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    Hunting is not a hobby, its a lifestyle.

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  1. Interesting injury for sure, the video ended with it being arrowed. Guessing its on some ones wall. Nice trophy regardless.
  2. Maybe its a 1894 that identifies as a 1893.. j/k
  3. SCOTUS over turns one & bureaucrats in turn write two or more
  4. I saw their ad as well. Didnt get the whole greenlight concept, but whatever. Seems like they just wanted to compete with 350 legend which is also a good 200yd cartridge.
  5. Just a theory: Its a natural transition as most households moved into urban/suburban life style , they moved away from self sustenance and having their own livestock and gardens. Trapping and predatory control is almost non existent. Coyote population went unchecked and grew into areas so much so that they are now in city limits in Rochester. Last year a Canadian wolf crossed the St. Lawrence and was shot in NY. Guessing more are on their way.
  6. Over the years, I have come to learn that never to put off a purchase. Looks like you made all the correct choices unlike where mines are all plastic now and you have a great collection that will be cherished.
  7. Sorry, used the wrong term, meant to say forum members who left for a diff one. Latest publication of ATF say pistol braces are no longer legal
  8. Thank you for posting this one https://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/pubs/documents/samples/wj-elk-hunt.pdf
  9. I understand most users have left this forum, but seems ATF just changed directions and now all braces or even ar15 pistols are outlawed by May 2023 Maybe @Nomad will chime back in and advise who or what it impacts..
  10. What an amazing collection..here I was thinking my 10mm set was nice..lol I know you dont but if you ever plan to part ways with the 44 set, please ping me.
  11. Prepaid envelope in the mail coming to you ..lol
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