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  1. Brush hog

    That an over running clutch. yes the BH has a bolt at the yoke connection. and you can shear it off!
  2. Hunting Chairs

    Like everyone else I have tried a variety of hunting seats over the years. Some are better than others. My climber has the most comfortable seat I've ever hunted out off. Can sit for hours. I bring a foam pad for my ladder stands, and my hang on all have padded seats. But, I have been setting up a couple of pop up blinds lately and I haven't found the right seat yet. Folding bag chairs are not really comfy and they make a lot of noise. The bucket seats have no back rest and my back can not handle that. The 3 legged seats just plain suck. I suppose they are much better seats available bur I'm not spending $$$ for a chair. JMO
  3. Brush hog

    my friend took the shaft to Niagara Implement and ended up buying a new complete driveshaft as the shield was $100 and would take a week to get it. The new shaft was $150, plus $80/hr as they were going to have to swap out the yoke at the implement end because they didn't match. Couldn't swap the yoke because the new shafts are metric? So they took the new one to a machine shop to have the keyway cut into the yoke. That was $200 extra. Turns out the BH doesn't have a keyway and the machining was totally unnecessary! Boy did we get the SHAFT!! We could have just ordered the new shield, took the damaged one off and used the old shaft without the shield until it came in. Lesson learned. The new shaft is hollow triangle shaft and the old 1 is solid squared shaft, so I assume the new 1 is not as heavy duty? although the new one is rated for more HP than the tractor has, I can't believe it will hold up as well as a solid shaft? Time will tell.
  4. Trailer tire

    No takers? Today is garbage day, it's going to the curb.
  5. Brush hog

    How do you know how long the shaft should be? I know there has to be play so that it doesn't bottom out but is there a standard? The brush hog was being used on the same type of tractor when I bought it. I assumed it was the right length. With the pto being offset on the tractor it needs a longer throw when turning to the right and a much shorter length when making a left turn. (you can see it on the previous pics)
  6. Suburban turkey

    She must be roosting near by. She was in my front yard at 5:45 this morning. Bill, no poults. She is used to people, I was able to walk right up to her.
  7. Card pull

    Yes first ever piebald I've seen here. Last year my buddy saw a piebald doe getting bred by 2 bucks. I thought he was seeing things as i have never seen 1 here. But they do exist! this guy must be 1 of her offspring?
  8. Suburban turkey

    The Snyder wild turkey is back! She was scratching in our flower bed, my wife just finished doing the mulch!
  9. Card pull

    The boys of summer!! Starting to get some pics of some potential big guys, PLUS the drop tine is BACK!!!!
  10. Brush hog

    Well I reversed the wheels on the BH and gave it a try. Adjusted the height no problem, mowed fine, but when I went to turn around I must have over extended the PTO driveshaft. The outer shield pinched and bound up. I'm hoping I can replace the shield and not have to buy a new driveshaft? Anyone have any experience with fixing them? You probably can't see it in the picture but the inside piece now has acrump in it and the outer piece doesn't slide over like it used to.
  11. What movie is this quote from ?

    Is that a movie quote or are you just braggin!!!
  12. I have a 4.00/4.80-8 tire mounted on a steel 4 lug wheel if anyone could use it, you can have it. I believe it was from an old snowmobile trailer. PM me if interested, I'm in Amherst, Main- Kensington area.
  13. Brush hog

    Steel bar is straight and mowing is done for now. I'm hoping the clover that was planted will come back. I'm planning to re- seed it next month with clover and hog radish again.
  14. Yelling Goat rendevouz part deux

    Definite maybe? I put it on my calendar, I'll know for sure when it closer to the date. Sorry to be "that guy"
  15. Brush hog

    I was looking at the bar that attaches the wheels to the brush hog and I think I should be able to reverse the hook up and that will put the wheels behind the BH not on the sides. The BH is at least 1 foot wider than the tractor on both sides, makes it difficult to mow my lanes that go through the woods. Just not sure there will be enough thread on the adjusting bar to raise and lower the BH to the right height. But it's worth trying.