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  1. I think I will be only buying used bows from here on out.. New bows are too expensive.. I cant spend that kind of money on myself while having a young family of 5.. Ill actually probably make the z7 last as long as possible lol. I love this bow anyways
  2. Hoping for only a frost .. its to early for this.. we had a frost Monday night.. killed off the leaves on my tomato plants. Im sure we wont be so lucky.. Higher elevations im sure will get freeze, and lower levels frost.. bummer!
  3. Intentional, I wish I was that good. More like unintentional from shaking so badly, i didnt even have the pin settled anywheres near the deer and i squeezed that trigger! lol, Watched him slowly walk off.. I remember it clear as day. Missed him by a lot lol
  4. MY first harvest ever, 11/12/2001 Day after Veterans Day. I was 15 years old.. A monday we had off from school.. Shot him 45minutes after I had just missed one of the biggest bucks Ive seen in my entire life, standing in the exact same spot... at 16 steps 8ft from the ground. Lol.
  5. What county would you be planting this in? You may get a little growth in certain areas, but we had frost 2 nights ago, and looks like frost 2 more nights this week.. so Id hate to see you waste it. My garden just died Monday night in Steuben County. lol.
  6. My other issue is with this soil, Ive never seen soil be so susceptible to weed seed.. ITs so soft even when dry that you can till this clean, wait 2 weeks and spray and kill everything but where your tires traveled you will release new weed seeds .. or even after getting a decent kill.. spread seed and roll, the roller moves to much seed and weeds begin growing like crazy.. its darn near untouchable without continually using chemicals..
  7. Yes, Keep it sealed, in a dry dark place and use it next year in August.
  8. The last 3 years ive shot maybe a a couple days a week a couple weeks before season.. There never seems to be an issue. and the occassional 75 yrd practice shot always seems to be in the vitals so i just leave it be.. it aint broke done fix it lol. Life is too busy to shoot all the time, and i see no reason to change that yet.. My bow came with a MOA guarantee! lol
  9. The muck soil here is so dry right now, a thunder storm here and there just isn't enough. we need a good couple days worth of rain.. these quick showers help but not much.. this plot is way behind for where its at..
  10. Glad to hear it MR Pygmy! Buckwheat will be a big draw until frost. a 25 acre field of buckwheat next to me has been annihilated, as well as a 18 acre soybean field.. neither field got over 15" tall.
  11. Id go 30-06 if it were me, tad more ass and ammo is available most places even during pandemic. 308 ammo harder to find currently.
  12. Ten 4!! good stuff man, looking forward to some footage! and some October action! I am looking to put a coyote cannon on this wraith as well. No complaints with the 403ic just heard this is slightly better.
  13. That is swweet. How far can you see with the stock setup at night?
  14. We run i believe 11 micro cams.. and haven't had any big issues.. one cam decided to stop working, and spypoint did not hesitate to replace. basically no questions asked. Sent old cam in, and new one came within a week from contact.. And the free and cheap plans are great. especially when running a bunch of cams for poor boys like me.
  15. Nice! Does it record video too? Just bought another Wraith HD so my step son can run a gun as well.. or i should say So I can run a gun as well lol. Since I let him do all the shooting