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  2. civil war is now inevitable. a nation so divided cannot subsist:
  3. To service this Hunger for Hate, the prestige press assiduously generates the Democratic Party’s KKKrazy Glue by whipping up fear and loathing over hate crimes, even when they didn’t technically happen. Last week we were solemnly informed of a one-man KKK rally at Oberlin College. (Apparently it was a lady in a blanket.)
  4. He better not sign this stain of a Bill: GOP/Dem Spending Deal Provides Amnesty Pipeline for MS-13 Gang
  5. Men and women haven't changed much psychologically or physiologically since 1982. Fact remains men are better at spatial reasoning and have have higher spatial and situational awareness. I am not a pilot, but I do work in a field where 3d spatial skills are essential. Very few women partake ,and I taught these skills for a number of years. Women generally do not like it after a while and tend to perform more poorly than the average male. Statistics continue to prove this out. If women made great pilots (on average), there would more of them.There are always going to be outliers in every situation however and I do not begrudge a good female pilot her role. But the whole push for gender quotas is simply bad for the military. I have family in the Army and the stories I have heard about the problems caused by introducing women into a male environment are tragic. In the Chess world (as an example) men rarely play women at the higher levels. It is due to the differences in spatial reasoning.
  6. i believe we are past that point. democracy has already failed and i feel war is probably inevitable. lets at least secure the border first
  7. Yes, but he can forge ahead with building work while the courts will drag on for years in which time the wall will be built
  8. he needs to announce a state of emergency. The latest 'deal' with dems is proof positive
  9. Sources: Navy had different [lower] standards for women pilots
  10. Study: Gender Differences in Plane Crashes Men are just better at flying planes: