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  1. Thats good to know. I tried Foxpro first.. hated them. Just gott some custom diaphragms this fall, made by TDP Custom Calls. He Sent them for free just to test them out!!
  2. Nice rig I was gonna say that's stupid light for a 10! lol Im hoping mine ends up around the 9-10# mark unloaded when all said and done.. (scopeless)
  3. I would love to go to the next one, wish i had seen this earlier in the week. Im not a trapper. But would love to get my license and see how it all works. I keep every predator we take.. Thank you
  4. Brand new Centerpoint scopes. Two optics are 4-16x40.. Brand new in package. $55 each. My local walmart has these for 78$/ea Third optic is 6-20x50.. This package was opened, only to use the scope rings(not the scope) for 2 weeks on a .22 cal rifle. Then returned them back to scope and back in package. Other wise never mounted. $75. My local Walmart has these for 94$/ea Pickup/Meet only..
  5. I planted some last year with my qdma soybeans. Great mix for late season! I will be doing more this year. Maybe adding in another grain or legume of some sort too
  6. Same goes for the DEC officers in 2 different events we held.. They wer eboth asked a question at the end when they opened themselves up for questions.. If feeding was legal or not... both officers from different regions said it is LEGAL to feed deer, outside of 300' of any road and not within a deer season.. How do you explain that!?!?! one was a 20 yr veteran , the other only a few years under his belt.. Two different Counties (Alegheny and Steuben officers.. both said the exact same thing... wierd huh??
  7. I originally wanted the ATN 4k pro... but all the reviews(which are usually clueless people) were so hit or miss.. i avoided it.. since the wraith is simple and straight forward.. and it works. Have never heard of one failing yet. and im in several predator groups. Ive peeked through a few in stores. and loved em.. but the reviews for the wraith were rock solid.. couldnt pass that up.. i dont have the extra funds.. so it hurt a tad to pay for my wraith.. i cant buy twice, especially if the warranty sucks.
  8. Full send.. They look bad ass! I mean they look like ass, bad! LOL. Maybe with Chunks sheds!!
  9. I just tell everyone im feeding my pigs when I walk out of field and stream with 400# of this so called "Deer Corn" stuff.. They never even think twice!!
  10. Just spoke with someone who got a wraith for $399. Found a new "opened box" model. I need to find one of these lol