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  1. Just passed a young 7, came right to the black widow doe in heat.
  2. All we saw was bucks! 6 of them. We dumped a coyote tho.
  3. Not even a tail this am, getting some food and a nap then back out!
  4. 730 pm, they all bed on this property. I saw him Tuesday morning from the cabin at 7 am.
  5. All settled into camp, got the rifle ready looking for a pa youth big ol doe for the boy.
  6. Monday I had bucks bumping does, but not following, and pulled in a buck with a. Grunt/snortwheeze. He made multiple scrapes. This is 20 miles into Pa, so while not in ny, pretty similar.
  7. Heading to PA Thurs for youth hunt Friday am. Son wants to shoot a doe with rifle then go back, get the crossbow and wait on a buck. I might bring the buck decoy and see if i can get something fired up after what I saw Monday.
  8. HAHA Whoops, I mean I was just tryin to save the Coyote of course!
  9. I had to go back to the blind this am after quartering up my buck as I left some things in there in my excitement. Shoulda brought a damn rifle. Coyote was 50 yards from gut pile, which didn't make sense at first till I saw the two Bald eagles chewing on it! that was cool. I'm not sure ill get out till Friday back in PA with my son for youth hunt.
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