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  1. nope, everyone i know got two tags, even in low chance areas first pick with no pref points.
  2. Very nice buck, you did what we all woulda done! However don’t advertise that you shot in the dark, someone will get their panties in a bunch and report it.
  3. I used too, still have it, just use my jetsled now and left them with it.
  4. Wound up stayin at camp to take care of my sons deer, watching deer out the windows now., there out feeding. Frost here
  5. Never been happier in my life, 50 yard heart shot on a doe fawn.
  6. Sat at 6, has three doe within 20 yards at 630. Sunrise here in PA 727. At 700 I cock his gun and he’s shaking too much, have him rest the gun on the blind softly... nope he makes noise and there gone.
  7. Been so busy have had no time to get on here, we’re heading south of the border for PA youth season tomorrow evening. Hopefully my 8 year old can control his shakes this year lol. We will have fun either way.
  8. moved some stands today in the rain. Right into the areas buck have been seen cruising the last 2 years early nov.
  9. I sit like he does on a property so i don't shoot towards them. You have every right to sit where you are.
  10. Figured I’d throw this up, even though I was just over the PA border, that’s my exit hole, and she still went 250 yards or so with a high double lung that hit the bottom of the spine. As least I found out there’s no such thing as a “no mans zone” below the spine.
  11. oh yeah mines not award winning either, but every tat tries it likes it. i just cant believe the cost these guys charge cause i know how much it costs to make after doing it myself and im not buying supplies in bulk.