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  1. hueyjazz

    Range finder

    Nomad Touché I wasn't meaning to insult. I've hunting across from Bristol Mountain and some farms there Yes, you do have deer. Factories, not so much
  2. hueyjazz

    Range finder

    East Bloomfield, I bet it was made by Crossman Arms. The pellet gun company. Because there nothing there else other than cows.
  3. hueyjazz

    Range finder

    You need to consider how it's going to be use. You need a better quality one for long range. 150 yards or less isn't long range. I wouldn't get one without incline compensation. If not and measure from a tree stand the distance with be longer than what you actually need for a measurement due to the affects of gravity, I use a Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC and find it works great. Previously I had a Simmons that wasn't compensated. It's fine for measurements on the ground.
  4. GR Hunter Yes, I download the map first then go offline. I have to as 100' from cabin I lose any service. My cabin has internet service. Not sure why as I'm the only "English" in the area. The rest are Amish But the internet sure come in handy out there
  5. Steve My job puts me on call 24/7 I’m a few months away from retirement. Nowhere on my property do I get cell service. (Paid extra for that). My Amish neighbors aren’t big into cells. I pity the person that inherits my cell number. One of the attractions of OnX was the offline maps that show tax lots. You can get an OnX chip to insert into certain GPS units. The 680 was one of them. Using my cell I established a waypoint from a known survey marker. But when I checked program it was more than 100 feet off actual. This I blame more on the cell ability to establish satellite contacts than the program. Property is all very mature and dense hardwood.
  6. Hock3y24 The parcel boundaries haven't changed in years. The only benefit of going to County is current owners of property. And that I already know and even the owner of the others properties doesn't know the borders it this hazy area that's in question as it isn't a square or a rectangle.
  7. I have three properties that I've purchase and that are join at irregular points. Most of it is surveyed fairly well and is well understood. I would like to use ONx Hunt with tax map feature to get a close approximation of the hazy boundaries. Within ten feet would be fine. Area is heavily wooded. I downloaded ONx Hunt to my cell and looked at known and well documented points and they were way, way off from what they should be. I don't mind spending a few bucks for a decent hand held GPS and I'm willing to spend up to $400 but like most of you, I like to spend only what I have to. I know accuracy improves with more antennas. Beyond standard GPS there's also Glonass and Gallio that are supposed to have improved accuracy over standard GPS. I'm kind of partial to Garmin as I've had good experience with their equipment. There's only a limited number of hand held units that work with ONx. Does anyone have experience with this or can offer a alternative solution?
  8. All I can say this is the best that the leaders of the free world can come up with???? Parachute a monkey into a crowd. First one he touches is it. What do we have to lose. In fact, staff the Congress that way too. And I know we would do better for a new NY governor that way. Why, give the monkey the job.
  9. Getting a deer just isn't that important Enjoying the time out is If I see the deer I want, it's one shot, one kill with minimal walking. Only take the shot that accomplishes this.
  10. I've own a couple of muzzleloaders for many years but have never hunted with them. Newest one is over ten years old and is at least an inline but a bear to clean and not suitable for BH. I would set this up for Blackhorn. I've narrow my choices down to either a Optima or an Accura. Is the Accura worth the extra money? I don't mind the spend it if it's value added. I treat my guns well and hold on to them a long time if they serve the purpose. I'm pretty anal about cleaning. I collect and shoot a lot of WWII surplus guns that shoot corrosive ammo. Cleaning is a lifestyle. I have my own hunting property which is all hardwoods. Seldom would I ever have a shot over a hundred yards on my own land. I can hunt neighboring State land that can yield longer shots but even then, not many. Generally I hunt from tree stand set by intel of my trail-cams. Is the Mountain rifle the way to go or does Plains rifle not really make that much of a difference. Here I get very confused. I know a lot of people are against Creakote worried should it chip and the stainless underneath is chemically altered and now not as corrosion resistant?? How is that applied? Powder coat? I'm betting they roughen stainless and if exposed, it could accumulate the corrosive salts better. The other options are stainless and Nitride Stainless. Nitride is a very hard coating that I assume is vacuum metalized on stainless. They wouldn't need to roughen surface. It seems a reasonable way to go in the three options but I value those that have experience. Last, I was holding out to closer to hunting season to see if there would be deals. Now I worry just about places having stock due to Covid. Buds Gun Shop seems to have decent prices. Any other decent watering holes. Thanks in advance for any help
  11. I'm pretty familiar with the Finger lakes wineries. Pretty much none of them are directly on the water. They are up on the hills looking down at the lakes. There's hardly anyplace to dock on the finger lakes other than established launches. Any other suitable place will likely be private land. I once did a mountain bike trip to wineries that was pretty much a bust. After the fourth winery we didn't feel like biking anymore and those hills are pretty brutal.
  12. My wife's family owned an apple family in Williamson, NY. They both passed away last year and since no one wanted the farm we ended up selling it. I'm going to miss just walk out back and getting eight different types of apples right from tree. My horse friends are going to miss that too. And buy apples??????? Gosh, I've never done that.
  13. Don’t be frugal when it comes to paddle. Plastic and steel ones aren’t anywhere as efficient as a carbon fiber and fiberglass one. Think about it. This is your propulsion system and the one motion you repeat thousands of time. Excellent place to shave away weight
  14. Better than their old stoves are their old lanterns. They are engraved with sun and also have a saying. “Sunshine of the night”. Got one at camp. Definitely white gas. Normal gas will gum up generator. Generators were the consumable. Later models were redesigned so they could run on regular gasoline
  15. When I work on the farm in 70's you could go to the feed store and buy dynamite and blasting caps with no questions asked. this was for clearing away stumps. However, I never found any farmer that would buy dynamite when he had plenty of fertilizer high in ammonium nitrate and diesel fuel. You would pack it under stump. And oh, clearing away stumps was by far the most fun you ever had on a farm because most of the other jobs sucked. I hated hay season with a passion. Hottest and longest days possible. I also don't buy this was only ammonium nitrate. It is commonly used as an explosive because it is fairly safe to transport alone. It is often used to blow away rock walls when building roadways