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  1. Benson's, Campsite Sport Shop in Huntington, South Shore Sportsman in Merrick, Hunter Sports in Massapequa, American Outdoors on Rt-109 in East Farmingdale are the 5 gunsmiths I know of around town. Been to all of them and all have their pros and cons. Also there's one on Merrick Rd in Wantagh, not sure if he's still open. Last time I passed by it looked like they were cleaning out the store being he's on the southside of Merrick Rd. Probably got severely damaged from Sandy.
  2. I got my remington 870 (pump 12 gauge, 28in/smooth barrell) for $300, luckily I got in on the Remington rebate during the season and it came out to $269 after the rebate. Worth every penny so far and from fellow hunters and friends who also hunt and shoot they say it's probably one of the best firearms to start with as well as the Mossberg 500. I've put it through plenty of skeet and trap shooting. Unforuntately missed late season shotgun this year for deer. Only downfall to it, is there is nowhere to put a sling. I inquired about it at 2 local gun shops- one wanted to replace the stocks and swivels, 2nd shop wanted to drill holes into the stock and I cringed hearing that. So I got a sling that goes over the stock and held in place with velcro. Worth the $40 investment from Dick's sporting goods.
  3. Sometimes circulars don't post all the sales either I've noticed from Dick's sporting goods. So if you're somewhat close by or in your travels in the area, just stop in. I happened to get a chance to get there tonight. Not impressed with their sales at all. 50% off on all deer/doe calls was the biggest sale. I should've waited for the 2 calls I got before the season, could've got them for cheap now. Plus, like in a previous post not one piece of camo was on sale. If it was then it was down to maybe $10 cheaper than sticker price.
  4. Unfortunately, I was unable to get out there and hunt. I should've tried to get a different date to go due to the circumstances I was dealt. My girlfriend's dad went to Hither Hills. He said that he saw 4 does but they were way out of range. He watched them for a bit and then they very slowly and when they presented a decent shot for him they bolted. And he didn't see any bucks at all.
  5. WOW, a neck mount. That's great and good to know when I bag a trophy. Might save some time for the taxidermist and not hurt my wallet so much. Looks good to me as it appears he's leaning downward a little bit. A great job and an awesome looking deer. Congrats!
  6. CVAC085

    My 8 point

    Awesome buck!!!! Glad to see some of these big boys mounted came from Long Island. Usually I've only seen the does in my travels. The big boys like to stay deep in the woods. Congrats on the P&Y scores also!
  7. Nice looking mount you have there! I love the way the goose was posed as well! Thanks for sharing!
  8. CVAC085


    Driving along the LIE and Sunrise Highway, they're out there in packs. A friend of mine saw some big boys at the Suffolk County Fire Academy. I'm getting pumped up to hopefully get out there this year. But to me, although I'm not an experienced hunter at all, I'd say this is just nature taking its course and mother nature driving us crazy.
  9. Glad to see this posted about vests. I was thinking about buying one, but it seems like it'll be ok to carry a backpack or hip pack like some of the members previously posted. And just carry some necesseties (sorry for that mis-spelling) for the limited amount of time I'll be allowed to hunt in the woods.
  10. Are there any located on Long Island anyone recommends??? I'm looking to go out this year for the first time for turkey. Preferably here in Suffolk on the east end on the state lands if they allow. Not sure how it works. But I'm willing to learn.
  11. Nice looking buck you got there!!! Congrats!!!
  12. CVAC085


    I know it's not the same area as you guys are hunting upstate but here on the Island I've been seeing plenty of deer unforunately on the side of the major roads (Long Island Expressway, Sunrise highway). My girlfriend who lives on the east end of Long Island has mentioned to me in her travels she's seeing them left and right and very active. So I'm looking forward to getting out there!
  13. I'd probably keep everything possible to wash scent free all the way down to socks and underwear?
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