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  1. G-Man is quite right. I've participated in the DEC nursery program for a couple of years now and have planted hundreds of trees and bushes. G-man, have you fed as many deer as I have? I did find out the hard way they love new plantings. I can tell you you'll need to act fast as the better choices disappear quick. The best way for DEC is to call as that's the only way you'll know if they have stock. The nursery just started taking calls on the 4th starting at 8 AM. I had to try for two days every half hour calling before I got in and still some of my choices were gone. This and the help I gotten for fish stocking are the some of the best the DEC has to offer.
  2. It does look like an old Onan. Those things were pretty bulletproof. Have you try to start it? Generally they weren't a very large KVA
  3. Is there a way to get another muzzleloader tag to hunt muzzleloader season? If so how do you do it this year? Online?
  4. I'm taking my SIL out for his very first hunt. I plan to train him right. Shoot only a deer you will be proud of. Take that deer by aiming at heart/lung. Don't take the shot that doesn't. Shoot once, twice max. Know your target and what could be behind it. Better not to shoot then live a lifetime of regret.
  5. Assembly is usually one bolt and about five minutes to do. I'm unaware of any ability to tune a crossbow.
  6. Biggamefish I think the accuracy of a cell phone is highly dependent on your view of satellites. I found taking readings of know positions of survey marks to be more than 200' off using my cell phone GPS with Onx located boundary lines. This is in an area of dense and tall trees on a mountain top. That's not acceptable for my purposes and cell phones don't have all the antennas that the better GPS unit have. Plus good GPS have access to GLONASS or GALILEO Steve D You pay over $100 for a chip that's less accurate than the program you can download for $30???? (Not that the property owners in my situation matter to me. I already know who they are.) I did find that the Huntstand app seems to be more updated as to owners and that can be had with their free app. But I don't know you can import that to a GPS like you can with Onx with a chip.
  7. I've always done the same thing with my ammo. When I buy it I make sure all the boxes are from the same powder lot. I Loctite all my scope screws, make sure rings are aligned and then sight in. From year to year I find guns to be dead on with that ammo. Only time I test sight in is if I think scope got bumped. Zero issues for many years
  8. Well, it just got a lot worse for employees. About 600 laid off. No severance package and no vacation paid for days earned.
  9. This is how it turned out Vista Outdoor Inc. was the successful bidder for the Lonoke ammunitions business. Sierra Bullets LLC was the successful bidder for the Barnes ammunition business. Sturm, Ruger & Co. was the successful bidder for the Marlin firearms business. JJE Capital Holdings LLC was the successful bidder for the DPMS, H&R, Stormlake, AAC and Parker brands. Franklin Armory Holdings Inc. was the successful bidder for the Bushmaster brand and certain related assets. Sportsman’s Warehouse Inc. was the successful bidder for the Tapco brand. Roundhill has agreed to pay $13 million for the firearms business, according to documents filed Sunday in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of Alabama. The pending sale has union leaders in Ilion optimistic that the gun factory will remain open but that's far from a guarantee and if it does I'm betting it will be a far smaller operation with a lot of union concessions. Plus there's the site itself to deal with. I've managed and sold several large industrial properties. Anything this old is certain to have environmental issues. Keep in mind most environmental laws didn't even exist before Nixon. There was no EPA or DEC. While some actions that were unethical, they weren't illegal so it lead to a lot of contamination. Personally if I was part of a group that was considering this site I would advise them to run away. Many of the worse problem I have seen were direct related to metal degreasing and plating. Both would be large components of gun manufacture
  10. Well, I discover my first (and only) complaint about my new Optima V2. Those sling mounts are a plan to fail. No way am I going to trust plastic at a point of tension. Seriously CVA? Plus I always learn to use my sling as an anchor to steady when I shoot. I loop and pull tight to body and find Garand slings work well for this. I'm sure some of you have figured out an alternative to CVA's mistake. What are you guys using? I'm sure there's an Uncle Mike or somebody's else's that works well. I'm not afraid to drill stock but I do want something that doesn't compromise anything or interfere with barrel.
  11. Well I follow your collective advice and settled on the Optima V2. This weekend I mounted scope (Old Bushnell Banner I had), installed Blackhorn Breech plug, made up 100 grain loads by volume, used Game-crusher sabots with Hornady XTP bullets and then sighted it in. Wow It took a whole three shots to put it on target and then three more told me this thing is stone cold accurate. One thing I did immediately notice as in my old muzzle loader I use Pyrodex pellets,. using Blackhorn you don't have to wait two minutes for the smoke to clear to see what you shot. :-)
  12. This will be a death nail to the little town of Ilion. It is their only major employer. And it's a nice little town. Remington had a little museum on the property that was worth the look. That factory had an extensive history through the depression and world wars. Motorized bicycles, typewriters and Browning machine guns to name a few of the items produced. I will shed a tear when it goes.
  13. Our anti-gun governor hasn't done them any favors. They don't get the tax breaks and other incentives to keep jobs in NY and the US granted to other companies. I see Remington going down the same road as Ithaca and Winchester. Someone will buy them for the name and designs but I doubt they will be a NY company. I've always loved my 870. Stone cold reliable in the worst of conditions. And I'm often out in the worst of conditions being snow, ice and rain. The 870 has put a lot of deer in the freezer. It isn't my safe queen
  14. I just finished posting my property tighter than a drum. I don't object to new hunters going out with experienced ones to show them how it's done. I encourage that and have mentored a few myself. I do object to those that just bought a gun that they have never shot and going into the woods to get them some deer. I fear part of the increased sales is the price of meat and shortages that have happened. My Amish neighbors have always been respectful of my property but every year I get one or two "English" that come onto my property. (English is Amish code for outsider) To access my property you need to cross a least one other posted and private property. One year a guy walks in right under me in my tree stand obvious. When I asked him what he was doing there he informed me he knew the owner real well. I told him I didn't think he did but it's always a very polite conversation with everyone holding a gun.
  15. Very sorry for your loss. Been there plus brother but they all live on in what you've done with them, what they have taught you, traditions and your memories