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  1. Not sure if this is true trying to verify. Can you kill coyotes now and leave them lay and not harvest for fur right now? Even though they are not in season. seem to have a problem and want to take care of them before they get the fawn
  2. What’s up guys just trying to be prepared. Anywhere in the Walton deposit area there is a deer/bear butcher? Incase I get lucky this weekend on new property? would want someone to skin a bear for me first time so I don’t mess up the pelt. Again just trying to think ahead INCASE I get lucky. thank you
  3. Alright at 9pm my shooter walked right out under the stand. Maybe he wasn’t phased
  4. I guess that stand is done for the season. I guess I’ll try ground hunting for a few days
  5. Alright didn’t think they would be able to make our a human from so far away
  6. But if your rattling they can see you rattling at 160 yards ?
  7. Do you think a deer can see you rattling up in a tree 160 yards away? did I bust myself or there is no way they can point that out? I mean I can barely see the deer that distance without binos and there daytime sight is worse I believe
  8. Ok so maybe in the morning I’ll tree stand hunt. Then still hunt mid day
  9. Weather calling for winds up to 30mph Monday. Will you still be sitting in your stand? Or will the wind slow the deer movement?
  10. Are bear attractants considered baiting here in New York? like this Moultrie bear magnent attractant. It’s a liquid. anything work that’s legal?
  11. Yea but also out of my budget right now
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