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  1. 2012_taco

    Drop away rest

    Red, if you haven't picked up a new rest yet, check out the hunting items for sale. Splitear has a QAD rest for sale.
  2. I just watched 5 episodes on you tube, these guys are good. makes me want to get out in the woods right now!
  3. I could see paying to have a Euro mount done if I were hanging the mount in my house. But I hang my racks in my garage and in my shop so I'm fine with my sub-standard work!
  4. I to am glad the misses doesn't frequent this site! She has mentioned that she believes it's time to paint the liv rm and dining rooms. Last time we/I painted it, it got painted 3x! Someone kept changing her mind as to what color it should be. I honestly can not do that again. Larry, glad to see that paper coming down. Get er done!
  5. I'm gonna follow this thread as i'm probably going to build a couple of these this summer. There are lots of options and points of view to consider. Height, size, window locations, etc. I would like to make it in panels that can be pulled apart. That way i can build it at home, pull it apart, stack it on a trailer and re assemble in the woods. Setting the platform will probable be a challenge? Also, I would like to make window openings that will work for archery, I assume that archery windows will also work good for gun? Probably just have to add a removable shooting rail inside the window for a gun rest. Looking forward to getting started on this project.
  6. Larry, if it's not to late, I have some traditional arrows in my garage that you can add to the sale. You gave me those arrows years ago and they've been on the shelf ever since!
  7. I've used a fanny pack for years but it's not large enough for every thing i want to carry with me. I do like the fact that it has 6 zippered pockets as i like to keep things organized. Makes it easier to find things quickly. But it's limited for space. I've been thinking of getting a backpack, just not sure what I want. The_Real_TCIII gear leech sounds like a great option. Not to big, and I like how it can be strapped to the tree. I also like having a water bottle easily accessed on the outside of the pack. My biggest fear is having to find something on the bottom of a large pack in the dark. I'll follow this thread to see what you all are using and weigh the pros and cons.
  8. Nice pics Lawd, next thing you know you'll have a hen turkey nesting in your back yard! You are the Birdwhisperer!
  9. I pinned them to a piece of plywood, wedged up against the wall on my work bench, and put a nail at the top to hold them in place. You need to do this while the feet are still flexible. You can also position them the way you want and use string to tie them in position. Then let them dry. I don't know how long as I usually forget about them for months! But when the are dry they will stay in that position. https://www.realtree.com/turkey-hunting/articles/5-diy-turkey-taxidermy-projects
  10. Here's the update on the Yahtzee dice. For those who have played the game you'll know there should only be 5 dice. I made a spare. Just in case!