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  1. Did another batch of sausage balls, I added more cheese and jalapeños. These are very good! Imay have left them on the smoker too long, a few of them are a little dark.
  2. This will get a set of wheels on it so she can store the mixer in the closet when not using it.
  3. Finally finished all the shelves for NU! 32 shelves in the last 4 locker rooms. And I installed all the shelves, it was easier than trying to get them to do it. Hopefully they can handle putting on a few coats of polyurethane. On to the next project. I have to build a small table for a friend's wife to put her mixer on.
  4. I'm shocked no one even mentioned this peanut butter!
  5. My favorite daily read is back! Thank you Tom and company.
  6. You do a rub on the outside? Interesting! I added some dried jalapeños to mine, I like the extra kick.
  7. They are great! Much better than those 1st 2 recipes I tried. Thanks @mowin I will be making these again. Probably tweek them a little as I would like more cheese? It's a pia to make all those meatballs, I was thinking about using my sausage stuffer and just making balls with that ?
  8. Sorry to hear, stay strong, you'll get through this. Praying for you.
  9. They're pretty good! Better than the first 2 batches I made a few weeks ago. I added some dried jalapeño to them as I know my breakfast sausage isn't too spicy. Next time I'll try to add some high temp cheddar, as I think they could use more cheese.
  10. Happy Birthday Sir! Enjoy your day!
  11. 1st attempt at @mowin's recipe for sausage balls.
  12. Do these look right? I'm ready to throw them in the smoker.
  13. What kind of sausage? Hot breakfast, Italian? Thanks
  14. Good luck and heal quickly. As others said take it easy for 2 weeks and then concentrate on PT.
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