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  1. nothin... not a think came in, was out there from 3 am to 7am
  2. ok , will be hunting over a field so hopefully it works out.
  3. so you like rabbit in distress or they are smart and know that one often.
  4. yeah i am doing alot of reading now, it looks like the lights should always be on which i didnt think would be the case. constant scanning with the lights then keep the light on them when they are visible. when you say challenge calls you mean other coyote calls right no fawn distress or rabbit distress?
  5. anybody been out coyote hunting? every night i have a couple on trail cam in the middle of the night chasing does around. i want to try and do an overnight sit this friday night into saturday and take them out. i have the red light mounted on the rifle and the high beam red head lamp. i have the electronic call as well. Plan on sitting in the shooting house over the field. i have never done it. what my best chance . put the call out in the field and start calling slowly? and just keep scanning with the light?. which call do you recommend? i hear pup yelps right now. hoping i have a decent chance being that i have them on cam every night. thank you
  6. Anyone have a mossberg shockwave they want to sell ? 12 gauge
  7. Anyone have one they want to part with ?
  8. Not sure if this is true trying to verify. Can you kill coyotes now and leave them lay and not harvest for fur right now? Even though they are not in season. seem to have a problem and want to take care of them before they get the fawn
  9. What’s up guys just trying to be prepared. Anywhere in the Walton deposit area there is a deer/bear butcher? Incase I get lucky this weekend on new property? would want someone to skin a bear for me first time so I don’t mess up the pelt. Again just trying to think ahead INCASE I get lucky. thank you
  10. Alright at 9pm my shooter walked right out under the stand. Maybe he wasn’t phased
  11. I guess that stand is done for the season. I guess I’ll try ground hunting for a few days
  12. Alright didn’t think they would be able to make our a human from so far away
  13. But if your rattling they can see you rattling at 160 yards ?
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