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  1. Not a tow behind but I refer to my Jari and the "Path to Mass Destruction" Samplings two inches and down are gone with little effort. Jari is like a mini tractor that has a powered sickle bar cutter on front. The company was still in business until a couple years ago. I put a new blade in it and replaced engine with Honda clone. Old engine was fine except gas tank leaked and I didn't need a fire in the field. When I first got it I didn't have manual. I started it, engage blades and then the drive. well unit took off for the races with me chasing behind it taking out everything in it's path. it turn out you only turn it on full throttle when you are in dense stuff.
  2. So I've had this Muzzleloader for years and have taken it out a few times during season but have never gotten a deer with it. Muzzleloader season has been rough for me to participate in as I'm in charge of an annual maintenance shutdown and it conflicts with the season for the last 36 freaking years. Well I intend to retire in 14 months and this is an activity I do plan to participate in as I will move to my mountain full time. A good old boy from Georgia originally set me up many years ago with using Hornady 6750 Green sabots 50 cal., 44 cal. Hornady 240 Gr HP/XTP bullets, CCI 209 shotgun primers over two Pyrodex 50gr. pellets. Bore butter to lube barrel each load and a hot water bath of Murphy's oil soap for barrel after the conclusion of any shooting with more bore butter at end. He only used a "Smokepole" and was quite skilled when he hunted with me. It seems to shoot very well as far as accuracy but I've read this forum with great interest. Seems Buckhorn 209 powder and Powerbelts is mostly what's used. Is my formula off for deer hunting by current standards? I know my current gun isn't suited for Buckhorn. I'm considering an upgrade to a CVA Accura Mountain Rifle. You really don't get a shot over a 100 yards on my mountain
  3. So I did email Crosman about the size of their toe loop. Here's the response I got which I pretty much expected I have passed your feedback onto our product manager about this issue. Thank you for your feed back Thank you for contacting Crosman Corporation! But better yet I just hired a guy that use to work for Crosman and ask him about this. He laugh at me as he sat next to Customer Service and he told me every forth call was about toe loop size and wondering if they made a bigger one. So I guess they know about the issue.
  4. I use a multitude of cameras on my property. I do own better quality cameras and locate them where I think the hot spots are. But it also refine by cameras I set during winter when I'm cross country skiing my land following tracks, locating intersections, finding beds and looking at rubs. The snow makes this all easier. I locate camera on what I believe to be rub lines. While I generally agree that cheap equals crap so maybe I did use the wrong terminology. But there's value in inexpensive and adequate. Plus, spendng a lot of money doesn't always equate to quality. I've work on a lot of cars. Built and restored quite a few. English cars have fallen in this category. I've known quite a few of them and look and drive beautiful those two days a week they run. Ha, Those Jags with the six carburetors. What were they thinking. Funny thing though, now the Chinese own them they are more reliable.
  5. Well How many years did it take them to figure that one out? And now Dicks and Sportsmen's Warehouse has a entire aisle back. Maybe they will fill it with crap I see being sold at gun shows.
  6. Loading clips while talking works. I also show target groups at 200 yards from saved targets. Works great
  7. Squirrelwhisperer Don't you know you can't use those evil black guns for hunting??? And It somewhat counts but only because the AR-15 was originally purchased by Air Force before AR-16 came into being. Curtis Lemay ordered them
  8. Chef, Pygmy I stand corrected. I see S&K now has a different design that more a milled block that goes into sight base. This is a design I've used before for other guns and it did work. The St Marie is of this sort except Garand puts scope to side. The previous S&K design I was thinking of was a formed sheet metal thing that cantilevered from side to top . Go online and you'll see both examples along with the B Square mount. I'll admit, I'd give the current S&K design a try over the other designs. Problem with Garand is top ejection and clip loading. Scope has to be offset to side. I bet there's a scout mount that could go on Garand that used sight base. Never liked a scout mount over scope though
  9. Pygmy I hope it isn't the S&K mount. Pretty much crap and good luck holding a zero. In fact, most clamp on scope mounts aren't worth the space they take up. They just aren't rigid enough. But there are a few exceptions. The St Marie mount designed for the Swiss K31 works very well and is as solid as they come. The Darrell scout mount for Mosin Nagants also works well if you care for a scout mount. (Using pistol scope with extended eye relief) But this does hit on the common problem of hunting with a MilSup rifle. The open sights were design for battlefield and not deer or whatever. I do have a few military rifles that have a peep sight. My 1917 is one and it's extremely accurate but heavy as sin and I hate taking historic weapon out in snow and rain. (Yeah, I know battles are fought in snow and rain but this is my only one) I've also put a ghost ring on a Finn M-39. I would consider hunting with that except the safety on a Mosin didn't have anything in mind with being quick and easy. My safeties are always on until I'm ready to take a shot. Anyone that's own a Nagant knows what I'm talking about. Its the safety from hell. It like owning a Garand and knowing about Garand thumb. If you don't know what that means you soon will. Enfield, what beauties. These are the fastest operation bolt guns ever made. In the hand of an experience operator they do have good fire power. I own a few of these with my Long branch being my favorite. I love the smell of Cordite in the morning.
  10. Beautiful day Granger mountain. 56 degrees and only about ten minutes of rain.
  11. Biz World Are you using lithium or just alkaline batteries?
  12. Anyone use military rifles for whitetail hunting? If so what's your ammo and if you hand load, what's your round consist of. Anyone scoping there's> I'm a purest so I don't alter my guns from anything that can't be put back the way it was. I have been using a Swiss K31 with a scope with fire formed brass, with a 308 hornady SST Very accurate
  13. Any recommendation for a decent and around $50 trial cams? I like using these for stills only. I keep them set up on my property most to track deer paths and trends but I've seen a lot more wildlife than that. I've also caught trappers on my property that have no permission. Not to keen with that since my dogs roam the land. Land is posted but that's another topic. I've spent good money on a Moultrie that took great pictures then failed in a year. I have a Primos I like but it exceeds $50 limit and the don't make that model anymore. I'm currently testing an Apeman and Victure off of Amazon that had great reviews but after getting both I find they give a discount for people that give good reviews so I don't trust it now. Both unit have good features but body seem thin plastic and no gasket on door. I doubt they will last. I'd like something that notes time, date and temperature.
  14. Funny thing was 50 years ago my Boy Scout troop was sponsored by Crossman. We had unlimited pellet, co2 and the best air rifles they made. Their facility at the time was in Fairport and a total hell hole. Fellow Rochestrians know what I'm talking about. They have since moved to Bloomfield but the old site was on Superfund. I think it's now off register though. It can't hurt to send them an email and I will. Why, I can show up on their doorstep. With my freaking boots. I just waiting for this to slip off my toe while cocking and score two balls into the corner pocket.
  15. Granted I do know I have wide feet but I always have a miserable time sticking my foot in the loop to cock my bow with a string. It's not like I wear tennis shoes hunting. I wear big boots that keep my feet warm. I've experienced this problem with three different crossbow. One no name, one Barrett and last the Centerpoint. I've resorted to tying a rope loop to factory loop so I can cock. Anyone else have this issue or is this because mom and dad gave me duck feet? I'd buy a loop extension in a second if I could find one. Centerpoint is made by Crossman which is in my backyard almost. It's not like they can't figure out how we dress in this climate.