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  1. I usually buy plants. I think ill start some seeds this week. GHet the kids involved
  2. You stated it best with your last sentenced, is a mix! You want to add good diversity to every plot for the best attraction. Unless you have a half dozen big sized plots you can offer more.. Also diversity is good for the soil. A good seed blend will keep deer in your plot more times than not compared to a monoculture planting. As far as Brassicas go, The tops always get eaten first. The bulbs get eaten as the available tops become rotten or all eaten. I like to offer Purple Top Turnips, Daikon Radish, and Rutabaga for bulbs in my brassica plots, The radish tends to get eaten sooner as i
  3. sweet! A buddy of mine made one from scratch as a pull behind for his quad. its a super simple idea and works pretty well. Might be tough to cut a 2.5" trench for corn seeds but smaller seeds and beans works great. As the tow behind roller is what applies the down pressure and packs the trench back up. Certainly isnt a several thousand dollar piece of equipment but is awesome.
  4. Theres powder everywhere. Especailly if you willing to drive an hour outside the city.. Ive bought RL 7, RL16, RL19, Varget, H380, and many other common powders in the last few months. Its there, you may jus thave to hit a half dozen shops to get what you need. I know a place in PA that has everything most anyone will want or need. As they control how much can be purchased.
  5. I just picked up an ATI Cavalry in 28ga.. Anyone here shoot one? IT was closest to my budget and I shot the 410 model for trap shooting, a few years back and loved it. This gun will be my go to turkey gun with TSS handloads, as well as Trap and Bunny hunting with the neighbors beagles. Cant wait to use it. Ive wanted a O/U for many many years.. And felt 28 would fit the void perfectly as I dont have either, the gauge gun nor the style.
  6. Thats a coyote .. all day
  7. I have a peach tree in my in laws that grew from a pit that was tossed in the yard.. IT puts on a TON of fruit every year, and the tree is only 8 or 9 years old. Grows fast. IT puts on so much fruit it breaks branches and droops them to the ground every year. My grandfather in law "uses" the fallen fruit. and it is consumed quick lol.
  8. Our Walmart in Hornell did too a week or so ago.
  9. They will only shhip to an ffl correct?
  10. Probably a breeding pair.. spanked.
  11. PA, i found some last week. well 223 Varmint. Trying to find primers. been to 9 different gun shops after my quarantine was up
  12. I enjoy the show, its not bad, not great. Better than most all other shows in TV .. But again.. its TV and the majority is not real life.. got to make it look good.. but when nothing else is on.. ill most certainly watch this..
  13. This year I started mixing in raccoon sounds during sets, especially in areas i know the racoons are thick. Or move a set closer to the den trees after nothing has come in and run racoon distress.. as they are bad bad turkey eggs eaters. and my turkey population is not what it used to be..
  14. Find Den trees and setup 50 yards from them and run raccoon distress calls. if nothing comes in 10 minutes. Move on to the next one.
  15. Nothing says you have to wait. IT just depends how frequent they are in that specific area. You can hunt it, or wait until they find it. You never know unless your there or have surveillance over it. Im in a fairly dense coyote population at my house, I put out 2 deer scraps form ML season, It took them 3 weeks to find it. Or at least hit it anyways. While the fox, skunk and raccoons took pc at a time. Once the coyotes found it.. Gone overnight.. If your time is limited, hunt when you can, if you can hunt anytime, might be best to wait til they hit it(you checking up on it everyday
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