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  1. Browning command ops pro went down to $50 last summer. I’m getting more!
  2. Waste of money, your ammo will be destroyed anyways most likely. Get a locker if you just want to secure it, I just use ammo cans. Fireproof safes are a waste of money unless you have serious high dollar guns and a fire dept close by.
  3. Dang, where are you located?
  4. Hang on stands are far easier to move if you have a linesman’s belt and ascender. I only gun hunt out of ladders and am not buying any new ones, I buy the 4 pack of stick sections from dicks and hangons. Minimum I go is 16 ft up to 22 usually.
  5. My 7 year old not able to shoot his first deer in PA, not really disappointed though since he made the call not to shoot cause he was too shaky. Woulda been nice tho!
  6. The infinite bows absolutely suck to shoot at higher poundage, for your first bow I’d go to a shop and shoot all their midline bows. You can get a fully set up bow for $500-600 that you will really enjoy. Then what I did is start buying used. You’ll be amazed how many guys buy new bows then sell next year for half off. also you can find elite impulses for $350-400 new right now still. They’re $900-$1000 bows.
  7. 7r,7p,7m,7s, 6a in college years ago.
  8. My dad found a freshly dropped fawn in August.
  9. Unfortunately nothing to share that's public. We knocked on 50 or so doors two years ago and got yelled at, swore at, all sorts of things. Finally got permission to 40 acres, 2 years ago pulled up, hopped outa truck and loaded shotguns and shot 4 does with the truck doors still open.
  10. Many folks out there practice the 3 s rule, shoot, shovel, shut up. I bet some ranchers even gut shoot them intentionally.
  11. Probably go out for the special January season in the dmfa Jan 11-31. Pa late bow maybe. Maybe just ice fish though.
  12. Made some canned venison with jalapeños, tomato sauce and taco seasoned venison cubbed. Was so good I made 3 batches! Will make every year!
  13. I got that same look... I do like the split season, however it can suck at times.
  14. ill be using xbow, only got a buck tag, shot all 3 of my does.