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  1. The trucking vaccine mandate is the reason 50,000 trucks are rolling across Canada right now, arriving in Ottawa on Saturday. Trudeau is such an idiot!!
  2. I’ve been using seresto collars on both dogs for years with no issues….until now.
  3. Thanks everyone. He’s acting like his old self, only difference is his bandage and a cone now since he’s trying to scratch at it.
  4. That statement is too broad imo. Ask the city folks who are afraid to ride the subway or even just walk down the street if life is pretty darn good. They won’t agree with you. Or ask the people in San Francisco who leave their vehicles unlocked and the trunks open so thieves won’t break their windows. They won’t agree with you. Trains being broken into in LA and Chicago, gangs doing smash and grabs all across the country, etc, etc, etc. Life is far from pretty darn good in America.
  5. In December, Kunox was diagnosed with the tick borne disease, anaplasmosis. He’s been treated and is doing fine. Now, he’s got an ear hematoma and had surgery. He’s recovering nicely, just has to look like a nun for two weeks. He just grins and bears it.
  6. Sure, used to drive through there occasionally. Have a friend by the name of Glenn Webster that lives over there too.
  7. Finally…..common sense is prevailing! What we’re doing is obviously not working!!!
  8. I do have this tattoo, but that’s not me at the airport. This is mine.
  9. I’m not doubting your numbers, but try having a discussion about voters rights and if you don’t agree with libs, they throw out the race card.
  10. Why is it considered racist to require ID while voting?
  11. First off, I want you to know I always enjoy reading and learning from your posts. My question to you is how can the experts say they’re safe and effective? We have no idea of long term effects. Time will tell and I pray I’m wrong, but I think we’re going to see the numbers of vaccine injuries rising as time goes on. Effective? Yes, at lessening your illness, not preventing it like originally said.
  12. Here is the U.S. govt’s definition of a health care worker: (6) HEALTH CARE WORKER.—The term “health care worker” means an individual who has been assigned by a health care employer to engage in patient handling, including direct-care registered nurses, independent contractors, or individuals who perform the duties of health care workers.
  13. 34,000 healthcare workers out of a job in NY due to the vaccine mandate is a LOT of workers. This is a big part of the reason the hospitals are overwhelmed.
  14. Any breed of dog can be used to track deer in NY.
  15. It’s not that bad….you get used to it :-)
  16. I’ve been in Florida for a month now you’re right, people aren’t judging other people. No Karen’s screaming at people to put their mask on. Life is good.
  17. What a great looking pup!! You’re in for a lot of fun! Crappyice nailed it with the book recommendation. That is the tracking “bible” and goes into great detail on training, actually tracking, etc. Here’s the best place to buy the book: https://www.born-to-track.com/book/order-info.htm I would also highly recommend you join UnitedBloodtrackers.org. It’s $25 a year and is worth every penny. The forum is jam packed with national expert trackers who love to share their knowledge and tracking stories. You can join here: https://www.unitedbloodtrackers.org/account/membership-levels/ I don’t know if there are any trackers near you. If there are, I’d recommend contacting one and ask if he/she will mentor you. Unfortunately, there was nobody near me when I started and I had a larger learning curve. Feel free to contact me directly if/when you have questions. https://www.unitedbloodtrackers.org/find-a-tracker/trackers-by-state/?state=NY Good luck…I’m sure a lot of people will be watching and supporting you and the pup!
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