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  1. My stand is six miles from Swain ski mountain. This area has been in the drought zone forever, yet their corn is still fabulous as it is year after year. I know exactly where the field is, and I know it is not irrigated so I'm not sure how they are pulling it off. And it makes no difference on time of season as far as taste for the local corn as far as I can see. Only exception is late in season the worms start getting to it. I've got many ways to cook corn. Nothing wrong with doing them on the grill. Some soak before, some don't. Some snip silk end before. Wrapped in foil with husk and buried in coals is camping favorite My "never fail" for stovetop is add three TBSP of lemon juice and three sugar to a pot of water. When the water is a rolling boil then add skinned corn for three minutes. I'm at a high attitude so YMMV for time. Never a tough skin
  2. A person walking in the woods not directed by landmarks will find themselves walking in a circle. A compass will prevent that but needs to be directed at landmarks to be effective. In the days before electronics Boy Scouts learned orienteering. I'm betting that's a lost art.
  3. There're two things I'm a certified junkie for. Maple Syrup and Sweet corn. I have excellent sources for both. Part of the trick with corn is the longer it is off the stalk the more flavor it loses. Learn when they restock stand.
  4. ARMSLIST - Firearms Classifieds Is another reference you can use. Any printed media is out of date before it even hits press.
  5. Remote working is largely dependent on the job. For many companies it's a goldmine for not having to sink capital into real estate and infrastructure. However, for many companies this is new, and they haven't figured out how to manage remotely if they knew how to manage in the first place. And even with this being said, it's not a big surprise that quite a few get away with doing very little work-related activities in a cube farm. And a lot of this is motivation. I find professional and crafts people are motivated by accomplishment. Hourly people there just to do tasks or assembly tend to be clock watchers and just there for the paycheck. But I will admit, if my job was unfulfilling, I bet I would suck at it.
  6. ncountry My Amish here are allowed to use tools, they just can't own them in most cases and operate through English that own the tools and arrange transport of materials. But if they have an operation that makes money for the church they can own and operate power tools. The sawmills and furniture operations come under the category here. But it's horse/buggy and very long laundry lines for everything else. Wife and I roam countryside here on our ATVs. We retired here from a busy city address between two Universities to living in a log home on a mountain. Let's say it's different. No take-out. Crappy Amish pizza :-) So, one thing that's obvious is that the Amish are not flashy. But I've found out one sure fired way to separate a rich Amish from a poor Amish. It's the horse. I suffered many a year having a daughter that was an equestrian. (Never let yourself get trick into this if you ever plan to retain any wealth) If you been there then you know horses aren't even. The Amish aren't any different. Some drove Mustangs while others had the Mavericks and even worse, the exploding Pintos. My wife was raised on an apple farm and as such I had access to bushel baskets of apples. When they built my shed, I feed horses apples and filled one of those small Kiddle pools with water for horses. The Amish really thought well of me, and I got to meet the horses. I was an excellent mucker as I was left was ample fertilizer for cabin garden. Bonus
  7. ncountry Seems you're the "English" (Amish code for outsider) among the Amish like me. When we first moved to the mountain, we couldn't figure out why occasionally we would see kids doing a 100+ mph on the dirt roads out here. It was finally explained to me by our country butcher it was Amish kids on Rumspringa. We been here about eight years now and the Amish and I have gotten use to each other with mutual respect. At first, they were very tight lipped about anything I asked about being Amish, but they have loosened up with me. My Amish are all into lumber. They either cut down trees, sawmill trees or build things with wood. They are amazingly territorial by clan. The Amish around me are all Johnsons. Five miles down the road they are Yodeler and so it goes. I had the Amish build me a shed for a workshop. One day ten of them arrive on horse. Next day I had a shed. At the end the lead man was with me, and I ask him if he would like a drink. Sure, I'll have a beer he says. I said I thought you guys couldn't drink. He says No, we can't get caught but we know how to drink.
  8. If you can get a second person and rope the tree high to pull it in the general direction it needs to go the safety aspect will improve. But they can't wrap rope around hand or be where tree will land. Dead trees are very problematic and unpredictable. Rotton wood weigh less so the density of the tree can vary in parts changing the center of mass. But I will admit, the pines are the easiest tree to drop on my land. Aspen Cottonwood being the worst because of extensive hollows and widow makers. I worry most about death from above. Those electric saws are great for small jobs, but proper lube and chain tension is still essential.
