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  1. No one paid attention to what was happening in Europe. After all, this was a Chinese virus. We had a close friend that was evacuated from Milan, Italy in the early stages of their outbreak. She came back and clearly had a firm grip as to what was going on. She was in quarantine for two weeks before anyone knew. The President and our Governor and our Congress blew it and stuck their heads in the sand like that's not going to happen here. (Well, there were some member of Congress that knew to sell their stock early so I guess they acted) I can't fault either of them for not being prepared for a respiratory virus of this scale. No one on the planet was prepared for this. I worked several years for a company that made ventilators. These aren't devices you will be crapping out like face masks. They are fairly complicated and with dwindling work forces will be even harder to produce. Some will come quickly but as stock is depleted from work in progress the next ones will come quite a bit slower. The public transport and schools of NYC should have been shutdown much earlier than it was. This isn't a Presidential decision, it's in the Governor's arena. Did the Don make dumb comments and decisions, absolutely but the mass cases in NYC I blame on Andy and Blasio inaction. Finger pointing now between Andy and Trump is so pointless now. The horse is out of barn. NY does have bunkers of supplies and not the warehouse that Andy stands in front of a wall of boxes to do broadcasts from to show how in charge he is in his leather jacket. One such bunker is under Albany State University exists three level of basements. It was built at the height of the Cold War. It is way beyond just the Civil Defense thing you might have had in your high school. The students know about the first level of basement as they can use it to access any of the building. They may even know about the second level of basement which is largely used for storage. What is really hidden is the last level. On this level is a medical facility, a commissary, a TV setup to do broadcasts and more storage of vital supplies although I can't say I ever saw ventilators but there may have been some. Everything was in cases and boxes. After 911 this entire setup was refurbished and I haven't seen it after that. And oh, located next to the University are some of the State government buildings and the NYS police training center and barracks. I know there's an underground tunnel from the State buildings that leads to this bunker. There may also be one from the police barracks but I never saw it. As a student I worked for university. I had what was supposed to be a limited master key as part of the job but the key they gave me turn out to be a grand master. I could get into everything including this bunker but my trips there were short and clandestine. I'm 99.9% sure I was never supposed to get down there. The whole set up reminded me of the movie Dr. Strangelove. NYC isn't the only dense population in the US. For one, California has LA. Illinois has Chicago. This virus has an incubation period so spread is time delayed. It's really not a question of if, but when more mass cases will appear.
  2. InterState and Autozone batteries are both made by Johnson Controls. It's a very profitable side business they have had for years. They made most of the DieHards too. FYI If you have a local Interstate distributor always ask if they have a blem. There's nothing wrong with these other than a cosmetic flaw and they sell them cheap. Like below half price but it's always luck of the draw as what they have. Done it many times on a variety of batteries and uses. Never an issue
  3. Fine Job??? He should have lock down NYC three weeks ago or at least the mass transit systems and theaters. Did we really think what was happening overseas wouldn't strike in the same form in the US? Most cases because of the lack of any active control in a dense population. His decision making is a joke and extremely political. When he does act it's confusing. First it's 50% stay at home, before the ink is dry on order it's 25%, then it's all stay at home except essential. Some of these orders weren't even publish when they were supposed to be imposed. This was over the course of two and a half days. The next joke is the politics of what's essential. And oh, Andy is the only governor that thinks NYC should get the lion's share of available medical equipment. And now he starts the blame game. He is not a leader. He is a manipulator of facts for his own purposes. But he's not the only politician to do so. Did you see that Remington Arms in Ilion, NY is apply to make medical equipment for crisis?They came through in the other World Wars and they can do it again. They have a lot of empty space in their factory thanks to Andy.
  4. I've been. Wonderful time You can rent and fire machine gun on firing line (Not cheap but hey, its legal and not in hood) One gun had two GE mini guns and a couple pallets of ammo for them. Mass destruction when fired Really good marketplace of vendors too Bet April show gets cancelled due to virus
  5. A sight we have all seen when we are a bit slow on the draw
  6. Venison tenderloins, Baked potatoes with sour cream, some green but fresh vegetable I'll decide on as I stare at produce aisle tonight and a Nice Bordeaux serve at our mountain top cabin. I was under strict orders, No Stinking Flowers this year
  7. Big Indian I second your comments with one adder. There's no such breed as a Pitbull. It's a made up title for Bully breeds which encompasses a wide variety of dogs from Bulldogs to Rottweilers. I've own many bulldogs and two American Staffordshire Terroirs. All we the most loyal and gentle animal to walk the earth. All were raised as puppies and were never aggressive nor were they taught to be. I would never tolerate any of the behavior listed above. I've know many a nasty poodle in my day.
