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  1. Germination question

    if you look very close, if seeded correctly, you may see the tiniest sign of your clover starting.
  2. Germination question

    as long as your clover seed was left on top of the soil, and at most "packed" into the soil. But not disked in.. it will gemrinate, just takes a bit longer, but an annual will grow a bit quicker than a perennial clover. Your seeds where it is thick, may not give a whole lot of room for you clovers to "pop".. I am going to try and stop to check on my plots today. if i remember ill try to snap a picture of an annual blend of clovers i planted 2 weeks ago. If you dont see signs of your clover coming up in your "bare" areas, get some cereal grains and broadcast evenly right before a rain. to fill in.
  3. Hiking in deep or staying close

    I have 2 bucks that are 9.5 yrs old this year. Both bedrooms of these bucks are on a neighboring property of guys that shoot anything with a 3inch spike or bigger.. and there is over a dozen guys that gun hunt this property.One of thes ebucks in particular, I have said for several years now that this buck has to be in a perfect advantage point patterning and watching these guys as hunting season kicks in. HE knows where he is safe, and you can tell how cautious he is in nearly every single trail cam picture. I have one spot on our property where i have a decent chance at this guy, as long as the neighbors are not around.. Once they begin riding and stumbling around, my chances totally plummet and I basically hope and pray at that point, that a doe can bring him by, until late season comes around.. He knows where to find the need food source. And he is daylight bound again chowing down.. That being said, my best chance at him is a ways off the road. But my favorite stands for deer activity, are right behind my camp, whether its in my backyard or a few hundred yards away. The young bucks, and does are here all day long. Same goes for my neighbors house, i Have a bow stand about 200 yard sbehind her house. the deer are in their like crazy. All in all, if one wants daylight deer sightings to increase, and have a better chance at a mature deer in pressured areas(outside the rut)... one MUST limit trips into the woods, keep pressure off as much as absolute possible, and hunt only when a pattern is shown, or conditions are just right for certain spots.. Im a firm believe in this.
  4. Throw N Grow

    I never use fertilizer on my plots, but they have been in a big rotation for many years now. A winter rye planting would probably suit you best, it is also the perfect crop to do with no till planting methods, as it is higher in carbon which will stay a "duff" longer and help retain soil moisture. Throw in some clovers too for a first year and see how it does. For a plot that size, a cereal rye, clover and maybe chicory would be best. If you can go back to your spot, Make sure your vegetation is lower to the ground and not real tall. As long as your vegetation is green, Spread your seed, then spray the vegetation good with gly/roundup last week of august about a day before rain. You only need a few hours for roundup / gly to work before rain.. A good Rain will germinate your seeds, as they start to germinate/grow, your sprayed vegetation begins to die, its perfect really. And it eliminates chance for birds to pick your plot clean of your broadcasted seed lol. Really dont need any tools whatsoever besides a sprayer.. I did a clover plot last September on the 1st the same way. Also just seeded my whole backyard at camp since were never there this year.. Spread a huge blend of seeds, rolled with lawn roller and then sprayed all same day. as stuff dies, new seeds starts growing. works great.
  5. Plot is growing pretty well.

    I didnt think so lol
  6. Throw N Grow

    There is no seed really labeled "No Till" They are just putting seeds together that do not require much work at all to establish. You can basically get most any seeds to grow under the right conditions.. A good long rain for example, will germinate most any seed, just laying on top of the ground..
  7. Plot is growing pretty well.

    No prob, Sorry for the rant... That is what you'd want to do to keep an established clover plot for next year. Terminate the heck out of it next july for more brassicas, or lightly disk it in for a brassica planting.. the clover will put the nitrogen in the soil for you. Good way to rotate crops.. Now that you are in the food plot game, you'll see how addicting it gets lol. Unless maybe thats just me..
  8. Plot is growing pretty well.

    Unless you seeded annual clovers, perennial clovers will grow slow regardless, they need to set good roots first. So you really wouldn't see a ton of growth from them by fall. Even if they didn't have sunlight competition etc.. The brassicas will keep weeds from growing while clover sets roots. You'll see some growth no doubt, but don't get your hopes up, b/c once spring comes you'll have a real nice clover plot. I wouldn't worry about the drag in spring, just a frost seed it in March. You'll be surprised, and in tip top shape. A drag will just dig up weed seeds.. From what I've learned over the years. lol
  9. Plot is growing pretty well.

    Mixed with your brassicas? Your brassicas will be a nurse crop for it. you should be good. Depending on the seed rate you used, might want to frost seed more clover this March. She'll be pretty come April too!
  10. Heartland Wildlife Seed

    I have never once used Urea on my side of the hill. And i think i am on some poorer soils as well. This might be the first year I use Urea, I Have a plot that is a tad thicker than id like.. too make sure they put on bulbs, im going to hit em good with nitrogen. soon. haven't checked but they are probably 3 or 4 inches tall by now i bet.
  11. My first bobcat

    I had a big beauty of a bob cat almost like clockwork all april and may this spring.. Every evening just about he would walk past my camera. some may remember some pics from the predator thread.. I pulled the camera a while ago because i didn't want to stink up the area. Hope hes still making his rounds.. I had to let one walk in the same area last fall, since season had closed a few days earlier. The 7mm08 probably would have made a mess as well im sure. Could be the same cat.
  12. The Shot That Counts 2018

    Havent even touched my bow yet. This house needs to close asap so i can build a target and shoot ..
  13. Favorite Big Woods Gun and Caliber

    My favorite is my .50cal T/C ML. I Love my 24k 45-70 Henry, but its to nice to carry through the woods. Should get another to tote, just not near as nice
  14. Question re mature wheat

    Moog, did they harvest yet? I see a lot of wheat fields being harvested and the red clovers coming up good from under neath
  15. Heartland Wildlife Seed

    Never heard of them. Im sure it will work for you though. I just like to be able to read the seed labels before purchasing in erson. Specifically for germination test dates and results, as well as what seeds are or are not in the bag.. coatings and non coated seeds etc.. I usually purchase only from trusted sources online.. Too many shady people around these days.. I Just checked out their website, If it were me I would avoid them lol. But that is me .... Seems they are quite braggers, and trying to push their product. They have bucks eating soybeans, in with their "Brassica sections" and others pictures dont correlate with product description.. But again thats just me. Im sure the product will grow and do what is intended to do.. Just giving my opinion.