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    Hunting is not a hobby, its a lifestyle.

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  1. Some carry into late march..just healthy
  2. Came empty handed after a 3 mile hike in the nasty thorny bedding area..oh well will try again next weekend
  3. Did a short walk for about 1.5mile and came up empty..seems bucks are still holding on to their head gear
  4. @luberhill posted the pic of the other deer. Maybe has some recent pics
  5. at 10:49 a doe shows up with its guts hanging out
  6. Its ok in Maine just not in NY..lol Jokes aside i dont think they are feeding corn which causes acidosis but oats acorns etc are ok
  7. As for squirrel hunting, i have never tried it but my mentor always said, use a couple of quarters and rub them together to use as a call
  8. Can he not use his PA license to purchase NY license?
  9. Nice, I recognize that spot.. great memories
  10. Merry Christmas and have a Safe New Year!!
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