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  1. The #7 is Morrisonville Ny its like 10 minutes from me. Fuzzy ducks is now closed but i spent alot of time there for it being a dive bar with good food and drinks. One town Im suprised wasnt on it is called Wiggletown look it up its in the dictionary. Seriously look it up itll have you rolling. Wiggletown used to be treadwills mills they even have a redemption center called wiggletown walmart. There saying is if they dont have it you dont need it.
  2. I would say Mountainview Drifter in Millinocket but Rick went into real estate. Im looking for a maine outfitter for fall 2021bear hunt also looking at a deer hunt in North Carolina in 2021. Let me know if you find any?
  3. Infantry Combat Veteran here Happy Veterans Day. US ARMY 10Th MTN DVN.
  4. Great meal! Looks like a nice size deer by the inner loins. Love deer heart ever had it pickled?
  5. Joe Biden is now our President elect. How long will he last?
  6. What a classic tradition to hunting camp and hunting season. Buckwheat pancakes aka swamp biscuits. Fresh side pork on a cast iron skillet and then eggs. What a way to start a day of hunting. Anyone else familiar with this? Im only 36 but was introduced when I first started hunting at 16 every weekend we'd indulge. Either you lovem or you hatem. Get that pancake with alittle butter fresh off the skillet wrap with bacon or sausage and homemade syrup. Aint nothing better. OLd time Tradition?
  7. Yea they said my lease was ready and would be emailed shortly. That was tuesday afternoon. Still havent heard a thing i wanted to get down and get prepared. Then i have to print off the lease and mailit back to them how stupid is that.
  8. How do people go about getting them? How long do they take to get paperwork? I know the lease I got by winning the bid. Its taking them forever to even reply to emails. I used hunting lease network. Contacted multiple people just a pain in the ass. Anyone deal with this?
  9. I got a 218 acre lease with house called a cabin off young road in stratford ny.
  10. I was wondering if anyone hunts Fulton county? Waiting to hear back on a 200 acre plus lease with a cabin. It's located in Stratford NY. It looks to be on 5h 5j border. Any one know stratfords wmu?
  11. Been along time since ive been on huntingny. Was wondering if anyone ever used this company for leases? Ive been trying to inquire info about a lease but to no avail. Emailed three different people and still no info. Any input would be apprciated.
  12. Bud light 20 pack of bottles and 3 cans left from last night's 18 pack. Weather permitting I'll hunt in the morning. Way it's been lately drinking more fun then hunting i actually see deer in neighbors agricultural field in the woods i don't see shit. Dilly dilly!
  13. Pesto basted chicken breast with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese with garlic noodles with marinara sauce and cheesy cauiliflour. Very moist an d delicious.
  14. My wife's cuz in said to me i love crossbows said he was riding around in his truck and seen a 5 pointer eating under someone's Apple tree shot it right from his truck right on the person's front lawn. I just said wow. Never ceases to amaze me what people will do for a deer lol I'll keep drinking.