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  1. I didn't even think of my Lone Wolf. It really is a beast. I hung a new set before work this morning and was in and out of my new spot. I feel like 4 climbing sticks just never got me high enough, so I bought another 2 to get me the extra few feet. Absolute best hang on stand I've ever owned.
  2. Well, if it makes someone feel good then why not. Hence the quote " I know camo patterns don't really matter that much and that you could kill a deer in bluejeans and a flannel jacket just as well as you could in full camo" You know what they say, different strokes for different folks
  3. I did the same thing in Idaho as well. Went opening weekend in the Lemhi region. I was able to get a cow on the final day. How'd you make out?
  4. Just like with fishing, I am a bit of a gear junkie. I like to have the best rods and reels when I am investing so much time on the water (We'll see how long that lasts now that i'm married) and it gives me piece of mind to know that If i spend a few extra bucks on quality gear, it will last me longer and not fail when i need it the most. I know camo patterns don't really matter that much and that you could kill a deer in bluejeans and a flannel jacket just as well as you could in full camo, but if it gives me piece of mind to know that I am as concealed as possible and helps me stay in the stand a bit longer, I'm all for it. I was always a Sitka fan when it came to their Whitetail line. I have the original whitetail fanatic jacket, but since i bought it in 2014 it has fallen apart on me. This gave me a good excuse to grab a new mid/late season hunting jacket and after doing a bit of research, just picked up my first piece from First Lite. The Woodbury Jacket is extremely comfortable, quiet, and seems to be very warm without any layers. I was wondering what everyones favorite gear / company / jacket.ect is. I absolutely love me my Tree Spider harness / bibs combo . Something about having the harness built into the bibs makes me feel a bit safer and more comfortable. Bored at work, dreaming about hunting, so figured I'd start up a discussion Thanks, Stevie Sacs
  5. Tapatalk Issues?

    i just fixed mine I think. Awesome!
  6. Stevie Sac - 2017 Season Re-cap

    If you take dramamine 2 hours before you get on the boat you may be OK. Driving up to busting tuna Is ALMOST as exciting as when a big buck is walking your way! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Excited about tonight!

    what a HAMMER. Great deer. Hope you get a crack at him tonight!
  8. Hunting Camp Traditions

    We always watch "The Ghost and the Darkness" to get fired up for the season opener. At least thats what we've done the last 5 years.
  9. Shooting mature bucks mid day

    Bizz, those are some great deer. I was extremely lucky to shoot a great buck opening morning. I haven't killed a deer in two years, so this changed my entire season. Typically by October 17th, I would have about 10 sits under my belt, but this season I only have that one sit. I always tell myself that i'd leave my best spots alone until the rut, but after a few sits with little activity, cash in on them early. So this may actually be the first time that I leave my best area untouched until halloween weekend. I typically get some incredible deer on camera, but never seen any in person (probably because they are patterning me walking in all the time).
  10. Shooting mature bucks mid day

    I've always read that during the rut, the big boys start cruising around mid day. I just had a buddy tell me that almost all of his bucks were killed between October 27th-November 15th, and that 60% of them were killed between 10:30am-2:00pm I always hunt till about 10:00am and then get back into the stand around 2:00pm. I try to avoid all day sits because my ADD starts kicking in and i can't stop fidgeting around after 4-5 hours. Because of this, I feel like an all day sit would probably be more harmful than good, but those numbers are impressive. I may just do a few full day sits around that first week of November. I was wondering who else has seen or taken mature bucks mid day like that? -SS
  11. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Good luck everyone. It feels like the perfect morning to get it done!
  12. Stevie Sac - 2017 Season Re-cap

    I never really knew there was a fishing section on this forum, so I figured i'd share a season recap now that the boat is coming out of the water for the season (Possibly last time ever!) Things started out really slow inshore and offshore, but around mid July they heated up and we had a great mix of Bluefin and Yellowfin. Unfortunately this was the first year in the last half a decade that I didn't make it out to the edge. We had incredible inshore tuna fishing for most of July and early August with 6-7 successful trips on the PRIMAL. I also caught a personal best stripped bass @ 45lbs, caught my first yellowfin on spinning gear in the north east, and took my father on his first ever offshore trip and got him his first tuna. It was a great season overall! I'm getting error messages trying to upload some of the better quality pictures and other pics are posting sideways for some reason. Anyway, below are pics that I was able to upload
  13. Salmon River

    I am a huge saltwater fisherman and have been invited up to Salmon river a few times, but by then i'm gearing up for hunting season. Unfortunately I have to sell our boat, since we just bought a house here in Westchester, so i'm going to be doing my fare share of freshwater next year. I have a few buddies who make the trip up to the Salmon river. Those are all gorgeous fish!
  14. Hunting Literature

    I've read two of Steve rinella's books and found them very informative. I have one of the Eberhart books but haven't read it yet. In fact, I may even start tonight!