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  1. 2012_taco

    Skinning a deer for your taxidermist...

    Definitely, Thanks got to Lawd for coming over last night to help me skin my deer, after he skinned his! Not caping for Taxi just going to do another euro for the garage wall.
  2. 2012_taco

    My deer

    Congratulations nice deer Paula!
  3. Am I missing something? Is there a separate thread to post the story behind the harvest? If so where is it? Thanks
  4. Congrats on a real wall hanger! It's amazing how a so-so day can change in a minute. You deserve this one.
  5. I thought I posted this earlier but my phone has a mind of its own! This is 1 of the bucks I said I would shoot given the chance, wide 6 pt I've got on camera for 3 years in a row! Lawd the bino/ camera worked great
  6. I sat last night and saw a nice buck at 45 yds, no shot, today he doesn't get the "Pass". Good luck everyone and be safe! wear your harness!
  7. In all honesty he is coming in to town to visit my other brother who is in the hospital.
  8. 2012_taco

    Grinder Recommendations

    I have a $150 model from Gander my wife gave me for xmas. It says 4lbs /minute? It does ok, I partially freeze the chunks and it does fine. I've used Lawd's grinder and I'm sure it cost at least $100 more but it definitely works better. You do get what you pay for, if you can afford it go for the best you can. Hobart are great but for a couple deer a year you don't need to go that big.
  9. Live from the couch-office today, I took off tomorrow to give it 1 last try. Good luck to all out there today, STAY Warm. My brother is flying in from Fla tomorrow at 12:30 to visit till Sunday. Obviously he is not a hunter! who plans a visit to WNY from Fla on opening weekend? I told him I'll see him for dinner!
  10. I was out again yesterday afternoon watched 2 small does feeding when a small buck showed up and they took off running with their tails up! I think he's been harassing them all day and they had enough? I saw a buck I've had on camera for 3 years in a row, He is only a 6 pt but he is the biggest body I've seen on camera. I'm not one to target specific bucks but I definitely have a list of shooters and he is on that list! I'll look through my pics and see if I can find the older pics and post them.
  11. Quiet morning in 9F, I can hear the acorns falling. Sitting a stand in the oaks for 1st time this season, wind is good, here's hoping!
  12. 2012_taco

    Breakfast muffins

    Ok, they passed the test. I'll food saver and freeze the rest for hunting. The recipe called for a can of corn but i didn't think I wanted that much corn in a breakfast muffin. I should have put it it. These taste good, the cornbread mix adds some sweetness. https://www.jimmydean.com/recipes/breakfast/savory-sausage-cornbread-muffins
  13. 2012_taco

    Breakfast muffins

    A new twist on the breakfast muffins... I just made these with corn muffin mix. I'll post the receipt after I try one to verify they are worthy!
  14. I've noticed the same thing on my cameras, last 2 weeks lots of pics of multiple bucks(15 different bucks on 1 camera) Last few days only does and small bucks? I was wondering where are the shooters? I assume the bucks will be around when the does are in heat. Sunday I had 3 small bucks running a doe all over, grunting their butts off. If she was ready to mate I would have expected to see a shooter in the mix? My biggest fear is I will miss my chance between work and this crappy weather!!