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    Hunting is not a hobby, its a lifestyle.

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  1. Sorry to hear this but as everyone has said, glad no one got injured. Most important things in life are not things
  2. Ticks were discovered in 1960s and lyme disease problems didnt show up till 1980s
  3. It was a way of life for sustenance, majority today are not hunting to survive the winter.
  4. Let me know what you are ordering and I will join in.. thx
  5. Did you get the seed locally or using the WTI bags? Cant find alfalfa
  6. I have developed bilateral calf pain that comes and goes for no specific reason. Is it Lyme..not sure. No amount of blood work, scans/ultrasounds can pin point why it is happening. I am not sure its Lyme either, but the timing is suspicious. Anyways I will be using a lot of bug killing chemicals this yr on the yard/lawn , hopefully the rest are spared .
  7. I always end up losing 10mm and 13mm , now I know where they went..lol Goodluck with the sale though, nice work!
  8. How difficult is it to assemble it, is it a one man job to assemble the Solo hut or one needs 2-3 guys?
  9. Really depends on how soon you remove them. If they have been on you for 24hrs or more you and you have a visible bulls eye rash, you need antibiotics.
  10. I got bit right after thanksgiving and it buried itself deep. Couldnt even get the whole sucker out. Still carry the scar or bite mark. If you have a red scar the size of dime you need anti biotics. The doctor gave me a 2 week dosage and i now still get leg pain for no reasons and wake up with a headache.
  11. I have an old Mossberg 8** something bolt action 22lr weighs like 9lbs..lol
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