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  1. hrvat

    35 Remington vs marlin 444

    love my .35 try to find a pre 2007 one....quality went way down (supposedly) after the acquisition
  2. wonder how bad are the gun laws going get?
  3. hrvat

    Syracuse area hunters?

    welcome to the site! shot a nice 8 a couple years back on a property in the central square area.....way to far of a drive coming from long island to go very often though
  4. hrvat

    Antler Restriction Results

    i hunt properties in 3k and 3h,both AR wmu hasn't helped any that i could tell and with ppreq for doe,it's just a waste of gas going up there most years in 3k,since the AR has been implemented I've shot ONE decent 6 pt...plenty of deer,just none legal to shoot
  5. hrvat

    Recommended deer call apps for phone?

    whats the logic behind only not allowing them for duck/geese and turkey?
  6. hrvat

    AR's suck

    it's fine if the area in question has the potential to grow big bucks...but i hunt an area (3k) that has awful soil and i am convinced it CAN'T produce outside of a few rare genetic freaks i have ONE deer (decent 6) on that property in the ten or so years since they implemented AR and with it being impossible to get dmp tags it's becoming pointless to even try hunt it anymore
  7. hrvat

    Is it worth going back up hunting

    going up to 3k myself tomorrow morning for a day or two got a decent 6 last year around this date (give or take a few days) its always worth it,rut or not
  8. man,really f'ed up this morning first hunt of the season overselpt due to tossing and turning all night got to the blind at about 8:30 the spot was absolutely crawling in deer, at least ten running off in every direction sat the rest of day without even seeing a pissed at myself
  9. hrvat

    Live From the Stand / Woods 2014!

    shit,i do it with a bow just about every year,i put almost zero time in the woods pre-season(besides target practice) and am successful 95 percent of the time,am i any better than the gun hunter that does the same,just because it's marginally more difficult with a bow? obviously,if you're only interested in harvesting mature bucks it's going to be considerably harder and take lots of work regardless,but that's not what you guys are talking about
  10. hrvat

    Live From the Stand / Woods 2014!

    i am also discussing attitude,someone mentioned how killing a deer with a gun isn't an's just a silly mindset,considering just how much modern equipment bow hunters use to their advantage i find that certain "tools" tend to make some hunters lose touch with reality and becoming insufferably pompous.
  11. hrvat

    Live From the Stand / Woods 2014!

    pffff bow hunting,i literally tackle ONLY mature bucks and punch them to death and don't get me started on guys who use knives to field dress,god gave you teeth and hands for a reason,USE THEM everyone just takes the easy way these days,damn kids
  12. hrvat

    Worst year That I can remember

    deer sign galore this year,the most i've ever seen i'd say...just didn't actually see any animals.... tons of scat and tracks ten feet from where i was sleeping,when i went to bed there was nothing...that sucked,it sure gave me some false hope though!
  13. can't hunt suffolk without this? am i too late?