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  1. Don't have them. My son got his september one year.
  2. I hope the owner contacts who ever did his title search. I would think something like that would come up.
  3. orion

    How old

    This is a picture of the bottom teeth of a recently taken buck. How old you think he was?
  4. I would think you can shot a deer in early archery with your archery either sex, then use your muzzleloading license to shoot a deer with crossbow using your muzzleloader stamp the last two weeks of archery season. As long as it's only one buck and one antlerless. I don't see where it says you can't.
  5. Maybe he came back out hunting and saw you weren't there Friday and thought "What a POS not coming to look for the deer" then that weekend he finds the deer 200 yards from your stand and realizes you haven't even been back to search for your deer you made a good hit on. Maybe he's pissed off at what he thinks is a POS unethical hunter. Thats on top of what he might be thinking already of someone setting up 50 yards from him. So he doesn't call. Still not right and still don't get why someone would want someone else's deer.
  6. It's amazing how clueless most hunters are to this!
  7. Why are you blaming the broadhead? Did you also recover broadhead? Doesn't look like there is even a part of it left in the insert.
  8. Got them this year. But last year my son received his in mid Sept! He hasn't received his doe permit yet, we did them at the same time and I've had mine for a couple weeks.
  9. I'm with burmjohn. We have family going up to our land all throughout the season. We let everyone know when we will be going. When there we all know what spots people are going to. A lot of it is a safety issue but its also would suck to find someone in your spot or close by first thing in the morning!
  10. Thanks We figure it will save us time, fuel costs and wear and tear on machinery.
  11. A guy stopped by and asked if he could cut our fields for hay, Our fields are OLD hay fields which have been brushed hogged yearly for the last twenty or so years. Nothing else has been done with them, if you ask me they don't look much like grass as much as they used to. Is there much value in the fields? Do we need to get any type of liability waiver incase he hurts himself? Just wondering what others do? Thanks
  12. orion


    Doc, on 19 Nov 2015 - 09:48 AM, said: I prefer to call it willful stupidity. And of course gun hunters who don't bow hunt hate the thoughts of bucks being taken before they get to storm the woods You guys crack me up! It's you that miss the point!
  13. Posted Property/Trespass Posting Requirements Question: What are the "POSTED" signs requirements? Answer: The posting law specifies the maximum distance between signs is 660 ft., the minimum size of the signs is 11 inches square and the area covered by the printing is a minimum of 80 sq. inches. Signs can be no more than 660 feet apart. The signs should, however, be placed close enough together to be seen and at a height that is easily visible. Posted signs must have the name and address of the person authorized to post the property. Each side of all corners of the property must be marked with posted signs, so that corners can be reasonably ascertained. There is no requirement that signs be "seen," and in fact, the land is still posted for a period of one year even if the signs are illegally removed by unauthorized persons the day they are put up. This illustrates the importance of seeking permission to enter private land, regardless of whether of not it is posted. Question: Can I be arrested for trespass if I didn't see any posted signs? Answer: Yes. Your hunting license does not give you the right to trespass on private property. It is your responsibility to find out who the land owner is and ask their permission whether the property is posted or not. The New York State Penal Law makes it an offense to enter any land without permission. Question: If a property is not posted, does that mean I can hunt there? Answer: All property is owned by somebody. The lack of posted signs, fences or other man made objects does not imply that you may enter to hunt, fish or trap. It is your responsibility to obtain permission to enter private lands or waters. Public lands and waters may or may not have restrictions that can be found by contacting the municipality owning the lands. Question: If I shoot a deer and it runs onto posted property, do I have the legal right to go on the property to retrieve it? Answer: No. You should locate the landowner, explain the situation, and ask permission. If the landowner refuses, the hunter will not be able to enter the property. The DEC cannot compel a landowner to grant access. If the hunter has reason to believe that the landowner intends to illegally possess the deer, it should be reported to the nearest Environmental Conservation Officer.
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