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  1. Well With the price of meat I expect way more hunters. I own my own 30 acres attached to my buddies 25 acres and we have mutual understanding and know who, what and where everyone that on the property is. We keep in contact with radios. Problem is our acreage is next to 1300 acres of public land. Our land is very well posted but every year we get a few that wander over that "Know the owner very well" Well, I don't think you do and it's always a polite discussion when everyone is holding a gun. I too do a standard of what I will and won't take. I doubt I will alter that much. Deer will still gotta grow and know nothing of COVID.
  2. There's a lot of Mel Brooks movies mentioned here Has anyone seen his "12 Chairs" Which is really much more funny if you seen the original "12 Chairs" Which is anything but a comedy
  3. Kelly's Hero's We load shells with paint and it makes beautiful pictures. It really screws with the Germans We can go faster in reverse than forward. We like to think we can get out of trouble quicker than we get in it
  4. Daughter's current boyfriend is a structural welder. I figure I can get all the components and have him weld me up a bullet trap or I'll just buy a commercial one. Even this I would place into secondary containment to try to capture any spatter. I figure a horseshoe of 4x4's with a 4 x 4 roof and base. For years I belong to a nice indoor range. I thought they did a nice job with ventilation and such. I was doing a job at work that required lead wipes for testing. Adding one more didn't effect the cost so I did one from the shooting position at the range. It was sky high and kind of an eye opener. Pretty much soured me on shooting indoors anymore. Lead doesn't do a body good and the small particular lead dust is among the worse.
  5. I plan to construct a range this year on my property. One concern I have is the amount of lead I will be pumping into this. I'll be building an earthen mound but that's going to be a secondary backstop. I'm thinking of building some "U" shaped containment out of 4 x 4's that can be change out for primary backstop and have a bullet trap made to capture most of the lead. I've work in/with/around the environmental field since Nixon. My son in law is an environmental tech and has remediated several ranges. There isn't a commercial range with an earthen mound that isn't a hazardous waste site. My land is rich with water and springs. I hate to be the guy that screws it up
  6. Wiscoy is catch and release only but really good fishing. You'll see a lot of cars lining road. Lots of fly fishermen. On any given weekend there's 25 or more on Lake Allen. It's really not much of a lake. More like a slightly oversize pond. I can't say I've ever seen anyone catch anything there but maybe they do when I'm not looking. When I want to do laps and get exercise I take my kayak there. I really doubt Letchworth is stocked but well worth the view.
  7. In Rochester many of the businesses that were looted had apartments above them. So there were some issues with rioting, looting, cars, fires and people not wanting this going on underneath them. Not exactly a home invasion but still, an invasion. There's a local video of a couple complaining to rioter that they live in the building that was getting trashed. In return for their protest the woman got beat down with 2x4s. Not sure that this video clip went anywhere. Our Mayor told us the rioters were professionals from outside the area that promoted all of this. Strange thing though is all the people arrested so far for burning cars and breaking into buildings have been local residents. The Mayor hasn't been heard from since.
  8. Well I do live in the city and the mob was coming down my street. Fortunately they got tired and there's no businesses at my end of street. But those of you that think you just hold a firearm is going to make them go away are nuts. It will likely get you shot by someone that doesn't think twice about it and know they will escape with being anonymous with the crowd. And there is very likely a firearm or two in these crowds. Shooting outside the house? Well you better have very strong evidence that someone was shooting at you first and you were in grave danger. If not you are the one being haul off to jail and the crowd would be the victims. Just destroying your property isn't grounds for lethal force or even brandishing a firearm. But during this blessed event I was inside my house with a loaded shotgun and a good supply of buckshot. The governor has limited me to five rounds in my AR. The racking of a pump action is a sound known all over the world. Inside my house with ill intent and you don't leave after that. You or me, well, it's you. My buddy's business didn't make out so well. All his windows smashed and thousands of dollars of tool inventory gone in minutes. He has beautiful pictures of the perpetrators. But I know that will do zero good as the cops don't have much of any way to marry the picture to the person.
  9. Facilities manager for over 40 years. Responsible for building, equipment, environment, safety and health. Grew up son of a father that was a depression era kid. Dad was an extremely successful mechanical engineer but never paid for anything. He had five sons. We were all trained in mechanics, pneumatics, plumbing, electrical, print reading and drawing of prints. Communications via dad often came by print and there was a drafting table in house. A lost art as things are most CAD now. Dad only bought "Foreign Cars" as they were called then and then not normal ones. I was house mechanic and had access to cars. Greatly enjoy dusting Firebirds and Camaros with a sleeper Mercedes. Mom and dad went on vacation to Europe, I got a roll of prints as to what addition was to be, permits, calendar of inspections and a load of lumber. I worked construction during high school and paid for college doing construction. Another dad principle was if you didn't pay for it, you didn't respect it. Found out he wasn't all that wrong. Out of college, started in a program where they change my job every 3-4 months. Had gig as expediter, foreman, inventory control, computer operator robotic stockroom (Which I hated but they loved me, almost quit) and then became maintenance foreman. Very much hit my stride in facilities and you name it, the company I worked for, did it. Machine shop, plating, electronic assembly, PC board production, foundry, paint line, massive boiler plant, heat treat and more. Learned a lot as I had no other choice but to and my previous experience in other short term assignments greatly helped as well as dad training. Started with six cohorts in that department but in the end there was only me. Modern business but I'm very grateful for the experience and those that I work with and for. Left that company went to a much smaller one. I was working so much was missing the kids growing up. Hope to retire next April. Still can as it exists now but investments are on roller coaster. Already have our retirement home which is isolated on a mountain where wife and I are presently working from home. Because of my age work has asked me to work from home which is very tough in my role and me. I've always been hands on. However, I think this is also a test for my expected replacement whom I have been training. He's been doing very well but still frustrating to be on the sidelines. I do go in once a week to check on things particularly sanitation of facility. We are a essential business. Our optics are going into stuff to find and combat this virus.
