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  1. Around here they get $40.00 an acre. How about where you are?
  2. I got out yesterday afternoon. It poured the entire time I was out there.....didn't see anything. Can't hunt today (I hate how my job interferes with the important things), but hopefully can get out tomorrow for night watch.
  3. I hunt on private property, but still wear orange during any gun season. Bow season I don't worry about it. Funny seatbelt story. When I was growing up, most cars didn't even have seatbelts. All 11 of us kids would be in the station wagon, and my Mom would hold drills. She's yell crash, and we'd all have to dive to the floor. We thought it was a hoot!
  4. Thanks guys. I really enjoy working on these. Bow season is here....time for the payoff! ;D
  5. I'll be able to get out tomorrow afternoon and can't wait!!!
  6. Great looking spot. Being near the edge of a field, I bet you could turn that into a staging area. I've never seen deer eat ferns, at least not around here. Ferns are an indicator of low ph, so lime is in order. I've got some in a couple spots of my woods that I need to deal with too.
  7. Great call on the urea, but with no soil test I'd also put down some triple 19.
  8. Here's one of my Shot Plot and soybeans. The beans will be harvested by the farmer I lease to. Same plot.... Plot of Green Patch Plus and some caged apple trees NWSG's and a plot of corn Clover plot Shot plot and Dwarf Essex Rape
  9. They've been chopping corn here for a couple weeks now. There is 45 acres of corn on one side of my woodlot that I believe they're going to pick, so it'll be there for a while longer. I lease to a farmer who's got 50 acres of soybeans in my fields. I expect those will come off sometime next month. I'm anxious for the corn to go, but would love to see the beans stand all season....not going to happen though.
  10. I agree...well said. I've definitely heard different interpretations depending on who you ask.
  11. Great reminder...thanks for taking the time to write it. Hope your foot gets better soon.
  12. I hunt mostly with family and haven't had to worry about turning anyone in. We all believe in following the laws. I was a Charlie Alsheimer speaking event recently and there was a CO there. Charlie acknowledged him and I was disgusted to hear a few softly spoken boos coming from some guys behind me. Gee, I wonder if they are poachers.
  13. Just wondered....a lot of people hunt over near Iroquois Dam.
  14. Thanks for the welcome, Bubba. Where in Waddington do you hunt?
  15. Nice pictures....good looking buck there!
  16. yes...way too many. I really need to start hunting or trapping them.
  17. Here's an 8 pointer looking toward my house. The same 8 A real nice 7 pointer in the beanfield Some unwanted guests
  18. NIce buck....gotta love the daylight sightings!
  19. Thanks for the welcome guys....looks like a good informative site!
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