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  1. Finger Lakes area get-together

    I might be able to make it. I close on my house that weekend though. Unless it gets pushed ahead, which i have a good feeling it will. Or pushed back. Its a possibility.
  2. What is this

    grey fox
  3. Tying The Knot.....Literally

    Congrats Rob
  4. 2 birthday boys today. Happy birthday Fletch and Moog !

    Happy birthday fellers!
  5. How old?

    I have (3) 35mm Stealth cams that functioned a few years back. Havent put them in the woods for at least 10 years now. Stumbled across some pictures i had from them from over a decade ago. I remember the excitement and anticipation waiting on the 1hr photo center to get them developed. then to have only half turn out right lol. I would have to say those cams are probably 15-17 years old. Would be neat to run them again, but what an inconvenience they are. I also still have one of the first, if not thee first Stealth cam Digital 1.3 MP cam. Has about a 10 second trigger speed on it, Runs on "C" batteries I believe. This cam still works. I actually threw it back in the field 3 years ago for chits and grins lol I didn't leave i tout for long since it runs through batteries in a matter of 2-3 weeks.
  6. What to plant?

    There is a mix that grows very well that I will be planting again this fall in a somewhat shady spot im turning into a soft mast orchard in the woods.. Its called "Inner Sanctum" by Grandpa Rays outdoors. It is: 40% Spring Triticale15% Balansa Fixation Clover10% Alsike Clover10% Frosty Berseem Clover10% Forage Kale10% Medium Red Clover 5% Ladino Clover Turn it into a perennial plot by frost seeding your favorite clovers into it in March next spring. Good quality seed, and works well for shady and less than ideal spots.
  7. Is the MR7 still available? I may be interested. 

  8. 25 years ago

    Totally agree with both!
  9. Fathers Day

    I guess you have. I always wanted to visit Shreveport. Had a g-friend way back in the day whom moved there. Everyday does feel like Fathers day with the right surroundings no doubt! Perfect, I have yet to get the boat out on the water. Hoping to soon or summer is going to be over just like that.
  10. Fathers Day

    Awesome, I think you are right with the gift situation lol. Nice pad you have there Bob! Feels good to be recognized once in awhile! lol
  11. Fathers Day

    MY kind of days right there! Its as easy as that.
  12. Fathers Day

    Grampy, She sure does! And a nice one at that, if you know what I mean lol
  13. Fathers Day

    How did all you fellers Fathers Day go? My youngest boy turns 1 today so we did his 1 year pics, and celebrated on Saturday at The Almond Rod and Gun Club. It was a wonderful day, with friends and family. I woke up Fathers Day morning put up an acre of electric fence around one of my soybean plots for late season action. Then enjoyed the rest of the day with friends and Family, BBQ, Yard games, jokes, lies etc... It was a great day. Then at the end of the day after Dinner time, and several beers later. My wife walks out to me with a brand new Ruger American Predator in 22-250 for my birthday/Fathers day gift. That was an even better ending to an already great day. I told her no guns until after we move in to our 1st house we just purchased. But she didn't listen lol. I must be doing somethign right lol. Hope everyone's day was fabulous as well!
  14. Yelling Goat rendevouz part deux

    When and where?
  15. One or the other

    Id leave the gun in the cabinet and take the bow.