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  1. Congrats Brian! Are you "moving on up to the East side" lol
  2. You're 1 busy guy! I remember having that kind of energy.
  3. NYT-5 Quordle 4,7,8,9. Has anyone tried the multiple wordle games like.... https://duotrigordle.com/
  4. NYT-5 Quordle 5,X,9,6. I guess my brain isn't awake yet?
  5. Thanks for a the birthday wishes. Didn't do anything special today. I hunted a new pc of stateland this morning as I heard a bird there last week when I was kayaking, but the birds didn't get the memo regarding my birthday and were all tite lipped. I'm sitting on my patio soaking up the sun and having an amber beverage! This is as good as it gets.
  6. Happy Birthday @Red We're twins! Lol Have a great day!
  7. Sold! Mods can lock this one up. Thanks
  8. NYT-3 Quordle 5,6,X,8. I should have gone hunting!
  9. Quordle 3,6,7,8. Fail on NYT!
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