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  1. How wet is this area? It could be a struggle for you.
  2. They say the day after season ends... but id imagine on heavy pressure public land.. you may get less than desired results. so Id say mid to late winter? Also depends if theres AG land around they would be heading to at night. If your scouting for buck bedrooms rubs should be noticeable anytime, as for beds and heavy trails, they should show easily with snow on the ground... scrapes id think are best found with zero snow on the ground.. Id say it mainly depends what your goal is to accomplish during your trips.. then decide when to go.. id spend a few days after season ends, and then spend a few days before season opens if you have time.. also depends on when youll be hunting the land to IMO
  3. Ten 4! I would suggest frost seeding heavy a good blend as mentioned, and keep it mowed low for the first few months. then maybe one last mowing in september .. and frost seed every year. Another way you can attempt is frost seeding it March, and letting it get real tall through out spring into summer. Then rolling the tall mature vegetation several times with a lawn roller, trying to break the stem system in the plants. which would in return kill your tall growing grasses and weeds. not the clovers. Like a roll crimper would do in Grant woods videos.
  4. Can you apply a homemade natural type of weed killer? Vinegar, dish soap and borax.. If so I would wait for greenup and a warm day.. apply this mixture to your vegetation then spread seed next day and pack it in with tires etc.. If you cant spray anything whatsoever I would frost seed your perennial blend in Early March.. broadcast at a 2x rate. It may help some but if you cant kill existing vegetation it will be harder to establish. As for seed I would plant a blend that has 2 or 3 clovers, and atleast a chicory in it.. Chicory thrives in droughts where clover will temporarily stunt/die off.. keeping you plot attractive..
  5. You wanna find their food source, and where they are bedding. Get between the two with wind in your favor. If you sit the food source, most deer have been pressured hard for the last month, you may find deer not coming to it until after legal light.. getting between these two should increase your odds on a shot opportunity .. Best of luck.
  6. You'd have a lot less invested with soybeans vs corn, and at the end of season, have benefitted the herd more than corn will. Even though corn is a high energy source during winter months.. just no wheres near the nutrient comparison of beans
  7. Any type of thermal cover, as mentioned. As far as food, especially in wet heavy snow.. Ive read they can smell a single kernel of corn through almost a ft of fresh light fluffy snow.. wet heavy snow only a couple inches.. So id think they will go to areas they know hold acorns, or whatever available food and start digging in hopes to hit the right spot. but To save the energy they will probably consume twigs and natural woody browse above the snow.. which can very well be the pine branches they may lay next too..
  8. They sure can, usually due to some sort of recent injury, or if he had a "hardcore" rut lol
  9. Soybeans. They are preferred more throughout the year and more beneficial than corn. They'll eat them once they start growing until when the very last seed pod is left. Another reason i mentioned soybeans is due to the fact you mentioned not having farm equipment. Soybeans are easy to grow, Corn is not near as easy. Corn is also a serious nutrient scavenger, basically depleting your soils goods by years end. You can get hooked up with QDMA and get beans for cheap, and if you get an early maturing bean, you can double crop your plots with a cereal grain or even a brassica blend if you plant early enough with the right bean. Corn is good too but I think youd spend a bunch of money to grow corn, and even more to do it with great success. This past year i did a soybeans, corn and milo blend. Soybeans, can just be rolled into the soft damp soil/thatch with a heavy roller. Just spray vegetation dead before or after( after if Round upReady seed) Unless money is not an issue go with Corn, but i still suggest soybeans. it will help soil slightly where corn will destroy it
  10. I don't have much to offer, but I know when Gun season rolls around. IT is the time i like to get on the ground and hunt those spots that treestands wont fit in, areas that are too hard to hunt during archery. Either still hunt, or just get at a good vantage point you can see or reach out from with your weapon. and just lean against a tree with a good shooting stick(a tree branch or a manufactured setup) .. Gun season gets tough on most everyone with a lot of unwanted pressure put on the deer herd in most places. adapt and overcome as i always put it.. Good luck sir. Persistence always wins!
  11. He needs to expire by Bow... Him and that Legend. Smash him by that corn, or pray he returns next fall. lol.
  12. I got out Thanksgiving Morning with my stepson for our 3rd, and possibly final sit for the year together. The 35 mph winds and snow squalls wasn't stopping him from wanting to fill a tag. We chose a ground blind that i felt would be tucked in out of the wind more than most places and not far from a bedding area.. First whitetail to show was a fawn, it stepped out from cover and fed out in front of us, a few moments after entering, another bigger bodied deer appeared right behind it feeding away. We watched them for awhile waiting on more. After 15-20 minutes, nothing else showed up. And these 2 had made their minds up that they were moving on, So we decided to attempt a shot at the bigger of the 2. He had a buck tag, a doe tag, and I had 2 doe tags that could be filled for the area. So we elected to get him his first deer by rifle regardless. Well what we thought was a doe, especially by how it was acting with and around the fawn. Ended up being his first buck ever, he was super pumped. I can't explain how happy I am for him, how happy he was for himself! We could literally see zero sign of antlers over the deer's head, Not that it matters it was his first and he is pumped to say the least! I couldnt be more happy for him. Bucks tagged legal and in the freezer! I brought my tripod I use for predator hunting to help him to my best ability. He split that bucks ticker in 3 pieces with a 140gr ELD at 120 yrds and it still ran a good 50 yards!! Kids a sniper in the making! That morning he learned what it was like to enter the tip of a sharp knife into a nice warm deer stomach! that irreplaceable sound and instant smell of a stomach deflating! LOL!! i hadn't laughed so hard in a long time, I tried to warn him to turn his knife around that you'd be better this way especially working around that stomach of his with the initial incision lol. He insisted it was how his dad showed him.. Lucky for him Im a good guy, and instead of only one set of blessed field dressing covered arms, there were 2 since he couldn't hold his own stomach together lol!! It'd be nice to get out and fill a doe tag or 2 before seasons end together. And a selfie after the shot!
  13. We have sexual harassment training like twice a year, must be they are catching on to me... There are some new laws NYS developed starting this month or maybe it was january.. that even outside of work ir you approach an employee or a seen with an employee and someone felt uncomfortable they can have action taken against you, and this state is not going easy n harassment cases. Its really messed up. People were losing their cool with how uncomfortable this state is making every situation anymore.. It really is messed up..