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  1. 2012_taco

    Who's NOT Ready

    Not even close!! This is probably the furthest behind I've ever been? I haven't shot the bow in weeks, I spent time moving tree stands off of property I can no longer hunt. I still have at least 3 stands to put up, hopefully I can get out this weekend. Went out of town last week to help my daughter so I lost another weekend. I will be going back in 3 weeks for probably a week. It's beginning to look like I'll probably be ready by crossbow season! Oh I forgot, I have to finish siting in my crossbow and find broadheads for it.
  2. 2012_taco

    People suck

    Auto Insurance is covering the glass but contents are covered by home owners policy and I have $1000 deductible. No word from the hotel or police as to the camera footage. FYI we were at a hotel in Towson not actually in Baltimore, it's outside of the city. It's supposed to be a decent neighborhood.
  3. 2012_taco

    People suck

    Yes, the police are going to check the footage today, but I looked and the cameras are not pointed where i was parked. Maybe they will be able to get a plate # of a vehicle cruising the parking lot late that night.
  4. 2012_taco

    People suck

    Went to Baltimore to help my daughter move. This is what I got up to on Sunday morning. Some dirt bag smashed both back windows in my truck and made off with about $1000 worth of tools and my wife's camera.
  5. 2012_taco

    Hockey season started!

    Went to the Sabres game last night, got gifted front row seats! Hockey season bow season is right around the corner!
  6. 2012_taco

    Cutting Board Material

    I have a sink sized piece of corian you can have. Just come and get it. Never mind I just checked and you're 390 miles away!
  7. 2012_taco

    What's in your smoker tonight?

    I have a propane smoker and I honestly don't remember seasoning it? Oh well it's certainly seasoned now!
  8. 2012_taco

    My off grid journal

    Looks great! Keep up the good work.
  9. 2012_taco

    Oh no...

    I guess there is a silver lining? I went out yesterday (with the new owners permission) to remove my stands. I down loaded the on X hunt app on my phone and used it to flag the property line as I have permission to hunt the piece to the west of this piece. I had to move 3 stands total but 1 of my food plots is literally 99% on the property i still have permission! I had to move my stand about 20 ft. i also found out that a large section of my mowed lane is on the other piece. It appears that I will have to park on the road and cross a creek but i will still be hunting the area!
  10. My wife and ride our motorcycles when the weather is nice. I love doing wood projects in my shop when it's not really hot and humid! But my real passion is playing hockey, I'm 65 and still play at least once a week in the summer and the winter league started last night, so I'll be playing 2x a week all winter. The wife and I also ski all winter. That's why I hunt when I can!
  11. 2012_taco

    Happy birthday sodfather!

    Happy Birthday! Enjoy it and do something you really enjoy!
  12. 2012_taco

    The Start

    Nothing wrong with laying pipe!
  13. 2012_taco

    2018 HuntingNY Whitetail Classic

    I'm in, just for S&!ts and giggles!
  14. 2012_taco

    Oh no...

  15. 2012_taco

    Oh no...

    Sounds like it's too late, he has made up his mind and I will respect his wishes. Maybe he will change his mind in the future. I'm not holding my breath.