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  1. My guess is that this obsession with spelling is a manifestation of some kind of autism. Funny thing is, Belo wrote a long write up about one of his deer hunts a couple of season's ago. It was so badly constructed and incoherent I felt like screen capping it for just such a moment as today. But then I thought of the autism...
  2. We are enjoying a general cultural malaise and disintegration of the values that made the nation. Naturally, we are going to see problems across the board. Mass migration simply speeds up the eventual collapse.
  3. Debunking the Myth that illegals do not receive welfare https://absoluterights.com/debunking-the-myth-that-illegal-aliens-dont-get-welfare/
  4. https://www.judicialwatch.org/blog/2011/04/most-illegal-immigrant-families-collect-welfare/
  5. Immigrants, legal or otherwise do indeed receive welfare. They are not supposed to, but they do anyway. Very few are turned away. Trump recently spoke about enforcing these welfare laws still on the books, essentially ignored by Social Welfare today. Legal immigrants are supposed to have a financial sponsor but this hasn't made a difference to their ability to go on welfare, more or less immediately, for years now. Welfare is a lawless land these days. Would love to see the studies that indicate migrants are net gain. All I see is the opposite: https://www.fairus.org/press-releases/illegal-immigration-113-billion-year-drain-us-taxpayers
  6. He always resorts to the grammar policing when he has run out anything meaningful to saw. Usually it is by the second post. How far did he get this time?
  7. People need to ignore the 'racist' card being played in their faces. The time has long since past were that term has any meaning. It is merely a sound thrown out now to avoid debating the hard issues and to shut gullible and fearful people down. America faces an existential crises. It is perfectly normal for people to desire a safe and homogeneous homeland, a place where their daughters and wives can walk abroad in relative safety. Multi--culti nations are in ruins. I have friends and family in Europe, the UK and Ireland, and the stories coming out of these places would make your toes curl. It is simply the enormous size of America that has allowed her to absorb many problems with migration. But that era is fast coming to an end. At some point Americans need to stand up and say, no more. The world's problems are not ours
  8. Folk like Belo are slaves to pathos (sentiment). They have no logos (rationality) in their lives. There is an incredible awakening happening in certain quarters as regards the realization that the modern culture is designed to crush logos and enforce pathos, in terms of how people see their world. Go on to twitter or youtube and search for #LogosRising
  9. But this too is now racist. Any sentiment that implies we retain the demographic status quo, or stop the oppressed and huddled masses pouring in willy-nilly must be racist! Everything is racist today
  10. Constant claims of racism is a pathology among those who have chugged down the 'diversity is strength ' kool-aid. All they see (and look for) is anything they can twist to their warped mindset:
  11. 'Collapse of a city that's lost control': Shocking new pictures from downtown LA capture the huge problem it faces with trash and rats amid fear of typhoid fever outbreak among LAPD http://www.stationgossip.com/2019/06/collapse-of-city-thats-lost-control.html
  12. Zuckerberg with all his billions could buy each one a shiny new condo. The Liberal bleeding heart quickly clots up though when their own money is on the line.
  13. every time i see your profile picture i get a chuckle because i know where the picture was taken and who's trail camera picture it was.

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