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  1. Heard two gobbles early this morning. Some far responses to my early yelping but nothing since 8a.
  2. Cool, thank you. Quick look. His stuff looks good.
  3. need a new box call and I'm shopping around for primos. Anyone recommended one over the other and why? -heartbreaker (seems like a solid build call, but mine is dull. Not sure if I got a dud) -waterboard (I like the waterproofing but not crazy about the sound. It's a little high for me) -hook up (I like the magnet and that I can't get out of whack like a screw, but this seems loud and high-pitched) -clear cutter(not a fan of the single side) Thanks!!!!
  4. Thinking of replacing my stoeger m2000 with the Winchester SXP NWTF Turkey Hunter. Anyone have this gun or any thoughts on it?
  5. Congratulations that's a great accomplishment!
  6. Hot damn it looks like a great place. I'm jealous of the garage in itself. Lots of luck hope it all works out
  7. I enjoy reading anything fiction that's fact or factual-based. Most of the stuff I read is Kindle unlimited because I want to get my money's worth. Because I want to get my money's worth.
  8. The Olympus tough line are pretty damn good. I've had two so far. The first one I learned my lesson on and bought a float for the second one! Waterproof shockproof freeze proof. And they take pretty damn good pictures too Good luck enjoy.
  9. Have an open discussion with your body and tell him that you want to do right by your family if he is willing to wait. Have a discussion with your family members who want to buy the house and get a yes or no and if it's a yes you need a definitive timeline. Business and family don't mix and selling a house's business. That's just my two cents. Good luck!
  10. So sorry. Keeping him and your family in my prayers.
  11. Can anyone tell me how a summit viper SD can have Molly to shoulder straps installed without the kidney pack with the cables facing up? My brain doesn't agree with me right now. Also does anybody want to sell summit viper side bags? I can't find any on eBay Amazon or anywhere on the internet And I'm not crazy about the North mountain gear fanny pack I got off Amazon. It's good but not good enough... Even with grommets installed.
  12. Absolutely. Great to see family support each other. He will learn a lot more patients with turkey hunting than with deer, even though I enjoy both it's good to get him started on Turkey early.
  13. Man that's a damn good video...Happy for your boy. Glad to see young hunters learning to give thanks for the harvest. Good job! Can't wait for April here now!
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