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  1. Thanks guys, here's another look at him if it helps.
  2. Was fortunate enough to take this buck last weekend in Westchester County. Arrowed him at 20 yards trying to sneak back to his bedroom at first light. Can anyone help give a rough score? Just out of curiosity really.
  3. Why is it that every hunting forum I'm part of eventually falls back to these kind of posts.
  4. After a few weeks of does, spikes and dinkers, this guy makes an appearance. We generally hunt for meat but it's always cool to see a big, symmetrical buck in the area.
  5. At 9:31 he shoots a spotted fawn through the front leg. What a guy.
  6. Fantastic, looks like it will fit right in with your other splendid trophies. Question: When getting a bear rug, do you have to get the fringe/color layer on the bottom or can it just be the actual bear hide?
  7. Tried Dicks in Rockland County today. Tags for sale but no DMP. Had to explain to the clerk what a DMP was. That was fun.
  8. We are in 4R as well. Same deal, more bears and coyotes then bucks. Last year, two weeks before bow season, I walked just a few feet from a huge bear that was bedded down in the pines. Had it been 2014 he'd be a dead bear. But I had to just watch him walk away last year. I never saw him until he popped up. Amazing that such a large animal could blend in so well and you could walk RIGHT past him.
  9. Too far north for me to contribute. If you were in the south, no one holds a candle to Malafy's in Red Hook.
  10. Giving your location would help tremendously
  11. I know the exact two deer you are talking about. There is giant, and I mean giant buck that hangs on the side of the Merritt Parkway as well, right near greenwich.
  12. I can tell you've put a lot of effort in to that response. I apologize for whatever I have done to you in your mind.
  13. assuming that impacts the in store purchases as well? Great job NYS, never change.
  14. that's what I was thinking! Enjoy my DMP boys
  15. Tried to get them online but when I got to the DMP portion it said " DMP application not available. Closed for the season."
  16. Anyone having an issue buying the DMP online? I'm getting an error that says DMP application not available. Closed for the season.
  17. Depending on the day, my commute takes me along the three major NS parkways in southern westchester, the Bronx River Parkway, the Sprain Brooke and the Saw Mill. Along all three of these I consistently see deer. There seem to be large patches of open space in some sections. Anyone have experience or knowledge of this area or am I wasting my time?
  18. If there wasn't a demand, there wouldn't be a supply.
  19. Stores have one mission. Profit. End of story.
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