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  1. Finished ribs sweet baby Ray's and central Texas pit master bbq sauce bold and spicy
  2. Ribs today on the smoker pics to come forgot phone while we were putting in tin foil. There looking good!
  3. Smoking a pork shoulder roast or Boston butt on my pit boss 250 degrees 10 hours. Smoking with competition pellets.
  4. I love fishing for and catching and eating blue gills and sunnys. They taste sweet. Plus when you get into a school they just keep biting lol.
  5. I love fishing buck pond and under the trussle into rainbow lake. Buck pond for pike and bullhead and rainbow lake for walleye. Did you grow up up here?
  6. Well Last night was uneventful not even a bit. We wanted to fish our normal spot at buck pond campground in onchiota but no waterfront campsites available. So we found a nice spot on franklin falls outside of bloomingdale. Was all set up by 8pm fire poles and lanterns cant forget the ruby red kolsh's. We fished till 11 not one bite but it was a beautiful night loons sounding off. When I catch em I either hog dress bullhead or I just get the boneless filets. I prepare them with flour and old bay fish seasoning and deep fry them. We make fish tacos with them or eat them like a perch fry. I've al
  7. Headed out bullhead fishing tonight. Hopefully well have some luck and fill a bucket or 2.
  8. Thanks they turned out great. I did the 321 method.
  9. Finished on grill and sauced with sweet baby Ray's and a honey habenero mustard sauce and Maddie and Merrill #1 bbq sauce.
  10. Got Caesar salad and Amish potato salad and watermelon maybe some baked beans. More than welcome to stop by if you were closer.
  11. Got 3 racks of baby back pork ribs on the pit boss pellet smoker.
  12. St Simon's Island and Jekyll Island in coastal Georgia. I went for a month from March to April looking at real estate. Headed back for Memorial Day weekend if I find a house to buy. Great food, drinks, fishing and beach time. Jekyll has a better beach. I also usually go to the outer banks every year too. Salt Life!
  13. Love that stuff I found it at a bottle redemption center that has all different varietys of beer. They only had 3 cases lets just say the owner is ordering more for my summer supply lol.
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