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  1. If you have equipment access, you can buy bulk compost or compost top soil blend and install it on top of your native soil. Even a 4" layer will be enough for most plants to establish, and you can be pretty well certain the plot will take off. This may not be economically viable for very large plots, but much easier to manage in the future and easier on your equipment now.
  2. No. The muzzle loading tag is required to take a deer with a crossbow. They're not different tags. You can use your regular season tag for the late muzzle loading season if you did not take a deer during the regular season.
  3. Walking to my stand this morning around 515, just as I was coming up to it and a field edge, I heard grunting from the field. So I stayed put about 20’ from the stand hoping the buck would pass on by. It ended up coming right down the trail directly at me. I turned my flashlight on and it was a small spike. He kept coming toward me until I told him to get lost. He took a few leaps away, then slowly sauntered off. Haven’t seen anything all morning otherwise in 3M.
  4. It’s very quiet in 3M. I was in the stand by 615 and have only seen a single squirrel. The usual scrapes have not been opened up yet either. My trail camera got pics of a small 6 in the AM this past Monday, then nothing until I pulled the card this morning. Rut? What rut?
  5. I use the big buddy in your link in my 2 car garage and have had my garage get to 90 degrees after forgetting to turn it off one night. The good news, is its evidently safe. I think it will be way too big to keep you warm in a blind. On the low setting, I do not think it burns as clean as the high setting based on my ability to small fumes too. The regular buddy size is probably the way to go and I am pretty certain there are adapters to use a regular sized propane tank, rather than the little 1 lb'er's, if you so wished.
  6. I’m truly impressed with the weather report. Forecast is for west wind. When I checked before going out, it said west winds, but the windicator arrow was pointed north. So I setup in a spot for W and N winds. The wind had been at my back all morning.
  7. If you killed it, it’s your deer as far as I’m concerned. If the hunter shot two bucks, you’re doing him a favor anyway. Possible trespasser is a separate issue.
  8. No sign of rut activity where I am in 3M. A couple scrapes that are open every year by now are not, and I’ve been hunting all day and have not seen a single deer. There are a few new rubs, but nothing noteworthy. I suspect I missed it this year, which is okay. Hopefully the bucks are out of lock down come opening day of the gun season.
  9. If you’re just hanging the stand and not cutting any limbs, I don’t see that as being invasive at all. Try to stay somewhat quiet, and if conditions are right, hunt it that same afternoon.
  10. I’ve not shot the Maxx series, but my go-to also is the Spitfires. I’ve killed two deer, and a turkey with them, and the blood trail each time (with the deer) is easily trackable. I keep rages as back-ups, but lost a deer once, switched to the spitfires, and have not looked back.
  11. I really cannot tell from the photos, but I may put some tree wound dressing on it and wrapping them with tree wrap? It does not look to be rodent damage, but again, hard to tell.
  12. Are you sure it’s not a .35? Putting 30-30 ammo down a .35 caliber barrel would cause the problems you’re experiencing.
  13. Scope or no scope? If the gun is sighted in, shooter differences aren’t it’s fault.
  14. Know anyone with a drone that could do a flyover and perhaps find some evidence to better support your theory? Just the simple act of buying tons of corn does not make someone a criminal, but I understand where you are coming from. Just be careful to remain anonymous. Like posting on a public forum.