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  1. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    I told my wife the same thing. She wants to but has a hard time leaving cause he was her Dr when she was a child to. But we are both set on whatever is best for the kids. Im with you 100% man!! My thoughts exactly! As weak as her immune system is, we will get her the shot as it should help prevent or weaken the disease if it does get to her. We keep her inside as much as possible and try to keep air as clean as possible until warmer weather arrives.. Not sure if I will get it or not, probably only if it will benefit her. Otherwise i try to stay free of prescription meds if possible.. Especially after the young girl from Naples passed from the flu last year, I couldn't imagine losing a child of my own.
  2. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    The Dr did recommend it. But this Dr i thought i could trust too, he missed the pneumonia for weeks when she had it and would listen to us. Begged him for the application for chest X rays and he finally gave it after several visits.. Guess what.. Pneumonia it was.. He makes me wonder if hes in it for the money or to help these kids. He also prescribes her meds for her ear infections that dont ever work and we continue to tell him, and he just states to "try it and go from there".. 3 different meds later leads to a liquid steroid to clear her up.. I guess that is why i was looking for opinions or situations here.. Something new to the both of us, and as my grandpa always stated with medical practices, to get several recommendations or opinions. She goes to a pulmonologist early March. I did hear too that they weren't super effective this year. But as long as there is no negative side to this I'm all aboard..
  3. Flu Shots.. Opinions..

    I need some advice on the Flu Shot.. Sorry if there is another thread, I didnt have a lot of time to look for it. I have never had the shot, I typically dont get sick at all. This year ive been sick on and off since November. Im not so much worried for me, But my 3yo Daughter. She has a mild case of asthma and allergies. She takes albuterol and a steroid nebualizer treatment daily throughout the course day during the fall, winter and spring months when it acts up. In Febraury of 2017 she caught pneumonia pretty bad and never really recovered for nearly 3 months, that leaves her prone to getting sick quicker now( I think) because her lungs have not fully healed yet. Anyways she gets sick easy now. My wife and the rest of the family have never got a flu shot before either, and dont have a problem getting one for our daughters sake. We're just nervous of her getting the shot if it will make her sick or not initially. I mean it sounds like its in her best interest to get the shot(scheduled appt. for this Friday 1/26/18). But mom and dad are stressing over it.. Hopefully we are just over reacting but we cant stand seeing her sick so much, shes a trooper but still... The fact of whats inside the shot makes us wonder/worry also lol... Anyways, does anyone have some opinions if its the right call for her to get one? Maybe theres some Dr.s here and or Nurses? And when she gets her shot, we all plan on getting one in her best interests.. Sorry for the ramble.. Its been bugging us Thanks, Bryan
  4. batteries for trail cams question

    For summer use, i have had good luck with amazon basics or a standard energizer battery. My cams snap alot of photos each season and they are good in warmer weather for a couple of months with the cheapos. When temps start getting colder I like to switch to Energizer lithiums. Ive also had good luck with the Rayovac batteries. The TSC Job smart batteries were ok, but some were crap.
  5. The proper way to Break in a Rifle barrel?

    Same here, I guess im not hurting nothing. Just look into fine tuning my gun knowledge and marksman skills some with these rifles. Just picked up a couple Hoppes gun cleaning kits over the weekend.
  6. The proper way to Break in a Rifle barrel?

    Not yet, but as i spend these rounds, I plan on keeping the brass to reload them. A Reloading setup is on my list for "wants" this year. I have buddies who have offered their equipment if I buy the die. So sooner or later i will be yes.
  7. Looking into new single pin sight-opinions?

    I shoot the HHA optimizer lite ultra single pin and love it. I bought 5519. The only things i dont like about mine is the 2" housing, I will replace with the 1-5/8" housing so it fits my peep better. and instead of .019" pins, i am getting the .010" pin. Maybe its just my eyes but to me the .019" pin is too big at longer distances of 40+ yrds. And I like to sling arrows as far as i can every so often.
  8. The proper way to Break in a Rifle barrel?

    Thanks guys.. Ive never had a real issue with accuracy yet from anything ive ever done. But I was always just sighting in for deer hunting closer ranges and didnt feel the desire for super tight groupings, until now lol. After i picked up these new guns, it was the first time ever hearing from several people to "make sure I break the gun barrel in properly" .. Well this was news to me. So i guess I wasn't sure if there were certain things to do and not do when first shooting a brand new gun.
  9. So I've recently picked up a few rifles, that have yet to be shot. I've done a little research but have heard several different ways from different people/sources on how to properly "break in" a barrel for the best accuracy.. I used to just shoot til it was "zeroed" then clean it. I'm sure this may be the worse thing for them, but I was young, and my family never owned rifles. With these new guns, and any new gun from this day forward I want to properly break in the barrel? Whats everyone's thoughts on the Proper way to do this?? I've been told to "Varnish" with a special lube after each shot, for as many shots as possible the first time shooting the gun. I have been told to shoot a round or 2 then run solvent patch down the barrel and shoot another round or 2 through it and continue the process.. As well as a few other ways. There are many people here, much smarter than I, on the gun topic, so I thought Id ask you all the best or proper way(s) to break in a rifle barrel. I want to designate these couple to guns long range shooting. Thanks in advance! If it matters, the new calibers are .270, 6.5 C'moor and 22-250
  10. CANON CamCorder & Camera FOR SALE

    If you offered this in Bow season I would have been all over it. Film some of your hunts with the vid cam?
  11. Just Crushed..

    he is a she! lol The neighbor anyways lol
  12. Just Crushed..

    Yes, the same person who hit him with the 270, is the same person that missed with a bow this year. The buck in both trail cam pics
  13. Just Crushed..

    Thank you! I love and live for QDM. I dont preach it, but share stories because the journey is one hell of a roller coaster ride. Gaining history with bucks year after year is way too cool. lol. It becomes a hobby and genuine passion. I really could care less to hunt sometimes lol.
  14. Just Crushed..

    I hope he made it through season, Hes not much of a roamer and I have not heard of anyone hitting or killing a buck of this magnitude. One neighbor several properties away told me he hit a giant 9 point in the guts during archery and lost it. My heart sank a little(I wont lie) when he told me this. But told myself that this is hunting and I don't own a single one of these critters.. Well a few weeks later I felt much better when i got the picture of him finding the big 9 he lost. It wasn't him. But another dandy of a 4.5 yr old we had on cam we call Radar.. I got a picture of "The Ghost" Thanksgiving morning so I know he made it through part of gun season.. and again.. never heard of anyone taking him or finding him dead and as a community at camp we keep in touch with things like this. Going to check cards as soon as some snow melts. And I can walk back in without killing myself in hopes he is still alive and on cam eating some woody browse from a couple trees i dropped in the closest plot to his core area... Fingers Crossed lol Pic of "Radar" and The ghost thanksgiving Morning.. If you look at the ghosts stomach in the trail cam pic, theres a "blemish" .. he took a 270 bullet there last year and lived!! That bullet exited out lower on the opposite side and he somehow survived.. I know the neighbor who hit him and lost him.
  15. Interesting read on 2018 Cameras

    I should have one of those Spartan camera things after an upcoming Superbowl! lol