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  1. Yard bird all set and done. Injection of creole butter. Resting now.
  2. OYup nobody wanted to hire a crazy vet! Worked building snowmobile tracks. Then got into union roofing for years then went for corrections. They didn't want me either. VA took over after that coming home not hiring a veteran.
  3. Wow delicious and juicy. Put my own swing in things lol. With tortilini salad and zucchini and squash on grill.
  4. Finished product here. After setting in cooler. Can't wait to eat.
  5. I worked on family farm from a young age doing various jobs. Weeding grandma's flower beds was a important job plus the vegetable garden. Then was a dishwasher at ponderosa before I went into army in May 2002.
  6. Trying a chuck roast on my smoker. Poor man's brisket heard really good reviews so figured I'd give it a try. All seasoned up with mustard and webers steak and chop seasoning and chili powder. Don't have any butcher paper so I think I will have to use tin foil to finish it up. Waiting for smoker. Smoking at 225 to 250.
  7. Another great go to beer and favorite of mine.
  8. Well little league season is over. Kids played in heat today to a tie with other team. Parents made final decision it was time to go. Brantley went 3-4 all singles and 3 rbis on day couple good defensive plays. After game he thanked his coaches for the great season. His head coach told him he would not be on that team next year cuz he expects Brantley to move up next year if we're still here. He said Brantley was a late add on to the team which benifited there team. He also said Brantley lead off the batting order with a hit or a walk in every game. He had nothing but great things to say and they both coaches great while season. There team also got to meet the old timer who sponsored the team and gifted the kids there hats and jerseys plus a pint of maple syrup. Uncle Jack's sugar shack! Now to focus on town ball. He'll get a break while we vacation 28 june-july 8 in st Simons island.
  9. Got a 6.5 lb yard bird on smoker at 250. Got from Sam's club open package broken wing. So whole bird picture looking presentation fail lol. But it'll still taste good. After done smoking going to inject with creole butter and let it rest.
  10. Brantley had a little league game tonight they won 16-15. He went 4-4 4 singles and 2 rbis. In including the game winning hit with bases loaded. He also made some great defensive plays at 2 nd base tonight. What a game.
  11. Still haven't tried it yet. Haven't been to legion since asking about it. You at like a outdoor movie or concert?
  12. Brantley had a town ball game this am. They won 11-5. He was 1-1 lead off single then hbp and a walk. The boys played a good game with the wind and drizzle and cooler temps. Missed little league game cause they had same game times. 2 little league games left then town ball till July 25. Been a long season already.
  13. Checked garden today. Gotta plant more beets and swiss chard in areas they didn't come. Pickling cukes finally broke ground. Gotta plant more zucchini and yellow squash haven't had many seeds planted pop ground yet. Corn is sparse too wondering if garden was too wet on that end or not. Got seven more hierloom tomatoes planted around my place in flower beds that once held hostas and we have them away they should produce nicely in that black dirt. Tilled down in between rows cuz weeds are starting to pop. Now gotta go between started plants and weed.
  14. Well little league game made it to top of second before they called it for thunder. We tied Brantley went 1-2 with a RBI. Both hits lined out to start game to 1st. Then he started pitching tonight and walked a few and 1 hit. He gave it his best he's not a pitcher did what coaches asked. He got down on himself when coaches talked to him on mound he pulled himself out of game was supposed to play short but he took it hard. He didn't want to disappoint me. He didn't. I'm very hard on him cuz I want to make him better then me. Probably a trait the army instilled in me. His team and coaches all cheered him up after my wife went to see him and he broke down. He loves the game so much and plays to the best of his ability. The coaches have complimented me and him they know the hard work we put in outside of practices and games. I'll admit we've never worked on pitching cause he never showed interest. Thought he'd want to catch like me but he's satisfied with short 2 nd 1 st and right field. I'm happy with that. It was hard for me to watch my son struggle tonight. But in the end he learned from this. He's not selfish or self centered his reason for leaving game was he didn't want anyone to see him cry. I can attest pitching is a hard position and a lot of pressure. Sorry for rambling on let me have it for being to hard.
  15. We have another little league game tonight. And little league game and town ball game on Saturday at same time so we're going to play the town ball game since we missed last Saturdays game for them. Well see if Brantley gets the call as starting pitcher tonight against team who didn't want him at start of season.
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