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    Plot advice needed.

    Gman hit the nail on the head. Plant strips and try not to make the plot a perfect square or rectangle. Unless you can run a pass of Egyptian wheat of hybrid sorghum as a screen to divide each section. It will promote daytime activity and deer will feel more secure, not being able to see a long ways, or be seen from a long ways. The outside strips plant your perennials(clover/chicory/alfalfa) or an annual like oats or winter wheat. Towards the center get in your brassica bulbs and or winter peas.. Lots of options. And if possible you can plant a row of screening between each like i mentioned earlier, and cut a hole in it to get deer to pass through right where you'd like them too.. You can do a lot with what you have there..

    What's your ML load?

    T/C Omega and Triumph. Both used (3) 50gr Trip7 pellets with a 250 gr shockwave. Both guns shot 3" groups at 225yrds This year i switched powder and am Using BH 209. hope to shoot it today. Probably 100gr

    Tough critters..

    Thought this picture was pretty neat.. One of many cool pics this pull.. It shows the harshness of winter and what these critters have to do to find food... Plus avoid us Orange Coats!
  4. Coming in late her, so i apologize beforehand.. I understand both sides here.. I do, Help those out who want to hunt pheasants any which way possible. Mass produce birds and drop them off.. so NYS can still have a season.. I get it. Not against it at all.. Makes some people happy. An old man once told me, in more ways than one that, "a little something is better than a lot of nothing".. take it how you want to.. This is better than nothing at all, yes it sure is. Again im not against the program completely since it makes some people happy... But the phrase "pay once, cry once" goes a long way for many things in life. Take the money and build up the habitat, "control" the predators, and briefly protect these birds, give them what they need and a fighting's chance to survive. Look everywhere across the land.. Deer hunters have to refrain from shooting a doe in some areas, just to provide for years to come... The only small game you see anywhere is squirrels!! And i think we all know why. Rabbits, they are thin in many areas, grouse, pheasants, turkey you name it.. there habitat is gone or slowly getting there, and the predator population is not declining by any means... steadily rising if i had a guess.. Bring back their habitat and protect them some until populations are sustained. Reap the rewards... Its called management and thats whats sportsman and women do, or should do.. Providing for our future... I dont hunt pheasants much anymore since my father and our dog have passed, but make a plan for the "future". There seems to be zero future intentions here, with this program. As mentioned before "money maybe not wasted, but not spent well".. Granted a bird lives through the season and over winter, It will most likely adapt to the wild but the chances seem rare in most places. Id much rather see pheasant habitat restored, predators controlled more appropriately and bird numbers increase, and you will gladly see me purchase another bird dog and be back in the field! Ive hunted them on pheasant farms.. its a riot no doubt, a complete ball! A great place to train new young dogs, bring un experienced hunters, support local biz, etc.. Great time for a great price. Id just love to see the habitat improved on these state lands in more ways than one.. My $.02

    I've FALLEN and I can't get UP !!

    Hope you heal up quick and safely Dan! That has always been a worry of mine hunting solo the last couple of years. Hope your buddy gets you in the tower and you can harvest over your WW plot sir! best of luck to you

    Showing a DEC officer a gut pile?

    They are understaffed im sure, and only respond and investigate when they need. A group of guys turned in a man next door to me last year for shooting 3 bucks between 100-120" during the opening week of gun season, pictures to prove it as well.. All 3 bucks were supposedly tagged with buck tags from people whom have never even been on the property before. and live hours away. I Guess the DEC investigated and only took one buck from the butchers and the other 2 were left for the poaching hunter.... This poaching hunter still had his buck tag in his possession too!!! Still hunted the rest of the season and such.. Its a touchy situation i guess, but it seems you can put a ton of pieces to the puzzle in their lap and nothing really gets done about it..

    Would you support an early MZ season?

    The same way it would mess with archers that have waited 300 days for opening day?

    New Bow 2019

    I plan to sell one of my Mathews, probably the MR7 and pick up a Triax or the new Vertix by Mathews. Which ever one feels best.

    Would you support an early MZ season?

    I agree, If it passed and ML was the only weapon that can be used legally. I would obviously do what I had to do, to be able to hunt that season. As i would for Xbow, IF it had its own season. I would enjoy it if it were to pass as well. But I absolutely love hunting with vertical archery equipment. And prefer it over every season.. If an early ML season were in consideration for these "high deer density areas", I could understand that.

    Would you support an early MZ season?

    No, unless by "Early Season" it is designed to be put in between archery and regular season.. then yes!. But not before archery season. I see no reason whatsover to put a early ML season in place ahead of archery season. Unless it was an aided season to help handicap, youths or elderly etc.. then by all means im on board! If it were to go ahead of Archery season, Id be totally against it. Unless there were good reasons im un aware of to justify.. Id gladly listen Otherwise i would think the hunters who are restricted to close range(archery hunters) deserve first chance... Not trying to sound greedy lol

    Deer Season Flying Bye

    sure is flying by. I blame my kids and life though. only 7 sits under my belt this year so far.

    New Deer Dropper

    25.06 is next on the line up here. We have several 243.. Great versatile rounds, slings a light bullet wicked fast and can also sling a heavier better b.c. bullet well too. But if i owned what you have, id go a little smaller like a 204, 220swift, 222, 223, 22.250. all very fun guns to shoot..

    New rifle.. What scope??

    Totally agree, I usually only buy budget guns. The expensive guns i own have been guns i have won the last few years. With the right ammo a cheaper gun can sure be a shooter, I have learned that recently with some help from friends. Ive been taking cheap package deal scopes off and replacing with a low end nikon for $140 for just a standard deer rifle. Been pleased with them all.. Compared to the cheap scope it came with. I have a few cheap bushnells floating around the gun cabinet i should do something with.. You cant shoot nice glass from several rifles then pick up a gun with cheap glass.. IT just doesnt work out well lol.

    New rifle.. What scope??

    You aint kidding there! I dont need anything special, i just like super clear glass mostly, and a bit of magnification for most of my hunting rifles. My place of employment offers a ton of gift cards for Amazon and Walmart.. so between the 2 sites is where I try to purchase my scopes. Saves me some money lol. I got this athlon for almost half off and only a few dollars out of pocket. I will keep an eye on some of these scopes, but it looks like they are still a tad more than i will spend. Probably worth more than any of my guns are..

    New rifle.. What scope??

    I was looking at Meopta but i couldnt find enough reviews to justify buying it for the price. Id imagine they are all a pretty high dollar scope?