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  1. Ofcourse, but you’re bound to get that reoccurring boot vote
  2. What do you guys think are the best waterproof and insulated hunting boots. Does not include mucks. Something you can hike in. what ya got!?
  3. whats everyones backpack of choice just for your daily whitetail hunts. Nothing big just to and from your stand with you basic stuff for your morning, or evening hunts or both. I like the alps stuff but i am trying to stay away a bit from realtree and feel they are all realtree... i would like just a nice tan bag haha. what are you guys using and what do you like?
  4. I have a pair of crispi Nevada boots for sale. They are size 9.5 They are basically brand new . I love them I just sized up to a 10. Uninsulated these are top of the line boots they are mint . Worn outside only once.
  5. The company states to order your true size . That they recommend you order your true size as they run true to size. Based off that pic techinically my true size is 9.5 right?
  6. I did that pic was standing with weight on foot
  7. So I ordered a got a 9.5 and a 10. The 9.5 the length seems ok. Without testing it on downhills to see if any toe touch. But they feel tight on the sides the ten width feels perfect . Length may be a tag long not sure. should I bother trying to order a 9.5w and trying or just stick with the 10 and call it a day
  8. So the problem is I am looking for more of the hiking boot style. The ones I want are only sold out west. Can’t try them on. And to be honest I know hiking boots are suppose to fit like a certain way. I am not really sure haha. I guess what ever one feels more comfortable
  9. If your were ordering new boots, hunting / hiking boots and this was your measurement. What size would you order? not really sure how to read these the right way haha random I know