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  1. Seems the warmer temps is keeping movement mostly after sunset..but yes the general consensus is mostly smaller bucks. Guessing related to more taken out last yr.
  2. What a magnificent buck. Love those split brow tines
  3. Now is the time to rattle no matter where in NY you are hunting
  4. https://www.outdoorlife.com/hunting/is-it-okay-to-shoot-doe-with-fawns/
  5. Make sure to run the copper solvent in cleaning to keep that accuracy up
  6. Good Luck. The first one is a wall hanger
  7. Get well soon. This week is all rain anyways.
  8. Congrats on the new addition to the family Enjoy the younger yrs, my daughters are now 13 and 9. Wish they babies again. I would walk 10miles a day for my girls too.
  9. Really skinny for this time of the year. Good Luck eitherways.
  10. If I am allowed to hunt by ML season and if you still have some extra to be thinned out by then, give me a shout. Have gun/xbow, will travel for cervids
  11. suburbanfarmer


    Thats good one, congrats!!
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