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  1. Mounting a Bushnell 4-12x40 scope. I use it for deer also and it's pretty accurate up to 75 yards for me. I just hate having the fiber optic sight at the end of the barrel only. No pun intended but I might just pull the trigger early and pick up a Savage 220 for the right price If I can't find a scope mount that doesn't need to be drilled.
  2. Correct not tapped and I dont want to tap it. Need that dinosaur mount.
  3. It's a long shot but if anyone is selling a B-square #16300 Benelli Montefeltro scope mount PLEASE message me! Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for the responses and insight everyone. Very good information and I appreciate all your opinions. I'm going to go with the Savage 220 and throw my extra Bushnell scope on it. Should be fun finding the right slug to sweeten it.
  5. Anyone thoughts on the Remington 870 vs Savage 220 slug gun? Leaning towards the Savage even if it's a 20g. Need more distance from a shotgun instead of my 50-60 yards from slugs out of my stoeger. Thanks!
  6. I was sitting at Sarnoff 60 yards north of sunrise and West of old riverhead road from 630a-3p today. Not a one.
  7. Has anyone seen turkeys around their stands on public land this deer season? And if so where? I haven't seen one yet; out at sarnoff and not a sound or sight of turkey. They're all hiding this fall. Thanks in advance
  8. Both. Enjoy the flavor or lack thereof of each in its own way. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  9. Yes pretty nice there. And yes you are correct It's only north of sunrise highway. I think they're smart enough to know that it's dangerous north of the highway lol. Thanks for your input I appreciate it
  10. That's what my gut tells me also. It's my luck ill probably see a ton of racks while turkey hunting in the next week or so and then a ton of turkeys while deer hunting after that.
  11. Even though numbers have reportedly been going up on Long Island I think it has something to do with not wanting to cull too much. Bag limit for youth is one bird as opposed to two bearded birds one each day for adults in spring. Couple that with fall harvests and they might freak out that numbers drop too quick? I wish we could have a spring hunt for adults down here. I don't like driving two and a half hours minimum upstate to hunt for a few hours until noon... On top of not scouting anything other than Google Earth or Bing or hunt apps bc of the drive. Family time more important than days away scouting.
  12. Sorry-suffolk county land. Fall season just opened on the 20th and there have been no reported takes so far. I haven't seen any turkey while deer hunting or scouting
  13. Anyone have any thoughts on David Sarnoff vs Otis Pike eastport pine barrens for fall turkey?
  14. Get out there and scout after the January firearms season. Rocky point is one of the bigger DEC land. There are deer there, gotta know where to look. Good luck
  15. Good luck with the new pups and sorry to hear about your girl.
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