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  1. what bullet and gr weight do you use for your 223?
  2. Ive never gone to the woods "underpowered" Chasing big bodied deer, Id rather have the extra thump on hand. 7mm-08, 30-06 12 ga or the 50ML are my go to for deer season. But I really want to try out the 22-250 or the 22 Nosler this year with nuisance permits.. Everyone I talk to that have hunted with the 22-250 has dropped deer right in their tracks. as long as they are double lung hits. My buddy dropped a big buck in its tracks last year, with a double lung hit at just under 300 yards. Not sure of the bullet choice but i believe it was 62 or 64gr.

    Night vision

    I carry a Ruger american now, that is 6.6lbs, plus a nearly 2lb 30mm scope, a loaded mag and the bigger bipod .. iam near the weight range of 10lb give or take. The Ar with an ATN is roughly 2lbs and a pair of stickks or on a tripod at night.. I dont think ill be off to bad. I wa sgoing to build a 243 on 10 platform but i stayed away due to the weight it would have been with nothing on it. I appreciate the advice though. The last 2 seasons we have spooked more with red lights, even when using the bottom of the beam over the top of the dog.. quite a few have bee lined it for the woods.. Whatever i buy, hoping to have a warranty of some sort. But for the price it is action packed, and you cna record shots, day and night. kinda neat. IMO. thank you though Steve. Heres to trying new.. lol. I heard that as well, but also heard some factory lights get guys out to 500 yards no problem. but that is on the list in case as well. Did you get rid of yours?

    Night vision

    The wraith was my 2nd option. But the reviews and opinions arent out there like the ATN products are. ATN got a bad wrath for awhile, but alot of people I talk with or read about, had issues prior to the 4k model. Just like anything there will be a bad one that slips through. And if anyone is like me, I dont put a review on anything, unless I got screwed or it was a garbage product, described as gold.. Keep me posted on the WRaith when you get it. Im very interested. Please and Thanks.

    Night vision

    You're right, I forgot about that. He does have one. I do not know the ins and outs of them entirely. Just that they are an electronic scope. Literally dont know much at all about them. I do know you must know what your doing with the instructions, and that most issues are from the user themselves. Not the product. And I am most certian they come from the factory with a refund warranty, im just not sure how long it lasts. Im big on the warranty or return side of a purchase. It Makes or breaks a lot of my potential deals. I also planned on getting a cheaper monocular to scan with so i dont have to swing a gun all night..
  6. Is anyone running the ATN (4k or older model) or any other budget friendly Night Vision setup Sightmark etc..? Ive been told by others the ATN is solid, you just need to be a little tech savvy with PC's.. which i think I am. And set it up before the warranty runs out.. Im Looking for some feedback and a budget Night/Day scope. Leaning towards the 4k ATN 3-14x for the AR to hunt the elusive coyote. My partner and I are trying to get away from the red light .. Too many spooked after putting the light over them last year T.I.A. Bryan

    Youth baseball thread

    Well, I hate to say it, It doesnt make me proud but we gave an ultimatum. We let Cole quit Babe Ruth since it was a horrible team. He as to pay us back for the deposit, and the uniform. And also, start working since he is 13 now. Yesterday he started working with a local surveyor. Put in his first 5 hrs after his last exam for the year. And he seems to love it. Said he was excited and wanted to work anyways. But I wa sin his shoes at 13 and decided to start working when i was 10 for my grandfather. A decision I wish i could have changed looking back now. I wish I had done sports more and not worried about working so much until I really had to. Granted i was buying my own things when friends needed mommy and daddy money. but Growing up too fast isnt fun, kid sneed to enjoy being kids at a responsible rate before they are stuck in our shoes for several decades lol.. Anywho, he gave us a good deposit for what he owes.. and we will see how he likes this work thing as time rolls on.. I will sya he is a responsible, hard working, well mannered young man when he is not around his friends..

    Banned from local Facebook group

    Its a tough subject no doubt. Im not a user or abuser, never been. But I believe there should be access to it the first time "narcan needers" and you name goes on a list of some sort. Your offered or given mandatory rehab or whatnot and your not allowed a 2nd time, or its 3 strike your out. Cant keep giving out handouts, we all know how handouts work. But I do know people who have abused it, beat it and come out clean, they just need support, and basically a babysitter the first few weeks/months. But I also believe if they hand out narcan like candy, they need to offer other life saving medicines the same way. That is not far, some people dont get to choose the way they have to live. Where as the users do, and it takes over.

    First AR build in the making..

    I love what PSA has to offer. Ive been following their site for many months now, Actually ordered a hit months ago, but got news on my sons health and cancelled and they gave me greta service throughout. The next one will be a PSA 223 wylde build kit for sure. I did buy a magpul MOE lower parts kit from PSA last night.. Im Selling the trigger out of it to a friend, and will settle on a 3lb drop in for 100$ or less. I was going to go 80% route but My time is limited and for the first ill just take the easy road

    First AR build in the making..

    delta team tactical has drop ins from 2-4lbs for 100 and less as well

    First AR build in the making..

    They look sweet, but that is out of my league currently, wife about schat when she saw what i spend already and the gun isnt even complete yet. lol. Thank you though! Cheap guy here with a mostly cheap budget lol.. I like the price on both of those. And according to the tape measuring, my LOP is about 12-12.5"

    Can some one please identify this big bastard?

    I dont even know spiders.. I just move them if there in the way, or terminate them if they are in the house lol

    Can some one please identify this big bastard?

    I had a big black fuzzy spider last night on the wall. about the size of a half dollar with white spots on it. I showed it to my wife and she screamed and ran, loudly saying it was a black widow and we needed to move now!! LOL!! funniest chit i heard in a long time.
  14. Finally beginning to purchase the goodies to assemble my first ever AR, Use will be for Predator hunting. I went with an AR Stoner Complete upper w/ 18" Fluted BBL in 22 Nosler. It is an easy swap out to 223, which is another caliber i intend to build next for plinking purposes. Maybe a gift to the wife, and another backup gun for me lol. I plan to get a decent trigger for this setup, and the rest will probably be cheap to get me up in running. As for optic im planning on ATN 3-14x. Anyone have any opinions on a cheaper priced, trigger, comfortable stock and grip?

    Youth baseball thread

    Modified is over, Half the games were cancelled to to weather or poor field conditions.. Bummer cause I enjoyed watching them play. Cole our boy had best Average on the team, well over .500. Most RBI and threw several runners out at home from the outfield. He has really shown himself this year. Now on to Babe Ruth.. 2 games done in Babe Ruth and I cannot stand watching this league.. 13-16 yr olds(Cole is 13) .. I was hoping for some action packed games with bigger kids.. the other teams play well, but ours is just not there.. too many cry babies and poor sports on the team. And i cant stand watching an ungrateful and psoiled child play ball.. I will say something one of these nights if it continues.. Coach cant control half the kids and those kids wont even listen to them or their parents even.. I may lose it. lol. I guess its no wonder some of these kids didnt make modified for certain reasons. I do enjoy watching the kids that didnt make it due to skill, play hard here and actually try harder than these brats do. hats off to them.. I hope it gets better, or ill be watching the garden grow instead. Cole wants to quit due to his teams non sense, but we told him we didnt raise a quitter, play your heart out.. the right people will see it and one day youll be glad you did..