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  1. If any one is in Rochester, the sportsman store has the 762x51 M80 for $389 for 500 rounds made by Privi. Just the brass alone is worth it. I wont make it there until wednesday which I am sure is going to be too late for it.
  2. More importantly which walmart location was this much ammo on the
  3. Truly sad. From the body it doesnt even look older than a 2yr old. So the rack wouldnt be enormous either. Such a waste
  4. If you want atleast 10 apple trees reach out waffler nursery. He is the largest supplier of apple trees in the state.
  5. Black Arkansas apple variety is supposed to last well into November. I have 2 planted. Lets see if they make it. It will be yr #2 for them
  6. Not according to MSM
  7. I agree with your statement/feeling but still keep trying to show them the light. I feel if I let them be to learn from media they will never learn the truth. Its the same mentality of BLM supporters who turn the blind eye towards rioters and looters and blame us for their issues.
  8. I almost threw up a little on this one...ppl need to calm down A buck a round for skeet
  9. My non white friends are not racist but ignorant because all they ingest is what the media shows. They believe it like the word of God and dont question it. The media has corrupted the mind set to accept that most whites are naz,i who dont want anyone but whites in america. I have had lengthy arguments about legal immigration vs open borders r amnesty and yet they dont see the bigger picture or issues related to it. At this point I dont even bother debating with them.
  10. Are you going to sell them on GB for $20/sleeve? j/k
  11. The biggest proof that neither side cares about the general public is that they dont want term limits. Be it republican or demos.. Only in the orifice to line their pockets and serve the lobbying agenda. I am an anomaly when I am not white but most of my friends are white. It amazes me that sometimes when the sentiments of some in my community lumps all white as racist. I have reached a point where I mingle more with my white friends than those of my own ethnicity because of their stupidity.