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  1. I got a 7m tag I didn't fill when I was down there this past weekend.
  2. We made drives today. 1st drive we pushed out 8 does no bucks. Next 2 drives nothing. Found lots of sign while pushing. Going to hit it hard till end of season.
  3. Hunted opening day with @Swamp_bucksand his crew nothing in morning. We went dropped of his dad and got some delicious homemade donuts his grandma's recipe. Went back out wasn't in stand long I send him a text I got a button buck comes up and hangs out then I hear him shoot at this point I've got like 10 deer does and little ones. I was buck hunting. So sat till 3 something May be 4 then got out to help him drag lol. Me new hip him and I bad backs lol. 1 mile drag big ole nanny doe. Sunday cold as hell and windy made drives seen 3 they were booking and really thick. Today did a still hunt didn't see anything but found new spots to hunt and lots of sign and evidence of bucks chasing a hot doe. Great time will be back next year.
  4. My rifle uphere in the Adirondacks used to be in the passenger seat. Now I'm heading down southern tier don't want to do anything wrong because they have way more check points than up here. So long gun case with one lock is good?
  5. Nice buck. Where in the Adirondacks? I hunt Clinton and Franklin counties up here.
  6. Glad to hear you are okay. Use a harness could be life changing.
  7. Killed deer like that just walking buddies property he didn't have on camera.
  8. My wife's family has a camp on union falls in the Adirondacks. Family used to get together till rates were raised by new owners of lease for hunting so they only use it in summer now. We'd drink and eat good and a few of us were die hards most were there to get away from home and wives for alone time. Mostly still hunting or make a few drives. Most hunting camps run same way. Now sits vacant till after hunting season they go up for ice fishing 2 nd weekend in February.
  9. Was invited by @Swamp_bucksto join him and his family and friends for a second year in chenango county. Good times to come. Arriving Friday early and got house till Tuesday.
  10. Sat on neighbors 20 acres of winter rye. Watched 8 deer does and little ones. They chased each other around. No bucks around that I could see.
  11. Congratulations from a veteran to another. Hope she is enjoying school. Getting ready for holidays.
  12. I used to travel route 3 to 3a and go in gate down near old post traveling from home to base every weekend 137 miles from my house.
  13. Served in the US Army 10th Mountain Division 2002-2005. Iraq August 2003-mid September 2004. Infantry. Happy veterans day.
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