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  1. 2012_taco

    What kind of wood?

    Kudos to all that said it was oak. It's actually white oak, I had 2 guys I know who are pretty good woodworkers look at it and they both said white oak. I haven't had much time to work on it lately but here is a pic of it roughed in. I am going to burn in the image, glue in the bullets, and trim the edges.
  2. 2012_taco

    Lost a hunting partner today

    I'm so sorry to hear this, prayers sent for you and your family.
  3. 2012_taco

    lighted knocks for bolts

    I'm thinking of getting lighted knocks for my bolts. A friend gave me 1 to try but it didn't fit my Victory bolts. It was too loose. I was looking on ebay and there are lots out there. My bolts are .300 inside dia., i see some that say they will fit .297-.302 bolts. Does that sound like too much play? I'm hesitant to buy them as i'm sure they are imported knock offs. (no pun intended) What do you guys/gals use? Anyone use the cheapies with any luck?
  4. Lawd, I have a pile of those bags in my garage you can have. They smell like cigarette smoke for some reason! I have a FS and we use it all the time. My wife cooks up chicken, burgers etc. and we freeze them in 2 person serving sizes. Pull them out for dinner in winter and they taste like they just came off the grill. Also works great for meals when we go camping. When I need to freeze stuff that has liquid or excessive moisture I place the it on a cookie sheet and put in the freezer for 10-20 minutes then vac seal. It helps keep the moisture out of the vacuum. For soups I freeze the soup in a plastic bowl then pop the soup out of the bowl, put it in a bag and vac seal.
  5. I'm guilty of this, I just recently bought a 360 heater for the blind/shop and just threw a 1lb tank in it and lit it up. It worked fine. The next day I went to use it and I couldn't get it to light. I returned it and picked up a second one. When I went to use it I re-read the instructions only to find out I was supposed to turn it to the start position for 30 seconds and then try to light it. Apparently you need to purge the gas line before it will light. It works fine and I assume the first one would have worked fine if I would have read the directions! DUH!
  6. 2012_taco

    EZ V Sight?

    518Bowsayer, I would be curious as to how it works for you. I shoot a single pin adjustable site and I usually keep it set at 20 yds. The only time I move the pin is if I'm shooting 3d at different ranges. I also have "getting old" eyes and have compensated for the blurry pins with a lens set in my peep site. This helps keep the pin a little clearer but not strong enough to affect my view of the target. I can see the point of the open picture as the V eliminates the pin, I just think it will change my concentration of the target from a point on the animal to an area on the animal thus changing my whole concept of aiming. (I hope that makes sense) After years of practice with standard sites this might take some time to get used to? It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks! Having said all that I'm still curious/interested in trying one of these sites out. It could be a game changer if it really helps with accuracy and not having to make a guesstimate of the range of the target.
  7. 2012_taco

    New smoker. Need tips.

    Zeus, I have a similar smoker, I installed a regulator in line between the tank and the smoker because even on the lowest setting the smoker was too hot. I couldn't maintain a temp around 200-220. Now I can control it much better. I second the probe and thermometer as you will need to watch the internal temps. Also remember that most meats only absorb smoke for about 6 hours after that you are just slow cooking. So as Turkeyfeathers said finish it in a crock pot. I usually use our electric roaster as I do 2- 8 lb pork butts at the same time and they fit better in the roaster. Have fun with it, it's always a learning experience and soon you will be loving everything you put in it. I've done pork butts, venison stuffed with italian sausage, venison pepper sticks, chicken thighs, Baltimore pit beef, and more. I have always wanted to do chicken wings, just can't seem to justify the cost when thighs are so much cheaper!
  8. 2012_taco

    What kind of wood?

    Thanks, but I', good. I stopped in at Wolcott gun range on Waldenand picked up the casings I needed. Now it's time get the board done! I'll post pics when it's finished. Thanks!
  9. 2012_taco

    Happy Birthday...

    Happy Birthday to all the New Years Babies! Seriously 56 of you? Happy New Year to all!
  10. 2012_taco

    protecting tree stands from theft

    I always lock my stands with a bicycle cable and padlock or a chain and lock. And I always take them down asap. I have them all in my garage waiting to be put away till next fall. I believe the stands will last longer not sitting out in the elements rotting away. Plus I think the scum that see them in the off season figure that no one is around so nows a good time to grab it. It's worked well so far. Knock on wood!
  11. 2012_taco

    Idea Needed For Gag Gift

    If he'said turning 70 he probably already has all that stuff!
  12. 2012_taco

    What kind of wood?

    I'm looking to use .45 cal brass pistol bullet casings to hold the coins, does anyone know where I can get about 30 spent bullet casings cheap? I will probably check out the gun center on Harlem Rd, or maybe the gun range in Wheatfield on NF blvd? Thanks
  13. Happy Birthday Jay! I see a goat dinner in your future!
  14. This is more like not so live from the woods, yesterday i finished taking down all my stands and pulled my last camera. Gonna wait a couple of weeks and put back all my cameras to see what may have made it through.
  15. 2012_taco

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    I got 6lbs of pepper sticks all stuffed and ready to go in the smoker. No pics, it's the same as I have done b4. I added high temp cheese to this batch! Should be ready tomorrow around 3-4 pm for the local taste test.(Lawd).