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  1. Welcome! Lots of great hunting for Turkey on State & County lands in Oswego County. Good luck and enjoy!
  2. Love the camo, hope to have that done someday.
  3. Anyone else ever had a deer twitch like that before? I always do the "poke with gun" or "poke eye with a stick" and have never had one move like that after being down. Very cool video to see a child being excited about hunting!
  4. Great pics! Nice, diverse wildlife you got there.
  5. 3rd 8 pt taken out of our camp in the last 3 years. They dressed out at 180, 158 & 175 respectively.
  6. Mad River Club - About 10 Miles East of Sandy Creek, Redfield Area, in a Hemlock Swamp.
  7. My first 8 point, before and after.
  8. Nice article http://blog.syracuse.com/outdoors/2014/03/george_warren_friend_to_fur_trappers_across_central_ny_remembered_fondly.html#incart_river_default
  9. I've always found staying dry is most important (duh!) and have layered over the last 10 years. I use the HydroProof Field & Stream Rain Jacket and Pants (the fabric is soft so it doesn't sound scratchy walking on drives or still hunt) and layer underneath. I've never had a problem with this method. A good friend of mine got expensive hunting outfits from Cabelas and wound up returning them as he said it was too much. Just MHO.
  10. Noticed two signifigant instances of deer movement last week, especially right before the Syracuse area got hit with some snow storms. About 12 - 18 hours before the weather fronts settled in, the deer activity was unreal throughout the day. A lot of browsing amongst pine / spruce trees and working some small corn fields. I know they herd up this time of year, I had 11 run across the road in front of me in a "woodsy" stretch between two neighborhoods. All of the deer look healthy, which I was glad to see with the inclement weather we've had this year. Anyone else notice anything similiar in their neck of the woods? Do you make it a point to be out during the hunting season in advance of a front moving in?
  11. Several memories come to mind, my first deer, my first buck & my first 8 point this year. Nothing beats when my 14 yr old son got his first deer with me this past season. We were sitting on a log together and he knocked it down with one shot,
  12. http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/25/justice/new-york-knicks-felton-arrest/index.html?hpt=hp_t3 No mention of the SAFE Act in the article. Not good with 18 Bullets in the mag.
  13. I grew up in North Syracuse, seems like forecasts were spot on in the 70's & early 80's. I realize weather can be unpredictable but with today's technology, shouldn't we have a pretty good grasp on what can happen? It is unreal the snow days kids have gotten in anticipation of the "next big one" only to see minimal if any snow fall. Nowadays, I don't worry about it until the day before or just watch radars around the Northeast to see what may be coming our way. One old adage, "Red skies at night, sailor's delight - Red skies at morning sailors take warning" always rings true & if it is a clear sky at night - it should be a good day, cloudy at night - not as good. IMHO.
  14. Yes gun, please forgive me for not being clearer.
  15. Let me set this up...you have scouted the spot you feel in your gut will give you the opportunity to shoot a deer when the season opens up. A deer walks into your shooting lane and presents you a side view, no obstructions. Let's say it is about 75 yds away and you have the weapon of your choice & you are on the ground (no danger of hitting anything behind the deer). What do you aim for? I have friends that go for the "boiler room" (lungs & heart) and others that go for Neck / Head shots. Just curious to people's opinions.
  16. Not sure how accurate the facts are but still a good read. http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/370733/manufacturers-change-look-ar-15-rifle-now-legal-new-york-state-charles-c-w-cooke
  17. I am probably out of the loop here but where did the ideas for separate licenses come up? Anyone know? Thanks.
  18. Cool winter pic, that's neat you got that pic today!
  19. Worst Super Bowl to watch...may have beaten the 55-10 loss for the Bills.
  20. The Jawbone ones are pricey ($299 for the bigger, $179 smaller) but have great sound to them.
  21. LOL! So sorry, didn't even contemplate a member having that name! Granted, just the cabin fever from sitting around the house! Was a great time, got down to -20 with the wind chill though! Thank god for the buddies who showed up with snowmobiles to drive us out when we were done! The walk in was 50 minutes to go about a mile, 1/2 way down a groomed trail, other 1/2 through 6 inch fluff on top of the frozen 3 feet. Heart was thumping!
  22. My son busted a gut laughing at this!
  23. Heading up to the hunting camp in Redfield this weekend! About a half mile walk into camp from the parking area, nothing but Cards, Snowmobiling, Camp Chile & Beers with the boys. It will be nice to unwind!
  24. NY DEC Secret Agent monitoring this post...
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