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  1. Moved my camera into his path just to get a good pic of him. He isn’t as big as I thought. He needs another year for some mass. Hopefully I find his sheds in the next month or so.
  2. I got to the field 40 min before sunrise and there was a buck in the field already. He snorted at me three times. Went into the bushes and loud snort wheezes at me, think he blew up the spot for me that day. it was quiet after that. the buck that was in the field was a smaller buck he was on one of my cams 15 minutes prior
  3. Straight west tomorrow. 20mph. I’m goin for it
  4. sunday looks like a hard west wind. I like the straight west, but not 22mph. I may give it a shot sunday morning
  5. I am not happy with the wind tomorrow. I don’t wanna f it up. as much as I want to go I am not going to. I am going to stick it out and wait for a better day. I will keep you guys posted thank you for the help!
  6. Maybe I’ll get there early and drop some doe pee from where I see him , back to my stand I think it’s to late for estrus
  7. I’ll be watching the wind constantly. If it ain’t right I’ll sit in the stand. Hopefully the snow comming down won’t keep them bedded
  8. It is, which is why I’m saying I would prefer a straight west wind. its a north / north west wind tomorrow
  9. Even with the wind being on the fence go for it?
  10. If the wind doesn’t change to west I am gunna hunt the stand so I can be dissapointed watching him.
  11. There is usually does in the field and he comes out to meet them. It will be snowing in the mornings Which could help with scent. he usually walks from the north, south into the field. But he has a couple times came in from the south walking north. Which makes me think not to chance it tomorrow because it’s a north wind. I would prefer a west wind blowing East to set up on east side of field to cover both aspects. Ugh unless the wind changes west I don’t think I’ll set up on the field tomorrow. After my hunt I may set up my camera on the field though he has never been on my camera at my stand 200 yards east of the field.
  12. I am just always so nervous about getting winded from the ground
  13. It is with a bow. He woulda been dead already with rifle. so you think go for it. Sit in the edge of the field?
  14. The wind would work for the morning as of now. if I had a gillis suit I would
  15. I sit in my stand and just about every morning I see a monster 8 in the field two hundred yards away. There is no where to hang a stand along the field so that option is out. would you stay in your stand and try and grunt him down when you see him? or would you tuck yourself into a bush And sit on a bucket or somthing with face covered best you can at the edge of that field? It’s to far to carry a blind in, in the morning what would you decide?