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  1. I'm planning on going out tomorrow am, I haven't been out yet this spring. I have been doing a lot of cruising lately and i have yet to see any birds out in the fields? I heard that the population is way down in Chat. Co. but seriosly not a single bird in any fields? I really hope I hear some gobbling in the morning.
  2. I'm always a little late to the party..
  3. We got all the oaks planted yesterday. It started to rain just as we finished, perfect! Thanks again Bob!
  4. Yes, thank you for your generosity! It was nice chatting with another member. The trees should be planted tomorrow.
  5. Happy Birthday gents! I hope you have a great day and Happy Easter!
  6. Do you mean the post like these from Tractor Supply?
  7. Well the 1st blind we built made it through the season up to last Friday's wind storm. This sucks, now I have to take it apart, repair what's broken and put it up again. I knew we should have anchored it but just ran out of time. I will definitely strap it down this time.
  8. I got the 2nd dose of the Pfiser vaccine yesterday. As like the 1st I was ok for 12 hrs and slowly started getting a sore arm. But woke up today with a mild fever and bad headache. I feel like I've been hit by a truck. Same as 1st dose. So I assume this will all pass by tomorrow. We'll see? I heard that because I had covid before that the reaction could be worse, I guess they got that right!
  9. I got a cheap china vest for xmas this year. Too late for hunting season but I did wear it skiing and most of the time I didn't even turn it on. The vest itself was warm. It does run small but the xxxl fit me fine. I'm 6' and weigh 185. I know it will get a lot of use next deer season. I picked up a couple of spare batteries that are 10,000mAH that should be enough to get me through an all day sit?
  10. And you have been with all 3! Probably at the same time!
  11. That's a beauty! Good luck with the turkeys, should be fun sighting it in! I still have my White 12ga bp and every year I say that I'll try to take a spring bird with it and still haven't done it. Maybe this May?
  12. Congratulations Jeremy to you and your family! Like Grampy said it goes by fast. Enjoy it while you can. That's awesome! Makes me think back to when my kids were born, 42 years ago! Time flies!
  13. Yes, I put one in my living room and 1 in my bedroom windows. LOL
  14. Do you guys carry stools with you ? They must have some serious back ups! Like shooting Hawkeye on Labor day!
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