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  1. between bedding and scrapes. Not over them.
  2. Took today off and got the meat all put away, getting back after it in the morning. Perfect wind for my favorite stand.
  3. 15 or so deer this evening, all doe and or small bucks. I left the stand at 6. Had three 5 yards off the camp front porch while getting packed eating apples.
  4. Quartered and in cooler, about to head back out after a buck. Camp owner saw an 8 point going to my blind an hour ago.
  5. Out in pa in an elevated box blind with the xbow. 3 doe at 20, debating if I should shoot one.
  6. there musta been 20-30 road kills on our way down to PA hunting last monday. all by crop fields.
  7. Just found out theirs a main frame 12 point on the PA prop i hunt, along with an nice 8. Will be there Friday evening.
  8. if you show your PA combination license it gets you NY bow tags. We have our kids take the pa hunter safety classes and they only have to take one instead of both classes here in NY, it also covers Trapping in PA.