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  1. The picture of the palmated shed and the 2019 deer dont match IMHO. I think its a different deer and the shed antler is from the deer which has the right rise messed up in 2020
  2. Elite fanboy here, they are all great bows. I switched to Obsession Turmoil for couple of years and then went back to my Elite Energy 35. Best of luck this coming season
  3. Thats the difference between hunters and target shooters. Most target shooters are not hunters and crack under buck fever.
  4. Sorry but I cant tell, what is it?
  5. There is a small shop, Good guy with great prices called Adrenaline Archery City: Brockport Zip: 14420 State: New York
  6. I I plan to do just that, after the gullywasher today, glad I hadnt done any work yet. Definitely needs a little bit of grading and ditch work to keep the lower edge from flooding. Saturday will pick up winter peas and granulated sulfur from the agway store. Finally will put a camera on it to see whats visiting it. See plenty of tracks in it already.
  7. Well soil test results came back. 7.8 ph So I guess I dont need to lime but need to add sulphur .. 8lb/100 sqft About 400lb per acre
  8. 200gn is alot and depending on the length of the arrow the spine will change. What length and spine arrow are you shooting and whats the draw weight and length?
  9. As expected the plot was almost washed out and at the base had water standing 6" or more. Gives me an idea what to expect with rains in the fall. Need to dig a trench in the corner to drain out the pooling water.
  10. Careful with the ash tree, they are all dying. GoodLuck
  11. I will check it in the morning but given the grade and how much flooding I had I am very confident of the wash out. The rye is just not for this plot. I have another property in Richmond where I have food plots.
  12. The torrential rain I am sure washed away all the clover seed I spread out there earlier. Will spread some more on monday evening to top coat and ordered 50lb of winter peas and 200lb of rye.