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  1. Letchworth leaks

    We pick them every year in April as well. Same couple places every year. They arent super thick, but maybe they would be if we didnt pick them same places. By we i mean, usually 5 or 6 of us going to town on them. Lol they are good raw, or on anything! Man i love leaks..
  2. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Was hoping for some good pics here.. Wanted the rest of the property over the ridge in the background, along with some strutters up front. Well I am satisfied with this! lol
  3. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    Not so "live" anymore, lol but firgured its the best place to put it.. My step son went with his dad. It was a first ever turkey hunt for both of them.. Saturday he missed a nice tom, but yesterday he got back at them and took his first.. a Jake! He was beyond pumped. Glad he made it out!
  4. Its about that time..

    The bottom one is a video. you can hear them fat boys spitting and drumming. I just took a still shot of it. Jay, I heard people seeing birds breeding for several weeks now. I used to think it was based off ground temp, (hens would check and no the ground temp was warming up enough to breed and lay eggs, Sounded good i thought lol). The last few years ive seen them breed on a ft of snow in end of March, plus hearing from others seeing it also.. Maybe they breed the same time of year regardless.. But One thing i do know is the reason for the May1st opener ... to let the toms take those hens to pound town before getting thumped.. So it must be the same each year roughly.. Any turkey sex experts out there? lol
  5. Its about that time..

    Love getting Strutting pictures.. Hoping to get some gobbling shots. Also trying to find out where they are roosting now, and what their morning travel patterns are... They clear cut a wood lot and a side hill where they used to roost and spend a lot of time.. But I have 2 new "logging roads", I can probably use to my advantage this spring.. Connects 2 new clover food plots, and several other fields
  6. Throw N Grow

    Plant clovers now if you want. Id kill everything first when it turns green and on a warm day first, then just spread your clover on top before rain. If your going to use a nurse crop, you may want to wait until nights aren't as cold, frost threat is gone and soil temps rise.. I did a heavy blend of clovers last year at end of May with no nurse crop and they did great. But i eliminated weed competition first. and we got plenty of rains
  7. 2018 Live from the turkey woods

    My youth(step son) bailed on me, pretty bummed. He wants to be with his dad doing what they do.. Dont blame him, but it is his weekend to shine! Oh well, Here is one of many pics from 2 card pulls yesterday..
  8. The #'s are in..

    Pygmy, you aint kidding. I can only imagine what it looks like at 20 and under. If i ever get the shot trap setup, i would gladly play around with it, even change chokes and such. But these are too pricey to mess around too much with. coonh, sure is! I think i could make it a little tighter if needed but im happy with it. Would maybe like to see it not so patchy in spots but, I think im ok.
  9. Which would you choose?

    Henry all day. regardless of magnum or long rifle..
  10. The #'s are in..

    Got a quick moment to shoot one of my Handloads yesterday.. This is from my Mossy Maverick 20ga w/ 22"bbl and .572 UnderTaker Choke . Still have yet to shoot the 870 w/ 26" bbl and .555 Indian Creek Shells used: Winchester Double X 1185fps 3" #5 shot @ 40 yrds (Top shot, for comparison) 72 Pellets in 10" center of Pattern Hand Load TSS 1200fps #8 shot @ 40 yrds (Bottom) 240 Pellets in 10" center of Pattern These TSS #8 (18.4g/cc) have the energy comparison of between a #2 and #4 in Lead, but less surface area.. Meaning more penetration. For those that wondered..
  11. I Don't Blame Growie........

    Amen Lawd.. There was a little more to it but you got the majority of it lol.
  12. Finally

    Same here. I finally got 2 cams out a little over a week ago. Typically they are up at march's end. Damn weather, and snow i couldn't get to my camp. I intended on setting up 5 cams but somehow i only had enough batteries for 2 lol. Bet my stepson found my "stash" of batteries lol. Going to try and check today or tomorrow to see whats on there. And hopefully get a couple more set up.
  13. Throw N Grow

    Your best bet is a clover blend, and a cereal grain(cereal Rye preferably). remove leaf litter. and spread right before rains, Ive done it several times in clearings I made within the woods. and right over the top of recently made logging roads. As long as the rain isnt super heavy where it washes the seed away. you should have good results. I use DeerAg and or GRO products. with the absolute best results ever in my years of planting. But you must keep leaf litter out after each fall to keep plot established..
  14. I Plant it/frost seed it every year within a clover blend.. the deer wipe it out as soon as it gets up and establishes. Id recommend planting it with a couple different clovers. Chicory will thrive in hot months of summer, where the clovers dry out some and wont be preferred..
  15. First trophy you hunted

    My first trophy With a bow i worked hard to pay for at 15 yrs, Missed 2 pope and young bucks that fall, ended up harvesting this guy as a first.. Antlers plagued on the wall. The prior spring I took my first bird too! 9" Longbeard 1" spurs. Mounted on the wall. Great year for firsts... but we wont mention the others lol