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  1. A hobby beef farm, interesting. We should chat LOL
  2. I shoot the deer that lets me, cant eat antlers anyways
  3. Must be better than NY thats why you are willing to pass it
  4. He is hunting Ohio
  5. Really nice 2.5yr old
  6. When do you plan to be there, would be nice to connect before or after the hunt.
  7. So do the coyote get it too after eating a deer that dies due to EHD?
  8. Sorry for your loss, my prayers and condolences.
  9. i agree, if left out thru the yr the snow load breaks the poles The view looks good
  10. You and I both
  11. I have a brand new climber you can have, i bought it on impulse from SamsClub going out of business
  12. i need to research more into this, how does one go about hunting Letchworth park. Is there a special permit?
  13. Started deer hunting in 2001 and bow in 2009.
  14. I am hunting in all the wrong areas then.