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  1. good Work sir! That is awesome! I hope one day soon to have a setup half as good as this. "Im Getting tired of looking for factory loads to my liking. Might grab a kit this fall/winter and start piecing things together.
  2. I passed a cow of a piebald doe up years ago in 8J. Thought she was a cow coming through the woods. Idk why, i just really like seeing them around. Its unique, its something you rarely get to see. I guess the killing part of me has left years ago.. Now, if it was a mature piebald buck.. (regardless of antler size) Im not sure i could pass, or sling. there's just something about outsmarting a mature buck..
  3. Awesome, Thought about starting one of these myself. Best of luck sir!
  4. Just tape that badboy where you want it.. transfer those holes to your barrel and gently drill and tap straight.. measure barrel thickness and dont break through.
  5. Still searching for that perfect bow huh?! lol
  6. The mathews probably would not even break skin on that old boy! lol
  7. This is just awesome, Flat out amazing. I wish i could attempt this at some point in my life. Really cool. Thank you for sharing!
  8. What management unit is this? Thats a beauty of a buck
  9. Looks good sir! Best of luck to you.. I imagine a few deer finding there resting place in the bulb/tuber field this fall/winter!
  10. I try to not hit and avoid any animals to my best ability but im not risking my life for an animals life either..
  11. If you were to harvest, You guys would have done that with the recurves!! and not them compounds or the boom sticks.. lol
  12. These were the first dozen or so down the brand new barrel using the sightmark wraith setting up the reticle zero @75 yards.. shooting and swabbing after each quick as possible since time was limited.
  13. I really think ill hold .5 MOA with both these rounds with a good trigger. Id like to work up to a heavier pill down the rd.
  14. Finally got the 22nosler to the 100yrd range.. Found out how really horrible the mil spec trigger is.. A new larue 2 stage is set for delivery next week. But for a crappy gritty trigger, this gun shot the cheap ammo the best. these are after shooting 12 times with bore snake after each shot.. 55gr Dogtown tipped and 62gr Varmegeddon hp(upper left and upper right).. I would like to think the new trigger will make all of these much better, It was not fun at all trying to hold steady and squeeze that pile of a trigger.. Decent start, but $26 for 50 rounds if they'll shoot less than MOA i probably wont even handload for it.
  15. Man "I dont see this plot lasting too long John . You got some hungry girls in that pic! lol Hopefully your bulbs are doing well!