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  1. This is just a poly roller. I roll over it twice. Then apply Gly to kill what the roller doesnt. Im building a bracket to attach to the roller frame where i can add a crimper above it, and use it just by flipping over the roller frame. Then the roller weight will push the crimper down to help crimp stems If that makes sense lol
  2. Guess its possible.. they all have personalities I suppose. Last year we took our #1 buck. Our lease consists of two 500 acre pieces. about 4 miles apart. The buck was seen and ha dhis picture taken on the neighbors to one part of our lease the day before he was killed on the other part of our lease. As well as other bucks that have been seen on one piece and killed even further away pushing the 6 and 7 mile mark. September/October vs December.. And a giant was killed on our property line that was never seen before by any of our neighbors all year long
  3. Awesome, Looks like a perfect weekend! man id enjoy meeting some you you fine fellers if life ever let up some lol
  4. Awesome! Been wanting a flag pole at my house. I love passing these big flags, like the one on 390 exit 9.
  5. Many places ive seen it. But im in Wny/northern pa when i see it
  6. A little update. They are staring to pop. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. amazon box and pack it tight. so no rattle. I get ammo to my door I mean someone elses door all the time. from the Post office and the others as well
  8. Go back in a few weeks/month and check on the eggs to see if they get eaten or hatched. It does seem a bit open to me as well.
  9. Hay is great. Lots of Diversity usually growing in there. And when its tall, it holds more critters than you probably think. Also, Smith Stock Farms is good. My boy is great friends with their son. They granted me coyote permission on a couple of fields. And I've brought their boy with me on a few hunts also. Parents seem to be great people. They also have a lease with a local hunting TV series/ show as well.. I wont get into those specifics here though. They have a TON of land. It seems to be common practice around here for new fields to be put in to being harvested for HAY.. Not
  10. Im gonna miss that basement hangout scenery in all the talks! dang...
  11. I roll it with as heavy of a roller that you can find.. a poly roller works fine also. And i spray it with roundup(Glyphosate) after i roll it over, not while its standing
  12. Depends on the seed and soil moisture. This is 1 yr old soybean seed so We will see. I like to use live fresh seed for this method but willing to try it. it worked well for me a few years ago. I saw a heavy rain coming so i broadcast the QDMa beans into a standing messy growing hay field and they took off great! it was a beautiful plot with grasses, clovers, flowering weeds and plants plus soybeans.. deer were in it all day long
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