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  1. A buddy and his wife tried to buy fishing licenses last Sunday in Central Square and was told by the sales clerk the system is still down and she couldn't sell the licenses by computer and didn't "feel" like doing it by hand.
  2. This little guy has got a brass set! Sorry about the lame music, better watched with volume off, action starts after about 30 secs. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=8ae_1390385259
  3. My son's first deer with a Marlin 30/30. Great firearm for deer hunting in NY's woods.
  4. Limb Chickens!! I love it! Welcome to the site, a lot of great conversation and topics here.
  5. I have seen coyotes in fields when out driving in my car but have seen an equal amount while in the woods (Oswego County & Chenango County).
  6. Fox on the Run - Sweet Binded by the LIght - Manfred Mann Genesis Foo Fighters
  7. Great video, pretty slick with the multiple views. In your opinion, did the Doe have this year's and possibly last years offspring with her?
  8. Again…opinions, good discussion.
  9. Fairness - No problem with this part Was it ethical? Majority of the posts in regards to this seem to be no. Respect - Is this showing respect to wildlife? Could be an area where they are looking to minimize the herd. Personally, I wouldn't do it. Fellowship with competitors - Would you want this gentleman in your hunting camp?
  10. Great forum, great opinons and advice here, enjoy & Welcome!
  11. Sportsman (from the Free Dictionary) - 1) a man who is active in sports 2) a person whose conduct and attitude exhibit sportsmanship Sportsmanship (or sometimes sportspersonship) is an aspiration or ethos that a sport or activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one's competitors. Again, it is my opinion. Great part of America is you can decide for yourself.
  12. I owe an apology here. I didn't watch the video all the way through, personally I thought it was overkill to let slugs fly at four deer. All were put down in quick fashion. I guess we should consider this hunter to be a good shot to draw lead on all four in a short time frame. Again, In my humble opinion, I don't feel this is Sportsmanlike. To each his own, just don't think it's a good idea to have this available to the non hunting public. All hunters already have an uphill battle to try and maintain what little respect we are given for our sport despite the fact we contribute to conservation, local economies and pass along a time honored tradition to family & friends to do what is right.
  13. Stupid is as stupid does….Forrest Gump!
  14. False. I need new hunting gear.
  15. Never a big fan of the dark, was walking in to go on morning watch one deer season and got about 150 yds away from the truck when I heard this crashing through the woods to my left in a pine plantation ( I was walking down the edge of it). Kept getting closer and closer, I just leaned against the nearest tree and braced for...who knows? A pack of coyotes, 4 in front of me and at least 3 behind come flying by. I assume they were chasing a deer which was responsible for a lot of the noise. Turned around, walked back the truck and listened to the morning sports til the light came up. Yes, I watched deer come out of the woods where I could've been on watch!
  16. Didn't see a single clean kill. IMHO, not Sportsmanlike at all.
  17. Joined this site several months back, love the banter - interaction - advice & opinions! Wishing all the members & their families a safe and Merry Christmas!!
  18. Common sense is lost here. I have no problem with the fact this hunter got two deer but to flaunt it in a way that will give all Hunters one more hurdle...it's moronic.
  19. I consider any deer a trophy and another old adage "...you can't eat the antlers." Again, I was just looking for opinions on a topic that was new to me.
  20. Silent Night a nice one to listen to with a fire going and no lights on but the Christmas Tree! Glass of wine a plus.
  21. Red Wolves are mentioned in the article.
  22. http://www.boston.com/news/science/articles/2011/05/31/study_eastern_wolves_are_hybrids_with_coyotes/
  23. Correct me if I am wrong but have heard that Hybrids between domestic dogs and coyotes cannot exist. I read that this is because a domestic dogs breeding cycle can happen anytime during the year while a coyote's cycle is geared towards the springtime ensuring the opportunity to grow up ready for the following winter. Hybrids that are theoretically born in late Fall or Winter would never survive. Thoughts?
  24. What is considered a decent spread for Antlers? Shot my first 8 pt this year so it is the first time I've had an interest in it. Had a little over a 16" spread. He was big as he dressed out at 175lbs, got a lot of venison for the freezer. I appreciate your opinions...
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