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  1. No sump pump here, but I do have a floor drain that was supposed to be capped off per town regs years ago! I'll have to put in a sump pump if I ever sell the house. But not a drop in the basement. Thank God! I put in a gate valve in the sewer line in the basement as I have a toilet in the basement, if the town sewer ever backs up the toilet is the lowest outlet. Someone has to be home to close the valve in an emergency. So far I've never had to use it. Again TG!
  2. Digital thermometers are great for checking the temp of stuff on the grill, but when smoking I don't want to be opening up the smoker to check Temps, thats when I use the Weber probe. Works for me although the wireless would be nice.
  3. I don't have any experience with the wireless meat thermometer but it looks good. Did you end up getting it? I use the Weber Igrill app and it has a wired probe. the wireless probe would be a nice feature! The range would be great but my experience with wireless range is never as good as the manufacturer states, once there is a wall in way the range drops a lot.
  4. Bump Thanks again to all that have made a donation, I'm getting real close!!
  5. Virgil, this comes from a retired building inspector, every town/municipality is different, but they all are supposed to follow the same building codes. I suggest that you ask first and try to avoid a conflict with your inspector. As others have said it can very from an inspector throwing the book at you to a simple it's ok. But the bottom line is the codes are there to protect the consumer from bad contractors cutting corners and not building a safe product, plumbing that doesn't work properly, to faulty wiring methods that could cause a fire. You stated that your kitchen remodel involv
  6. The first thing you'll need to do is insulate! otherwise it's going to be too cold 3/4 of the year! And once insulated you'll need to cover the insulation so it stays in place and doesn't get all torn up down the road. Then a small furnace or portable heater will be a nice. Maybe partition off a smaller area for the Cave, that way you won't have to insulate the entire garage.
  7. The town street cleaner went down my street today, maybe it's just me but, I think it would work better if it actually cleaned the street! It just pulls the crap away from the curb and leaves it in the street! I suppose it might keep the crap from getting into the storm sewer, but with heavy rain predicted it will still wash into the sewers! To top it off, the street cleaner went up and down the street 3x's!!
  8. We had a hen nest in our back yard 2 years ago, haven't seen or heard any hardly since. Rare sighting in downtown Snyder,NY!
  9. I couldn't believe this so I googled it, unfricking believable!! This should start another civil war!! https://www.ydr.com/story/opinion/2020/08/11/us-house-voted-remove-rebel-monuments-gettysburg-senate-must-stop/3344644001/
  10. Happy Birthday @phade,I hope you have a great day!
  11. Happy belated Birthday @goosifer! I hope you had a great day!
  12. Bump, Almost at my goal! Thanks to everyone who donated. https://communityshift.11daypowerplay.com/TimMeyers
  13. I've been wanting to get a new US flag and add a blue lives matter flag on the other brick column at my front porch for some time now. Well I finally got around to it. I also added solar spot lights so I can leave the flags up 24/7. Wanted to get it done by Flag Day but oh well it's done.
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