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    Hunting is not a hobby, its a lifestyle.

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  1. He knows season opener is a few days away...
  2. What a way to end the season, spectacular. You guys are having too much fun
  3. A great day for sure and you are a generous host ..fun was had by all!!
  4. yup, the only adjustment was with the trigger, again it was factory option included.. Lucky for sure Bought a Rem 783 in 243 and did everything from stock change to bolt work..it couldnt group past 50 yrds
  5. I found the savage in 350legend out of the box a 1mao using federal factory ammo.. just got lucky i guess
  6. Fillet knife and meat cold but not frozen. Comes right off
  7. I am guessing but looks too clean, so they all changed in their finest and posed. Plus that looks like a RHD car If I drag a deer out my clothes are bloody and boots muddy
  8. Just picked up 300# of rye Will be broadcasting it in a failed brassica plot
  9. The goose season helps me gather all my stuff back again. Last yr i tried 350 legend and connected twice. One was DRT and the other ran about 60yrds This yr I am itching to try 223 Remington in 62 grains Federal Fusion
  10. According to WMart Muzzleloaders will require Background checks
  11. Its all over the place, mine calls for 2025 also
  12. Was at a dealer who said, they cant suffice with the fees structure. If they need to remain in business they will charge $15-30 for the background checks of ammo sales just like a firearm transfer
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