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  1. Lots of good options out there. al depends on your budget i suppose. People may crap on it, but if you keep your distances shorter to a more controllable shot anyways.. You dont lose anything.. you only gain as you wont have to worry about that first shoulder if your setup correctly.
  2. Mini clear-cuts, they'll probably come back and take the ones left left standing in a few years..
  3. Some practice pics from the other night.. And as a bonus my daughter (whom never ever wanted to hunt before) asks if her bow is strong enough to kill a deer.. Guess the back off no pressure technique is starting to work! My son will probably never hunt so i really hope she gains some interest in it. I'm sure she will, she is a daddy's girl! Looks like momma is getting a new bow next year and shes getting mommas bow !
  4. Yep! we've got all sorts of diamond grad files and stones in all sorts of sizes and shapes. a round one should work great with a good hand.
  5. I am going to say an early born Button, yes. April Born. A button that has weeks or even a month more to his first growing season than the rest or a typical button bucks first 6 months... more food, means more body weight and probably a touch longer than normal "buttons" .. but im not a biologist either.. My best guess. Ive seen some big doe produce some big offspring.
  6. Do you still have the jaw?
  7. Keep me posted! im curious as well. The grizzlyStik testimonials looks promising! Im keeping my sights settled right tight to the shoulder now. Ive put rage hypodermics through the scapula of some average size doe.. but Mature whitetail will take that hit and run. Hope these heads will get me through, if not, ill build it heavier! lol
  8. I will shoot them again tonight. I ordered some for my wifes bow that were delivered Saturday. So hopefully they are quiet. Changed my wifes arrow setup a little, cut her 500 spine shafts 2.5in shorter, machines 65gr brass inserts for them and shooting a 125 head, shes at 22% FOC with this setup and at 390gr TAW. She had one bow harvest before this and it was a BB, and her arrow barely penetrated out the off side..
  9. Makes you feel good when they do what they're supposed to do! lol
  10. I havent noticed a whistle. I also dont have the ears I once I had either lol. Ill try to listen for it this week. If i do ill just switch to the 200 gr that has solid blades and the better ferule
  11. Need a side profile.. but if I had a guess I'm going with 4.5
  12. That's the reason i went with the samurai style.. straight blade for easier sharpening, otherwise i wanted to buy these heads. Youll have to do some serious handworking and get good with a stone by hand to keep and hold those edges. Or youll need a stone that has the same angle you can run along that edge.
  13. You literally have the most preferred foods growing here. I see an abundance of great diversity growing in these plots. Keep the pressure off them some and they should pull wildlife into winter.
  14. You could have some sweet food plots tucked away right there! Wife just gave me the ok to go get a new tractor, Im going to have to go check out the prices down there one night this week!
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