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  1. Thank you! I'm sure I'll be sore, but I won't kill myself!
  2. Bump... Just wanted to bring this back in the picture, fundraising continues, Thanks for all the support! Tim
  3. I think you're hunting the same place as me! I had 6 LB's roosting together during the deer season. I think they do that just to bust my nuts! They will be around come spring just not all roosting together. They will be looking for hens for sure and there will be lots of gobbling! We should get together and bust up some of those birds.
  4. Eddie you must carry one huge backpack to carry a 3'x 12' piece of wood. LOL Seriously that's similar to using my boot puller to step on. I would consider adding a couple of small blocks on the bottom of the board to act as a stop to prevent the stirrup from slipping off.
  5. I believe G-man has a wny Qdma banquet for anyone interested.
  6. Sorry guys but i decided to add the word Bills. I just think it adds a lot to the board. They're all done. my wife made the bags in red and blue.
  7. Yes, they always have a general raffle, live auction, and several side raffles for guns.
  8. Would any of the academy guys be interested in going to my NWTF banquet? It's going to be at Salvatore's on Feb 1. Tickets are $25 for dinner only and 45 including a membership. Let me know what you all think, maybe if we get more than 3 to attend we could call it a GTG!
  9. I got news for you Moog, if your ears have been ringing for weeks you definitely did damage.
  10. One of my concerns with any electronic amplification would be the increase of the sounds of all the tweety birds and such! I'm afraid that ear muffs will just amplify everything and not really help me hear turkeys in the distance? Plus with my bad hearing being mostly in 1 ear will these things help with directional hearing?
  11. This may have been discussed already but, does anyone have or use these? I was thinking mainly for spring turkey hunting as my hearing is real bad especially in my left ear. And to help with muzzle blast when hunting out of a blind. There are a bunch of types out there now besides the original electronic ear muffs. Looking forward to comments. Thanks
  12. I hear you Huey! I never thought about the size of the foot stirrup until I had to cock my Pse Fang while wearing my arctic pro muck boots. I just happen to have a wooden boot puller I made for removing my rubber boots in the truck so I position the boot puller into the stirrup and step on it. works to get the xbow cocked at the truck. I haven't had to worry about cocking it in the woods after a shot for example. I'm with you, the manufacturers should have taken into consideration the heavy boots a lot of us wear while hunting! https://thundering85dnj.wordpress.com/2015/05/23/wooden-boot-jack-plans-plans-diy-how-to-make/