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  1. I recently found 2 turkey fans in my freezer that I totally forgot I had. They are adult tails. I don't have any plans for them and I hate to just throw them out, so if anyone wants them they can have them. They can be spread out (once thawed ) and dried to hang on the wall. Would be a nice piece for the hunting cabin. Later me know if anyone is interested, I'm in Amhest, wny.
  2. Maybe I should have posted this on the crossbow vs compound site? at least there i would have gotten a response!
  3. Paula, not sure what you mean by aging vac packed venison?
  4. Happy Birthday Phade! Hope you have a great day!
  5. Where's the goosifer been? I haven't seen any posts from him in a long time?
  6. Sounds like we have a plan!! The preferred method is to transport it upright, but if you do lay it on it's side you need to wait 24 hours before you turn it on so the oil in the compressor drains back. Otherwise it could ruin the compressor. Also lay it on the side with the door hinges up, that way you don't risk the door opening up and doing damage. And don't lay it on it's back as that can damage the internal lines.
  7. That's a little far for me to deliver. If i was going to my buddies camp soon I could do it, he's in Birdsall near Angelica. Unfortunately Ii just finished the water line project there a week ago. Let's see if there is anyone closer who can use it. Tim
  8. It's a Hotpoint 14.6 cu ft measures 28" wide 61" high and 28" deep.
  9. Sorry, I should have posted that. I'm in Amherst WNY.
  10. No hangover here, I can't remember the last hangover I had. I didn't have a drink yesterday. Friday night by the campfire I had 2 -16oz Yinglings.(spelling) and a couple shots of fireball, still not enough for a fat head in the morning!
  11. I have a small refrigerator/ freezer free to the first to claim it. It runs fine, would make a great back up fridge for the garage or down at camp. If no one claims it by Wednesday it's going to the curb.
  12. Happy Birthday Paula and Goosifer! Great day for a party!
  13. 2-8.5 lb pork butts and a dozen wings to fill the smoker!