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  1. Were outta here this summer hopefully buying a house in coastal Georgia. St Mary's or somwhere. Was looking into the northen part of Georgia just dont know where to look. I want affordable country living nothing city.
  2. Florida Im jealous! Was supposed to be leaving on Friday for St Simons Island Ga. Someone decided to send there kid to school after a Covid test without results. My son went to school on Monday and was exposed. 10 days quarantine leads right through winter break. This has to go away.
  3. I live like 30 mins away come have a beer lol. Mirror Lake INN is an exceptional food experience my buddies farm supplies the meat. Im not sure whats going on with the carnival this year. My buddies did all the work on whiteface inn resort roofing wise. Very nice place. Smoked signals in Lake placid is legit bbq.
  4. I knew there was going to be some contivertsy! Patrick is fine for the present game Im worried bout what I heardof nerve damage. Your there when they want you hope he takes care the problem after. Go Bills! Henne goes in at some point somethings got to give and it isnt a Career!
  5. Just checking in with Bills Mafia Is BIZ boyqotting till after the game Im lost? Patrick is back but the Bill D is gonna do the deed. If he's not right theyll smell the feast. If he right he'll play the game and do what he does.
  6. No comments our Bills Mafia is on ice? Were gonna prevail !
  7. I dont wanna see anyone hurt but did we just take out the mvp? I want the bills to win. Lamar getting injured is craazy.
  8. Over a 100 yard pick 6! Go bills we need this baby.
  9. Turning into a great game so far. Turning into a great game so far.
  10. Looking like A Green Bay blow out early. There moving the ball really well. Goff needs protection from the line.
  11. I'd Like to start investing. What are some good starters stocks? some with some sort of revenue when cashed out. Im new at this just looking for some guidance. Like how much I drop for money off the bat? I know it's a gamble I've heard of people losing alot.
  12. We'll see what happens. Browns win no way of a Steelers come back.
  13. I get it the steelers arent looking that great but I would think it would be better. The Browns are a division rival alot of hate between them. The browns are running away with this game. Hopefully it gets better or Im gonna watch something else. It's a blowout!
  14. Nice! How much ice you on? Waiting up here to get on lake champlain. Ice is scarce where i wanna fish. Did you hit any perch? Or only targeting certain fish?
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