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  1. Hey all. This is my first year of bow hunting (you probably know from previous posts) And I was wondering if it's worth it getting the Suffolk county archery permit. I was specifically looking at Gordon heights and East moriches county Parks. Gordon heights seems bigger at 193 acres but not sure if it's even worth it because non-hunters in the area, dear possibly not being abundant in the area, in any other issues that might appear. Like shooting a deer and having it run out of the park and not being able to retrieve it legally. I already found some spots I'm going to sit on anyway but I
  2. Woohoo!!! Congratulations on that. Enjoy every minute of it
  3. Holy hell! Wishing you a speedy recovery and this is one of the main reasons why I still sit in a blind. Notable hunting this season anyway but not too keen on getting up in those trees yet.
  4. been out in January a few times never got any ticks, but my weather was in the 20s. Yeah I read about the red meat allergy gal type reaction... Some crazy stuff. Glsd it wasn't ticks just larvae but apparently when the ticks lay their eggs they lay them in clusters of thousands which would account for all the little nanoparticle microbugger bastards all over me. This is why I enjoy mid fall! Should be a fun first bow season lol. Going to stock up on permethrin now.
  5. First day out scouting. Happy with what I was able to find but holy cheese and mice did I bring home a million lone Star tick larvae. Good thing I noticed them while I was hiking around and was able to constantly scrape off with my knife, but they are everywhere and I'm running my third wash on hot to get rid of them in the washing machine. Dryer kills the rest. Anybody else with any experience? They definitely are not chiggers.
  6. Haven't gone scouting yet but looking to hike some RP spots and maybe an Otis or 2. Doubt I'll get further east 8n early season.
  7. Hey all... Thanks again for all the help. I ended up at the archery forum-great bunch of guys. Chuck and Kevin are awesome as are the rest. Actually started at Smith's point and they completely turned me off by telling me they wouldn't set up a lower end bow for me to shoot but if I want to go 800 or more now only they would let me try some out. Bye bye. Anywho I ended up with a diamond edge camo 320 full set up ready to go. Only thing I replaced is the stabilizer with a 6 in in camo. Currently at #53 probably end up around #58...using 500 arrows. My groupings are actually pretty good a
  8. You're a good man, husband, and father. Deer will be there. Time will not. I feel the same way about my family (just glad my youngest was born in June!) But my season will be much shortened this year because this fall will be the best with my 3-1/2 year old and out family. We're here to make memories and smiles, not stack racks on the wall. Good job!
  9. Awesome. I appreciate all the advice you guys are giving. I plan on going to Smith point archery and the archery from to see not only what they both have to offer but what kind of bows I will be comfortable with. Prices definitely a factor too. I'll keep you all updated.
  10. Thanks for all the advice again. I'm all the way in Suffolk county so Brooklyn is a bit off. Glad to hear archery forum is reputable like I've been reading. I think I'm going to head there. Looking forward to starting up on both but it's going to be even harder because I plan on hunting from blinds and on the ground not in a tree stand. At least not yet.
  11. No I ended up hunting cranberry Mountain this spring. Same as you, maybe a little different but didn't harvest any birds. I'm looking forward to fall season down here in Suffolk county even though it's not mating I can do more scouting because it's local.
  12. Hey all. Going to start learning bow this summer so I can hopefully get out in the fall. Anyone have any recommendations for starter bow, arrows, fields points, broadheads, etc? I was looking at the Bear Cruzer g2. Maybe go to the Archery Forum in Medford. Heard some good things about them. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks for my season looks done. I might go back to cranberry for deer in the fall. I'll definitely try sterling a few times next spring. Black belt has been pretty helpful on some other threads I've been on. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Into cranberry three times so far and all I've heard is other hunters calling. 2 shots around 7:00 a.m. opening morning but that's it. These gobblers have to be so pressured that they are quiet as hell coming off the roost. (Or they're just not there anymore)
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