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  1. Think I seen it on realtor because of acres given. Dam nice house. Congrats on the close. Hopefully I'll be outta NY by the summer.
  2. Biz's new house is very nice. Seen it on realtor.
  3. Driving does suck. But you get to find the little gems of the beaten path you can't if you fly. I usually always support local no chains when on vacation. Places where owner is there and will show you around hole in the walls.
  4. Good luck on the trip enjoy the warmth. Can't wait to do some fishing.
  5. Just got to wait a month and I lol be in Jekyll Island for a week then come back drop wife and kids off for school then back down for a month on st Simons then come back get wife and kids for spring break April 15-23 back on st Simons. Only thing is driving alone sucks specially 95 south around the cities.
  6. Crazy cheap prices wish I lived closer. Should move those items quickly at those prices.
  7. 3 outta the remaining 4 teams have lost a Superbowl lately? Hopefully one can redeem themselves.
  8. No way super bowl will be as good as that game. Bills had it just gonna stop not a happy camper lol.
  9. Venison tenderloin Philly cheese steaks and fries and beer.
  10. After a bunch of bud lights at legion and winning second tournament. $30! I'm home and watching game. Brady had no control at end Rams won!
  11. Football Cornhole and beer at my American legion. Who could ask for better day. Go Bills! And Tom Brady against Rams should be a good game.
  12. WOW what a finish! Lots of fun. Sucks for Titan s but the team who came to play played. Sacked 0 yes and won. Watch out Afc!
  13. If it has drafts snow will act like a insulation around the skirting.
  14. Messed up with pic of fried hot chicken. My fault. Here's a pics of the tachos too and hot chicken on sandwich.
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