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  1. Yep, step 5 ft away from the tractor and their moving along lol. Good stuff
  2. Pic 1 & 3 looks like same buck possibly. 2.5-3.5 Pic 2 solid 3.5-4.5 yr old
  3. Yes, absolutely. Just need the right bullet. I will be using mine this year on some Doe hunts. You need a good soft point bullet that will hold up and not explode. The speed alone will basically drop every deer in its tracks providing you double lung them. My buddy uses one every year. And drops good bucks in their tracks well over 200 yards. Just be good with your shot and bullet and you will have great success. IT sunder estimated for its bullet weight, but completely capable of dropping deer in their tracks.
  4. I just traded a few cases of beer for one of these. A mans best tool lol
  5. Me as Always, My drive to whitetail hunt diminishes every year.
  6. Idk if confirmed, but he told me EHd. And i dint argue it. Also said he knows others who found dead deer all across the area...
  7. Your mixed greens i wouldnt cut as it will probably kill your brassica plants growing. since most are not the forage type. And the clovers, i wouldnt cut either. Let the deer do the mowing, ITs september. Maybe just cut high and knock the grass down.
  8. Yes My camp neighbor lives there and found two bucks last week dead. It doesn't sound good
  9. -Mathews Z7 with Super Nova 250s shooting Samurai Overkill 125 TAW 572gr -For gun I have no clue yet. Hopefullly the AR10 243 with DAY/Night scope to record shots. pushing an 85TSX or 90 nosler bt -The 6.5creedmoor AB3 shooting 140 eldm -TC Omega 250 shockwave over bh209
  10. Good stuff. I machined heavy 100gr inserts for my arrows. They fly better and drive deep. Rage Hypo here until the new single bevels come in.
  11. What broadhead are you going with?
  12. Wow, I wasnt aware of the internal advantages. I may have to reconsider some of these Brownings
  13. Yes sir! Id probably say a prayer before squeezing the trigger. But dang, talk about tender eatings!
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