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  1. A processor is there to make $, and do many deer to accomplish that. 39lbs of a 110lb doe from a processor is very fair. If you want more yield you got to do it yourself where time is not a factor.
  2. Our employer has tried to make us be tested, the union told them no. They have not even brought up vaccinations yet but they will fight that too. Im not anti vax, but i'm not standing in line on this one first.
  3. As a first responder, I won’t be taking this. Our union has already told our employer to pound sand.
  4. WE have nothing at all. i found 1 box to give my son with his rifle but that's all.
  5. usually pa 2nd week of gun so early december
  6. whats pretty amazing is the smoke small is throughout the meat, obviously the meat has t be cooked still. but even my grind smells amazing.
  7. idk but if anyone finds any 6.5 Creedmoor ammo buy it, ill pay you plus a small bonus, just bought my son one for Christmas.
  8. So some people were asking how my smoked deer was done, From what i know he stripped the (whole) carcass of most fat and all fur. The whole outside was rubbed in a light coating of salt. The smokehouse is outdoors, with a firebox that has underground tubes going into the smoke house. Using cherry and apple wood. There was no heat involved in this process at all, temps were steady in the 30s. She was only supposes to be in there for 3 days, but then this snowstorm hit and temps dropped so she froze. I butchered her yesterday. the meat smells AMAZING. I'm going to cook up som
  9. Was rubbed with salt, and cold smoked for a week yes, my friend does it every year says it’s amazing.
  10. We’ve got 45” of snow, im Not hunting deer in this there stressed enough. I just pulled my doe outa the smoker from last weekend , smells amazing, it was rubbed with salt first. She’s an ice cube now tho lol.
  11. Eye of round, similar to a tenderloin. I break mine down and pull it out.
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