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  1. Ive got Tungsten 2s, 4s and 2x4 duplexs loaded up for coyotes, they should wreck a bird out to 100-150 maybe?? lol
  2. When i used to shoot Lead turkey loads. MY mossy 500 and 535 with a cheap undertaker choke tube would throw longbeard xr loads very tight. Killing patterns on paper past 60 easily. The last couple seasons ive handloaded Tungsten turkey loads.
  3. Mag goes on left side, 45 straps to my right hip
  4. Id like to have more that's for sure. I think at least a hundred or 200 per caliber/bore gun.. Which i am pretty close if not.. but still want more.. Getting all my reloading supplies as we speak. The LAst month or so ive been grabbing a few boxes a week, and Just need a couple good readily powders and bullets and its go time..
  5. I pray for you all sir, I couldn't imagine. My grandmother just got put in assisted living 2 weeks ago before this shutdown. Having alzheimer's and dementia I feel so bad we cant see her .. Everything is not suiting her well..
  6. Our town picked up 1 case so far that im aware of. Arkport
  7. The shovel part is a waste of time! lol
  8. I know, I was just stating an actual DEC officer of Region 7 or 8 ( I believe) told a fella that the season is open until Tuesday night at Midnight.
  9. He was one of my favs! his old stuff and even some of his new stuff. Sad day!
  10. Damn, I better get moving here. Big plans this year after the BS lately .. become more self sufficient. Anyone dehydrate and store, or freeze and store there veggies/fruits etc? Like to be able to grow and sustain some throughout fall/ winter. Have plenty of room to grow, in some great black muck soil.
  11. It should be Tuesday like years past! I know there was a fella who spoke with an officer and the officer told him Tuesday!
  12. https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/5dma4k/cuomos-prison-workers-say-theyre-not-actually-making-hand-sanitizer amongst several articles..
  13. I just read the King Andy isn't actually making Hand Sanitizer at the prison.. They are emptying existing Hand sanitizer bottles and re banding it in new bottles With his own label.. what a loser!
  14. If i cant convince my stepson to let me take him and his father out, I will be taking out a 12 yr old boy and his father at least one day.. Neither of the 2 have turkey hunted a day in their life but the boy wants to go, how much better can that be!?! I'm all about taking the youth out! Best part of my season every year! As for tips, Id just go and listen in the woods you intend on trying to hunt a few days before season, get in and listen for roost talk if the weather stays good like this scout for turkey scratching and poops, especially the J shaped terds .. Being stateland, expect others to be present..