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  1. New guy on cam.

    Congrats man, Ive followed you a bit around here, and you've been quiet since the post.. Thought you may have smoked him lol! that is awesome. Wall Bound for sure!
  2. Made the switch

    Chaos, you'll love those heads. They are built well. When my 5 "Real" Rage hypos need replacing, I will replace with these "Chinadermics" as WNY calls them lol. Have shot rage for a decade now, nothing but good stuff to say about them.
  3. New guy on cam.

    140+ My buddy shot a 140 gross 10 pt opening night.. Your cam buck seems slightly bigger. Taller tines as well as an extra tine
  4. Got a new one on cam

    Big ole boy Moog!
  5. Where are those plots?

    They do not look familiar, the only gate I can picture at the moment that kind of looks like that is surrounded by poplar trees. But I havent done any driving around in a few years now. Life has kept me quite busy lol.
  6. Blood tracking tip

    My buddy posted this on a fb forum today. He is a Deer Search Tracker for the southerntier.
  7. Where are those plots?

    Right on, Bigger bulbs/tubers, less taste/palatable. DDT im on the Avoca, Wheeler line.
  8. Where are those plots?

    Again just to show how easy food plots can be. In first pic i sprayed this fallow field with GLY and about 11 days later before a decent rain I broadcast a brassica blend, 4 different clovers, chicory and alfalfa into short and thin standing RR soybeans. And let the rain do the rest. Early September broadcast WW @150lbs per acre into the plot. Didn't roll or anything. I like this messy plot. 2nd pic: I took 1/3 of an acre of my yard at camp and sprayed it with GLY. About 3 days later before a light rain, I broadcast Triticale @100lbs per acre and a big Clover blend of reds and whites as well and let the rain do the rest. Dead thatch keeps moisture in, in very dry conditions like we had in the Southern-tier after Early July and helps growing conditions greatly. No soil broken again this year. 3rd pic is a hybrid sorghum i planted for screening/bedding all around a plot behind my barn at camp to promote daylight activity. Between the screen and the abundance of apples, there is a ton of daylight activity here this year! Its on slightly poor soil and still broke 10' tall 4th pic is of most of the crab apple trees growth after one year.. Doing well!
  9. Where are those plots?

    IT is funny cause i have a lot of winterWheat planted into my plots to fill the bare and thin spots and the deer havent even touched it yet. Have eaten all the brassicas out of it and hitting the clovers well. The WW hopefully will get hit with colder weather.. otherwise it will just be my termination crop for spring.
  10. Who reuses broad heads?

    I used to shoot Monetc, they are re usable, they just need to be cleaned and sharpened. Otherwise a very reliable and durable fixed blade, in fact its my favorite fixed blade head. Ive shot rage for a decade now and ill inspect the BH before re using it. Either replace the blades if bent or dull, or if in worse shape, just toss the head in the garbage. I have re sharpened rage blades at work on the surface grinders before or hand sharpened as well
  11. Anyone Still Cutting Grass?

    When I had my landscape business, this time of year most people were pushed back to every 2 weeks. Mainly for leaves. But grass will grown through november with right conditions.
  12. So Much For "Stealh Cams"

    I agree. Owned 3 over 15 years now and all junk. I did consider getting a cheaper cam for security purposes or in high risk locations though.
  13. Blood tracking tip

    Ive heard it works well! Never tried it yet though. If i remember and heard correctly, if you use it and still do not have any luck with recovering the animal. That a tracking dog will have a very hard time with the scents. Or even decline your call if the peroxide was used.. Damn memory.. lol
  14. So Much For "Stealh Cams"

    Its not always the "Glow" or the "light" of the cameras "flash" that they see. It could be the actual camera its self, that they dont like. If it sticks out like a sore thumb it can catch any eye that walks near it. Camouflage it a little bit and try it on a new tree a little ways away or a new spot. Its a sense of security to some(not all) deer, just like us. If some stranger puts something in your living room that looks weird or out of place. We wouldn't be comfortable with it either. Id just brush it in some or hang it higher on a new tree. If you have that buck in the area regularly, he will be back, just maybe not in that exact same spot he is here..