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  1. Like the Blood sport arrows. They are to see blood and penetration depth usually if your arrow snaps. I was thinking of doing the same at some point. Also helps with color checking blood and such on marginal hits. I believe
  2. Mid Morning to early afternoon is prime time for Rut sits. All day sits if you can. My son shot his mature buck at 1015am on Halloween morning. Ive told many before, dont leave the woods middle of the day during the rut.. put cams up if you need the proof.
  3. My guess is upon or a micro second before impact the angle of bolt into the cavity changed quick, resulting in a hard track and no happy ending.
  4. Can you get a search dog on him?
  5. So I could not find the ttsx, I picked up some 85 grTSX and 90 gr Nosler Tipped. both shooting moa or less.. What would you choose for deer between the 2? I fine tuned for the TSX as i thought itd be a more solid bullet, and less explosive compared to the 90gr Nosler ballistic tip. Even though both could be shot with the same reticle with no issue to 200yrds or so.. .
  6. Im an ammo hoarder as well, I did stock up some and I dont shoot recreationally caus eI cant bare the fact of "wasting" ammo.. I am now beginning reloading to fend for myself and fine tune the weapons.. That being said, Ive given out a handful of rounds out to a few people in need. but I will not sell it or give a full box away.. ITs not my fault people didnt prepare properly.. Unless they were in a real hard spot.. Id gladly help out more.. But in terms of ammo and the state this country and its citizens are in.. my weapons and ammo is mine, and stays with me lol
  7. Im no white collar firm guy, so sorry if this donest help.. but everything in life has a reason.. Theres a reason saying they want her.. IT may not be a good reason, there may be a reason the spot is open and theyre begging her to come there.. seems sketchy to me.. She should go with her gut.. If they need her that badly as Moog said.. they should compensate no problem. IMO. Best of luck to her. Sounds like a bright future.
  8. I really like my HHA I do want to switch to a .010" pin though. I like them tiny.
  9. Young girl shoot a beautiful bear and we critique its size, or mention she is doing trick hero shots.. what a joke. You think she planned it? She probably cant even hold the damn things head, or leg up to pose a picture.. Sorry, but it makes a great photo just as it is...
  10. always daytime movement during the rut.. especially midday. My cell cams should midday studs this weekend
  11. I wouls suggest a soil test since your first method failed. Though it can be a number of different things. Rule of thumb is the Cereal Rye will grow anywhere.. and ive seen it grow in many wierd places as long as it receives sunlight and ample moisture. I would also add a clover or 2 to your mix. Does this spot get sunlight? and a good amount of direct sun? Without good sun, you wont ge tmuch growth from anything..
  12. Possibly, but if you have weeds growing id like to think its not to compacted. logging rds unless really wide.. are hard to get brassicas to grow. Did you make sure your seed was fresh? as in the test date? Also, you need good steady rain to get seeds to germinate so timing plantings are crucial. As birds will pick seeds as well. Its also best to terminate your weeds spread your seeds into and lay your dead weeds over top of your seeds. You can try the harrow drag and see what happens. It sometimes does take a decent disking to start a good no till process.
  13. Our plots are full of shale as well. ITs a PITA.. if your set on breaking ground you should use a harrow drag, but the only down fall is it will bring up a ton of rock. A disk would be your second best option. A tiller would take a serious beating, I know mine did. The problem with shale is(if your not going to pick rock after your scratch the soil) you wont be able to pack or roll your soil/seeds for good contact. Your rock will be in your way and also be covering up a ton of surface area where your seeds could be growing. If this makes sense.. I highly recommend trying the poor mans/no till methods or a no till drill, when you have rock problems. IF you have the funds to double crop, and utilize summer, fall and winter blends in your plots, you wont ever have to worry about rocks again. I do the poor mans no till plantings with ease and great results, providing it snot dry planting conditions. Done it with all seeds besides field corn. No till methods with good seed blends will treat you very well sir. 4 or 5 seeds that aid in herd health as well as work your soil for you, aid in soil health and help you with your next planting, all at the same time..
  14. Dang, a long ways from me. Id let ya use one for the season if we were closer
  15. I have 2 API Grand slam climbers. where are you?