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  1. 2012_taco

    Happy birthday doebuck1234 and Bill Schmidt

    Happy Birthday guys! Have a great day!
  2. 2012_taco

    The Start

    Next little project..... My wife wants to add some decor out on the rear patio. I cut the shape out of luann plywood and she will do the painting. I'll post another pic when it's done.
  3. 2012_taco

    A whole lot of junk!

    Not quite as close up but you get the picture!
  4. 2012_taco

    Card pull

    It's starting to heat up! it looks like the 10 pt is shedding his velvet. And the big non typical with the broken front leg is still around, man he's got a lot of stickers! I can tell it's the same buck from the last 3 years as i have him on video and can see his limp when he's walking. That buck has to be at least 5.5 years old now. I'd love to get him but his MO is I see him on camera but once the season starts i never see him in the woods.
  5. 2012_taco

    Goose in Italy

    Enjoy the trip! Keep the pics coming.
  6. 2012_taco

    Velvet Muley

    Very Nice! Gun season? Bow? Opps just notice where the was posted, Duh!
  7. 2012_taco

    Academy 2019

    Gold Tip makes weights you can screw into the back of the insert to add weight. I think I'll experiment by trying heavier field points to see if I notice any difference and then get the inserts if necessary.
  8. 2012_taco

    Academy 2019

    So are your tips actually 150gr? I was thinking of adding some weight to the front of my arrows as I'm pretty sure iirc that I don't have the recommended FOC because of the lighted nocks I use on my hunting arrows. What did you use to add weight?
  9. 2012_taco

    Happy birthday fasteddie !

    Happy Birthday young man! Enjoy it!
  10. 2012_taco

    Happy birthday The_Real_TCIII !

    Happy Birthday Tacks!!! Have your cake and eat it too!
  11. 2012_taco

    Todays chuckle

    Someone broke into my garage and stole my limbo stick, Really how low can you go!!
  12. 2012_taco

    5ft brush hog

    SOLD! Mods please lock er up.
  13. 2012_taco

    First Shot Daily Pics

    My pose looks like I'm taking the 80 yarder at the Academy! Always a good shoot at Hawkeye, We should have stayed for lunch and a couple of pops! Maybe I'll go to Clarence and check out the beer tent?
  14. 2012_taco

    Card pull

    Some more from the latest card pull....
  15. 2012_taco

    Academy 2019

    Starting poll... Any one interested in shooting Hawkeye Bowman Labor Day shoot? I'm planning on going Monday am, try to be there by 7:30-8:00, have some breakfast and shoot all 3 courses. Who's in?