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  1. Well I went out and tilled the plot with the rototiller and it was real wet. But the tiller turned it up pretty good so I'm hoping that between the wind and the sun over the next couple of days it should dry enough so I can get it planted Monday after work. I'll probably add some powdered lime at the same time, it shouldn't hurt? I'll post some pics when I get it planted. After I finished with the tiller I switched to the brush hog and finished up mowing lanes. I got the tractor stuck when I straddled a large log I didn't see until I was on top of it. Had to walk back to my truck, get a chain saw and cut it out. No biggie just a pita!
  2. I've started prep for a new food plot, (see need a york rake blog) and I have access to the tractor this weekend only. I am afraid it is going to be too wet to work it? We have had a lot of rain lately and it came fast and heavy. The ground is really wet! I'm going to give it a try but I am afraid I'm just wasting my time. If I don't do anything now I won't be able to get back at it until at least September 16, will that be too late to put in a mix of turnip/radish and clover?
  3. I always thought wny area included Orleans, Wyoning and Genesee counties? this link is interesting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_New_York#/media/File:Map_of_New_York_Economic_Regions.svg
  4. Happy Birthday Larry! Hope you have a great day! I have both bikes on the road if you want to go out for a ride later. Otherwise I imagine you will have a Bourbon and a fat stogie after b-cake. ENJOY!!
  5. We used to watch Tarzan and Superman everyday when we got home from school. And the Commander Tom show.
  6. I watched all those shows when I was a kid! Petticoat Junction, Green Acres what a hoot! Does anyone remember Sky King? Sunday night was always Wonderful world of Disney, followed by Have guns will travel? If my fading memory serves me right?
  7. Here are the pics of my Kawasaki, I cleaned it this morning and it is posted on CL Buffalo. https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2003-kawasaki-vulcan-1500/6261405329.html
  8. yes it is although it doesn't have the 100 year anniversary logos Yes it has a flap on the rear fender also.
  9. 03 Police edition Road King, put plates on it last night rode out to Akron Ale House for dinner. Rode great!
  10. Picked up my new ride, now I have to make room in the garage until I sell the Kaw.
  11. It's actually black cherry, once I get some better pics to post the color will show.
  12. I'm going to sell my motorcycle. I will post some pics but I just wanted to get it out there. It's a '03 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 cc, 59k miles, brand new tires, battery, It has a Mustang seat. It's set up as a solo ride with custom back rest right now but I do have the matching passenger seat, sissy bar and luggage rack. asking $3900.00. I'm located in the Williamsville area. PM me if interested or have any questions. Thanks
  13. I finally got out today and hit the plot with round up, it's still a little wet but the grass is coming back quick! Probably get back to till it in a couple of weeks.
  14. I always get great pics of bucks when the pears start to drop, by hunting season I seldom see any sign of most of them. Although I always see a least 1 nice one during bow usually just out of range!
  15. This one should be interesting to see how this rack develops!