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  1. I wear a size 10-10.5 shoe, wear 8.25 skates (custom).
  2. i might have a pair but i'm in the Binghamton area, a 12 shoe should be an 11 skate even in kids skates.
  3. Cabela’s has the lone wolf climbers for $250 the other day also
  4. Hock3y24

    2027 mount finally picked up

    Already dealing with this crap!
  5. Hock3y24

    2027 mount finally picked up

    Comes with the mount, there’s plenty of options you can get the shield cut or arrow head cut and different woods. Also there’s a choice of a cross section off a tree stump and those look awesome. It adds a bit to the price but this is only my second mount.
  6. Hock3y24

    45 acp or 9mm for bear

    I’d take the 9mm for capacity. However for someone that can only have 10 rounds bring the 45.
  7. Hock3y24

    2027 mount finally picked up

    Not even gonna fix it lol
  8. Hock3y24

    2027 mount finally picked up

    I was drooling earlier looking at him, I only saw 1 buck even close to his size this year which is crazy since I saw so many deer. Lots of potential for the next few years.
  9. Finally got tonpicking this guy up, I knew he had some hair rubbed off in the brisket area but decided to have him mounted the way he was. Im Happy with him!
  10. Hock3y24

    How to maintain and store your bow/xbow strings...?

    Bcy Xwax, I hang my bow in the garage until it gets too hot outside then leave it inside in a closet. Never had an issue. I try to shoot once a month.
  11. Just a mess of does today, might come back next weekend.
  12. Well I saw him this am but no shot, no service in the stand. The smaller buck here already dropped its antlers.
  13. Going out tommorow, gonna wait till it’s light since I’ve never been on this property. This was 2 days ago. (In PA)
  14. Both are good guns accuracy wise, but the stocks are cheap as hell and flex a lot. I love my browning ab3, it’s got a wood stock and was sub $500. Stacked 3 .243 rounds .43 inches at 100.
  15. I think reporting % is up. I know people that never reported a deer before that started this year.