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  1. Getting him the opening week , he may still be walking during the day in the earlier days
  2. Not at the same time according to the reviews but back to back.. https://www.bowhuntingmag.com/editorial/excalibur-unveils-new-twinstrike/387355#:~:text=The flagship bow of Excalibur's,to what it calls “DualFire
  3. No matter what one says, crossbow are loud and very seldom you will get a chance for second shot unless you spine a deer.
  4. I have also fallen for such a scam, but on marketplace. Decided to buy a car and put down deposit on car via venmo and went to pick up with trailer next day. Car was advertised with 90k miles and barely any rust except for one spot shown in pictures. Upon arrival the car had 185k miles, front end damaged and bad repair job like some one hammered the fender frame and rockers out..horrible. The seller became aggressive upon my pointing out these issues and asking for the refund. I walked away feeling angry and sad that I got taken for such a ride but that is life. I ate tha
  5. New member...after the @luberhill thread every one is suspect until proven innocent
  6. What do you do with all that meat?
  7. QAD exodus if the bow is tuned, if not then go with the ramcats
  8. I am interested in the switch but thinking about Sevr1.5
  9. Sounds like loads of fun, taking in volunteers for shoot ?
  10. QAD exodus here and no complaints and super tough
  11. He is not fast nor cheap https://awtaxidermy.com/
  12. Find an Elite Hunter in 50lb and you wont look for another one ever..
  13. https://www.ammoforsale.com/9mm-ammo-for-sale?quantity=17
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