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  1. Only got out a handful of times again this year. but we managed to take 3 longbeards. Passed several Jakes. Several times. Hoping this dry weather continues for a few more weeks to help any un raided nests and poults out.. Lord knows we could use more turkeys..
  2. I got out yesterday and saw way too many hens out and about together, not being on nests or with poults. Was quite sad. All with Jakes as well
  3. These Toms have made their annual Roost shift over to our property now, our small 12 acres. They roost up on the ridge we have. They come and roost seldom before Mid May. But fairly regularly once Mid May hits.. They' toms usually stay and at least be vocal into Early Mid June.. We also have 3/4 acres of Clovers in our plot that they'll feast in once the sun hits them. Any who after successfully roosting a bird on our lease, we got back to camp at last light and a bird gobbled to the slam of the truck door.. letting us know he was up on our ridge, Roosted was Roasted.. Bird pitched down, and met his demise a few moments later.. My brother in Law tagged his first ever Longbeard by 545am
  4. As most know, I'm not one that has to pull the trigger every year, if I can put someone else behind the gun I will.. I just want to be part of it.. I called in another bird for my brother and he was tagged out opening week.
  5. Called in the same 3 jakes twice opening Morning at flydown and right before Noon whistle, I had to work day 2 but my brother slipped back into one of our favorite roost setups.. Bird was completely silent.. And Dead by 6am
  6. So sorry to hear this. My biggest fear as well, and my good buddy just went through it a few weeks ago with his home. Hope everything goes smooth as possible on the road to recovering..
  7. I'm so sorry I missed this, and I'm terribly sorry for your loss. My condolences
  8. Fox, white tipped tail, black stocking legs.. Colorful red fox
  9. I did for a few years before i had kids. Just last year I was given one of my original bow fishing setups back. Not that I really intend on using it, but its nice to see it again. Ill pass it along to my son.. he's 17 and its right up his alley..
  10. That sounds alot like how i would do things as well for good, like minded people. Need more Americans to start taking notes..
  11. I bet your results will surprise you, providing the seed was stored half well. Good to have and make good friends!
  12. Did you plant it or just top dress/frost seed the existing field?
  13. That is great all around. Clover is a hard seed, and unless it got moisture somehow.. You should have good results. Keep us posted!
  14. i love projects like these, IT also has me wanting to break off on my own, buy a few machines and start my own business. I cant wait to shoot it. Just need to put a couple more shells together this weekend and a nice day coming up, I will send it. and post it! Thank you sir, I take pride in my work, I was just a floor worker in a factory a decade or so ago, I passed a hands on test for an entry level position and passed. Between mistakes and being taught by a handful of guys in the shop. I am where I am now because of it. Cant wait to shoot it, plus a shell i load myself. It should be fun!
  15. I Couldn't find any chokes in stock that i really wanted for my 410.. so I made my own.. a .390" that is about 1/2" longer than most extended chokes. This has a longer(smoother) Internal taper, as well as a longer parallel section as the shot exits.. Hoping for more even and consistent patterns vs the industry leading chokes.. Second choke is in the works, starting tight and going to open it up .002/.003" after each shot and document.. I also have several handload recipes to sling through it. I'm quite interested in experimenting with this one.
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