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  1. 10/13 5 pm Suffolk County
  2. We called in and killed this big male Saturday morning (2/25). First coyote and first time turning on a FoxPro. We are hooked! Shot in Schoharie county.
  3. I got this 7 pointer in 4G opening day 15 minutes into legal shooting time.
  4. all of those deer are 1.5 years old
  5. Im in 4G and only a handful of times have I gotten good summer buck pics. Once the velvet sheds, they show up.
  6. Good info on the orange color in the beard. I remember you posting this pic a few years back. Thanks for the refresher!
  7. Good info guys. It looks like I killed a 3 year old this year based on this info. 9" beard 1" spurs
  8. How do you guys determine the age of a bird when it appears to be 2+ years old? I cant tell the difference between a good sized 2 year old and say a 3 or 4 year old bird...Any thoughts?
  9. Love that last pic!! Congrats!!
  10. According to Ray Eye's Turkey Hunting bible, birds gobble best on consecutive nice, high pressure, windless days.
  11. All good.... Here is a pic of me and my cousin with bird #2
  12. Deerpassion what the hell are you talking about? I didn't kill a turkey last year... Try typing complete sentences to make more sense...
  13. We were both using quaker boy double reed mouth calls. Cutting and making a racket sounding like two slutty hens lol.
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