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  1. Buck 1- 2.5 buck 2- 3.5 buck 3- 4.5 buck 4- mature 5.5 plus buck 5- 2.5
  2. Forgot to move my slider, shot 32 for a 24 yard target. I reshot this time at the top for. So I failed today lol
  3. All ready, I’ll pack my bag the day before but it’s all laid out.
  4. Awesome, I've been working with my dog but he's not ready. I'm gonna take him for "walks" this year when make good shots on deer and see where he "walks" lol
  5. 32 with broadhead. Here’s my son from his first 3D shoot last month.
  6. I apologize, this is a sit n climb, not a hand climber. Pending pickup from marketplace.
  7. i I very rarely shot groups like that with my wrist caliper release, I guess I better stop.
  8. Finally feeling confident enough with this Stan onnex release. Took me a few days to figure it out. Black target is 32 yards. Then I shot a group for fun at 20.
  9. More than likely, one cam is all 7-10 am movement, never earlier or after till evening. 9 and a 10 point come every few days, does daily.
  10. Had for a few years, and have never used in the field, this thing is pristine. Im the second owner but the first guy never used it either. $325 will meet reasonable distance from Binghamton.
  11. Hall I’ve put the same head through 6 or 7 deer. Magnus black hornets, stay sharp sharpening system. If they get damaged they send you a new head free. I sharpen them outa the box to a mirror finish.
  12. One shop here is taking information down, but another shop was instructed via email they had to change nothing.
  13. I got my some an axis youth 6.5 and outa mcarbo trigger spring in. It’s a decent gun for the money.
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