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  1. I’m truly impressed with the weather report. Forecast is for west wind. When I checked before going out, it said west winds, but the windicator arrow was pointed north. So I setup in a spot for W and N winds. The wind had been at my back all morning.
  2. If you killed it, it’s your deer as far as I’m concerned. If the hunter shot two bucks, you’re doing him a favor anyway. Possible trespasser is a separate issue.
  3. No sign of rut activity where I am in 3M. A couple scrapes that are open every year by now are not, and I’ve been hunting all day and have not seen a single deer. There are a few new rubs, but nothing noteworthy. I suspect I missed it this year, which is okay. Hopefully the bucks are out of lock down come opening day of the gun season.
  4. If you’re just hanging the stand and not cutting any limbs, I don’t see that as being invasive at all. Try to stay somewhat quiet, and if conditions are right, hunt it that same afternoon.
  5. I’ve not shot the Maxx series, but my go-to also is the Spitfires. I’ve killed two deer, and a turkey with them, and the blood trail each time (with the deer) is easily trackable. I keep rages as back-ups, but lost a deer once, switched to the spitfires, and have not looked back.
  6. I really cannot tell from the photos, but I may put some tree wound dressing on it and wrapping them with tree wrap? It does not look to be rodent damage, but again, hard to tell.
  7. Are you sure it’s not a .35? Putting 30-30 ammo down a .35 caliber barrel would cause the problems you’re experiencing.
  8. Scope or no scope? If the gun is sighted in, shooter differences aren’t it’s fault.
  9. Know anyone with a drone that could do a flyover and perhaps find some evidence to better support your theory? Just the simple act of buying tons of corn does not make someone a criminal, but I understand where you are coming from. Just be careful to remain anonymous. Like posting on a public forum.
  10. I don’t know where you’re hunting, but be wary of ticks that will come off the dead deer as it cools...and into your sweet ride. To answer your question, people recover deer hours upon hours after they’re shot. You’ll be fine as long as the temperatures cooperate.
  11. The deer and the perfectly mushroomed Barnes removed from her. The bullet entered the right shoulder, went through 1 lung, the liver, the stomach, and barely punctured the opposite wall of the stomach. When I removed her innards, I saw the bullet in the stomach wall and of course when I went to grab it it sunk into the contents This is was a free standing +/- 50 yard shot down a +/- 20 deg slope with her slightly quartering toward me.
  12. My usual hunting party of (3) ended up going three for three in 5J. My dad shot a spike, our friend got a doe and I shot a doe Sunday morning 10 minutes after getting off my stand and deciding to still hunt along the adjacent ridge. Last year, I didn't even see a single deer and the last time I shot one in 5J must be 5 years ago.
  13. Unfortunately with the stormy weather, the nights last weekend looked nothing like that. We were pretty excited for the full moon, but Mother Nature took it away from us.
  14. Just outside of Swan lake. We had them howling pretty good after sunset today, but it's all quiet now. Didn't see many fresh tracks today, but hopefully the milder weather gets them out.
  15. I'm hunting it too in Sullivan. Haven't so much as seen a track.
  16. Personally, I will shoot an injured animal if I thought it was so gravely wounded that it would continue to suffer for a prolonged time. I'll figure out the legal implications, if any, later. I bumped a small doe last year during rifle season that was obviosuly shot and hurting bad. I was still hunting and got within 10yds of her before she blew out of a thicket. It's chest was covered in blood and one front leg wasn't working. Unfortunately, she stayed in thick cover and I did not have a clear shot. In hindsight, a 20ga slug likely would have found its mark. I tried tracking/tailing her as she proceeded into more open woods, but I lost her. I should have fired when I had a "good enough" shot from 30yds away.
  17. Can't. The video comes up as private.
  18. Yes. Different manufactures use different primer setting product. Fire away. They're fine.
  19. Nope. I like the current regulations with portions of the season open for x-bows. I think hunters and the DEC need to see how things go, but keep the current season dates, before expanding their usage.
  20. 3M: Totally different game compared to yesterday. There is absolutely nothing going on here other than squirrels working. There is a mystery critter in some brush under my stand though. Hopefully it doesn't tear out my jugular when I get down later.
  21. 3M; Been seeing deer all morning. Had two small 3/4 pointers chasing does right after sunrise. Saw a basket rack 5 and have seen does just about every 20 minutes. No clear shot opportunities yet though. Movement seems to be slowing down now.
  22. I'd say you hit the shoulder bone. There's not much else in a deer around the vitals to screw up your broadhead and arrow that bad. I'm pretty sure that no matter what broadhead you were shooting, on this particular shot, this would have happened.
  23. This is my rule of thumb too. With a climber, you might want to be setup even earlier. Usually getting into the woods and up the tree is not the quietest of activities.
  24. Are there crossbowsmiths? OP, Maybe your rail is fouled from carbon buildup? (kidding)
  25. Timeless

    Camp update

    From my direct experience, I can tell you that being on good terms with your neighbors at a hunting camp is the best thing possible. You're very lucky. Keep that guy happy and he'll look out for your interests. As they say, one hand washes the other.