shell I bought. I load for 270, 25-06, 30-06,7-08, 300 savage, 30-30, 357/38 45 long colt, 44 mag, and 44 special. or my rifles I like the imr powders. I use 4831 4350 4895 4064 basically all the standards. I have tried hogdon 4350 and 4831, with less than stellar rsults. I suevarget for the 7-08 and 300 davage. I have a lyman dps and love it. I also use a lee 4 hole turret press and a single stage challenger press for depriming and pulling bullets. I have been at it since the late 70's. I have a sierra, lee, hornady and lyman manual.
  21. I am a nurse on a mobile mental health theam Good pay and I get to travel as I see my clients in their homes. Lets me see all kinds of lands and wildlife. One year and I can retire
  22. At my buddies camp on black lake, there has been a piebald doe there for about 4 years. She is seen regularly. He is of the opinion that shooting her wol be bad luck, so she remains safe. I saw her last weekend when I went over to visit. It is like you know the good weather is here when you see her. She is almost all white and the brown liks like a saddle on her back. I have also seen two true albono pink eyes and all.
  23. in st law county if i purchase this morning, I can take paperwork to the courthouse and leave with the amendment the same day at a cist f three dollars. we have plastic permits here now almost like a drivers license. We have one card for amendments. it hold 20 pistols on one card. Every time I add one the print a new card and add it to the list. The same if I sell one and delete it. He Ed thanks for the heads up for the site
  24. hi guys I have a traditions buckhunter 50 caliber flintlock. I also own a t/c hawken 50 caliber sidelock. a t/c encore 50 cal blues with a nikon 3x9x40 and a NEF sidekick with a custom breech plug to use 209's without the orange carriers. it has a t/c hawken 1.5x5x32 scope. My fav by far is the fintlock. the flint and sidelock both have peepsites o them as the old eyes do not work well with the open sites anymore. Oops I ammost forgot, I have a t/c new englander 10 gauge sidelock. M buddy reamed it and threaded it for the remington choke system. I small game with it to include grouse pheasants and turkeys.
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