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  1. Sorry for your loss, looks like heaven got an amazing addition Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks everyone, I'm still pumped! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I've been hunting since I was about 20 or so and this past Friday I finally connected on this guy. I'm now 32 and it has been a long time coming. If anyone was out Friday in Saratoga county it was raining, fogged and all together miserable. My father and I had gone all bow season and right up to Thanksgiving without seeing a deer during daylight on the 250+ acres we have permission to hunt. On turkey day I jumped two bedded deer but didn't get a shot and we had a deer streak across a field in front of us only to bed down behind someone's house. So on Friday I decided I wanted to try something new (it only took me 5 years of hunting this property to try) and walked in on the edge of the property line to set up over a scrape line. So Friday morning I'm getting soaked from the melting snow coming down from the pines. I sat until 940am or so and I had had enough. I tell my dad I'm walking out and start heading out into a field to walk back to the truck and there he is about 200 yards away nose to the ground. I pull my gun up on the shooting stick and my scope is completely fogged up and I can't see though it. I pull my sleeve out of my jacket frantically and wipe the lens off and pull the gun back up and I see his behind crossing the hedge row into the next field so I decide to jog up to the corner to see if I can catch him in that field. I get about 30 yards to the corner of where three field converge with some thick brush/saplings and there he is standing not 40 or so yards just on the other side of the fence. The first shot was not true as it didn't make it through the brush between us. The brush I couldn't see through my partially fogged scope. He was off and running and I thought it was over. I worked the bolt on the 270 and shot a second time as he was running. That shot ended up being off the mark as well. Unfortunately, well for him, he stopped and looked back into the field and my third shot was true and he dropped. A miserable wet and cold morning turned into a hunt I'll never forget and a moment I got to share with my dad. Persistence paid off and I'm looking forward to getting back out this weekend. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Witty

    bass opener

    Bass isn't open yet? Just kidding this smallie came out of a trout creek two nights ago. Thought I had a nice trout on. My daughter turns 4 this year and we have been out a few times for sunnies. I would love to have her catch a bass next weekend. We will prolly hit up a few ponds and lakes to find a few from shore. I look forward to starting a new tradition with my daughter who to my surprise loves fishing. She even touches the fish! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Pouring down rain and not one gobble at our go to spot. Not sure what to do tomorrow. It rained hard here when they would have roosted could have changed their plans and roosted in another area.
  6. Raining here too but you can't control the weather! Glad I spent the money on rain gear last season.
  7. How do the bones need to be preserved/treated?
  8. Witty

    What if.....?

    I always look at what can go wrong before I look at the benefits. There are far more reasons this can be a good thing. Thank you guys for all your input. I will let you know how it plays out. I was unable to get contact information for him. Hopefully we don't mess up each other's hunts tomorrow.
  9. I could hardly sleep last night, I'm sure it will be the same story tomorrow. I'm taking a friend out tomorrow who has never killed a bird, hopefully he will get a chance tomorrow. It should be a good time. Good luck to everyone going out tomorrow. Stay safe.
  10. Witty

    What if.....?

    Doc, that is what I'm worried about. I am 100% still going to hunt the property. It's a damn good turkey spot. Hopefully I run into him. The property owner even gave me permission to deer hunt it this season (only had turkey last year).I stopped in over the weekend and he mentioned to me this dec employee had asked to turkey hunt. He had said the gentlemen stated they were having problems in the area. I can't recall if he said he was an officer or just employee.
  11. a DEC employee/officer was granted hunting permission to private property you have permission for? Would you still hunt this property?
  12. Saw this guy on the side of the road so I stopped and took a few pictures of him. Watched him for a good 5 minutes, pretty amazing how big these birds are.
  13. If DW can't help you out let me know I have a few properties somewhat close to Clifton Park and I could take you out from sun up to 8am.
  14. Saw a nice buck at 630am yesterday. Watched him for a few minutes as he presented me with many opportunities to take him at about 150 yards. Couldn't make out how many points. Proceeded to have one of the worst days I've ever had hunting, 5 ticks while I was walking around a bit followed by pulling 4 more off my clothes when I got home. Left the woods at 930 when nature called. Wasn't about to drop trow with all those ticks. Glad I made it home, I started to the the sweats lol hopefully this afternoon will be better.