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  1. No it sold, but it had not reg. It was abandoned on his property a few years back, call the sheriffs office and claimed it legally after 90 days.
  2. Sat in the tree line this evening and watched these bucks tonight from about 100 yards. They were with a smaller buck and two doe, working their way right down the creek, under my stand to the crop fields. They look bigger in person!
  3. 48 yard shots were on the menu while grilling today. Confirming I need to tweak my new sight a bit. Good news is my sight tape looks right.
  4. Ive been pretty dang happy with my Killer instinct ki350 i got for $250 from cabelas 2 years ago. Killed about 4-5 deer with it, no issues. I don't use it much ( only in PA really) and let dad have it last two weeks of NY.
  5. yall seen the price of ammo? lol.
  6. Change my string out every 3 years, they last much longer, but begin to loose their integrity faster. String wax is your friend.
  7. Be advised Ranch Fairy used the incorrect sharpening tool on the black hornets, he should have used the black replaceable blade jig. I ordered mine.
  8. Flung a dozen arrows today, here’s the first 3 at 28 yards. Gotta build the muscles back I was smoked after 12 arrows.
  9. The ol livestock loophole lol. Love it!
  10. I have a summit viper SD, its nice but still a pain in the ass. I set hang ons all over and use the ladder sections, they are so much easier. Use my harness, a lineman rope, and a rope man 1 ascender.
  11. And yes those young bucks were sparing in velvet.
  12. Checked it again, this is a zero impact cam as I can drive my truck to it. Looks like 3 shooters here, a few prospects. There’s 6-7 younger bucks but I won’t post them. That second deer is an absolute tank but has the smallest rack, he’s the left one in the pick of two and the lead buck is pic number 1.
  13. I shot a large buck at 200 and a good doe at 70 with 6.5 Grendel 16" AR last year. somewhat similar. 1-4x illuminated reticle Barska scope, Hornaday black 123 grain ammo.