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  1. Life and personal responsibilities make these changes. I'm 35 now.. I made a TON of friendships over the years through schooling, work, play, family ties and more.. The real reasons people "Disappear" or become lame may never come to the surface. I really miss hanging and doing things with all my good friends, the ones i do still see are typically spent in the hours of darkness calling Cheese Hounds, occassionally chasing spring thunder or the elusives in Fall. Most people dont know and will never understand, but my Special Needs son, Is our #1 priority. And along with him being our priority, my wife has health issues as well.. These two keep me from doing anything anymore especially this time of year. and I cant rule out, my other 2 children who get neglected many times due to my first two priorites.. then trhow work and life on top of that.. Some do become very lame, that cant be denied.. but sometimes there's more to the story than we know.. or think we know..
  2. Same, Been chatting with a local dealer who is there.. Looking forward to upgrades this year! I think Im going to stick with NV riflescope, but upgrade mine, and that Pulsar digex c50 looks sweet!
  3. Ive either upgraded triggers in mine or swapped out the spring and did sear work. Much better trigger pulls for sure. I have zero complaints as well. I just want a rifle that shoots and cycles. that's all i ask for lol the rest of my funds go into the property or my family wants/needs. Handloading ammo can make most any gun shoot with fine accuracy.. Just started that as well.
  4. Finally got around to checking the barrel, IT is stamped ABolt Medallion
  5. I like to push my sets up to an hour or more if I'm in a spot i know coyotes are, or like to be. When calling coyotes who have been called to before... patience will kill them more than a call ever will.. Few coyote vocals to let them know your present every once in awhile will kill every time, You will be surprised what comes in after an hour or so, when most people have all packed up and left.. the coyote/s come in and investigate.. and most times (damn near everytime) you educate them.. unless you killed them.. They are amazing animals.
  6. For a man who owns Mossberg shotguns, Savage Axis and Ruger American Rifles.. This is certainly higher end "To Me" lol. Maybe not everyone else. Sorry for the wrong wording.. And yes, Browning offered a non ported version of the Boss Brake. might swap the ends out if i can find one. These guns are loud enough without porting.
  7. I get my work done as needed and have fun as well. And am not an a$$hole so i can do basically what I want.. lol. I have made so much stuff. They do not allow bang sticks or components in the buiding or else Id be doing some really fun stuff! Starting to machine chokes now. I also Made two of these saddle platforms(not finished in the pic) for my son and I to saddle hunt and be mobile with.. Anything you can think of that I can save money on i make it.. Cause i am cheap, and its fun lol
  8. I have a cheap synthetic stock on one of my 22-250 predator rifles. So i made a direct bolt on application of an arca plate for my tripod setups yesterday .. made out of Delrin and to fit the bottom contour of my stock exactly .. notice the tapered radius
  9. I could dip it after the anodizing, but the anodizing help promote, protect and slightly strengthen the aluminum. Kind of like a case hardened machine screw.
  10. Thanks fellas, If i can get a few more made up in between jobs id definitely let you all know. I appreciate it. Just want to field test it before i let anyone down lol I love machining my own equipment
  11. Do you have a name or number i could contact? Thank you
  12. During the day, or at night? Do you see coyotes or hear them there often? You'll know better after your first set for sure, whether they respond or not. Not saying theyll always respond but dont play your calls exteremely loud and you can cover those areas, make sure your wind is right as well as how you access and you should be able to hit those spots..
  13. Thank you. Idk exactly what the wood is, but its definitely glossy. ITs in darn good shape. Nicest gun i Own besides the Henry 24k gold
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