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  1. All Sold Thank You and good luck to everyone with there new future hunters.
  2. We have a litter born 4/15/19,Triple Registered: American Field, AKC,NAVHDA. Sire: CH Grouse Ridge & Tekoa MT Sunrise bred Dam: Traces Heavy back to CH PennStar Ready at 8wks shots and wormed if interested $800 Text or Call 607-349-5012
  3. I have been trying join in again this year but switch from android to Iphone and the app will not let me. some error. So I downloaded again something only can use from home lap top. anyone else had this problem. thanks and good luck
  4. Thanks guys I will head to another lic issuer or wait until Monday. I'll miss the opener but will get it right. Good luck kill a big one
  5. Huntscreek

    Lic info

    I bought my bow tag at clerks office and something seems wrong, they are closed now. So with tomorrow being the opener I need some advice. Ok I have only the MZ/Bow antlerless tag.The lady said yes that's it, but when I got home there it is not a buck tag. due to an injury I have not bought a bow tag in a few years, if you can help me out Thanks
  6. I was looking transportation for my son for college. Hands down best car for the money. Had an outback years back wish I kept it. My son gets 35 plus miles to gallon plus its a sharp car. we both drive Silverado's but for a college kid not a great choice. Thinking about buying one for myself. also great in the snow with the right tires. So I say lesbo's have the edge on us truck guys when it comes to gas mileage.
  7. I have a few Marlins I really like my old 30/30 just upgraded the scope. Nice guns guys! Here are some pictures of the 35rem
  8. Very nice JM stamped Marlin 336RC 35 with mount and sling. Date of manufactured 1952. $500
  9. Venison Philly cheese steak on hard roll. I use onion and red green and yellow peppers. May add some mushrooms tonight.
  10. When Trump said he'd drain the swamp LOL, but this is crazy. The Democrats are not even willing to represent the people who voted them to office. It looks like they won't even vote NO. So is this the start of the swamp being drained. Fake crying Chuck Schumer and "Tell them your a Muslim" Pelosi are boycotting what, democracy.
  11. Trump just cut the funds to illegal snowflakes. No more welfare or government hand outs.
  12. I respected this and I bet every military man & woman did too. American soldiers feel they now have a Commander in Chief.
  13. How about adopting a snowflake, for $1 a day. Oh wait your tax dollars are already doing that.
  14. He should be crying for the mess Obama left his brethren in. That phony look like it was staged, did you guys get it CUT.
  15. Yea kinda like the Obama forced 1 tear bs. Schumer and the left have raised Kleenex stock for sure. Sent from my XT830C using Tapatalk
  16. These Protesters are young and the only leadership they've know is No Leadership. So 8yrs of weak, division, false hope, James Taylor politics. This Generation looks to entertainers to pic there political party, they have been brain washed. They go to school/college where its pushed down there throats this is how you will think. They received Trophies for just participating. So a 9-12 yr old molded in the Obama agenda are now 17 & 20+ with the twisted ideology of the FAR Left. They never seen America at its best. So for those with children who want to change America let them know there is a choice. Let them read real history and visit real historic sites, let them know respect your elders but know they can be wrong. Imagine a redneck type with the ability to educate our future??
  17. This is why it was so important to get Trump elected to appoint conservative Supreme court justices. The Left can not advance there agenda as long as the US constitution is upheld. Years after Trump is gone WE are safe from The Lefts vision of America.