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  1. Rifle for my daughter

    My wife loves her Remington 700 youth model 243 great caliber enough knockdown power for deer, perfect for varmit. Light weight no recoil. Bought hers couple years back not sure of price now tho.
  2. 2017 live from the lake , ocean , pond , stream, river thread

    Fished Lake Champlain today jigging caught a quarter bucket of yellow perch. Slow pickings from 815-noon.
  3. Tomorrow gonna try out my new ruger 10/22 open sights on grays in the back yard wish me luck photos afterwards
  4. Venison chilli recipes

    2lbs venison hamburger 1 can rotel mild, 1 large onion chopped,2 green bell peppers and 3 stalks celery chopped. 2 cans crushed tomatoes 3 cans kidney beans and 1 can black beans. 1 1/2 packs chili seasoning. Cook burger and add all rest to crock pot after a few hours add in 1 can tomato paste to thicken. great chili perfect every time. My wife's favorite!
  5. What's for dinner tonight?

    No offense to anyone for hunting them I love whitetail and the challenge exspecially in the Adirondacks unless I get an offer to hunt down south and western ny again haven't been down since 2004
  6. What's for dinner tonight?

    I had a buddy offer me to go on a hunt but all they do is go on old back roads and wait for em like shotting fish in a barrel till the charge right but wanna try it heard its just like beef just wild and healthier
  7. Can dogs withstand this cold weather ?

    Not my chocolate lab Remington let him out to go to the bathroom goes and 2 seconds later at the door barking can you say spoiled.
  8. Buffalo Bills

    Routing for the Bills. Waiting to see'em take out the jaguers tomorrow.
  9. Lots of public land north of you in the southern Adirondacks and not a lot of hunters. Big woods and a challenge but very rewarding when you score that buck big or small.
  10. Comfort foods

    That was last night. Tonight homemade chicken noodle soup.
  11. Backpack hunting the Adirondacks

    If you wanna go way up north try franklin falls pond state wild forest. Its just outside of Saranac lake ny. If you have a canoe you cross it at the boat launch and youll go across to hayes brook and the back side of Mackenzie mountain. Theres plenty of places to set up camp. Even can camp on an Island. It's in franklin county ny another place is barnes pond wild forest. They have I think 8 camp sites and grills and outhouses and a lot of woods to hunt and a good deer population. Its located in Clinton county ny. Good luck let me know if you make it up this way I could show ya around.
  12. What's for dinner tonight?

    Good night for pea soup with leftover ham. My favorite.
  13. Live From The Woods 2017 edition!

    Where you fishing on lake champlain? We got ice way up north not sure about the south end. I'm talking rouses point near the Canadian border south to peru dock. Was thinking about fishing today just bitter cold out there.
  14. lets have some fun ----- whats your favorite Christmas movie?

    Mine has got to be it's a wonderful life.
  15. Northern zone officially over

    Well the northern zones hunting season is over. A good season for me just the 6 pointer on November 9th. Usually I kill 2-3 deer a year this year wasn't so lucky mostly nocturnal pics of does with fawns mostly button bucks. So next year well have more bucks around. Dec is saying the kills are up from last season in both the north and the south zones. Hope everyone had a great season and next year will be even better.