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  1. I absolutely pounded our local Walmart’s. .380 brass came too $7/50. 9mm brass $4.50/50. 9mm aluminum $4.25/50. And got hsts for $9 a box.
  2. 140 is a big doe, we shoot them consistently in PA. Ny I’m happy with a 125# doe. I’m sure it is dependent on what type of land With food you have also.
  3. They look nice, I’m too cheap, I just use a piece of wood and put a screw through the back. Then a keyhole fitting on the back. Cost is about $1.
  4. Well I went out to try and fill that 7th tag here in NY. Saw nothing. Still have next weekend of rifle in pa with a buck and doe tag left. Not even gonna load the muzzleloader.
  5. Prolly around 150-200 hours. Shot 2 buck and 4 doe in ny, 2 doe in pa. Still have a buck and doe tag for pa next weekend, I’m done in NY. Have seen probably 300-400 deer from stand (I’m sure many are repeats)
  6. We had a 6point Dogging a doe all weekend this weekend in pa.
  7. Many deer get bred through January.
  8. Just sat, 37 degrees light wind, light rain snow mix. Went to where it shot my doe with gun and most my shooting lanes are blocked with pine branches hanging down from snow still. Oh well, if I get a shot it will be close. Lots of tracks. Any doe in danger.
  9. If crossbow becomes legal for the whole season, I’m going to buy a “nicer one” with a decocking option. My correct one kills deer just fine but if I’d use it more I’d like more options.
  10. Gotta keep them warm, a lot of guys use a chest freezer with a lamp. A fully established ready to do mounts colony was around $250 when I was googling around.
  11. I don’t even mess with the nasal bones, I rip them right out with needle nose pliers.