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  1. I'm selling my Road King, it's been a great bike. Mileage is up there, 77k but it has always been well maintained and adult ridden. Here's the link to the marketplace add. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/708795111086137/?mibextid=T6ff65
  2. I'm selling my wife's motorcycle. After 20 years she finally decided to get a bigger bike. Bike is in good running condition with new front and rear tires last summer, runs great, 82,000 miles. Currently listed on Facebook marketplace. Asking $2000 or offer.
  3. I'm going to participate in the 11 Day Power Play again this year. We will take the ice at the end of June. This will be my 5th year! Our team Thursday Night Cancer Crusaders have raised over 100k in the last 4 years! Thank you to all who have donated in the past, you have been very generous. Together we can make a difference in the fight against cancer. Here's a link to my fundraising page, https://communityshift.11daypowerplay.com/TimMeyers
  4. I have an old style Woolwich coat and pants size XL that I would like to give to a new or youth hunter. There are insulated, not sure about waterproof? Message me if interested, local pick up preferred. I'm in Amherst/WNY.
  5. I'm old enough to remember most of the above stories. What I remember too, is getting together to apply for a doe permit. It took 5 hunters to get 1 permit to share. I remember the guy carrying the permit was the only one who could shoot a doe that day.
  6. Not me but a good friend got big 8 pt on Sunday morning in Chautauqua Co. Well earned as he does a ton of work on the property doing food plots and planting trees every year. His best buck on the property so far! Congrats! Raw scored 130 3/8" 183 lbs.
  7. I blew off hunting today, got my gutters cleaned and raked leaves. Tomorrow I'll put up the Christmas lights. Usually I do that when it's snowing, one of the perks to retirement!
  8. Heading down to Chautauqua for evening hunt, hopefully I'll get a whack at that wounded buck so we can settle thus .243 discussion by autopsy.
  9. Well i finally got out last night for 3rd sit of the season. I had a decent 8pt come to food plot and I missed at 32 yds! He was a little spooked and jumped the string. Back in this morning for a while, nothing so far, feels like a great day. Good luck all.
  10. Larry, I had mine installed at Nick's Archery in Buffalo years ago. I have had it fog up once when I accidentally breathed on it waiting for a buck to give me a shot. Like @heavusersaid they can fog up in the rain but I don't usually hunt in the rain and/ never had a shot in the rain. I also have a single pin adjustable site so only 1 pin to get blurry. There's pros and cons to everything, go with what works best for you.
  11. Larry they make a clarifier peep site with different magnification available. I had to try several to get the right one but it clears up the pins and I can still see the target pretty good. Best move I ever made!
  12. My wide and I just got back from 4 days at Parker Dam, we rode all over that same area. It's beautiful this time if year and the roads are great twisty turney! If you can, take Quehanna Hwy(spelling) from Medix to Wycoff Run to Sinimohoning(again spelling)It's a great ride. Benezette Hotel for lunch. Enjoy!
  13. All of the above. What I don't want to hear is all that ringing in my ears!
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