  9. When you more than double the available US currency in the system and call it "Stimulus" what do you expect? And then give it away to various liberal causes and then use more to buy votes??? Rather than concentrate in only those areas actually in need of help due to pandemic??? At the time I could find no good reason I should have gotten any checks at my income and employment level other than stupidity and reckless handling of the economy. My brother who's high up in United Way told me those checks cause a massive surge in overdose deaths. Many of which were getting treatment during pandemic but the allure of an influx of easy cash got the better of them to enable their next fix. But the electric cars will save us, right? That they can't produce due to the semiconductor shortage and are ridiculously expensive for their size. And we can exchange our dependence on lithium rich nations. So, cancel that pipeline that would have supplied a cheap and regular supply. The US dollar hasn't been on a gold standard since Nixon. A US dollar is purely faith based and buy $1 worth of US goods or labor and is backed by US government. Crypto currency is also faith based but not back by any government. I think the rest of the world caught on when the buying power of the dollar was diminished, and we wanted oil. Nomad I'm pretty much with you as a product of my parents. Both of whom had lived through the depression.
  10. I'm in the URMC medical system and it on every intake form I've ever had to do ask if I own firearms. So, my bad here as I assume this was common as the SAFE act certainly allows for it. I leave this question blank as all of my family is instructed to do. I hunt with rocks. But that's a minor point in my post that shouldn't be focused on. There's already a Red Flag law on the books to cover what is being re-enacted for political appearance. And that law wasn't followed. Keeping know criminals that have been arrested for serious crimes in jail will be far more effective than what's being re-amended. And let's not forget these same legislators beat the drum to defund police and cashless bail. Because like guns, police are evil too and never had a place within a civilized society and we should punish those that have obey established acceptable behavior for the acts of a minute few.
  11. This just passed in State legislature: S9113A (ACTIVE) - SUMMARY Authorizes the filing of an application for an extreme risk protection order by a licensed physician, licensed psychiatrist, licensed psychologist, registered nurse, licensed clinical social worker, certified clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse practitioner, licensed clinical marriage and family therapist, registered professional nurse, licensed master social worker or licensed mental health counselor who has examined the person against whom the order is sought. Now have you ever noticed on any medical admittance form is the question "Do you own firearms"? That's because under the SAFE Act and other exacutive orders they already have this power to prevent purchase of firearms of those deemed a threat since 2019. But most of the public is ignorant to this fact. New York's Strongest in the Nation Gun Laws (ny.gov)
  12. It amazes me the media has zero talk in that NY already has a Red Flag law that they didn't used in the Tops massacre that likely would have prevented it. The waste of flesh's wrote a paper at his high school that he wanted to kill lots of people then commit suicide. This is what State Police interview him for. And yet he wasn't flagged and was allowed to buy a gun at 18 with a NICS check. Now there's some mighty fine police work and the Governor see no issue with this. Of course, this is the same Governor that supports cashless bail. And we will need a permit to buy a semi-auto gun. But the media doesn't grab hold of this. It doesn't fit their agenda. They would rather immortalize the waste of flesh and give excuses for his "bad mental health day". I would much rather there would be put limits on the detail the media reports on the shooter. It only helps out the next mental defect to copy and do it better on their soft target without defenses. As with most gun laws, they only pertain to law abiding citizens. Every night in Rochester there is a shooting. However, nobody knows who did it, not even the victim. How strange that is, and it is really amazing the lack of detail reported that would actually help find perpetrator.
  13. $300, wow; I paid half that. But I also just paid $55 for a 4 x 8 piece of 3/8" plywood sheathing of awful quality. Nothing surprises me.
  14. Did the ballistic fabric in my truck and I really don't care for them. They are very rugged but slide in seat a bit. In daughter's truck we did the wet suit material (neoprene) and those fit like a glove. Plus, they are waterproof and clean easy. I've taken them off and seats underneath still look new. That's the way I would go if replacing. Seems to be a few good places on internet to get them.
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