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  1. Thanks John, I'm going to put him on my list for sure. My hunting partner actually lives in LI so I will pass this on to him as well.
  2. The first thing I look at when shopping for taxidermy work is cats and coyotes. They are, in my opinion, the hardest animals to look realistic. Great work, thanks for the tip.
  3. Sorry guys, I'm hunting in Prattsville, in the northern foothills of the Catskills. I live in NYC, our property is covered in black bear, so I'm putting my action plan together in case we tag one, I want to know exactly who it's going to and how to get there. I don't mind driving for exceptional work.
  4. Anyone have a black bear done here in the southern half of NY?
  5. I got my first turkey with the bow. Saw a young doe in the morning and passed on her. Turkeys came in this evening and I dropped the biggest one.
  6. If you don't bow hunt how can you be hunting in CT tomorrow? Private land or not, the only thing open tomorrow is bow.... http://www.ct.gov/deep/cwp/view.asp?a=2700&q=514442&deepNav_GID=1633
  7. Nice! I hunt on a relative's property in Plainville which is about halfway between Waterbury and Hartford, how about you? We both hunt in Westchester and CT looks like.
  8. 41 on opening morning works for me. I'll give you a wave from my tree stand.
  9. Fellow Connecticut bow hunter here, hope the weather cools off a bit for the Monday opener!
  10. Hello from the Bronx! Welcome to the forum, good luck this season.
  11. As someone who actually makes their living in sales and maintains a home office, I cringed good and hard at this part. Not my cup of tea, but as long as no one is getting hurt and it puts a few bucks in your pocket go for it.
  12. I used my preference points and got 4R (Greene) and 3R (Rockland). This weekend I'm picking up a new chest freezer at Sears. Can't wait for the opener!
  13. This really doesn't need to turn in to a discussion on NY state laws and regs. I don't think it's an unreasonable idea on this forum that a guy might be looking for a deal on a crossbow who hunts out of state in one of the many states that legally allow crossbow hunting, e.g., PA, Ohio, Maine. Simply put, I have a crossbow for sale, if you want it... that's great. Where you use it is up to you.
  14. So I bought a raffle ticket almost a year ago at Cabela's in Hartford, CT. Totally forgot about it. Then this showed up at my door. I would love to keep it but the property I hunt is open to compound bows only. The package comes with the scope, three arrows/bolts, and a quiver. Please note...this crossbow is not assembled. It is in the box, as it would come from the factory. You will either have to assemble it yourself (instructions and owners manual are in the box) or take it to your local archery shop and have them assemble it for you. Everything is exactly as it comes in the factory box, everything is wrapped and sealed just like it would be if you purchased it in a store. I did a little digging online and found these run at or around $550. Cheaper then Dirt has it for $578. Long story short, I'm happy to sell it but wouldn't mind a trade proposal either, any kind of firearm is on the table, even if it's towards a larger purchase, so trade plus cash, but I'd be open to anything really, AR's, etc. Just want to buy it out right? Great, shoot me a fair cash offer. I live in the Bronx, NY, right off 87. I also travel up to the Catskills/Windham area a few times a month and could meet you in Rockland or Orange county. Opened the box: The Legacy merges high-tech function and traditional feel for those who demand modern, dynamic performance but crave classic recurve design. Lightweight, whisper quiet, rock-solid and deadly accurate, Legacy boasts smooth-shooting recurve form, tag-filling technology and field-ready function like no other recurve on the market. Delivering incredible energy storage and substantial down-range knockdown power, this hugely popular bow packs a heavyweight punch to take down any big game. A cutting-edge dampening system shatters all traces of shot-compromising noise and vibration to consistently deliver an amazingly smooth and quiet shot, while industry leading innovation and only the best components ensure the highest quality craftsmanship and unbeatable results. • Traditional Recurve Design - Low Maintenance • Gordon Multi-Layer Laminated Limbs • Advanced Dura-Tip Integrated Yoke System • Collapsible Stock – Fully Adjustable Stock • Proprietary Dial-A-Range Rail Design • Anodized Aluminum Barrel • CNC machined Aluminum riser • Premium metal sight bridge • Dual Sided Safety • MIM Talon Trigger • High Performance Synthetic String
  15. Really clever idea for a trail camera setup. Would be a good spot for a snare too me thinks.
  16. This was posted by 'Little M' on NewJerseyHunter.com pretty amazing photo. Taken in New Jersey.
  17. I did a one day deer hunt with Dennis last winter in Long Island. Got a nice doe on the ground. Dennis is no frills, all business but he works hard to put you on the game.
  18. yuut, I'm in the Bronx as well. I'm planning to do some coyote hunting on my land lease up in the catskills. 2 hour drive if you dont stop for gas. You're welcome to join any time.
  19. You definitely can not hunt anywhere within the confines of NYC. You can't even carry a knife.
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