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  1. Got my turkey gun back today from being dipped and Cerakoted, work was done by Tarjac. This is a 20ga Benelli M2 that I've had for about 7 years now. It was originally completely dipped in Realtree APG. This year I added the pistol grip stock; Benelli only makes it for the 12ga, but other than some overhang where it meets the receiver it fits the 20ga just fine. A bit of work with my Dremel and some sandpaper got it to where it was flush and I hunted it this year with the black synthetic stock with plans to send it out after the season. Had both stocks and the cover for my FastFire 3 dipped in Bottomland, and the metal surfaces are done in Midnight Bronze Cerakote. Really happy with how it came out, and can't wait to get it into the woods.
  2. Reasonable guess, but actually the .410 hull sitting on the bottom frame to the left of the beard is what was used. I’ve always used 12ga hulls to display beards just because they fit the best and I have a bunch of them laying around that are already cut up for this purpose. I was actually thinking about wrapping the top of the beard with a piece of buckskin at some point, but this was the easiest way to display it for now.
  3. Finished the display for my son's first turkey taken during the PA youth season. Pictures are from the week we spent in GA as well as the success in PA. The wood for the display is all from old pallets that I ripped apart. He wants to clean the skull so that will probably be going on here eventually too.
  4. Definitely true of some people. The guy that I saw shoot a couple years ago was probably 80+ and I think his eyesight wasn’t the best. I talked to him afterward and he couldn’t figure out how he missed, he thought the bird had been “right there”.
  5. I’ve been hunting like it this year, but no, married and currently working from home. The way the birds have been suffering from lockjaw I wasn’t out terribly late most mornings.
  6. Finally tagged out in NY after what has been an unusually difficult season. I've been out 12 mornings and only heard gobbling on 5 of those, and other than a group of jakes that I called in earlier this week I haven't heard a single bird gobble more than an hour past fly down time. I had a chance to end my season back on the 5th but the bird snuck in off to my right and busted me as I was trying to get on him. This morning though I got set up between a roost site and a field where I figured they might head after last nights rain. There was at least one bird gobbling on the limb so I tree yelped at him a few times and then did a flydown as it was starting to get light. Half a dozen hens pitched right over me and straight into the field, but two gobblers decided they would walk instead, which turned out to be a very poor choice for one of them. 20lbs 4oz, 9 1/2" beard, 1 1/8" spurs While taking pictures of the bird I stumbled over a nice 8-point skull in the creek. It was hung up in a log jam when I found it. This is the 2nd year in a row where I've found lead shot in a bird coming off this property. Not too surprising, these birds come out to a large corn field pretty regularly and two years ago I watched someone take a 90 yard shot at one from the field edge. Some people should really invest in a range finder. The little ones are my Heavyweight 7's, the other two look like lead 5's. I pulled four or five of them out of his back.
  7. Most likely all the bright sky in the frame tricked the camera sensor. In really simple terms, in auto exposure modes a camera is aiming for a middle of the road average brightness when “measuring” the overall brightness of the entire image. If a large part of your image is something that is supposed to be brighter than average (like sky) the camera will under expose in its attempt to get an average reading for the whole image. If you can get the camera a little higher and point it down a bit more to eliminate some of that sky it should solve the issue.
  8. No love at all for my best (only) Dave Owens impression? Man, tough crowd.
  9. Nothing like a cheap gas station beef stick after a successful hunt. Somehow they just taste better.
  10. Bird down, waiting on the other two strutters and their hens to leave.
  11. Ok, as soon as I said they were being quiet they started gobbling.
  12. All quiet on the Western Front, but we were getting a good soaker as it got light so I’m not expecting to hear much. Just gonna wait here in their favorite rainy day field corner.
  13. Glad I have my phone with me to let me know it’s not raining right now, sure was getting confused by all this water falling out of the sky.
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