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  1. Going to Chicago at SPAC Sunday. Daughter lives like ten minutes away so I get valet service. I wasn't planning to pack Old Betsy or be ready to hit a baseball at any given moment. However I'm bringing the wife, the Redhead. Protesters don't want to see her go atomic. I'm betting this is nothing but a small group organized to stir up crap. Micro Terrorism in a community known to be frequented during the summer by the affluent of NYC. I don't look for trouble but I refuse to give into exactly what they want. To raise fear where we live and to let them think they are in char
  2. Not long after I wrote this, I went camping and had this in the canoe when we capsized! Been there and know the feeling. I never capsize until I did. Now important stuff that can't get wet goes into water tight box otter-boxes, compartments or bags. Everything gets tie back into canoe or kayak so it can't escape. Losing cell and car keys at the same time while in a remote location kayaking really sucks. Never plan to let that happen again.
  3. I had something getting into my garage and was leaving these large paw prints on the car. I couldn't identify what it was but I knew what it wasn't and the prints returned nightly. I set up one of those large Hav-a-Hart traps with a can of sardines. Very next day I had my capture. It was a feral cat with paws the size of hardballs, no tail and plenty of battle scars. Every square inch of this trap was filled with this cat and he wasn't at all happy. I'm pretty sure he said something like "You'll be swimming with the fishes" I live across the street from a very large park with tw
  4. I'm trying again on the mountain to grow a garden. Last year I did an effort and everything was going fine. Then something got into the garden and all I had was a few stalks poking from the ground. I got all the critters of the forest around the log home. I'm the alien in this environment They have no problem getting over or under any fence. Last year the garden was remote from home so this year I moved it next to home by cutting in half food grade 55 gallon barrels. My soil is total crap here. Clay and rock which is a real joy with the tiller. I have to work a lot into soil to ma
  5. MoHo is spot on. I would say more than half the non-working AC units I find are due to condenser coil from being plugged solid with dirt and dust. Take off cover. Blow out with air compressor blow gun if you have one. Then wash out with garden garden hose being careful to not flatten any fins. No compressor, just wash but doing both is better. This is true of all AC units but residential units should be cleaned by shutting down power, take off top grill and blow dirt for inside to out of coil. And oh, you'll be amazed what comes out if you having been doing it. So that's where the
  6. I noticed my Wal-Mart selling 55 gallon wine barrels for $98. Not sure if a whiskey barrel would bring a premium. If it did, I would think the whiskey maker name would present on barrel to earn that premium.
  7. I know people that have done it. They made some cash but it seems most of it goes to logger no matter what they tell you. It can be quite healthy for woods if done right removing weak and diseased while opening up for growth. Problem is most loggers want cash logs of straight sections of prime wood like oak and hemlock. Unless some deal is worked out they are in this for purely making money. Not improving your woods. They often leave you the parts like limbs, curve sections and branches they don't want. This does make good habitat for ground critters but I found it to be messy in
  8. I know your loss so well. I'm always swearing when it happens I'll never get another dog as it tears my heart out when they leave. Yet I always do It's the true friend that always happy to come and greet you at the door. The being by my side. That's the hook that gets me. Very sorry for your loss.
  9. I'm really amazed by the level of arrogance in this post and the choices of inflammatory words and generalizations in some passages. For the elitist, I got news for you your dump smells just as bad as mine. For the record I'm 63. Screw your old as I'm not infirmed and need no special considerations or help. I'll do just fine even when I'm 65. I did hunt recurve back in the day. I can tell you I've heard half these arguments around when compounds came to be but the internet wasn't as mature back then for such community postings as we have now. The transition from black powder si
  10. Oh and the Wheel and Jeopardy because I’m old , and therefore a requirement. No truer words have ever been spoken. In my household due where I seem to have no say about the TV we own every streaming service there is. I'm amazed that I have thousands of things to watch. That are all crap. The kids love it how I point out the inaccuracies of their "Reality" TV. And do you need to be a certified moron to watch any aspect of the Kardashians. Even the news now lacks reality as they push a liberal agenda More and more I find myself watching over the air TV. In my opinion, J
  11. My commercial Huskey with attachments is very well used and a god send. The pole saw attachment works amazing well. I have a quarter mile of access road into my cabin in the woods. A couple years ago I had a pole barn built and wanted a concrete floor. No way could concrete or dump trucks make it down that road without me clearing the canopy. The pole saw attachment more than payed for itself. But as other have said, working overhead for any long period of time is a bit brutal. I know as I spent two eight hour days during the hottest days of August doing it. My arms looked like Pope
  12. We forget our past. Every major US City during industrial revolution was built on or near water to utilize water power. New England is loaded with shut down mills all which ran on water power. Many of which could be utilized to generate electricity via hydrogeneration. There's many shutdown hydro plants in NY. One of my facilities stares at a well hidden one that RG&E has mothballed near High Falls in Rochester. Next to zero effort is being put into new hydro generation or re-establishing existing facilities. I have a stream on my property which could be used as a micro generator bu
  13. There's a line waiting to get into Sportsman Warehouse every morning. Whatever comes in gets sold out quick. I betting some buy just to resell at a profit. Stuff they don't use or need. Others buy whatever to trade for stuff they do need.
  14. Mini splits aren't equal. The better ones I know of are Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. Some are only designed for cooling. You will likely need to do multi-zone for larger house even if it's on same floor. I've installed many in an industrial setting and have put my own in log home. They work great with proper planning and installation. My propane usage cut way back yet the electric didn't increase much. They really aren't hat hard to install if you have skills. Basically a blower box inside mounted high on wall with coil and controls. Three inch hole to outside for line-set, condensate
  15. Adirondacks has been my playground for over 55 years. Those deer you see all summer are never there when hunting season arrives. This is land of mile long driveways. I was always amazed how spooked deer are when the first legal day of hunting arrives. I can recall a weekend I hunted hard tracing down every sign of deer and coming up with nothing. that night I come to town to get an pack of adult pop only to find every freaking deer of the area stand in people's yards around town where they know they can't be shot.
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