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    Live from the butcher block

    So chef what are you doing with those lovely cuts? Steaks, roasts, jerky, stew meat, etc?

    Live from the butcher block

    Usually take best cuts for steaks and the rest goes for stew meat and grinds for burger and sausage. Keep the round for a roast or 2.
  3. Just was outside earlier look out at my neighbors ag fields and the deer are all group up in lines funneling and running across the field not even feeding someone nearby must have some good bait. Had to be at least 8_10 at last count who knows how many was getting to dark to see. Someone has a good spot.
  4. Well since the season has started meaning !uploading and cross bow. The jackers are at it. If baiting wasn't enough just heard from a unknown of a six pointer being taken with a crossbow from under a landowners Apple trees from the road. Jackers have taken hunting to another level. I was hunting state the other day and a landowners who has land bordering it a had a bait pile and a permanent wood stand bordering it. Gotta love hunting the adirondacks of there's no deer they'll findem.


    Jumped 2 deer today stopped there and brought out the can to see if I could induce them to no avail. Just hunting. Had a buddy jump a buck stopped hit his grunt call the buck circled in right to his death shot him at 50 yards.
  6. Was out bright and early this morning in 5c. Was out b4 daylight took my time in the way in looking for sign. Didn't see much. Stood for awhile between 3 logging roads then started moving again. Jumped 2 deer all I seen were tails happened so quick and so thick with brush and leaves still on trees. Stalked till they took me into big thick cedar swamp gameover. Went out for evening sir at 245 found a good spot in a saddle between 2 ridges and nice area for a sit. Wind blew like crazy wouldn't have heard a thing til just about dark only a red squirrel and seen a guy in his stand over a bait pile just my luck. Be at it again in the morning. Frustrating cuz usually have a deer dead on open day of muzzleloader.

    Buck found on our front steps

    Just like my button buck there for the taking hope you got the freezer alittle fuller from him.

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Pork r oast in the crock pot turned into pork nachos. Add the toppings you want here.
  9. Button buck officially in the freezer. Was able to salvage everything like I thought from my road kill friend. 12 2lb packs of grinds and 2 packs of hind steaks and 2 packs of tenderloins. Just like veal lol.☺
  10. Just got a roadkill button buck probably the brother to the fawn Hinton front of my house earlier this summer. Pretty beaten up trying to salvage what I can. Got the back straps both hind quarters were broken but s alvable and the front shoulders and the neck. Washed it in water and in the cooler in ice see what I can save.I n the morning.

    Bergera 6.5 creedmore

    My buddy just bought a berger a in 6.5 creeper and put on a vortex 4x12x50 on it. He invited me up today to sight it in. It took us 7 shots to get it where we wanted it a 50 yards. This baby is a tack driver. He shot and told me to put a shot right next to his shot did it twice to my suprise. I'm sold in in line to buy one. The recoil is nothing the bolt is so smooth just had a few hang me ups when trying to eject the round would get hung up in where you extract the bullet. Anyone own or ever shot on? My buddy plans to coyote hunt with it it'll be another deer rifle for me. We had work to do but next week we'll be shooting up to 150 yards with it can't wait to see it perform.

    What gun to use in the Adirondacks?

    Remington 7400 30_06 semi auto carbine. The rifle i carry and when one doesn't do it there's more bullets to come. Many deer met there Demise in The adirondacks to my rifle nothing monstrous but meat in the freezer.

    Horrific limo crash in Schoharie, 20 dead

    4 of the girls killed were originally from c hazy lake ny now living in amsterdam. Left a local father fatherless and young children. My prayers go out to the family. C hazy lake is 10 minutes fro m my house waiting to find out the names.

    What's for dinner tonight?

    Nice cool evening after being outside most of the day. Homemade chicken noodle soup. Boiled down chicken leg quarters and all the veggies. Turned out great. Chicken soup warms the soul lol.
  15. Man those guys can shoot with a muzzy loader congrats. Invite me next year lol. Nice shooting its your turn fletch.