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  1. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Congrats Larry! Nice bird! That paint job on the other hand? JK
  2. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    I got out today, should have been a perfect morning, i got 1 to gobble at 5:15 to a crow call. He didn't gobble much, I felt he wasn't a "hot" one? Had a buck come in behind me and started snorting, he probably snorted 10-15 times, I never heard that bird again! I did a big circle through the property , checked all the fields, never heard another bird. Called it at 10 as I got "stuff" to do. Hopefully get out tomorrow or Monday morning. I already put in for the 30 and 31 off from work. I won't quit till the proverbial fat lady signs!
  3. I'll have to check I believe it's a full choke. Not sure what lop means?
  4. Last night as a firefighter !

    Congrats on your retirement! Glad you finished it in 1 piece.
  5. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    I hit a new spot in Clarence today, didn't hear a thing. Saw deer, raccoon, owl, pileated wood pecker, and 1 hen. I think the fog in the fields screws them up. If I could stay till noon I might find 1, but I have to get to work.
  6. Gun is still available, $175.00. I may take it out this weekend and try for a spring gobbler!
  7. Happy birthday 2012-taco and Red !

    Thanks for the b- day wishes. I might try the Yelling goat for dinner? TF is it open yet? Absolute beautiful day too bad I spend most of it at work! Would have loved to play hooky and went turkey hunting!
  8. Boyt truck seat organizer

    Still available $50.00, these list for $160. It is too big for my Tacoma. Needs a home behind the front seat of a full size truck.
  9. Love this sound

    I too have the turkey gobbling ring tone. I use it during May as kinda a joke. Last year I'm at a friends place and the evening before we're standing on the porch watching 3 hens in his field and my phone rings, got us both! I forgot i had changed my ring tone! we both jumped thinking the bird was right near us.
  10. 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan for sale

    The Kawasaki has been sold!! Mods can lock this up. Thanks
  11. attorney for speeding ticket in Clarence?

    Send in the ticket and mark it not guilty. They will give you a court date and you will see to town attorney or a assistant district attorney. they will plead it down to a parking ticket and charge you a ton. but no points on your license and they keep the $$ instead of it going to the state. It's very routine as long as you don't have any outstanding warrants or a lot of points on your license. If that's the case you're SCREWED!!!
  12. How many of you have....

    Where did you find these at Walmart? I checked 2 stores in Williamsville and lockport didn't see them. I even checked on line can't find them?
  13. What's in your smoker tonight?

    No pics yet, but I'm going to do a beef brisket today. I've been wanting to do brisket for some time, finally picked up a 15# piece yesterday. Now to figure out what rub to use? Anyone have any suggestions?
  14. How many of you have....

    TF that vest looks great except no padded seat and that fanny pack would be in the way when sitting up against a tree. Although you usually sit in a blind so I assume you're on a chair and take the vest off? I like the fact that it is very open, my vest is a full vest and walking out on a warm day it gets hot. I just went through my stuff getting ready for drive to Little Valley on Monday, can't wait!!
  15. Question about sheds (storage sheds)

    Sounds like a good ol' Shed raising party is in order! Hunting Ny style! We drink your beer and watch you work! Jk, I'm sure a few of us locals would help.