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  1. Bud light 20 pack of bottles and 3 cans left from last night's 18 pack. Weather permitting I'll hunt in the morning. Way it's been lately drinking more fun then hunting i actually see deer in neighbors agricultural field in the woods i don't see shit. Dilly dilly!
  2. Pesto basted chicken breast with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with garlic noodles with marinara sauce and cheesy cauiliflour. Very moist an d delicious.
  3. My wife's cuz in said to me i love crossbows said he was riding around in his truck and seen a 5 pointer eating under someone's Apple tree shot it right from his truck right on the person's front lawn. I just said wow. Never ceases to amaze me what people will do for a deer lol I'll keep drinking.
  4. Hunting this weather 50 mph gust up here in the dacks no deer is worth having a tree fall on you i know what the chance of it happening. How are the conditions so different from northern tier to southern tier with the rut. I've hunted hard and haven't seen no sign. 2 deer seen the was during the first day of muzzleloading. Lots of miles out on and no ribs or scrapes. Lots of doe tracks with fawns. What am I doing wrong?I sit and still hunt. You southern and western guys have all the deer.
  5. Well I'm thinking of calling it a season up here 2 deer seen all season and absolutely no sign of rut tried all my good spots the people who border the state land where I hunt are all baiters. All the tracks i followed today went of the state and onto private land. Id rather drink anyway with the weather absolutely sucks.snow was good if the deer would stay on the state.
  6. We used to sit right in the bed of my truck and shoot the breeze while waiting for the deer to arrive. We were nuisance hunting and we'd always kill deer b4 they could get to the grapes it's all done hunting the vineyard now. The owner fenced it all in with 8 ft fence the whole 70 acres. They have there routes sometimes they'd show up outta know where.
  7. Congrats on the deer everyone. Not much but action or any sign of it where I'm hunting in the adirondacks. No scrapes or rubs seeing does no bucks even around seen 8 does last night in my neighbors field not one buck out there. All on camera but after dark on my camera. Glad for seeing more southern tier success. Usually by now if at least have one down it just a bad year up here in my area. Hopefully things pic up. Maybe tomorrow. Weekends looking good for tracking a good many bucks are going down.
  8. Shake and bake pork chops with mashed potatoes and peas and homemade apple sauce and tossed salad.
  9. With the weather changing and some of us being sick we did homemade chicken noodle soup. With crackers peanut butter and fluff. Really hit the spot.
  10. Well just read the new buckmasters magazine as I am a life member. What do I stumble upon an article on the new bergera B 14 hunter. What a great article. Called and absolute tack driver they were using it in 6.5 creedmore. The author knocked down a mile deer and a kid shot a bull el k and a coyote at 250 yards all in the same day with the same rifle. No body has one yet I'm waiting till I get paid and getting mine.
  11. Goldwater vacuum sealer are great I've had venison for over a year and no freezer burnt meat. Well worth the money. Mine is the cheapest one they sell only problem is the best up quite a bit then have to let cool b4 sealing more bags. If you have all the time in the world like me it don't matter if your in a hurry is go with the higher end models.
  12. Everything up here has to be approved by the adirondacks park agency or apa. They tell you how you can even treat your own property. What trees you can cut where you can build God forbid it's by water. They really are a pita. Had a local handing out bumper stickers saying abolish the apa. Most off the adirondacks state land is forever wild. So it's hard to put a cell tower in when it not supposed to even hurt a tree.
  13. Where i am the guys are successful sitting over apples and carrots and corn.
  14. Being a military combat veteran with the army i think it's the best decision one could ever make. I think all kids right out of school should do at least 2 years. It's all about maturity wise and gives you love experience instead of depending on mommy and daddy. Tell him best of luck and enjoy the experience. God bless him.
  15. Team north country. Young Hunter but knowlegable.