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  1. Ok thanks just looking for opinion , someone who does it everyday looked at the teeth and measured beams they said 3.5/4
  2. I have been getting multiple pics of the other buck since. It def looks like a smaller buck the one that’s still around. I don’t think I have any pics of the one I shot previously.
  3. How old do you think the buck I shot is ?
  4. Can you use your reg season buck tag during bow season!? the other 8 I am thinking last night
  5. Snout much rounder today’s to. And trail cam is pointy son of a gun
  6. I am sitting and comparing and you guys are right. The trail cam has black all around the ears and white fur down to snout this deer has neither
  7. Hmm so would you guys think I got the better of the two? my cam is still out so I’ll see if pops up
  8. You don’t think it’s the same one? Why not? I am never certain on it it’s hard to tell sometimes on trail cam
  9. Thanks guys set my stand up yesterday. Went out this morning. Two hours later nailed it
  10. Thank you guys for the help and encouragement. Set it up yesterday and left. Came out this morning and bagged him after 2 hours in the stand
  11. I agree that’s why I asked. The zoomed in pic of rack shows a tad bit of mass but body still looks smallEr side I think