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  1. Wow I'm used to the legion $1 drafts and $2 can of bud light. $6 it's NYC.
  2. The one thing to keep a good career from happening. Surprise I'm pregnant! Lol!
  3. No pics but wife picked 4 eggplant yesterday for eggplant parmesan. Nice considering last year we didn't get any. Garden is dwindling but still have beets cabbage brussel sprouts eggplant butternut squash collard greens swiss chard and pumpkins onions. Picked our last green peppers today. Anyone do dilly brussel sprouts?
  4. I love lamb usually a leg of lamb for like Easter. I'll have to try that in stew. Veal is great also.
  5. I did zucchini and squash b4 but by the time them cook down after being full to the brim not worth it. I'd like to do butternut squash. I've done canned chicken and turkey. I should try to can some of my leftover venison. Let me know how it turns out. I've done lots of broth too.makes for easy meals.
  6. I hunt near a closed bridge that if you cross it it's a dirt road and state land. The property leading to that bridge was logged a few years ago but there was a little spot of state surrounded by posted land passed a nice buck there and glad I did I didn't no how steep the bank was leading down to the river. Probably could have floated him but the temps were frigid.
  7. My wife's family used to come up to a farm in croghan and they'd hunt the bears right out the barn. Is it right farmers give the cows chocolate? That's what they told me and they'd kill the bears coming up to the barn. Never seen a bear while hunting only seen them off the road in star lake and cranberry lake area.
  8. What town you in I also hunt the independence river wild forest in lowvillle. Miller's meat market an Eddie's and croghan meat market are great.
  9. He's a dead man walking. Best thing for him to do is get in the water with the gators and suffer like he made her and her family.
  10. Son's ribeye. We're doing chicken thighs and seasoned roasted potatoes and beets. Served on fine china lol. Steak cooked in cast iron seared on both sides 3 mins and pop in 400 degree oven to finish. Turned out great.
  11. Fort drum has some great hunting if you can get access. I was stationed there seen some of the biggest bucks of my life just inside the entrance gates. There alot of state land around I used to hunt hogs back Rd of route 3 and 812. Seen lots but never killed anything. Just liked the peace and quiet after Iraq.
  12. 10 quarts of Roma tomatoes canned. Here's a pic of six quarts. 28 quarts canned so far we usually do 75 quarts.
  13. Canning some Roma's from a local farm. Pray's farmers market.
  14. I would recommend the 22-250. I know guys that use them filling nuisance tags. They don't usually go far most drop there in their tracks. Of course head shots we've even used 17 home with success but like they said. The round matters. I shot a nuisance doe at 75 yards with a Hornady 17 cal v max right through the eyes and she dropped right there. But it all what people want to use. I'm in a grape vineyard if I'm in the woods I use a rem 7400 30-06 carbine.
  15. Canning another 9 quarts of tomatoes today. Just finished 6 now wait to cool and do another 3.
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