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  1. Hello and intro from WNY

    Hi Dino, welcome to the forum. I belonged to Hawkeye for several years, you always kicked my butt at their Snowshoe Shoot. Great fun, I really miss those activities, the work days, and the game dinners! Say Hi to everyone at the club for me, especially Phil and Brian. Tim
  2. Paul McCartney said it best "will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm ....." Now I'll be humming that tune all day.
  3. Yelling Goat Part Deux

    My bad!
  4. Yelling Goat Part Deux

    O'Lacys Irish Pub on School St. Batavia Center Street Smoke House Center St. And there's also Alex's (although I 've never been there) Just throwing it out there!
  5. Yelling Goat Part Deux

    As for the location for round 2 of meet n greet, I'm all in for trying another place. I believe there is a decent Irish bar and a BBQ place in Batavia. Don't recall the names of either place but have been to both places on the scooter and food was good.
  6. Yelling Goat Part Deux

    I saw tons of rabbits while hunting last year, not sure if there are so many this year? Never hunted them with dogs, that would be a blast! For safety sake I'm not sure we could do a rabbit hunt with 10+ guys.
  7. Just throwing this out there

    Great Idea TF! I hope to take you up on the offer. Last year I caught Lawd at the right time and he did a fantastic job finding a downed doe with me. He has a much better pair of eyes, and an awesome flashlight.
  8. Luna's Tracking Journal 2017

    First time I've seen this thread. Very interesting stuff. I've used deer search a couple of times with both good and not so good results. Not the fault of the dog, just me being a young spastic hunter. Thankfully it's been years since I haven't been able to find a downed deer by myself or with the help of friends. I give a lot of credit to the handlers, you guys are very dedicated to helping other hunters. It takes you away from family for a long time. Probably daily this time of year! I look forward to following this thread, keep up the good work! I just looked up to see where Waddington is, You a Sens fan or Habs?
  9. LIVE From The Couch

    I'm sitting in my recliner on the computer, thinking about all the crap I have to get done! I shouldn't have slept in so late but I really needed it. I still need to wash and air out my hunting clothes, but it looks like next week is going to be warm again and i'm not going to sit in a tree when it's that warm. My garage looks like a bomb went off and I can't stand it, I need to get it cleaned up, besides if I whack one I'll need the space to hang and process it! The list goes on and on and on...maybe I should put down this stupid computer!
  10. does anyone know what is in those little bottles of wind check? I assume talcum powder or corn starch. I just by a new bottle every couple years but I was thinking you could probably refill it with something I already have in the kitchen. I may try to grab some milk weed next time I see some and try using that.
  11. 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan for sale

    I relisted the motorcycle on C-list, lowered the price to $3500. here is the link https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2003-kawasaki-vulcan-1500/6323865187.html
  12. 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan for sale

    No problem we'll just put the motorcycle in the boat!
  13. too wet to till

    Let em Grow, you were right, I went out last night to set a stand downwind of the food plot and it is a carpet of green, looks like the brassica is coming up. Although it doesn't look like its growing much, only 2-3" in a month. I think once it cools down and we get some rain it will get going. I don't think it has rained here in over 2 weeks, Mother nature is trying to make up for the soaking she gave us in July and August!
  14. What's for dinner tonight?

    Sounds like you're traveling, Good Luck today finding that toilet seat!
  15. I hear ya, but I carry my stands in and out (no 4 wheeler) and chains add weight. New cables will work for years and I do check them each year. It was actually a fairly cheap repair!