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  1. I saw this footage and got to thinking and concluded I'm still confused lol. Nature is funny and just mysterious sometimes but do you think this guy was really lose or maybe just looking for company
  2. Nice shot and piece to remember that day.
  3. I'm ready to see more reviews but this bow is just odd and maybe cool? Anyone shot it or seen it first hand I've love to hear about it. Some have thrown a fit about it but aside the price it's a positive thing I think. I'm guessing most people that can afford to buy it will keep their current bows and shoot both. Only one video out so far on it.
  4. That is a really nice piece of work!
  5. ya i understand but from several articles I've seen it looks fairly legit. He almost pegged that guy at the end when he got out of the hole.
  6. For your viewing pleasures in case you missed this a few days ago. Good looking out from those guys. Wonder how long he had been in there.
  7. Yessir, thanks for sharing and good luck.
  8. This video says it all for my favorite flavor of meat. I'm not gona sit here and act like I never eat other meat but it sure makes you think about it when you do.