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  1. Strasbourg shooting suspect one of an estimated 12,000 “gangster-jihadists” in France
  2. And their voting base doesn't want change either. On that score they win
  3. It is all moral grandstanding these days...which is higher than the law, and higher than the health fall-out from such a crazed endeavor . Virtue signalling is destroying civilization
  4. Nope, he can use his powers to declare a state of emergency and use the Army core of engineers to get the ball rolling.
  5. As far as I can determine, if you are on a terror 'watch-list' it seems to indicate you are free to commit murder and mayhem. Every...single...time. Governments that 'watch' terrorists go about their business, are committing sedition in my opinion.
  6. Looks like this is going to b the new seasonal normal in Europe. More cultural enrichment from the coreligionists of peace:
  7. The teacher blurted out a pronoun referring to the child’s actual biological gender as he was trying to prevent her from walking into a wall while wearing virtual reality goggles! If that scene were in a movie, you would think the symbolism was too hokey. But this is real life. Here’s some more real life for you:
  8. The_Field_Ager

    Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses

    As a former college professor, I can categorically state that 50% of students attending are lost, unable to cope with higher education, and simply wasting their time. And they are being charged handsomely for the pleasure of it. As long as the parental check's keep clearing, students who are better off in the trades or the workforce continue to be allowed to finish a degree that guarantees nothing, and that the barley earned. I regularly failed students, despite being advised not to, and yet these self-same students somehow managed to find themselves allowed to continue and take upper level courses in subjects they were failing in consistently. There are no standards anymore
  9. Anyone with kids contemplating college in the near future may want to consider reading this first:
  11. Terrible footage on Liveleak of a young woman losing an eye to a police round of some sort.