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  1. Congrats Buckmaster7600! I finally figured out the 7600 in your name, it;'s from your gps, it's the miles you walked to kill that deer! I'm totally amazed, I could never walk those miles and for sure I could never be sure I'm still on the same track after he crossed so many other tracks!
  2. I think i have an addiction to trail cam pics! I love it when you get lucky enough to harvest a buck but I really love it when I can go back and look at pics of the deer from earlier in the season and even previous years! Here is a pic of my buck shot on Monday from about 1 week ago and 2 weeks ago. It's a shame he busted off all his points 1
  3. i was using a piece of hardwood, it hit the spinning auger and drove it back into my hand!
  4. Happy Birthday Greg! only you would spend your B-day sitting on a gut pile hoping to kill a cat!
  5. I screwed up my hand this morning trying to clear the chute on the snowblower, nothing broke but i can't move my thumb due to the swelling. I was planing on butchering my buck after work but now it looks like I'm not doing either. packed on ice(both the deer and my hand) hopefully I can do it tomorrow?
  6. My 1st with a xbow! Went out a little late but i was determined to sit at least till 2. Literally at 1:45 this guy came walking by at 20yds. I couldn't be happier, I've had him on camera with all 4 points on the left side just 1 week ago! I just weighed him 142 lbs. I thought he would have weighed more. Maybe i should try the tape measure around his chest? Lol I added a pic of this buck still in velvet with all the points on his left side.
  7. Sat from 10, I was going to call it when this guy showed up! Bix did you send me that mojo!
  8. I'm up and waiting on Mother Nature, then i plan to hunt the rest of the day. With the full moon i expect the movement to be slow at first light and hope they will be moving mid morning through lunch? At least that's what i have to tell myself as I sit on the computer in my living room! Last hunt before next Saturday's opener. I do have to shoot my ML sometime this week just to be sure it's still on. Good luck to all that are out. Biz I could use a little of your prediction mojo!! Just sayin!
  9. Sat it out this morning till 11, put up a new stand and warmed up with some coffee. got back in the stand by 2:30 and sat till dark , only saw 4 squirrels all day! Going back t it tomorrow and most of Sunday, I hope to at least see something! Probably won't get back out after that till next Saturday?
  10. Only 1 squirrel so far, going to try and sit till 11 and then I'm going to put up a new stand, been seing the big 8 cross the ditch in the same place now 3x. I scouted out a nice oak about 30yds down wind of the crossing.
  11. Cold out in 9F, but I'm off till Tuesday so I'm giving it the "academy" try! I hope I don't get expelled for using my xbow?
  12. I'm heading out, a little late but Mother Nature had a different plan for me this am! Good luck all, let's see some pics!
  13. Time i got, I need time in a stand! Next year will be much better as work will no longer be in the equation!
  14. Tried to get out of work yesterday in time to go hunt the last 2 hours, didn't work out. By the time I got home I would have only a half hour in the stand, so I stayed home and moved firewood up to the porch for the season. Going to need that wood real soon from the sounds of the weather forecast. Friday is stating to look like a sick day and Monday is a holiday. I need a 4 day weekend!
  15. The Academy guys did great this season so far! I probably had the worst attendance record of the group and it shows. That's why I'm not in any of those pics. I missed my buck at 18 yards, guess I need to practice the sitting and shooting off my left side shot more next year?