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  1. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    Recently got my pistol permit

    this is the letter the judge sends in Chenango County pcc.pdf
  2. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    Recently got my pistol permit

    I'm in Chenango County, I think that's a good idea for getting 2, thanks... and my letter of approval from the judge says right in it, that I will need to take a course.
  3. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    Recently got my pistol permit

    Chenango county requires you to take a safety course within a year of being issued the permit, and you need to take a course to carry concealed. I already know that the course in my town is this weekend and i'll be outta town....i'm not opposed to traveling wherever in the region. I wouldn't carry daily, but I would want a more compact 9mm, maybe .45 acp...just wanted to know what guns some of you prefer over others....obviously it'll come down to what feels right in my hand
  4. I am eventually gonna take my conceal carry course, anybody know of any coming up? Also, what make and model do you suggest for my first purchase?
  5. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    American Hustle ----- the movie

    wasn't real impressed...the woman loved it...I guess I was just depressed "Lone Survivor" was sold out
  6. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    Was Santa in a hunting mood?

    portable SD card reader and some camo Oakleys
  7. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    Was Santa in a hunting mood?

    I wouldn't know what Santa brought....been stuck at work since 5:30am...another hour and i'm homeward bound
  8. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER


    Me and the boys last year...both labs enjoyed there first time out flushing fuzzies
  9. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    how fast one can..

  10. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    Stand with Phil

    didn't know I needed to go into deep thought to try and burn you...just pointing out the obvious, big talkers behind computer screens....never gets old
  11. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    Stand with Phil

    I know this is a forum and there are plenty of debates on here, but you sound like a real douchebag sir
  12. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    Live From the Stand / Woods 2013!

    This happened to my buddy last night...all set to collect his winnings for the big doe contest and then he saw the pecl<er
  13. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER


  14. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER

    What knives do you use?

    Don't know if you care to know my preferred field dressing knife (thinking this op is more meant for after its hanged and skinned)...but for those who haven't tried it, ya gotta try the swing blaze by Outdoor Edge
  15. PSEcopenhagenHUNTER


    I hunt 7M, welcome