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  1. For your average person and first build I’d go palmetto state armory. Ept magpul kit is about $400 and a LoweR is $50.
  2. Buy parts, build yourself cheaper than $550
  3. Get the lower and build yourself! You’ll save so much money and hassle. I’ve built about 10 now and they take about 20 minutes to throw together. Only built one with a thordsen stock and they SUCK. Self taught from YouTube .
  4. Can build that cheaper and better.
  5. Browning boots on sale at Ky gun co. I ordered 3 pairs for me and 2 guys. $40 each after shipping.
  6. I cut mine into thirds. Season with Montreal steak seasoning, grill in medium high brush with melted butter garlic each time you flip.
  7. My local mom and pop shop clears them out each year after hunting season buy may be an isolated event. I agree muck does have pretty good sales
  8. Elite has the hunt guarantee, will overnight a brand new bow tuned and ready to go in my specs if I have issues. But I do have a Hoyt charger as my backup, I kept it when I bought my energy.
  9. Check out dryshod, created of muck left the company and founded it. There better and a bit cheaper.mine run the same as normal size.
  10. 15.6 foc is fine. I’d stick with that weight up front.
  11. Nice, Ar's are very easy to throw together. I can do one in about 15 minutes. That armorers kit is WAY more than you'll ever need. My 6.5 Grendel weighs about 6.5 lbs and was about $350 without optic or sights.
  12. you can also mess with arrow length, IMO your better off over spined with a broad head hunting arrow. i shoot a 27" draw and could use a 25.5" 400 spine arrow but with with a 350 spine 27" arrow and extra weight up front. Improved arrow flight a lot.
  13. Elite enforcer 350s ( victory vforce v1 rebnranded) 8.7 GPI . 150 grains up front comes in at 425 grains with a lighted nock. Magnus black hornets blow through deer with my arrow going 275 fps.
  14. Thats what i was running. killed deer just fine with it! i've only shot 1 deer over 20 with a bow and that was at 40.
  15. WOW! What have I been missing. I’ve been using a 3 pin sight at 20-30-40 but just got a Montana black gold ascent single pin slider dialed in. The sight picture is amazing compared to the 3 pins. Anyone else have the same experience?