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  1. Been a long busy summer with the kids, Just finally checked stands this week! No time to mess around with cams. MY first year going in blind and I'm excited. Haven't been on all year so ill add this, got my first turkey this spring ( a jake double with a friend).
  2. 7s/7p, doe numbers are through the roof where i hunt, coyote slightly down, bobcats everywhere now. Id bet my doe ratio is 3 or 4 to 1 buck.
  3. Peroxide finish. Volume 40, brush on. My pressure washer is only 1800psi. I feel like 2200 would be ideal.
  4. I do about 10 in the house a year, dish soap and power laundry booster they don't even smell.
  5. Haven't been on here much lately between kids and work. Also limited my hunting time quite a bit. Last Friday I shot a nice PA doe. last evening I shot a Doe in NY at 3pm in the snow. Ended up with 6 doe and a small buck this season (between both states). I don't generally hunt late seasons, but if the weather is perfect, i have buck tags for NY and PA late season.
  6. very nice, give it a coat or two of mop n glo, will give a very light sheen on it and seal up the bone.
  7. Fixed it, this slob of a doe got the pass tonight.
  8. 3 doe just ran around the field, idk what they were doing.
  9. My buddy owns a deli in down so im gonna slice it afterhours and re sterilize the equipment after. its gonna take a few months i guess.
  10. 4 doe last evening, going back out after work today at 1
  11. No CLUE! hes been doing it for years and says its great, so we shal see.
  12. decline in shots, and hunters. Too many does. on way home last night they were already herded up in multiple fields their was clusters of 15-20 doe together.
  13. They just got a guy the other day. Some are
  14. mad mine 5 plus years, 2 pairs, one finally just got a rip in it. They are very similar to muck fyi
  15. Been seeing deer every sit, Dad shot another doe a couple days ago, I shot a doe in PA Friday. Rear legs being made into prosciutto by a friend. Wil be out this evening also.
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