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  1. Agreed, I even start by closer 10 yrds or less to get that tight hole. Put the red dot on top and then you can adjust in another couple of shots out to 40 or 50 yrds
  2. Yes Sir. "Nothing to see here, keep moving" while we disarm the law abiding population and let criminals and terrorists in through the open borders.
  3. So it has begun https://www.cnn.com/politics/live-news/biden-gun-control-executive-orders-04-08-21/index.html Now the country will know what NYers lived with since 2013... $200 for pistol brace
  4. You still have to apply for doe permits every yr and pay for them
  5. The mower blade would have done a number on other tines too..
  6. You need to buy a ML tag if you ever want to use the crossbow for hunting. Period The Either Sex tag can be used during bow season with bow or later part with crossbow or in the late season with Muzzleloader. Crossbow use is usually after Nov 1 and you can use it to fill any of your tags of that season. For example if i used a bow or crossbow during regular gun season, I would put my reg season tag on the deer although I used a bow or crossbow.
  7. Maybe a running shot, that hit the antler..
  8. Thank you for sharing and it was a pleasure meeting you.
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