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  1. StevieSacs

    Traditional Archery hunting

    Thanks for the reply guys! I bought a Bear Grizzly and am loving it. I kind of wanted a take down recurve so that I can travel with it and get different limbs, but the Grizzly is a nice bow. Moog, What broadheads do you use?
  2. StevieSacs

    Traditional Archery hunting

    I picked up a recurve a few days ago and cant put the damn thing down. Its a ton of fun to shoot, but holy hell is it difficult. Anyone on here shoot / hunt with a Longbow or recurve? Any tips you could give to someone who's just picking up on it. I absolutely love my Mathews Halon, but wanted to try something different. Stevie Sac
  3. StevieSacs

    Craziest thing you've ever found in the woods

    Elk Bugle had me rolling LOL
  4. I dont know if this has ever been posted before, but I figured id ask. What is the absolute craziest thing you've ever found while hunting or hiking. My buddy's dad found an old cannon ball back in the early 80's. I always think about how cool it would be to stumble across an old musket under a rock overhang or some type of indian weapon / artifact. I always keep my eyes peeled. I've found countless deadheads and even a full Coyote carcass, but never anything out of the ordinary. I follow the MMA Fighter Chad Mendes on instagram and 2 years ago he found an old Mastodon tooth while Elk hunting in Utah. Interested to hear what kind of stuff people have stumbled upon while in the woods. Steve S
  5. StevieSacs

    2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Put in about 3 miles this morning looking for birds. Had one firing off randomly but wouldn't respond to any of the calls. Other then that, really quiet. Gets more difficult by the day at this point!
  6. StevieSacs

    Got my 2017 buck back!

    Just picked up my 2017 opening day buck from Fish and Wildlife unlimited out in LI. This was my first mount with them and think it turned out awesome! Also just moved into the new house and finished my "office". Super exited with how it came out!
  7. Hey Guys, I have a bit of a weird question I have a deer mount that I've never really been in love with and had in storage for some time. I figured i could take the antlers from it and make a Euro mount with it and buy one of those table mounted skull hookers instead. I know they have those Plaster molds of deer skulls, but not really a fan of those. I was wondering if anyone had any older deer skulls that they wanted to sell. I have 2 dead heads where the front portion of the nasal bones has collapsed. I went to a taxidermy shop yesterday and asked, but they just mentioned the plaster molds. I figured i'd ask the group! Thanks Steve S
  8. StevieSacs

    Got em! Doubled Up

    We pounded a lot of woods these passed two days. Blew a lot of good opportunities as well. Learned just how smart and weary turkeys can be and often flank you and catch you with your pants around your ankles. Those 3 1/2" Winchester longboards did some work! Spurs were about 1". Worn down pretty good. Awesome few days in the woods!
  9. StevieSacs

    Got em! Doubled Up

    Wednesday night we heard a few toms going ballistic by one of the corn fields where we were hunting. We slipped into the spot at about 4:45am and set up some decoys and got settled in for first light. At around 5:20 we hit the caller and all hell broke loose with about 4 different birds firing off. We saw them fly down about 15 minutes later and knew they were fired up and gonna charge in. After some back and forth, two birds committed and we were able to capitalize. First bird with my new Franchi and a beauty at that! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. StevieSacs

    2018 Live from the turkey woods

    I roosted one last night here in Westchester. Got on em at 5:15 and had em gobbling in the roost. Heard him fly down and was waiting for him with the decoys out. Nothing. Heard gobbling, but heading in the opposite direction. waited about 30 mins to see if he would circle back and nothing. Heading up to the catskills tonight for 2 days! Good luck everyone!
  11. StevieSacs

    Put some turkey loads on paper this morning.

    I just picked up a few of those 3 1/2" long beards and was super excited to try em out!
  12. StevieSacs

    Red, 6 weeks old tomorrow....

    Pups are the best man and red looks amazing! My Drahthaar pup is 14 weeks now and is a giant ball of energy and sharp teeth!
  13. StevieSacs

    New Shotgun! French Affinity 3.5

    Cant wait to let a few fly!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I've always been pretty loyal to brands that have treated me right. I bought a Franchi Over / Under a few years ago and absolutely love it. Needing a waterfowl / turkey gun, i just picked up the Franchi Affinity 3.5. Cant wait to use it come May 1!!
  15. StevieSacs

    Reccomend ed species for charter.

    Hey Turtleface, I have a good friend who runs Striped bass charters out of Rockaway. The guy absolutely crushes it and is always on the meat. The trips are extremely reasonable if you get a buddy or two. The season is right around the corner. I went out with them last April on a crew trip and we limited out before 7:00am. Played catch and release for a few hours and i was at work at 10:00am. Forever Two Worlds or Gypsea Charters. Both out of the rockaways and both will put you on the meat. If thats not your thing, then bottom fishing is the way to go. Spring blackfish is re- opening up this year and i'm sure you'll have some great opportunities to bring back some meat. If you want to wait a bit, the seabass / porgy fishing can fill a cooler in no time in July. What is your budget? PM me and i can give you some more details.