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  1. We forget our past. Every major US City during industrial revolution was built on or near water to utilize water power. New England is loaded with shut down mills all which ran on water power. Many of which could be utilized to generate electricity via hydrogeneration. There's many shutdown hydro plants in NY. One of my facilities stares at a well hidden one that RG&E has mothballed near High Falls in Rochester. Next to zero effort is being put into new hydro generation or re-establishing existing facilities. I have a stream on my property which could be used as a micro generator bu
  2. There's a line waiting to get into Sportsman Warehouse every morning. Whatever comes in gets sold out quick. I betting some buy just to resell at a profit. Stuff they don't use or need. Others buy whatever to trade for stuff they do need.
  3. Mini splits aren't equal. The better ones I know of are Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. Some are only designed for cooling. You will likely need to do multi-zone for larger house even if it's on same floor. I've installed many in an industrial setting and have put my own in log home. They work great with proper planning and installation. My propane usage cut way back yet the electric didn't increase much. They really aren't hat hard to install if you have skills. Basically a blower box inside mounted high on wall with coil and controls. Three inch hole to outside for line-set, condensate
  4. Adirondacks has been my playground for over 55 years. Those deer you see all summer are never there when hunting season arrives. This is land of mile long driveways. I was always amazed how spooked deer are when the first legal day of hunting arrives. I can recall a weekend I hunted hard tracing down every sign of deer and coming up with nothing. that night I come to town to get an pack of adult pop only to find every freaking deer of the area stand in people's yards around town where they know they can't be shot.
  5. My brother lives in Manhattan Beach, California. Every third house there is a TV, Movie or sports star currently or has been. But I can tell you it's considered very rude behavior to gawk, stare , point or otherwise bring attention to them. Most of them off their performance platform are pretty normal people with pretty normal lives.
  6. Airdale I've been watching eBay Crazy money for a normally inexpensive die. I know, supply and demand. Not desperate Well, not yet
  7. Not familiar with this powder at all. Reloading data seems sparse. I can get 200, 202 and URP in 1lb. I load 303. 30-06, 7.5 x 55 Now I would like to load 30 carbine (When I can find the freaking dies) And .223 which I do have dies for but the right powder seems to be 201 Is this good stuff just to have on hand? All things considered.
  8. I started with 25 acres and a weekender cabin with no septic or well but had electric deep in the woods. It took me years to find this property as I had some requirements. Wanted to be in woods and see no neighbors. Had to be no more than an hour from Rochester as I had an elderly father and a job that put me on call 24/7 We paid $59k for it which at the time I felt I slightly overpaid but it fit criteria. Borders State land and hunting is good Property did surround a nice log home with five acres. When ended up buying that six years ago for $130k which was a bargain but they had to
  9. Don't turn your nose up at the DEC trees just yet. You'll be amazed how fast they grow and once establish and still a reasonable size you can move them. And trees I've gotten have often been larger than stated, But if you can wait, Lowes and Home Depot mark trees down 75% at end of season. Fall is a great time to plant and they hit the grown running in the Spring. I've gotten many larger trees this way. But you have to keep careful watch and even travel between stores for best selections.
  10. I've love stocking my ponds. Big boy aquarium. Catch and release bass and catfish. All day fun. Sunnies to feed them and grass crap to control weeds. Permit is free if you go that way but you do need to buy fish from approved hatchery. However DEC fish biologist is decent guy and actually helpful. Yes, I said helpful
  11. They exist but not in my collection. I have National Postal Meters because relatives worked there and I'm familiar with the sites where they were produced in Rochester. Main factory is across from East High. It was a car shop when Postal Meter took it over. Now it's been rehabbed several times and its subdivided into many small parcels. Trimble Nurseryland Furniture that was on Lexington Ave in Rochester made the stocks for them. That building also still exists but it's in a neighborhood...... Well, let's just say you don't want the sun to set while you are there. M1 ca
  12. I retire next month. The nature of my job has always pitted work obligations against hunting season. I could only justify a week of hunting and then I would have to choose what season. I've never been able to hunt muzzle loader as that's always the plant shutdown period. So this year I'm looking forward to being able to hunt all seasons. I've always had my limits on what I will and what shoot but I expect I will be able to be even more selective I also have ability to lay in some food plots. For once in my life I will have time to work on more projects for my own benefit that ar
  13. Cartwrights Maple Tree Inn is only a couple miles from my cabin in Angelica. For those of you familiar with this institution they only open twice a year when the sap is running. I a normal weekend this time of year there's hundreds waiting to come in. This year it's takeout only. When I drove passed the other day there was less than 20 cars in parking lot. Everybody sugars down and around there. Generally small batch operation but I do know of one maple syrup factory there but I forget the name. It was Germanic and had a very popular restaurant nearby. Maple Syrup weekend got cancel
  14. Spring air guns are really rough on scopes. Crosman owns Benjamin air guns and for the money they aren't too bad. I have a hunter version in 22 cal. It come close to a 22 LR round and is quite accurate to 30 yards. When I was researching the one to get for hunting I was surprised to find out the Survivalist's Forums see air guns as a gun of choice for small game Funny thing in a lot of European countries where it hard to own a gun, air gun prevail. Air rifles were a sniper weapon in the Revolutionary war. If they caught you with one, you were shot on sight. Lewis and Clark
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