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  1. @LET EM GROW i have the 12ga, 16ga, 20ga, and 28ga 1100 just trying to get the .410 but if you can find one they are so damn expensive. Tough to justify it right now but i keep looking
  2. Sweet little gun you got there. I love shooting light rounds like the .410 or a 28ga. I've been looking for a Remington 1100 .410 for years but they are few and far between it seems.

    Tuna charter

    sorry to hear that chef

    Tuna charter

    A yellow that size would have much larger second dorsal fins top and bottom alone with longer pec fins that when on its side would lay down where a bluefin is shorter and stay sticking out. large yellow:

    Tuna charter

    The fish @The_Real_TCIIIis holding is 100% a bluefin tuna. Beautiful fish by the way dude.

    Tuna charter

    6 feet is pretty big, but what is more important is the "duration" meaning the time measured between swells. The longer the duration the better. It makes for nice long swells that make it comfortable.

    Tuna charter

    Chris Jack or CJ. If its him he'll know me! You'll have a great time. They make it a very enjoyable trip.

    Tuna charter

    they’re out there! Just got in.

    Tuna charter

    Thats awsome. Small world, my buddy Steve will probably be the captain. Great guy and great crew.
  10. I actually just finished it. Not sure if id ever want to see it again but like you said it keeps you on edge. Ending was pretty good and unexpected. To come up with a story like that the writer has an interesting/twisted mind to say the least.
  11. It would be used strictly used for out west. Would never see NY soil
  12. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post or possibly the rifle gun hunting section. Do any of you guys have experience with the O’niell Op rifles? I’d love to hear some feed back on the Mod-O that they show on a lot of their videos. Looks like a bad ass coyote gun.
  13. Thanks for the advise guys! Great info
  14. We had planted feed corn for a few years in two different areas one slightly larger then half acre and the other lightly less then a half acre using a Ford 309 two row planter. We had great success in both places and the wildlife seemed to love it. Deer/turkeys/squirrel/blue jays. The issue was that the corn wouldn’t last into the regular season and then it’s only use was cover. Reading about the different kind of soybeans makes me want to give it a try, it seems like you get a longer use out of it due to the deer eating the greens early season then the pods as they harden. Would it benefit trying to get plates for the planter and plant it as row crop so that it can be cultivated early or broadcasted like I have seen some do? Also am I wasting my time with the two small areas? Finally I’ve seen a ton of videos/advertisements on the Eagle forage soybean; any brands/type of soybean you guys recommend?
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