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    Hunting is not a hobby, its a lifestyle.

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  1. Most usually have a phone already, if you are still holding on to an older phone than sure. A decent camcorder can be bought for a $$$$ or $$$ https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/gadgets/g40166657/best-camcorders/
  2. The new phones with optical zooms can record 4k hdr..no need for camcorder unless you plan to go professional
  3. If you send me the locations, I will tag one or 2 by the end of the yr and get you an accurate deer age j/k #1 & #2 = 3yr #3 = 4yr #4 = over 5 or 6yrs #5 =2yr
  4. Same here, found it in the basement, dont know how it got in. Must be with all these recent rains found a hole somewhere
  5. There was a big debate on some grim reaper mechanicals design that didnt open because of tight springs . This was on archery talk. So much so that GReaper ended up sending new spring and cups to anyone who called them. My suggestion would be shoot one in a foam target to make sure it opens for you.
  6. If you were only abit closer, i would be all over that offer and be there every weekend
  7. 3.5-5.5 at best Shoot and find out
  8. Time & Quality cost money With your level of quality work and fast turn around , I am sure we all will be happy to spend money.
  9. ok, its enough time to post pic already, you said pickup at 6pm..lol Cant leave us all hanging
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