  8. I have both my cabins covered through my homeowners plus I got an umbrella policy for liability. Even if your land is posted you still can get sued by a trespasser if they hurt themselves. There's a lot of factors. Access as pointed out, availability of water, contents of cabin, heating source and oh yeah they really took a good look at wood stove. They wouldn't cover me for theft as it was being used as full time residence.
  9. What is it you would like to do with this system? Security? A few things to consider. The most important part of a camera system is letting them know you have cameras. Why, they don't even have to work. Next, camera placement is vital. Faces and license plates is what I desire to capture the most. Have some cameras placed to optimize this capture. Doorways, driveways, gates, etc. Any control point is a good camera location but too high and angle will kill you. One part is getting image while the other part is length of time you can capture image. I've had to watch time lapse recordings many times. It sucks and is difficult. You can only really watch one camera at a time. I've done this many years now and I can tell you I've capture many events with beautiful video. Why, I even had a guy climb the pole to try to steal the camera. The entire time getting marvelous views of his face. To date I've accomplished zero arrest or police intervention into what I have captured but to be honest I can't blame the cops. Unless guy is know to them they won't be going door to door. And 90% of what is done is by kids
  10. I run industrial buildings. One of which is in the hood and all my buildings are ringed in and out with security cameras. These are all in western NY where you get to see on the news our snow storms. In CCTV days you would heat the housing but that was more a matter of condensation and heating to prevent dew point. You didn't want to have a fogged lens and camera needed to be in housing to be protected from elements. They weren't weatherproofed until in housing. Cameras generally ran off of 24 VAC to power camera and heating pad. Big and bulky With IP systems thing got much smaller and sealed. The housings are built into outdoor cameras and are never heated. I've run hundreds of cameras and never attributed a failure to cold or even nasty environment. I also run cameras at my home and cabin. Cabin is on mountain top. Freaking cold area in winter. Never a failure during a cold spell. By the way, Night Owl isn't that good. Lorex is decent. Don't go cheap on this stuff as you will save a lot of headaches. Like clockwork, they will never be working when you actually needed them to.
  11. If you've never been there, SPAC is a premier indoor / outdoor amphitheater. It's beautiful and even the lawn seats get good sound. The park it is located in is nothing to ignore either. Be proud you made it to this stage. I'm sure you earned it.
  12. Advantage of Jari is it can work on rough terrain even with some rocks and uneven ground. It can cut down saplings. I have done and maintain fields with it but you are correct it does leave a lot more debris doing first pass on tall stuff. I have marched this through my woods to make paths. I discovered that when I make a path through dense stuff the deer also like to use it.
  13. Not a tow behind but I refer to my Jari and the "Path to Mass Destruction" Samplings two inches and down are gone with little effort. Jari is like a mini tractor that has a powered sickle bar cutter on front. The company was still in business until a couple years ago. I put a new blade in it and replaced engine with Honda clone. Old engine was fine except gas tank leaked and I didn't need a fire in the field. When I first got it I didn't have manual. I started it, engage blades and then the drive. well unit took off for the races with me chasing behind it taking out everything in it's path. it turn out you only turn it on full throttle when you are in dense stuff.
  14. So I've had this Muzzleloader for years and have taken it out a few times during season but have never gotten a deer with it. Muzzleloader season has been rough for me to participate in as I'm in charge of an annual maintenance shutdown and it conflicts with the season for the last 36 freaking years. Well I intend to retire in 14 months and this is an activity I do plan to participate in as I will move to my mountain full time. A good old boy from Georgia originally set me up many years ago with using Hornady 6750 Green sabots 50 cal., 44 cal. Hornady 240 Gr HP/XTP bullets, CCI 209 shotgun primers over two Pyrodex 50gr. pellets. Bore butter to lube barrel each load and a hot water bath of Murphy's oil soap for barrel after the conclusion of any shooting with more bore butter at end. He only used a "Smokepole" and was quite skilled when he hunted with me. It seems to shoot very well as far as accuracy but I've read this forum with great interest. Seems Buckhorn 209 powder and Powerbelts is mostly what's used. Is my formula off for deer hunting by current standards? I know my current gun isn't suited for Buckhorn. I'm considering an upgrade to a CVA Accura Mountain Rifle. You really don't get a shot over a 100 yards on my mountain
  15. So I did email Crosman about the size of their toe loop. Here's the response I got which I pretty much expected I have passed your feedback onto our product manager about this issue. Thank you for your feed back Thank you for contacting Crosman Corporation! But better yet I just hired a guy that use to work for Crosman and ask him about this. He laugh at me as he sat next to Customer Service and he told me every forth call was about toe loop size and wondering if they made a bigger one. So I guess they know about the issue.