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  1. Here's the finished pepper sticks. Almost looks professional! I cut the ends off and take them to hockey in a small baggie. Hockey, beer, and pepper sticks or jerky, it doesn't get any better! Yum!
  2. All I did was brine the roast for 7 days, then rinsed it off and set it uncovered in the fridge overnight to dry. Then I just peppered it and put it in the smoker. No additional seasoning or brining.
  3. Here's the smoked venison Pastrami, Reuben Sammies anyone! Yum! Yum!
  4. I used a mix of apple and hickory. I thought it would be a good combo of sweet and smoky flavors. I also have some cherry but chose to hold off on the cherry for now. Next time, we'll see? It was good for the snack sticks, I haven't sliced into the pastrami yet.
  5. Ok I got started on some venison sausage. I cubed up my last deer and froze it in 3-4 lb pkgs. Bought a 9lb pork butt and boned it out, froze it in 2-3 lb pkgs. I figured it would be a good mix of venison to pork? I ground up 2 pkgs of venison and 2 of pork mixing it as I ground it. The meat was still pretty frozen but I wanted it real cold. Worked great, and looks like a good mix. I made half into pepper sticks with cheddar cheese. And the rest breakfast sausage. I used some for a breakfast pizza, some bulk, and fried up the rest as patties for quick breakfast Sammies. Got the sticks in my smoker with a roast for pastrami. I love trying this stuff. Can't wait for the Academy "Sausage Fest"!!
  6. So sorry Brian. Cherish the time you had together until you meet again. She is in a better place now. God Bless you and your family. Stay strong my friend.
  7. Happy Birthday @Cabin Fever I hope you have a great day!
  8. I'm sure Jan 1 is the default setting for your birthday if you don't actually put in the proper date? But why are so many of todays b-day 51 years old? And the prize goes to @nyslowhand 121 years old!
  9. Happy New year one and all! I send this now as I won't be awake at 11:59 tonight!!
  10. Happy Birthday @cynthiafu! Hope you have a great day! Cheers!
  11. Is there any truth to the rumor that the Academy is going to have a sausage making GTG? I see blueberry breakfast, jalapeno cheddar, and various Italian sausage being made and shared. And maybe, just maybe a few brews consumed?
  12. Happy belated Birthday Jay! Hope you had a great day!
  13. Jeremy it's the humidity level. AS Wolc said with a wood stove it's very dry and you need to run a humidifier. We have a little cool mist humidifier running next to our wood stove and it helps alot. I don't always run it but my wife complains when the house gets too dry and she gets those sinus pains.