  10. No one paid attention to what was happening in Europe. After all, this was a Chinese virus. We had a close friend that was evacuated from Milan, Italy in the early stages of their outbreak. She came back and clearly had a firm grip as to what was going on. She was in quarantine for two weeks before anyone knew. The President and our Governor and our Congress blew it and stuck their heads in the sand like that's not going to happen here. (Well, there were some member of Congress that knew to sell their stock early so I guess they acted) I can't fault either of them for not being prepared for a respiratory virus of this scale. No one on the planet was prepared for this. I worked several years for a company that made ventilators. These aren't devices you will be crapping out like face masks. They are fairly complicated and with dwindling work forces will be even harder to produce. Some will come quickly but as stock is depleted from work in progress the next ones will come quite a bit slower. The public transport and schools of NYC should have been shutdown much earlier than it was. This isn't a Presidential decision, it's in the Governor's arena. Did the Don make dumb comments and decisions, absolutely but the mass cases in NYC I blame on Andy and Blasio inaction. Finger pointing now between Andy and Trump is so pointless now. The horse is out of barn. NY does have bunkers of supplies and not the warehouse that Andy stands in front of a wall of boxes to do broadcasts from to show how in charge he is in his leather jacket. One such bunker is under Albany State University exists three level of basements. It was built at the height of the Cold War. It is way beyond just the Civil Defense thing you might have had in your high school. The students know about the first level of basement as they can use it to access any of the building. They may even know about the second level of basement which is largely used for storage. What is really hidden is the last level. On this level is a medical facility, a commissary, a TV setup to do broadcasts and more storage of vital supplies although I can't say I ever saw ventilators but there may have been some. Everything was in cases and boxes. After 911 this entire setup was refurbished and I haven't seen it after that. And oh, located next to the University are some of the State government buildings and the NYS police training center and barracks. I know there's an underground tunnel from the State buildings that leads to this bunker. There may also be one from the police barracks but I never saw it. As a student I worked for university. I had what was supposed to be a limited master key as part of the job but the key they gave me turn out to be a grand master. I could get into everything including this bunker but my trips there were short and clandestine. I'm 99.9% sure I was never supposed to get down there. The whole set up reminded me of the movie Dr. Strangelove. NYC isn't the only dense population in the US. For one, California has LA. Illinois has Chicago. This virus has an incubation period so spread is time delayed. It's really not a question of if, but when more mass cases will appear.
  11. InterState and Autozone batteries are both made by Johnson Controls. It's a very profitable side business they have had for years. They made most of the DieHards too. FYI If you have a local Interstate distributor always ask if they have a blem. There's nothing wrong with these other than a cosmetic flaw and they sell them cheap. Like below half price but it's always luck of the draw as what they have. Done it many times on a variety of batteries and uses. Never an issue
  12. Fine Job??? He should have lock down NYC three weeks ago or at least the mass transit systems and theaters. Did we really think what was happening overseas wouldn't strike in the same form in the US? Most cases because of the lack of any active control in a dense population. His decision making is a joke and extremely political. When he does act it's confusing. First it's 50% stay at home, before the ink is dry on order it's 25%, then it's all stay at home except essential. Some of these orders weren't even publish when they were supposed to be imposed. This was over the course of two and a half days. The next joke is the politics of what's essential. And oh, Andy is the only governor that thinks NYC should get the lion's share of available medical equipment. And now he starts the blame game. He is not a leader. He is a manipulator of facts for his own purposes. But he's not the only politician to do so. Did you see that Remington Arms in Ilion, NY is apply to make medical equipment for crisis?They came through in the other World Wars and they can do it again. They have a lot of empty space in their factory thanks to Andy.
  13. I've been. Wonderful time You can rent and fire machine gun on firing line (Not cheap but hey, its legal and not in hood) One gun had two GE mini guns and a couple pallets of ammo for them. Mass destruction when fired Really good marketplace of vendors too Bet April show gets cancelled due to virus
  14. A sight we have all seen when we are a bit slow on the draw
  15. Venison tenderloins, Baked potatoes with sour cream, some green but fresh vegetable I'll decide on as I stare at produce aisle tonight and a Nice Bordeaux serve at our mountain top cabin. I was under strict orders, No Stinking Flowers this year