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  1. I seem to be in the minority here, my Lacrosse Alpha Burly's in the Camo print haven't failed me in the 3 years I've owned them. My 14 yr old son has a matching pair and haven't heard a peep out of him about being cold. Other guys in the camp have the Lacrosse brand as well and swear by them. Around $120 for the 1000 Grams of Thinsulate, you can go less expensive without the camo print. Good ankle support as well, I do a lot of drives in these boots and have always been comfortable. Used to have Field and Stream brand, while warm, feet floated all around inside and they were heavy. If they ever get punctured (as mine did on a log), Gorilla glue is a great repair tool as it expands while drying.
  2. I have used Gorilla Glue to repair leaks in my rubber boots, the glue expands as it dries. I suspect it would do the same for the waders.
  3. BIG Bear up at the top of the road across from the camp! My friend Jon got some great pics on the trail cam.
  4. Had my son with me, my first 8 pt. Field dressed at 175 lbs. He was hot after a Doe. Shot it up on the Mad River Club.
  5. Read an article awhile back that made sense, a night time coyote hunter would contact the DEC / Local Law Enforcement agencies to let them know where / when he would be hunting should any concerned citizens call in. He stated once he started doing that, he never had an issue.
  6. Marsh Mill Creek is in Madison Cty. Great place, very clean. http://www.marshmillranch.com/About%20Us.php?PHPSESSID=0ea4cb8a6c1d1587172ef9259238a81f
  7. Any opinions on hunting in "warm" weather? Let's say 55 & Sunny +. It's my opinion that days like these are better off spent at camp. Seems like the deer just don't move unless you walk up on them. I was 15 miles east of Sandy Creek, NY on the Mad River Club property and while out Muzzleloading and checking on tree stands, didn't see a single flag. I know this is possible on even the best hunting condition days but a lot of the Doe on this property don't spook as you cannot hunt them. Seems like whenever there is a real mild day, activity just stops. I appreciate any opinions you might have.
  8. Old news but worth posting in regards to this subject... http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Mountain-lion-passed-through-Lake-George-2123402.php
  9. Looking forward to browsing this site, used to love HuntingNuts.com but not sure what happened it. Good luck to everyone in '13!
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